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The state of Lilin is known for its beautiful scenery and great food. Lilin is also one of the number one vacation spots, though for some reason, the population has dropped.

Even so, a group of three girls decides that they've been wanting to come here for a while, all for possibly different reasons, and take a flight from their home state out to Lilin together. These friends have known one another for most of their childhood, all the way up to this age of their late teens, almost 20s. They trust each other as much as they do themselves.

At this same time...

Three guys that may or may not have been friends for a while, decide that a place like Lilin would be great to get their band started. Grabbing their instruments and getting in their van, they take a road trip out to Lilin...

but even they don't seem to notice those few hints of warning along the way.

Lilin itself has become a rather unsafe place. A few years ago, there were serial killings and many people were murdered. The state authorities did catch their serial killer, but what they didn't know is that he had two accomplices.

Where else would they take residence except within the state of Lilin, where they can deceive others into thinking the two are in fact only normal residents. They now own a club, which in fact, all they did was kill the owner and take his name.

Who would ever say anything against them when they could form such perfect lies to cover it up?

Within Lilin, they kept these mishaps secret as best they could. Some word had been spread, but within small time, the killings only became a rumor. This, as well as the fact that the entire state was becoming a rather popular place for those people of the bad variety. Authorities still do their best to snuff them out, but even they make mistakes.

Homes, apartments, and other buildings are being shut down as a way to try and pin point where the criminals of Lilin could be.

As you can imagine, for these two groups of three, it would be rather difficult to find a place to live....

Oasis Palace: Find peace, comfort, and let your dreams come true here.

Built five years ago and still living strong. The perfect place for any person(s)! Full vacancy!

Contact: (501)763-****

Two(2) stories

-Upstairs: Eight(8) rooms-Three(3) balconies outside connecting every two rooms-Two(2) full length windows per bedroom

-Downstairs: One(1) full size kitchen-One(1) full size dinning area-One(1) large lounge area-Two(2) full size bathrooms-One(1) spare room

-Outside-Front: One(1) full length porch-One(1) carport

-Outside-Back: Two(2) acres-One(1) in-ground pool

Contact me, the owner, for any questions you may have and if you wish to fill the vacancy.

-Linda Murray

This sign stapled at the airport and also along telephone poles within Ziraviel, Lilin. Can you guess what happens when both groups are interested in this offer, and are told to meet there with the owner at the same time, not knowing the other group is coming? Well, at least there are plenty rooms.

Can these two groups of people stand each other long enough to live together? And can they also protect one another from the dangers of Lilin, or will they only make it worse on one another when the only music club the boys can go to for a gig is the one owned by those that they must avoid


Position in band :



Jenny Milford

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Personality: Jenny is quite the courageous girl. She will do anything and everything for her friends, and trusts them with everything the knows. She's very blunt to people she doesn't like or doesn't know well, unless they're a child or elderly person, but then again, she doesn't tend to involve herself with either of those ages. Get her mad, she'll quickly react and show that what you did was a bad idea. Get her embarrassed, she'll blush flustered and more than likely deny feeling like she does about whatever happened, a tsundere you could say. Get her happy, she'll treat you kindly and might even owe you one. Touch one of her friends the wrong way and hell will knock at your door. All in all, she's a rather sarcastic, fun-loving, and cool individual with a bit of a creative eye.

Crush: None yet, but liable for change ;3

Bio: Since she was younger, Jenny has always had a knack for mathematics, or more-so, memory. Equations were simple to memorize and it let her buzz right through her school years, though she stayed in the standard classes so she would have more time for the things she wanted to do. Scholarships didn't matter to her. It's not like she had a lot of money or anything, but she didn't want to do anything that really needed a collage degree when she grew up. Something fun, something cool, yet lets her get paid a lot. It was simple to come up with the idea of voicing characters in different shows. After sending in her first demo right after High School, she got her first job. Of course, she stayed home to do this, recording on her own computer, whilst tutoring people on the side in mathematics, physics, and chemistry. This was her life, away from her family and in a decent apartment. Her parents always were trying to pressure her into higher learning and better work, but she knew what she wanted, went for it and got it. When that wasn't good enough, she left home and started living on her own as soon as she hit 18. Her friends had their opinions, but as always, she stuck with what her instinct told her to do.

Talent(s): Voice acting/vocals, memorization, scheming, running.

Username: Akiho

Sage Mays

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Personality: Sage looks very innocent and quiet from her appearance when you don't know her, but she's actually a very fun-loving girl. She is very outgoing and adventurous, and always looks on the positive side of everything. Sage does her best to treat everybody kindly, even those who are rude to her. Sage does not handle stress or anger very well; she tends to bottle up any true feelings to look brave.

Crush: None yet, may change as RP goes on ;3

Bio: When Sage was only 5, her mother got extremely sick, and passed away. A few years later, her father left to the Air Force, but never made it home. Sage was left alone, and was sent to live with her grandparents. She grew up with great positivity in her attitude, and did ballet. Sage later got into flute as well, and began to play violin in high school. She never really told anybody about her parents' deaths, because she liked appearing strong. Sage loved the feeling of looking happy and brave, even when she didn't truly feel that way at all.

