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Two years after Sasuke captured Orochimaru he came back to the leaf. Everyone forgave him and the village was in peace. Three more years Sasuke suddenly disappeared. Naruto grew concerned and searched but could never find him. Time went by and Naruto became Hokage. He was sitting in his office when Kiba burst through the door. "Naruto," he called, "There's a new Village.." Naruto sighed and cut him off. "So what do I care?" Kiba growled before saying," They took down the Sand Village." Naruto jumped to attention. "Does that mean that Gaara's..." He stood up and looked out the window. Then Gaara, Temari, and Kunkaro walked in. "No we're not Dead," Temari said with her hands on her hips. "Thanks for asking about us." Naruto turned wiping tears from his eyes. "The leader of this new village, naruto, is Sasuke." Naruto felt relief and anger at the same time. "What's the big deal? I've beaten Sasuke many times before and I can do it again," Naruto stated it like it was a fact. "It's not him who beat us," Kunkaru said looking down. "It was his son. And he has eyes that are a match for the Rinnegan...."


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Lightnig Village
Sasuke Uchiha- IchiBichiBerry
Kirax Uchiha- Zuraga
Kari Uchiha- Serahfarron

Leaf Village
Kakshi Sensei-Open
Guy Sensei- Open
Sota Hyuuga- Sideburns
Shizuri Kamikuza-


Name: Kirax Uchiha
Age: 16
Clan: Uchiha
Village: Lightning
Kekkei Genkai: Incinigan

Name: Kari Uchiha
Age: 15
Clan: Uchiha
Village: Lightning
Kekkei Genkai: Sharingan

Name: Santi
clan: Unknown
Village: leaf
Kekkei Genkai: Manipulation Sharingan
short Boi: after coming in contact with itachi she gained the ability to form her own style of sharingan. When in use, it looked like Mangeyo Sharingan, only blue. It could manipulate ones chakra flow.

Name: Himoto, Aimi
Age: Fifteen
Clan: Himoto
Village: Konohagakure no Sato
Kekkei Genkai: None

Name:Shikyo Kishi
Clan: Kishi clan
Village: Leaf village
Kekkei Genkai: Kuroi Tenka
Short bio : Shikyo was part of a traveling clan, called the Kishi clan, they normally would go to the Leaf village when the 2nd hokage was alive, they would train and trade with the leaf village. But when the 2nd ninja was was going on a raiding party attacked the Kishi clan, as they soon as they left the leaf village. The clan fought back, but they could not use there full power, for the moon was not out, which is where they draw there ultamite powers. They were doomed, as they were slaughtered, but two made it out alive, Shikyo mother and father just around the age of 16. They returned to the leaf village to take in what had just happened.

As the 3rd hokage took over from his predecessors, and now a full man. He allowed the two remaining Kishi members to stay in the leaf village, there for years they grew and they gave birth to there son, Shikyo. Shikyo as he grew saw that he was not like other children, he was seperated at times, and would normally see a blonde kid by himself as well, maybe he thought that this villagers have many outsiders, so he kept to himself.

As Shikyo grew to age, he was taught everything there was to remember by his father and mother, taught in the Kishi ways. Shikyo grew more powerful everyday and even found himself ageless, as times passed it was getting harder to age. But fate was not the same for his mother and father, they died of old age, a fate that might have been taken away from Shikyo. As soon as Shikyo's parents died he packed up what he had and left the leaf village becoming a rogue for hire.

Shikyo wondered where he should head from here, there was talk of a new village and with a smirk on his face he headed to that direction. Shikyo also meet up with a pack of wolves, though at first they tried to kill him, but they somehow made a bond, and a elderly white wolf Shikyo calls Long fang, companies him.

Matthew is an orphan. His parents were both killed on a mission six years ago. Even though his parents died he still remains a happy boy. He is a skilled ninja who shows a lot of talent. His dream is to be skilled and become a legend in the ninja world.

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