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The kingdom is Vamora, a lush and peaceful country that had very mystic beginnings. Vamora was founded on an ancient temple that housed a mystic sword, the Sword of Valor.

Belca is the Thane of Power to his cousin and king, Ender Ixis Valamor. The Valamor family has passed down the sword to the most worthy of child in the family, the ones who are with most valor. Ender became king when he was eight years old, a first of all time. The boy grew up with war at his doorstep, but none touched his kingdom and soon they had peace.

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Mika thought for a moment before smiling "I wouldn't mind working, it might be fun!" She smiled brightly and laid her head on his shoulder
  [M] Cello / WhiteLove / 5y 195d 17h 17m 50s
He shrugged. There was a balance in a small primitive village as this and the people wouldn't often stop for newcomers. Belca proposed that they work a bit in the village, or they could return to Altoho after he went on a hunt with the clansmen.
  Belca Valamor 3 / Alum / 5y 195d 17h 26m 48s
Mika smiled lightly "I know Belca, its always a fear though. You never know." She placed a kiss on his forehead and sat beside him "So, what is the plan? Anywhere you want to show me?" She asked as she looked around. She only had visited a few places. This was a new place to her and it was beautiful.
  [M] Cello / WhiteLove / 5y 195d 17h 47m 9s
Belca gave in, "I'll be sure to contact you when I get a chance, but you really have to have some faith in me, I'm one of the most skilled warriors and as Thane I can't be killed by normal means." He reassured his wife.
  Belca Valamor 3 / Alum / 5y 196d 23h 5m 32s
Mika made a face "Please let me have my one little piece of hope? I really don't want to think about you leaving to go to war or somewhere dangerous. I'd really like to keep my husband." She said with a small, teasing smile. Husband, the word felt foreign to her.
  [M] Cello / WhiteLove / 5y 197d 4h 46m 5s
"Well, you won't know unless I contact you, lots of times I might not be able to." He said with a slightly modest tone.
  Belca Valamor 3 / Alum / 5y 198d 2h 49m 26s
Mika held the glowing crystal in her hands, smiling lightly before looking to him "So if you ever have to leave, at least Ill know that you're okay." She said before giving him a soft kiss, smiling brightly "Good, Ill be worried if anything was to happen"
  [M] Cello / WhiteLove / 5y 198d 5h 6m 12s
The crystal gave a glow, and Belca explained that it was one of many focusing crystals that can be found on Kronos. It was the life blood of the planet and held many secrets. Nutainians used it for long distant communications, mostly for hunters lost in the wilderness to take part in sermons and find a way home. Belca showed his that shown a brighht green color, as he's fine tuned his Aura with it. The small quartz like gem held splashes of grey and Brown as well that complimented the bright green.
  Belca Valamor 3 / Alum / 5y 198d 6h 21m 48s
Mika smiled and lightly kissed along his neck "Alright." She whispered before feeling a small tug at her dress. She looked to see a little girl, holding a stone in her hands. The queen kneeled, smiling gently "Is that for me?" She asked before the child nodded and placed a smooth crystal in her hands. Mika smiled "Thank you." She watched the child's face bright before running off
  [M] Cello / WhiteLove / 5y 199d 5h 11m 42s
Belca weighed the options a bit in his head. "We'll more likely see it as we leave Altoho, and I wouldn't want to leave our people without their loving Queen."
  Belca Valamor 3 / Alum / 5y 199d 5h 19m 48s
Mika smiled at he leaned in, the queen continuing "Well, if it means anything, I would like to see it. Ive never seen it mainly because of the storms. The clouds blocked out everything." She whispered to him before looking at the villagers "Which would you like dear? I'll do whatever you wish." She said with a small smile.
  WhiteLove / 5y 199d 18h 52m 12s
He nodded and wiped the blade off, observing it a bit before he put it away. The smooth rubbing in his shoulders made him pause and lean in. He hardly noticed the villagers, they simply continued their lives despite the company. "We can't stay for the bloodmoon, once the sky turns red we can no longer teleport home." He said with concern, "At least not till it passes."
  Belca Valamor 3 / Alum / 5y 199d 19h 8m 56s
Mika nodded lightly "The best I've had so far. What about you?" She asked and she rubbed his shoulders. It was beautiful out here. She smiled to herself as she saw some of the other villagers starting to get up, waving to the couple. Mika waved back, getting smiles and nods. Her eyes went down to the blade. He was so well armed, even on their honeymoon. It didn't bother her, it made her feel safe. She wasn't exactly a queen any other nation would want dead since shes kept so much peace but she never knew when someone would want her dead. She slowly rubbed the tension in her husbands shoulders, smiling to herself
  WhiteLove / 5y 200d 6h 1m 41s
"Sleep well?" He asked continuing to edge the blade. He finished and moved onto the katana that was fairly similar to most blade's swords. The single edge had a glossy finish on it that swirved about on the metal.
  Belca Valamor 3 / Alum / 5y 200d 16h 9m 43s
Mika walked out carefully, seeing the thane sharpening his blade. She walked behind him and hugged him, burying her face into his neck "Good morning dear." She whispered and smiled into the skin. She was indeed sore and still weak in the legs from their previous night but it made her smile. They were officially husband and wife. She peeked over his shoulder to see him sharpen
  WhiteLove / 5y 202d 20h 56m 34s

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