Talent(s): Dancing, violin, flute.

Username: MrTummyLikesFood

Kyria Thomas

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Personality: Kyria has always been the shy type, finding it hard to trust others and let them in. Shyness is what she is known for as she can varely speak above a whisper upon meeting skmeone new. Though she is very sensitive, she will fight for those she cares about or what she believes is right. She will never give up on someone choosing instead to quietly be their support always beside them to be leaned on.

Crush: No one yet

Bio: When she was younger Kyria never really talked, she was bullied and pushed around but never spoke up to protect herself. When she was 13 years old she began to write stories and play instruments to help distract herself and found that she had a talent for it. Though her few, but true, friends urged her too do something the bullying continued until high school. It finally ended when she saw a smaller freshman getting bullied by an older student, knowing it was wrong she defended the younger student and was seen as a "hero" after that much to her displeasure.

Talent(s): Writing, playing piano and cello

Username: Layicorn


Gabriel Bateman

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Personality: Gabriel's always been a quiet sort of kid whom many would describe as a "loner." That was the truth. Other than a select few, he tends to stick to himself and can often be found in the shade somewhere, lounging around with his guitar and a few sheets of paper with his trusty mechanical pencil. Usually, he's composing, or he's moving around and exercising to burn off his energy. Generally, he's very lazy and apathetic, doing only what's expected of him and nothing more if he doesn't have to. He'll state what's on his mind without consideration for others' feelings, and he won't care afterward either.

Crush: No one... yet.

Bio: Gabriel was born into an extremely wealthy family with a large mansion for a home and all the servants, clothes, and toys a boy could ever want. At a young age, he was forced to learn only from the best. He was home-schooled for the first three-quarters of his life, learning music from only the best, learning his subjects from the best in the world. He grew up with all the pressures of being his parents' son, the prodigy, the one that will succeed where his parents have failed. It compressed his psyche into something that only sought to please his parents and to always meet that expectation no matter what happens. At the age of 16, he was forced into a public school since he had finished all his schooling, and his parents decided it was alright for him to make friends with "normal kids." So he did, and he gained two very close ones at that. During his time in public school, he learned to not have to live up to everyone's expectations and so he broke away from his parents at the age of 19 to form a band with his best friends and to seek out a life of his own.

Position in band: Guitarist

Talent(s): Able to play many instruments well, can secretly sing, can read people and situations well, parkour.

Username: Ryuusuke

Ian Burns

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Personality: Ian pretty much has no secrets. He's the funny guy who's sort of an airhead and is quite flirty. He has his moments of course where he says something that would totally shock you. But it's rare. He would do anything for his friends, and he's usually 100% honest. Don't really need to explain, he's a very easy read guy.

Crush: N/A

Bio: Coming out of a really bad breakup, he started focusing on his old dreams of starting a band. He already had the skill of playing drums, and when he was younger him and his friends had always wanted to start up a band.Because school was over, he decided to check out Lilin with his friends.

Position in band: Drums

Talent(s): Make others feel better, good at sports in general, and surprisingly/randomly good at acting.

Username: midna

Terion Aki

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Personality: Terion is the type to try and make jokes out of everything. He's a party-er and hates taking no for an answer. His loyalty to those close to him can make bonds that will take a lot to break, but if he feels that someone else's feelings should come first, he will stay quiet and keep i how he truly feels. Terion can be very indecisive at times, not sure of what to do or say when it comes to choosing sides. However, he never goes against his friends. Overall, Terion is a down-to-earth person who loves to make girls swoon and making people laugh.

Bio: Terion grew up with a regular mother and father, with two sisters, one older and one younger. He was always a momma's boy, and wasn't afraid to let the world know it. His mother had a beautiful voice, and usually sang with Terion during the summer on their 'lazy days'. Yet, he sometimes stuck around his father, who always looked for a good laugh. Eventually, his parents had to stop working when his second sister was born, and money stopped coming in, making Terion work for some things he need, and mostly things he wanted. He tried his best to look good for school, trying not to make it seem like money was an issue at home. Although his plan was on the brink of falling, since him working three jobs and school kind of clashed, summer finally came. He had time to sing in a band, and hoped that if he gets somewhere with his singing, he'll get more money and won't have to work three jobs at one time.

Position in band: Singer

Talent(s): Terion is great at making people laugh and stand up comedy. He is also pretty good at acapella and singing love songs

Username: YommiNoms


Brandon "BB" Beavis

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Personality: If a therapist unraveled the fake Brandon, they would be horrified by how dark and evil his soul truly is. He's the type of person to walk around with a smile on his face while dragging a dead body behind him. Blood and death makes him happy, though he's not obsessively thinking about killing. He likes to take his time and view everything as one big game of chess. He enjoys anticipating people's actions and being right. Though he submitted to his former friend, the serial killer, he likes to take charge of everything, even to the point of trying to dominate his partner in all things .

