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Jess smiled at him softly and broke it off again [#8b0000 "I'm serious no dropping my hand due to a snicker I want to hold you hand Demetrius through out school out in public. I want to take this your way but I also do not want to feel like Im being used. So holding hands gets kisses and ah"] he moaned groaning muttering at how unfair it was for Demetrius to win in kisses.

Jinc hugged him [b "I did not want to ruin anything"] she whispered to him softly. As Alec sighed and thought about something [#008b00 "The next time Magnus and I go on a honeymoon we will all go to the same place different hotels through and once a day we will get together and talk okay? That way Magnus and I get our honeymoon but we also are close enough to help you"] he said to her wrapping his arms around her and MAgnus.
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Demetrius stared down at his adorably panting Jess, smirked and kissed the corner of his mouth. [b "That I can do Jess. That, I can do."] He said before resuming the amazing kiss.

Magnus petted her head and held her tightly, knowing it wasn't her fault. [+red "Jinx, honey, it's alright to call us if anything were to go wrong. I'm not mad you called Jinx, I love that you told us what was going on. But we want to be here for you if that ever happens again. Okay?"]
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Jess arched into the kiss whimpering wanting more of Demetrius [#8b0000 "Can we at least hold hands at school please Demetrius after Jinx speech and fight they will not say anything and Magnus literally told them off if this stunt happen again!"] he panted after the kiss.

Jinx hugged him [b "I always miss you but I wanted you two to be able to have at least some time to yourselves"] she whispered when he looked at her she looked down [b "They don't know. They thought I was cured of the attacks since I had not had any since the adoption. So they don't know"]
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Demetrius sighed and shook his head at Jess. [b "I feel bad for her but in a way, there isn't much we can do about it."] He mumbled and walked into the institute. Knowing Zane wouldn't be back for sometime and everyone was out, Demetrius quickly turned and pinned Jess to the front door, smirking. [b "Jess, I'm sorry for not being able to do this in public. But In time...We will see."] He said and leaned in, capturing the wolf's mouth with his and kissed him furiously.

Magnus sighed and pulled away from the hug in order to cup Jinx's face and examine it. [+red "Jinx..sweetie we would have come home even if you just said you missed us."] Magnus said and kissed her forehead.[+red "But your okay now..right?"]
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Jess shook his head [#8b0000 "You threaten them Demetrius! They are actually good people!"] he said to him trying not to laugh at him watching as Demetrius relaxed it hurt him slightly but he could always talk to Magnus when he was not so upset with everything. [#8b0000 "I think Jinx is gonna have a major scar on her head through."]

Jinx hugged him tightly [b "I did not mean to pull you away from the honeymoon Zane and Catarina actually wanted to call you sooner."] she whispered [b "The day after you left Demetrius lost control like in the video and well I smelt the burnt skin and saw how hurt they were I had a panic attack"] she muttered weakly. [b "I made sure they did not tell so you could enjoy the honeymoon alittle bit"] she whispered.
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Demetrius smiled at Jess but his eyes held a sort of wicked happiness to them. [b "The video? Oh right. I [i Convinced] the technology department to find the video after I had a [i Talk] with them"] He explained and once they got to the Institute Demetrius felt his shoulders relax and he felt better.

Magnus hugged Jinx back and soothed her hair down. [+red "It's okay Jinx...I understand"] He whispered and kissed her forehead. [+red "I'm just happy your not seriously hurt."]
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Jess looked at him "your hurt through " he whisper as he held his hand with a small smiled on his face he was at least that Demetrius could do. He smiled at him as they walked back."How did you even get the video Jinx made Zane delete so not to hurt you."

Jinx nodded understanding as she hugged them " I was not planning on punching her but she pissed me off and I have been wanting to hit her since the first day of school." She muttered holding him
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Demetrius shook his head and smiled a bit softer at Jess. [b "Jess, it's alright. You didn't hurt me."] He said and tried not to wince as he grabbed his elbow. Demetrius stood up and then held out a hand to help Jess up to his feet as well. [b "Lets go back to the Institute."] He offered and walked with Jess, holding his hand but nothing more.

Magnus sighed and looked at his love and smiled. [+red "Alright."] he said and walked tot he living room with Alec, sitting across from Jinx and he discussed to her how wrong it was to fight but also praised her for sticking up for Jess. He said she would have to heal as mundane as punishment but was still loved deeply.
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Jess nodded [#8b0000 "Oh sorry I guess I thought I never mind I am sorry I got you hurt"] he whispered to him as he looked at his elbow reahing out to touch him softly so he did not end up hurting him more. [#8b0000 "I did it again didn't I got you hurt"] he said his voice shaking as he looked at him softly.

Alec smiled at him [#008b00 "I know what we told her Magnus but we also told her to stick up for her friends. So I say the punishment is we let her heal like a mundane but we also talk to her Magnus she is not used to having parents so she probably did not think before she acted. I know I would not have if it was you."]
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As Jess leaned down to Kiss Demetrius, he couldn't help but shift uncomfortable and glance around nervously. He was extremely uncomfortable with the situation and He tried to kiss back but just couldn't do it. He pulled away and attempted a week smiled. [+red "Jess...I'm sorry. I-I know I sent the video out but.."] He glanced around at the people staring and flamed red, unusual for the dominate male. [+red I can't do this yet...In public.."] He winced and climbed out from under Jess, wanting to kiss him back but the fear in the bit of his stomach prevented it.

