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I'm willing to throw ideas around for a roleplay.

Speak up and I'll tell you if I like the idea to do so.

I only use anime pics, but you can use what ever.

Follow the rules.

Save me from my boredom, I can only post from later times 5 pm-12 pm central time

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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Roleplay Responses

Sure gimme a sec :P
  Belca Valamor / Alum / 7y 53d 13h 45m 22s
Alright, will you be making the first post?
  [M] Cello / WhiteLove / 7y 53d 13h 48m 55s
Here's the link.
  Belca Valamor / Alum / 7y 53d 13h 50m 19s
  [M] Cello / WhiteLove / 7y 53d 14h 22s
I've actually got a cool world that takes place in a more renaissance time that this character is specifically from, and I haven't introduced him to a love interest in the story I'm writing...

Perhaps in making an rp along you, you'd allow your character to enter my story?
  Belca Valamor / Alum / 7y 53d 14h 4m 51s
Heh its alright, we'll make up the realm as we go
  [M] Cello / WhiteLove / 7y 53d 14h 9m 43s
Because, in our timeline, fact has a strong grip on things... and I'm not that well off on British history :P
  Belca Valamor / Alum / 7y 53d 14h 10m 46s
Not our time line would be easier
  [M] Cello / WhiteLove / 7y 53d 14h 22m 51s
Of course, the world doesn't have to be from our time line, I love mixing it up. If it's medieval, I'll use this guy.
  Belca Valamor / Alum / 7y 53d 14h 24m 32s
I'll play my character Mika, my cello/princess girl and yet her during Medieval times, maybe England?
  [S] Mafia Female / WhiteLove / 7y 53d 14h 31m 5s
Well, I tend to enjoy a bit of a surprise in who you are. My choice means nothing when there are two, because there's more than one opinion. Tell me who you will be or when and where the rp will be and I can easily start it if you like.
  Hanged Man / Alum / 7y 53d 14h 34m 21s
Ah I know the about this, look at my characters and if one catches your eye, tell me and Ill see what I can make up ^^
  [S] Mafia Female / WhiteLove / 7y 53d 15h 14m 54s
I'm only making suggestions, I'm kinda burned out on imagination... being trapped in a house by one's own parents tends to do that to people >_>
  Hanged Man / Alum / 7y 53d 15h 27m 24s
Heh youre looking at my mobster girl right now, but is there any plots or ideas you have been wanting to do?
  [S] Mafia Female / WhiteLove / 7y 53d 15h 30m 3s
Tis your choice. I can do pretty much anyone of them. Oh and a few that's hardly ever done are Wester, Renaissance, Revolutions, and Mobster era.
  Hanged Man / Alum / 7y 53d 15h 32m 36s

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