Crush: Death, destruction, mayhem... His partner in crime

Bio: Brandon was born to a prostitute in the slums of Lilin. His father was a rich man, he had enough money to provide for the whore he knocked up and his bastard child along with his family, but he didn't. The man left the prostitute to her own devices and so Brandon was reared in a poor environment. He watched his mother bring in men from the streets and heard strange noises at night. When he asked, his mother would scream at him, saying he was the cause for her misery. If only he hadn't been born, then she could be better off. From that moment, he grew progressively more quiet and even started to show signs of resentment and anger. It was minor at first, a fat caterpillar on the streets, a butterfly, then he moved on to bigger things. He started to kill birds and squirrels, finding ways to ensnare them in traps and kill them. It was just a way to blow off steam at first, but then he found himself enjoying it. At the age of nine, he stabbed his mother exactly 13 times, seven in the heart, five in the head, and one in her womb where she had gotten pregnant with another child. He ran away from home and lived on the streets for a year. He lied, stole, and killed not only to survive, but to find sick pleasure in deceiving someone into trusting him and then betraying their trust completely. When he was 11, just entering his teens, he met his saviour. The man was in his early 40's, and the man saw something in the little boy that he found intriguing. The man provided for him, and taught him ways to gain people's trust, to kidnap, to kill, to set traps for even the smartest of people, to manipulate, to blackmail, and everything a serial killer would ever need. At the age of 13, he met his future partner-in-crime and found the same hatred and passion for destruction in her. He stuck to her like glue after that, always helping their saviour out by tricking and torturing his victims. To him, the man was a God, until they took him away and he was left alone with the girl when he just reached his 20th birthday. As a tribute to the man, he picked up where the man left off.

Talent(s): Acting, conning, blackmail, assassinations, kidnapping, torture.

Username: Ryuusuke

Lycoris "Liquorish" Milford

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Personality: Cunning, imaginative, sly, and flirtatious. Lycoris is not the type of girl you'd want to meet in a dark alley all alone, because she's more than likely going to rob or kill you. She's not too easily angered, though when it comes to her partner, she can get very mad, very fast. Is she going to hide anything from you? Probably not, but if it's necessary for her to get what she wants, she will. Really, she's quite the loving person. She's nice to people, but she will say things that are more than a bit rude and random with a smile on her face. She will threaten someone, with a smile on her face. Lycoris takes pride in her appearance and uses it to her advantage in getting kills, information, money, and just about anything she wants. She tends to not try to take charge unless it's something shes very interested in, and is very headstrong about any decision she makes. She also has this love of cute things.

Crush: Chaos, crime, music...Her partner

Bio: Lycoris, when younger, didn't like the family she lived with. The only person she got along with was her younger sibling, though when Lycoris became 7 and decided to move in with her grandmother, things changed. She went with her and she was the only one who did. For years, she lived with this person. Lilin was a place where a lot could happen under wraps, so Lycoris had already started getting involved with the wrong sort and started doing things that wouldn't be taken to lightly usually. She and some other devious children had been killing animals in rivers by drowning and beating them for fun, and then had even stolen and bullied on other kids. The elderly woman knew nothing of it, and Lycoris did take good care of her. She did care for some people, her grandmother being one of the only. She passed when the girl was only 11, and she lived on the streets for a year, making her way with pick-pocketing and pretending. Lycoris got her injuries, yes, but she survived at least. At 12, she was taken in by a man whom offered her a home and her own freedom to do as she wanted. Eagerly, she accepted, and met a boy a year older than she was there; her partner in crime. She quickly learned the ways of a deceiving and sly murderer, mastering this by the time she was a 15 year old. At 19, she was sad to see who she began to think of as her father be taken away without she and the other boy being noticed. Seeing it as a gift to her "father," she continues to do as she can like he taught her, all the while sticking to the boy that she ended up growing up with and now owning a club with after they murdered the owner.

Talent(s): Acting and disguises, making friends, pick-pocketing/killing, memorization, and copying actions.

Username: Akiho


-No Godmodding, I can not stress this enough.
-This is reality, so no one is secretly some kinda werewolf or magical girl, okay? Having a couple better senses, sure, but even though fantasy is great, this RP isn't fantasy, so please refrain from things that a person cannot actually do.
-Cursing and violence is allowed, I mean really, we've got murderers here. They don't kill with flower petals and pixie dust.
-Anime pictures please
-PM me your skelly to join
-This is not a 1x1 even though it is a romance, so you must wait for at least two others to post before you do. I cannot stress this enough.
-Title your pm Refrain so I know you read this
-Romance is allowed, in fact, it is quite encouraged. Just no insta. This RP is mature, so if you aren't comfortable reading situations that are a bit stimulated then please, just scroll down past that. I can promise you, the bag guys are just weirdos.
-Not first come first serve, you must be good and must have a great character. Just because I say no to you doesn't mean you aren't good, your character would probably just fit better in a different roleplay than this one. I swear, I'm not a mean person.
-No smutty pictures.
-If you have any questions, just PM me or ask in the OOC here. As said, I'm not a mean person. I would be glad to answer any questions you may have.
-Crush status is to be edited throughout the RP, so PM me if you would like to add a name to yours as the RP goes on~ ^^
-Must be at least semi-literate.


