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The intern had been sitting off to the side, watching the picture pop up on the screen, so she could see some of the ideal 'modeling shots' and the way that they differed from just taking scenic shots. She wasn't really doing much, other than editing the lighting in shots to make it turn out more fitting for the angle it was taken, but her attention had been ripped away from the monitor when she felt one of the photographers grab a hold of her arm, and pulled her from the backgroun, basically shoving her into Siimon's arms.

Her mind raced, thinking of the way things were supposed to turn out to be aesthetically pleasing to those that would wind up looking at her pictures. And with the feeling of his arm around her waist, she could figure out what the whole mood was for it. With the way they mentioned him looking lonely it made the whole intimate shot thing quite obvious, at least in Nichole's mind.

She's placed a hand delicately by his shoulder, before turning her face away, almost shying from his affections. The photographer seemed lost for a moment, by her choice of a move, but looking through the actual lens of the camera, to see how the shot would turn out, she loved it.

"That's brilliant" the woman breathed, as the camera flashed, and Nichole moved a bit towards Siimon, one hand grabbing gently at the fur coat, pulling on it, pulling him towards her, as she bit her lower lip.

"The . . . emotion. It's amazing." The photographer commented, astounded by Nichole's movements. While she might've seemed lost and dazed when she was thrown into the whole modeling environment, she seemed to do quite well, outstandingly, for being a photography intern.
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Click ... Click ... Flash

A small building, quiet and still, was filled with people. Flashes came from a dark crowded room, people running in and out getting beautified outfits and make up and water bottles. People talked and laughed in the hallway, glancing into the room occasionally and asking people if they need help with anything.

"Okay ... Now Hold Your Head Up Juuust A Little. Perfect."

Another flash. A tall, muscular man with dyed green hair was smiling, a decorated fedora leaning on his head. His green eyes were shimmering. He had on a rather stylish suit, leaning against the wall like the cool guys in any 1970's movie would. People from behind were watching him, astonished."I Might Have To Take This Suit Home ...." He laughed, people around him laughing as well. He wasn't lying, he did look good.

"Try This On Next Siimon!" Another gorgeous-looking man with short blonde hair walked up to him, holding a large fur coat. "This'll Be Your Last One .... And Then We Can Have A Little Celebration." Siimon, a model that you would say is pretty famous, especially since he was featured in one of the most popular fashion magazines, gave the man a look. "Celebration? For What ...?" "For Your New Breakthrough Of Course!" "Oh Please ... You Don't Have To Celebrate For That ..." He smirked. "Well Why Not! You Deserve It!" Siimon smiled then. "Well ... I Guess It Wouldn't Hurt ...." The man handed him the fur coat and walked into a different room with Siimon. He put the fur coat on top of the suit and a few other people came rushing over, touching up on his make-up.

Siimon came back into the photography room. He looked over to the lady, ready to take his next and last photo for tonight. "Alright ... I'm Ready." He stood and smiled to her, standing in front of the camera. The photographer looked down, ready to take the picture, then lifted her head, squinting. "Hmm ... You Seem Lonely ..." She looked around at the people in the room. Siimon gave her a look. "E .... Excuse Me? I Look Lonely?!" He asked, dropping his smile. "No I Mean ... Someone Else Should Be In The Picture ... Just To Give Something Different ..." The lady looked for one of the other female models, hoping they didn't all leave. "Anyone Know Where The Girl With The Curly Hair Went ...?" She asked, looking over everybody. People shook their heads, not knowing who she was talking about.

After about five minutes, the lady's eyes stopped on not a model, but one of the interns. She looked her over, stroking an invisible beard. "Hmm ... You're Pretty ... And I Don't Have Time To Search This Whole Building For Another Model." She grabbed her arm. "You Won't mind Would You?" Without waiting for an answer, she smiled and pulled her in front of the camera, people smiling and looking at her, wondering if she can pull this off. Siimon looked at the intern, half smiling. "Hmm ... Oh What The Hay ..." He pulled her close to him by the waist and heard the photographer say, 'Perfect!' She went behind the camera again. "Make Sure You Pose ... Miss Intern." She said with a smile.

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