Magnus was furious as he sat at his study and scribbled away on some mindless paperwork. When Alec walked in and took his hand, Magnus sighed and dropped his head into his hands. [b "What are we going to do..."] He muttered. [b "Jinx is...a handful. But how can we scold her for this when it was mostly the others fault? We asked her to do one thing ONE THING! Stay out of trouble and she couldn't even do that!"] Magnus said, his voice raging and mad.
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Jess smiled at him as he ran his fingers through demetrius head and shook his head as he leaned down and kissed him passionately. [#8b0000 "I swear you are going to make me go crazy one day but I will love every minute of it"] he whispered to him kissing him as he was so happy he knew he would make it up to Demetrius and he smiled. [#8b0000 "I love you Demetrius"] he whispered to him softly into the kiss refusing to get off him as people smiled at how cute they looked.

Jinx winced at her fathers tone as the meeting ended and she told Zane that she would explain tomorrow as Alec drove her home. The car ride was silent as they got home ushering her into the house he made her sit on the sofa. Jinx knew she was in trouble and all she could think about was Magnus sending her back. Alec went and got Magnus as he sighed [#008b00 "How do you want to do this Magnus?"] he asked him holding his hand softer this time.
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Magnus glared at them both but continued to say nothing to them. He sighed and stood up, shaking the head masters hand. [b "As long as we have an understanding."] He said and turned to look at them. Alec, I'm going ahead. Bring Jinx home alright?"] He asked and turned to leave, unable to look at them.

Demetrius was half way home by now when he heard his name being called. He turned and was suddenly tacked by Jess and pinned to the ground. He yelped and winced as his elbow connected with the cement and he stared at Jess a bit angrily but a bit worried. [+red "What the hell?!"]
He asked and when he realized it was about the video, he sighed and looked away. [+red "Because I don't want you to be ridiculed and hurt Jess. If this is what it takes for you to be able to go to school in peace so be it."] he muttered. [+red "Now can you get off me?"] He asked.
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Jinx eyes widen as she looked at her boyfriend and Jess saw it and bolted out of the room to find Demetrius. Jinx looked at Zane [b "One don't sush my dad when he is already pissed off at both of us and two what do you mean you did not send it I watched you delete the video how the hell did it get out?"] she said to him as she looked at him wincing as she rubbed her head the nurse was not know for a gentle hand as she looked at Magnus and Alec. Alec shook his head [#008b00 "Don't give us that look you are going to heal nice and slow as a punishment"] he said to his daughter as she rolled her eyes [b "Saw that coming and I screwed up I know but the school is a bunch of hypocrites praising you and Dad one minute but shunning Jess the next." she said to him.

Jess tracked down Demetrius yelling out his name as he finally caught up to the male tackling him to the ground and sitting on top of him [#8b0000 "The video.....two nights....ago.did you?"] he panted out of breathe as he looked at him worried [#8b0000 "Why I was going to wait I told you I did not want to push why?"]
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Magnus was infuriated. Not at Jinx, well okay, a lot at Jinx but also at this girl who had the nerve to preform hate crimes in school, for having his honeymoon interupted, and Zane. He trusted the brat and this is what happens under his watch. Magnus's cat eyes were a peircing gold with obviouse anger in them. He sat silent as Alec held his hand and Magnus gently squezzed it back. He looked like an eight hundred year old warlcok at that moment, his aperince cool and poised as he spoke with ice in his vains. [b "Sir. I will not tolorate any violence in this school. Weather it is from my own daughter or Miss Harper. Please do well to make sure this school is in good hands our my [i Generous] Donation will be withheld. Is that understood?"]

He watched the headmaster nod nervously and Magnus still held his regal posture. He was, in mot cases, the benefacter of this school and is a large part of what keeps this school running. His fingers dumed against the wooded chair when Zane came bursting in out of breath. Magnus shot him a deadly glare as he rushed to Jinx. [b "ZANE! We are in a meeting if you dont-"] He was rudly cut off as Zane waved him away. [+red "Sush! You have to see this!"] He said and pulled open his email, showing Jinx. The video was of Deemtrius losing control of his powers, of Jess saving him and calming the situation. The video potrayed Jess in an outstanding new light, making him look like a hero from an action adventure novel. But the part that stuck out the most, was Demetrius's and Jess's kiss in the ring of power. He turned to Jinx worriedly. [+red "Jinx...I didn't send this"] Was all he said.
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Jess was in near tears as parents were called as well as the nurse and everyone was sent to the conference room that meant calling Magnus and Alec to tell them about the fight ending the honeymoon early. Alec sat in the room at first he was livid that Jinx would be that irresponsible however after listening to Alyssa even he wished he had brought a weapon as he clenched and unclenched his hand so not to cut of circulation in Magnus. Alyssa had a small cut on her ear wear a earring was missing and a red mark where Jinx had punched her. Suddenly Alec had enough of the girls ranting [#008b00 "Mr. and Mrs. Harper I would ask that you please get your daughter to stop talking and to hold her story of the events until everyone arrives?"] Alec said sighing.

Jinx came in with the nurse and Zane they needed to put stitches in to the gash on her forehead until they could heal it better. When she walked in and saw her fathers she kept her head down knowing she ruined their vacations. The headmaster had her sit down and allowed the girls to tell the story Alyssa went on about how vicious Jinx had been and how she should be kicked out. When it was Jinx turn all she did was throw down a school hand book. [b "School rules state that I can only be damage depending on the amount of psychical damage. I punched her the earring was not me. School rule also state a zero tolerance for bullying especially if its about sexuality. Now Head Master since Alyssa is the student president and not only called my best friend a whore but also shoved him even if she does not get punished here I have strings to pull to have her charged for a hate crime now think carefully on what kind of talk you want to be around your school."] she said to him as Jess shivered he knew that tone in her voice it was clear that she would do more damage to Alyssa if things were not solved.
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