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Roleplay Responses

Brandon stood in the walk-in closet and stared at the bountiful and abundant array of clothing tucked neatly into drawers or hung up according to a specific system. Lycoris was in charge of the system, Brandon's clothes were merely a target for her to apply her system to; however, he enjoyed having his things sorted out nicely by his beloved partner in crime. It was easy to find things, he knew his socks were in the drawers along with his boxers and tank tops, while his dress shirts and ties were neatly hung up along with his jackets. He listened to the sound of Lycoris rummaging in the other closet as he pondered over what he should be wearing. Something nice and formal, but not too formal. He was the owner of one of the most well-known pubs in the city with a good chef and a great bartender. Good thing he was a good actor, or else the staff would have been suspicious of the two new owners. The two of them had come in, assassinated the owners, and said they were relatives that had heard the tragic news. Poor William Greene and his wife died of natural causes, it was said they suffered an asthma attack in their sleep and passed away. No one would know any better... no one but Brandon and his accomplice. A smirk gently lifted a corner of Brandon's lips as he pulled out his black dress pants and pulled them on, tightening them with a belt. He remembered the fabric of the pillow, and the scent of lavender as he suffocated William Greene. There was no blood involved, nothing, but Brandon felt very much alive as he took another man's life. There could be no evidence that he was murdered, nothing but the blueish hue of the man's lips and his stone cold body. Lycoris would perform the same ritual on the man's wife... at least the two got to die together. There were worse things than death. Picking out a pair of black socks, he slid them onto his feet, one by one. He remembered rushing into the bar and holding up a forged will of William Greene. The bar was to be given to him, Brandon Greene, a close nephew. Here, in Lilin, people come to have their identities erased, there would be no trace of the Greene family tree because Lilin destroys all order and brings only chaos. Brandon looked at himself in the mirror and saw his reflection had a malicious grin on its face.

Lycoris could be heard commenting on Brandon's rough treatment of her right outside. He chuckled and recalled her desperate moans as he sometimes withheld her orgasm from her and chose to tease her rather than find his release inside of her. She was so much fun to play with in bed... or out of, as was the case just now. "Well, if I don't satisfy you and make your legs weak, you'll just run off with a man who will do all of those things in my place." He walked out of the closet and crawled onto the bed, shirtless, and then proceeded to pin her down playfully onto the bed. "And we can't have you doing that now, can we?" He smirked and kissed her before getting off of her. It wasn't very often that Brandon would give much thought as to what Lycoris wanted, but he had noticed the way she had sighed out and looked at herself when he had been pulling on his dress pants. She may not know, but he is always observant when it comes to her. His heterochromatic eyes lingered on Lycoris for a moment longer before he completely disappeared into the depths of his closet. He remembered their father found that it was funny if the two matched like a married couple. That was exactly what they were trying to act like, and plus, Lycoris always did seem to enjoy having identical shirts or donning identical colour schemes. Brandon had not given much thought to it until now. She looked awfully disappointed for some reason... Brandon pulled his crimson dress shirt from the hangar and donned it before grabbing a black vest. He watched himself in the mirror as he finished everything off with a black tie that complimented and accentuated the crimson of his dress shirt while accompanying the darkness of his vest and pants.

