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Yeah... No, cheesy, cute title. Apologies.

me- Dean Winchester

LyraK- Castiel

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When they got back to the town, Castiel teleported himself out of the car, and started heading down the street, not waiting for Dean. He hoped he could pick up some sort of trail, and did not want to have Dean's company influence him.

Once he reached a shop corner, he stopped and closed his eyes, reaching out to sense out any demos but wary if any his brothers could find him first.
  Castiel / LyraK / 5y 266d 1h 8m 30s
"I don't think you're a child, I just was-" He stopped and looked forward. "Nevermind. Let's get moving, shall we?" He started the car and started to pull out from the parking spot.
  Dean Winchester / AidoChild / 5y 267d 5h 46m 11s
Castiel glanced over to him and watched for a few moments, before nodding , "I understand. I will try to keep myself out of those situations more often, but you must listen to me when I tell you to run. I am not a child that must be protected,". He then turned his head to look back out the window, hoping that Dean wouldn't try to argue with him.
  Castiel / LyraK / 5y 267d 6h 2m 20s
Dean grabbed the same amount of belonging they had in the room and left. He put them in the car before going to check out at the front desk. He was thinking about yesterday, and Sam, as he finished up and went back out to the car. He slid into the driver's seat before glancing over at Castiel.
"Look... about yesterday. I know what I did was stupid, but I acted on instinct, okay? I saw a friend in danger and I stepped forward."
  Dean Winchester / AidoChild / 5y 267d 6h 36m 50s
Castiel tilted his head as he watched Dean, a little confused by the human. They had been so angry at each other the night before and yet here they were, acting as they usually do. Shrugging he teleported out to the car and sat in the passengers seat, to wait for the hunter.
  Castiel / LyraK / 5y 268d 3h 55m 29s
Dean nodded in agreement. "Good plan," said Dean, already starting to move around the room to gather everything up. "We can't have any surprise visitors if we want to get Sam out of harm's way quickly."
'If he's still okay.' The thought jumped to his mind before he could push it back. He tried to shake the worry. 'No. We'll get to him in time.'
  Dean Winchester / AidoChild / 5y 268d 4h 8m 49s
"Unfortunately I could not think of anything beyond searching the other section of the warehouse district," He replied before moving towards the door, "It might be best if we relocate to this town. We have stayed long enough in this room. My brethren and the demons could track us here, now that we have retreated here multiple times,".
  Castiel / LyraK / 5y 268d 5h 9m 41s
Dean turned quickly when Castiel popped up. He was really close to yelling "where were you" at him, but stopped to listen to his explanation.
"Yeah?" he said, calming himself down. He was relieved that Castiel wasn't missing as well. "Any good ideas?"
'Geez, don't take that long again, Cas...' he thought.
  Dean Winchester / AidoChild / 5y 268d 5h 26m 16s
When he started to sense panic from the human, Castiel's concern overcame his anger, and immediately teleported to Dean's side. When he noticed there was no threat, he relaxed and calmly said, "I apologize for the delay. I was... attempting to come up with a plan to survey the town before we returned,".
  Castiel / LyraK / 5y 268d 5h 41m 9s
Dean started pacing. Castiel usually popped up by now.
"Come on, Cas, where the hell are you?" he murmured out loud before stopping suddenly. He couldn't have been... No, no way. Not Castiel. He's just fine. He's just investigating like he always does. There's no way he could have gotten into some sort of mess that he couldn't get himself out of... right? What if he really was in trouble? And if he was, what could Dean do? He couldn't leave Sam another day to search for Castiel... But Cas... Dean internally cursed at his complicated emotions.
  Dean Winchester / AidoChild / 5y 268d 5h 48m 7s
Castiel felt Dean reaching out for him, but at the moment he still was too deep inside himself to respond. 'Besides', he thought childishly, 'Dean can wait a little before I return,'. He was still trying to root out the cause of his peculiar emotions, but was just becoming more confused by the minute. He sighed and allowed himself to return to consciousness, blinking as his eyes registered the bright light of sunlight.
  Castiel / LyraK / 5y 268d 6h 27m 35s
Dean had fallen asleep, even with the uneasiness that was clouding around him. When he woke up, he slowly turned his body around. Of course, Castiel was gone.
Dean thought immediately as the small feeling of worry over Cas hopped into his chest. He did, however, let his worry about Sam take full effect. It had been far too long for Dean now. They were running out of time, if they hadn't already. He would have to push whatever it was that was getting at him over Castiel to the far shadows of his mind. Sammy needed him.
He got out of bed and started grabbing gear. Luckily, most of it was still together from their earlier trek. He reached out for Castiel, wanting to get going as soon as possible.
  Dean Winchester / AidoChild / 5y 268d 6h 49m 14s
The angel woke only a few hours later, and his mood had yet to improve. He glanced back to Dean and felt his frustrations resurface from their disagreement. He quietly got to his feet and moved himself to the park bench where he began voicing his doubts about his brothers, where he first began to fall. It was still dark but due to the lights of the city he could not see the stars above. Sighing he leaned further back and closed his eyes mentally trying to sort out his own emotions, which made him laugh a little. He had never imagined that he could become so emotional in all his existence, and yet hear he was loosing his usually cool temper over a stubborn hunter.

Glancing back down to the ground, he wished he could seek counsel from his family but that of course would lead to him either dying or going through the reeducation once again. The thought of the latter made him shudder. Another sigh escaped his lips and his eyes fell shut, shutting the world out in order to allow for introspection, unaware of how much time was passing.
  Castiel / LyraK / 5y 272d 4h 49s
Dean let out a sigh and walked back over to his bed. He was growing anxious with Castiel so mad at him, and he didn't like it. He laid down in the bed and turned his back to Castiel too, only because looking away from Castiel made him ease up just a little bit. Hopefully, Castiel wouldn't be mad at him when they woke up...
  Dean Winchester / AidoChild / 6y 238d 3h 29m 12s
Cas continued to face away, and closed his eyes, "I have nothing else to say Dean,". That was a true statement but his stubbornness was be driven by his annoyance which he didn't quite understand why that was happening.
  Castiel / LyraK / 6y 239d 22h 13m 27s

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