Vampire Kingdom

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Welcome to my kingdom, come enjoy yourself, meet new friends, but beware the vampires if you are human and not of our blood kind, we may hunt you down.

E.s rules apply to everyone!

UnUsed is the princess of vampires, we still need a king and queen.

Name: Valshing
Age: appears about 17
Personality:on the outside he is cold, emotionless, and slow to trusting. but once you get to know him he is a bit warmer as he cares for those he loves but still doesn't truly understand emotions.Tough he will do anything to help those he loves.

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kakuro walking in the woods before seeing the castle "who lives her i wonder" he asked his self
  kakuro / dashanwang / 6y 283d 4h 21m 25s
Occ: Time to start this all over again lol

The princess of vampires called Crystal Ann, was walking around out in the gardens like she normally did every morning, when all the other vampires were asleep,she let a happy sigh out looking at the walls that covered the human world from her eyes. "I might one day be able to see humans with my own eyes." She said to herself quietly.
  Vampire Princess| Normal. / Unused / 7y 8d 4h 59m 43s

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