As he finished tightening his tie, he heard Lycoris' voice and he grabbed a small box off the dresser and tucked it into his pocket before walking out. Her back was to him, so she would have no idea that he had tried to "match" with her. It was a rare thing if he ever did, but the matching did make them look much more like a couple in the bar. "Oh yes, I know, but not so fast." Brandon latched onto her, he looped an arm around her waist, and the other rested on the hand which grasped the doorknob. "I'm not finished with you yet." He kissed her jaw and slowly trailed down to her neck, covering her neck in his kisses. Pausing for a moment, he inhaled deeply, taking in her positively delicious scent. "You know... a married woman has to wear her ring at all times... Mrs. Brandon Greene. Unless you prove yourself to be unfaithful to me." He smiled against her neck and reached into his pocket, opened the box carefully and brought out a diamond ring. He was gentle, for the first time since they were kids, and he gingerly picked up her left hand as if she were made of glass. He knew otherwise of course, but he was careful all the same as he slid the ring onto her left ring finger. It was unsurprisingly a perfect fit. "You are a beautiful piece of art, Lycoris... don't let those thieves steal you from me." He whispered softly in her ear before kissing the outer rim. He inhaled her scent once more and started to kiss her neck. He knew that she would eventually branch off in her own direction. One day she will stop doing these crimes with him, and she will find a lover and husband, and she will bear that man's children. One day, she will no longer be his, and that is precisely why he did not emotionally attach himself to her other than what has already been done. They all leave in the end, and that was that. She will be a good wife to someone, sometime, someplace... but not to him. Someone will take his Lycoris and make her theirs. His hold on her tightened briefly, anger sparking in him at the thought that Lycoris could be owned by anyone else other than him. "Say that you're mine, Lycoris." His hand came up from her waist and roughly wrapped around her throat. "Say that I'm the only one who can ever dominate and fuck you until you can't walk anymore." He growled into her ear.
  Brandon / Ryuusuke / 6y 119d 11h 33m 44s
Ian was pulling himself up into the red Jeep Wrangler when the front door opened and several footsteps could be heard.
His blonde head swiveled to face 5 other teenagers looking almost as hungry as he felt.
[b "Man, I feel special. You people must really love to be in the company of me."] He laughed and looked back at his 4-seater car.
[b "Care to squish? Sorry... We're going to have to invest in an SUV up here."]
Sage and Kyria both scrunched their face up at the same time. One of them said [b "But... Your car is so small..."]
Ian groaned, but didn't make a move to get out of the car. [b "C'mon, we can fit. Just have people sit on top of each other. I want to eat!"]
Checking sure the gear was in neutral, he shoved his foot down on the clutch and turned on the car.
The sun was out, but it was still kind of chilly. There was a slight breeze which made the trees above him stir. It was a nice day.
But Ian could only think about what the fastest route might be to the restaurant.
[b "Everyone in?"] A mix of replies sounded out from behind and to the side of him.
He grinned, and turned the radio up.
[b "Ladies, I'd put your hair in ponytails if I were you"]
As the rushing wind began to block out everything except for the blaring music, Ian began to lose himself in some Red Hot Chili Peppers.
The ocean ran along the side of the freeway they were on, pure blue and calling out to the surfer in him. He realized he would have to get a surfboard sooner or later down here.
Scar Tissue was playing, and his thoughts wandered to the dark-haired blunt female back home. She was slight, a small frame yet very determined. So unlike Ian himself... They had dated for almost 2 years, but he couldn't remember the way it was before her. What did he do on the weekends? When they were dating, he rarely had found free time for himself. These days, he wandered around the halls of his house, eating or messing around on his drums.
Only a month ago Ian and Haley had been happy together. Or so it seemed. After they broke up, he had to keep reminding himself that [b she] was the one who broke up with him.
For a few weeks, Ian became depressed and a hollow shell of his former self. All his music sounded bitter and sad, his food had tasted like nothing, and he had absolutely no will to do anything.
But one day his friends reconnected with him, and practically forced him to go with them to Lillin. "It would be a good band opportunity" they said.
That night Ian weighed his choices, and figured it was better than staying at home and continuing to be a lousy couch-potato.
For the next couple of days, he tried to make things more positive.
He chuckled as he remembered how he had looked into the mirror for the first time after breaking up with Haley in 2 weeks. His hair was dull and messy, not brushed after waking up at all. And he had started growing full-facial hair.
Shaving all that off had improved his mood majorly.
Unfortunately, here in Lillin with his best friends and some new ones, he still couldn't shake Haley out of his head.
[i Maybe it's for the best that it's not here...] As he was remembering searching through his bags for it desperately. He knew he needed to forget, but what was the harm in keeping it around? After all, he still wore the leather bracelet around his wrist.
The off-ramp came up quickly, and Ian swerved the Jeep onto it before it was too late. A few shouts were heard from his friends.
[b "Sorry!"]
Before long, they were parked in front of the restaurant.
He jumped out of the car, waiting for someone to tell him he can go ahead and eat.
Subconsciously, Ian realized he pretty much resembles a puppy-dog.
  ~Ian Burns~ / Midna / 6y 126d 15h 6m 56s
Somehow, Gabriel wasn't surprised when Jenny voiced her opinions about him. His expression remained stoic as if he had no capacity for emotions. Well... he really didn't. After being subjected to emotional abuse over the course of his childhood, he found that he didn't understand how to feel love or any real happiness. Sure, he found relief when he got out of that house only a few days ago, but that wasn't happiness. He was free, but that alone cannot bring him joy. What was happiness? What was sadness? Gabriel only understood anger and fear, and that was enough for him to become a dark person... void of any light in the darkness. His eyes reflected that darkness inside of him, blood red with nary a ray of light within them. If it weren't for the fact that he showed real emotions through his music, some might say he was a cyborg. "Could you maybe not act like a broken lock?" He questioned, making a metaphor to something else entirely. Using such tainted words like "slut" or "whore" really did not suit Gabriel's character. A lock that can be opened by many keys is simply put, a broken lock; just like how a woman who spreads her legs for many men is a whore. If this girl had half a brain, she would figure out the metaphor right away. It wasn't that he hated this girl, or even found her to be as annoying as Terion, that he said that. Out of convenience, it would be far better to protect the girls that Terion associates with before he breaks them like a toy and tosses them away. Ian was distracted by food all the time, so it was up to Gabriel to stop things like that from happening. If Jenny sees Terion's jackass friend, then maybe she'll think twice before trying to enter any sort of romantic relationship for fear of Mr. Pessimist cracking down on her. It was really in her best interests that he acted like a complete ass.

Gabriel, who also had very sharp hearing, picked up on the comments by the girl's friends. "Right." He spoke sarcastically after Jenny declined her enjoyment for romance. Girls these days... always saying the opposite of what is on their mind. "That's just like how um... pigs fly, and humans eat bull dung which is kinda like what's coming out of your mouth right now." He smirked in a way that infuriates most people. It was the smirk of a person who enjoys overpowering people and enjoys conflict. Gabriel wasn't that kind of person, but he had to be. If they were going to live in this house, it was either his neck or Terion's. It wouldn't be bad for one of Terion's play things to get back at him and teach him a lesson, but for the sake of peace, Gabriel will sacrifice himself... which is highly ironic. So what if he did, in fact, not enjoy Jenny's presence so much? When two very stubborn people meet each other head-on, arguments will occur. It's like two bulls locking horns, the side that persists the most will win. It is far better to have this girl unbroken, at least then there will be other forms of intelligence in this household. Gabriel allowed these thoughts to bubble up at random. Jenny did appear to be more intelligent than Gabriel's own companions... so inspiring an argument from her would be quite fun. If Terion broke her, however, it would just be one intelligent life form amongst the others. Yes, he will continue arguing with her for the sake of protecting her purity and intelligence. Having a good row once in a while definitely feels good too.

