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___ is an invisible; a somewhat magical being who has the ability to make himself invisible to all eyes except for those who have obtained "perfection". As well as being an invisible, ___ doubles as a sort of guardian angel for small children, since they have yet to experience the imperfection of growing up.

On his way home from the grocery store one day, Kris takes his usual rout which involves passing a small playground. On his way, he overhears a couple of mothers talking about their children playing with their imaginary friend; but Kris can actually see the person the children are playing with. Brushing it off as a misunderstanding, Kris continues on his journey home.

A few days later, Kris is on his way to school. Looking up just in time to see ___ in front of him walking down the sidewalk, he makes eye contact, and steps out of his way. Immediately, ___ stops walking and just stares at Kris. Without noticing, Kris continues on to school.

When he arrives, however, Kris finds the man from before; ___ watching him. And then, during his class, ___ shows up again and starts to lean over Kris as he works. Getting agitated, Kris decides to leave. But when he's in the hall, ___ is there again. This time, though, he begins to speak. "You're a perfect." he says, and that is all.

Later on, Kris would find out what being a perfect really is, and that it's not all that great. Many invisibles from all over the country, possibly even the entire world, would come to find Kris and steal him away for their own personal gain. However, ___ is determined to keep Kris safe and by his side, protecting him from the dangers that come along with being a perfect.

But, Kris is still wary of ___. He continues to learn about the world of Invisibles and Perfects, and that not everything is as it seems. Though, the biggest challenge he faces is trusting ___. How does he know that he isn't like the rest of the Invisibles, wanting Kris for his personal gain? How can he be truly sure?

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Sighing as he looked at the clock at the front of the classroom, Kris ran a hand through his hair. He watched as the teacher slept on his desk, as some students copied him, as others whispered, others passing notes, and even some actually completing the homework that'd been assigned at the beginning of class. But Kris just sat at his desk, in the middle of the classroom and everyone doing their own thing, watching the clock. He did this everyday. With no friends in this class, and no care to make any, he simply waited for the bell to ring during those last five minutes before the day ended.

When the bell finally rang, Kris stood, slung his bag over his shoulder, and strolled out of the class without paying much attention to anyone else. Walking through the halls, he was noticed by some friends, waved, talked a bit about their last classes, and left for his locker. The only person he knew who had a locker around his own as the cute girl from his chemistry class. And the only reason he'd noticed her was because they were lab partners. She was the only one in this school he was interested in, and she had a boyfriend. Go figure.

Finally leaving the school building, and everyone in it, he strolled down the sidewalk toward the grocery store; his usual first stop on Wednesdays. After buying everything on his list, he exited, and took his normal rout home. As he passed the usual playground, he noticed a group of small children circled around an adult man, and figured it was one of their fathers. As he walked by, though, he caught the conversation of the mothers sitting at one of the benches.

"I just don't understand." "Me neither." "I wish I could see what they see." "Me too. It'd be so nice to have a friend only you could see." "I agree. An imaginary friend would be fun, just like their's. I wonder if he's handsome."
Imaginary friend? He did a double take from the mothers to the man surrounded by the kids, his brows furrowing. They must have been blind, because there was clearly a man standing there, playing with their children.
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