As soon as Terion found his phone, Gabriel shrugged at the idea he brought up. "Sounds good to me." Everyone quickly agreed to getting food. It seems everyone was hungry, including himself. His ears picked up on Jenny's little comment about sushi and he unconsciously let himself smile. The girl was pretty simple, she enjoyed the simple things in life, and he understood that. Music was all that he needed to make his world go round... just music. Money, food, shelter... everything came after the melodies and harmonies he could create with his fingertips. If he analyzed each person like a piece of music, he could see Ian's brightness as a staccato piece. Happy, jumpy, probably a C Major. Himself... he would be an E Minor with lots of five note chords and a pedal to exaggerate his gloom. Terion... he would be an F Major with the pedal to show his charisma. Jenny? He didn't understand her music yet, but if he had to guess, the real her would be something in between Ian and Terion's music. Her melody would be sweet and simple with many variations to the same notes. She may be simple, but she has so many layers of that simplicity that she becomes a complicated piece of work... just like all women are. The other two girls haven't spoken enough for him to be sure of their music. However, analyzing people like this seemed to give Gabriel a better understanding of the human heart and mind. It eased his mind a little to know that he can predict what would be on their mind.

At Jenny's remark about not having a vehicle, Gabriel nearly laughed. "Because that is not our Jeep out there, and we did not arrive here in it. We also didn't unpack our luggage from there. My bad, I thought we had a vehicle." He spoke with heavy sarcasm. Until now, he didn't even know he had the ability to utilize such a strange language; sarcasm. He walked over to the Jeep and leaned against its metal frame. "There's a surf and turf restaurant by the coast. It serves everything from steaks to sushi, I suggest we go there. Everything's pretty cheap here in Lilin... or so I'm told." He shrugged, trying to not sound like a tour guide.
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"You know I'm no Queen of Hearts, Brandon.." Her tone seemed so sly in a way, though also in a sort of defense. "I'm much more suited to the spade.." A pale hand made its way up to his face, allowing a warm touch to his blood stained cheek, marking her hand with that same red. "An inverted heart..one with an arrow through it." The grip on her towel became a bit tighter, though only due to lingering thoughts from before Brandon had entered the room. Now that the door was locked and she was against the wall like this, Lycoris knew what would happen. It always did.

Would there ever be a time when that didn't happen so expectantly?

"Just don't play me like a five...you know I'm much more than that, and I know you can do much better as well." As usual, the girl slipped in an insult. What else was she to do? Her eyelids lowered, red eyes starring up at him with their sensual gaze.


As his clothing became soaked and her towel seemed to weigh, Lycoris almost felt uncomfortable. Either the towel would stay on or fall off, though she couldn't seem to decide which she would rather at the moment. Whilst their lips locked, her eyes stayed open, looking down at the deep pools of sanguine that circled around their feet. Already the water was warm, the blood only seemed to thicken it, trapping in the heat. The grip Brandon held on her throat sent a shiver of pleasure across her, only due to the difficulty of normal functioning. Due to that disability, Lycoris felt restrained. A sinful pleasure she enjoyed all too well. Just the threat of cutting off her breathing was exciting, therefore sending adrenaline pumping through her veins, giving that illusion to her mind of being aroused. Whilst he touched at her skin and brought her closer to him with his fondles, she allowed light whimpers to rise from her throat, always remembering how he felt about the noises she made. Access to her mouth wasn't something she always simply handed to him, though she wasn't exactly playing hard to get at the current time.

As her wrists were pinned, another feeling of adrenaline came over her, knowing that just about anything could happen whether she allowed it or not. Although truth be told, if it wasn't him doing this, no matter how restrained she was, Lycoris would find a way out. This was simply a privilege she gave to him. The pleasure of being able to fully dominate over her. As the two looked to each other with glazed over eyes, a light panting of breath came from her. As he spoke in that ever so seductive tone, Lycoris shivered at the thought. Half of her wished to agree to the idea, whilst the other half knew that he wasn't asking for an actual answer. Brandon only wished to intimidate the girl, pressing at her small, pleasurable nerves. Those thoughts that he could entice and excite with simple words. As his mouth played with her ear, Lycoris lifted her head, looking up before closing her eyes, dark eyelashes folding over each other. When it came to how to please a female, Lycoris knew that Brandon knew all too well how to do so, though she herself knew manipulation, and therefore could easily switch the roles and it be alright. Though her ears were quite the sensitive area, and therefore were a weak spot that sent her face into a light pink tone, not only from the steam, though from the air going to her head. As his warm hand rested on the wet, clinging fabric of the towel, Lycoris felt even more of the discomfort that came from it. The way it clung wasn't like clothing at its tightest, it was simply odd feeling, although his touching was still just as teasing.

Her back arched with every few gropes and she lightly moaned and purred when she felt it a time to do so. If she tried, Lycoris could stay silent and expressionless throughout the entire thing, though what fun would that be? Besides, though Brandon and herself may be partners, they were also friends, and she wished to keep him happy. Truthfully, the two weren't actually a couple. They simply were intimate on a high level and very experimental with one another. As he pressed himself against her leg though, the girl seemed nervous. There was always one thing Lycoris was unsure of, and that was completely surrendering herself to him.

Usually, the girl would have commented on the use of the nickname she so disliked, though now wasn't the time. Mentally, she was going through multiple scenarios. Lycoris always did this with everything, over thinking whatever would happen next. She didn't seem to trust just letting things do as they may, and therefore tried to plan in her head every move. As more moves were made, the movie in her mind slowly shifted and changed to fit what was going on.

Another shiver ran down her spine as the towel that had previously embraced her fell to their feet, partially covering the drain, causing the water to rise a bit and not drain nearly as quickly. The warmth was nice up to her ankles, though the majority of her warmth was in fact in a higher up place. During those first silent moment, Lycoris only looked to him with her submissive expression, knowing he was simply admiring what he had grown up with for years, seeing its development. As she was turned, Lycoris' face only grew a darker red, knowing what to expect from him. Not being able to see didn't please her, though she did enjoy how everything felt when he was behind her, wrapping her in warmth. Really, the feeling nearly made her think to moments when he would embrace her from behind, arms around her waist, though she knew what would happen was far from a mere hug. His words more than described that fact to her, clear as crystal, though thick as fog. The cold wall wasn't doing more than pressing her chest against her, making it harder to breathe.

"You still know just how to excite me~" her voice chimed out, nearly catching a whimper at the end. Since he couldn't see her face, she wasn't putting on a show with her expressions. Rather, she looked as though she were sad or in pain, eyes squinted and eyebrows tilted up and furrowed, nearly seeming ready to bring up tears. Of course, he did enjoy that though. Her submissive and weak expressions. Even if he saw her face, Brandon would simply get a kick out of it, allowing it to entice him further. As the two were close as two people could be, moans could be heard outside of the bathroom. Muffled sounds of pleasure and nearly pain on Lycoris' end, few words escaping Brandon. Besides those words, only their names were passed between the two, stretched in a tone of longing.


"Brandon, you didn't have to do so much you know~ now my legs are all wibbly wobbly and stuff~" Her smooth voice still found a way to complain to the red head that stood before her, pulling on a new set of clothes. The previous ones were left in the bathroom, soaked from the shower water. Lycoris didn't quite see why the male insisted on the rush, though at the same time, she knew him so well that it came as no surprise. She herself sat there on the edge of the bed in a short black lace dress that fit her figure, as did most of her clothes.

As he only responded to her with his usual remarks, Lycoris let out a sigh and let herself fall back onto the mattress, hair spreading out across the sheets. Looking forward with her head laying to the side, she watched as Brandon tried to find himself a shirt. It's not like his black pants wouldn't match anything, black went with nearly any color. She was dressed in red and black though, so he may have been finding a match.

Ha, like he would do that. Her red eyes rolled sarcastically. Lycoris thought the idea of matching was rather cute, though cuteness wasn't usually on Brandon's mind, nor was acting like an actual couple. Sex, intimacy, those things were always there when it came to Lycoris. Being cute and matching or even just holding hands..that wasn't something that happened often at all, and really, she couldn't remember the last time they did that as 'adults.' As children their 'father' would give them somewhat matching clothes on occasion, though only to keep the two feeling as if they were stuck in a group with each other unable to branch away. Lycoris wished to do that now, but to show that the two were close.

I guess that's too much to ask for... Her own voice inside her head echoed with doubt at her own hopes and thoughts, filling the emptiness with cynical tendencies, always expecting the least out of people. If she did that, then people would either always meet her expectations or exceed them pleasantly. Lycoris couldn't be disappointed.

Even so, she was at times.

Sitting up again, she went to the door.

"Well," her arms stretched and she made a sort of 'meow' sound as she did so, it only being something she naturally did. "I suppose it's time to open up shop down there. These people are also some early drinkers." Her pale hand rested on the door knob, covered with fingerless lace that reached half-way up her forearm.

"Besides that, I have a feeling about today." Her naturally pink lips grinned, white teeth showing. "I think something great is going to happen today, or at least soon. We should be ready for it, you know?" A giggle ended her prediction.
  Lycoris Milford / Akiho / 6y 188d 9h 52m 31s
"Could you maybe not be a jack ass?" Jenny murmured this to herself as she glared at Gabriel. Terion hadn't done anything and he had no reason to act like that. Dark and gloomy seemed to have an attitude that she knew would bring up arguments in the future. This guy...She already knew that she was going to have trouble with this one..Yet having good hearing, she picked up on an unwanted comment and turned her glare to her two friends, though was too focused on them to hear Terion's quiet remark. She quickly walked over to them, face accompanied with the ever so slightest tint of pink as she whispered in a harsh tone, "I am not. Got it? You know I don't like.." She glanced over to the confused albino.


As Ian spoke, Jenny looked confused. There was a kitchen though. When it was obvious that he meant there was no food though, she rolled her eyes a bit. Of course there wouldn't be, why hadn't she thought of that?

Everyone seemed to be agreeing on food, and Jenny shrugged. They may as well, since they did need to eat.

"I suppose so. As long as we can get some sushi.." She walked out of the door, not really looking to anyone besides her two friends who did seem to smile a bit at her comment. She gave a half-smile back. They knew she had an adoration for sushi, and she couldn't wait to try some here. Sushi, sweets, she had her preferences.

"And just who will be driving on this little adventure anyways? We don't have a vehicle." She raised her arms to stretch before crossing her arms in front of her, walking behind Ian and Sage, smiling a bit seeing them getting along. Even Kyria seemed content, which allowed Jenny to feel more comfort in this place. As long as those two were happy and safe, she would deal with whatever it would take to keep them smiling.
  Jenny Milford / Akiho / 6y 229d 16h 8m 13s
As people quickly filed into the medium-sized room of his, Terion looked at Jenny a bit confused. She seemed to have been trying to distance herself from him .... Was it something he did? Oh god ... Did his breath stink? All of a sudden, thoughts started to slip through his mind like a female around the sexiest man on the earth on their very first date. Why the hell was he acting like this? Terion was used to flirting with random girls ... But he never really had to share a house with three random girls he just met. On top of that, three pretty girls, where one just happened to help him look for his phone and come a little closer than expected to him. Yep, maybe that was it ....

Interrupting the unnecessary thoughts roaming in Terion's mind, Gabe entered the room, followed by others. Listening to the smart remarks of his much more intelligent, brown-haired friend, Terion rolled his eyes. "Obviously, there was no type of dry humping going on ... At least not yet." Terion muttered to himself. Of course it might seem like that, but Terion isn't that bold. He'd probably try and make the moves on the girl, and if she wanted sex, then Terion never hesitated to please a woman. He couldn't help that he watched too much Johnny Bravo when he was a kid. Or the fact that he was a sexy white-haired beast. :>

Gabe pointed out his phone, and Terion looked in surprise. How The Hell Did It Get Right There.....? He grabbed it and thanked Gabe yet again for finding his phone. He could admit that his eyes seemed to always fuck up when it came to finding stuff right in front of his face. One time, his keys were right around his neck, and it took him almost 2 hours to find them. He was thankful for an older sister that day .... Terion's neon red eyes looked over to Ian, who brought the topic food up. He smiled and continued through the door. "Why Don't We All Go Ahead And Get Something To Eat?" He said, speaking to no one in particular. Terion turned around, awaiting the others to come outside.

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A smirk rested on Brandon's lips as he started up the stairs. Pleasure was surging through his system with adrenaline. The feeling of killing someone was always the best... hearing their screams... watching the fear enter their eyes... Then ravishing them with deadly tools, poking, prying... curious... malicious... Everything blends together into one big ball of fun whenever a victim is strapped to the table. Lycoris is always so merciful, granting them a death with minimal pain. That is where her faults lie... she doesn't enjoy killing enough... not like Brandon. Sure, she may get the buzz of having blood on her hands, but when it came to truly savouring each and every drop of blood... Brandon did it the best. She seems to find the entire process too tedious altogether, but that's where all the fun is. It truly is a blessing if the one killing the victim is Lycoris... she administers their death like a flu shot. Just count to three and it's over. One... two... three... death. A part of Brandon loved her for being merciful, another hated her for it. Because she kills her victims so quickly, they can't savour their deaths together. He loved that part of her though, because it makes her appear weak and submissive. Imagining her becoming squeamish about torturing people always makes him highly aroused. That was one of the reasons why he was searching for her at the moment. The other was to finish what he started this morning. It wasn't often that they get interrupted during their... fun... but when it happened, he always gets frustrated. Especially now as he made his way to the bedroom, but the girl was nowhere to be found. Brandon growled under his breath slightly, the shower wasn't on, so she couldn't be taking a shower right now. He imagined what he'd do to her as soon as he found her. The longer it took to find her, often, the more dominant he would be. He went so far once as forcing her down, tying each limb to a post on the bed and blinding folding her. The blindfold and gag were just icing on the top for his dominating nature and his fetish for submissive girls. The things he did to her that night were unforgettable to say the least.

Finally hearing the shower, a predatory grin spread across his lips. He made sure to take his sweet time walking to the door and politely knocking as if he had all the patience in the world. As soon as the door swung open, he slightly salivated at the sight before him. Lycoris holding up a towel against her body as if he had never seen it before while trying to look seductive for him. He licked his lips unconsciously at the delicious sight before him. She would look experienced to any other man, but no other man had the same upbringing or mind as Brandon. She was skilled at seducing, that was for sure, but she couldn't fool him. She was trying just a little harder, and he could see the effort put behind what seemed to be a natural sway to the hips and the way she showed just enough cleavage for him. Enough of her was showing for him to be aroused, but she hid enough for the rest of her to still be a mystery... not that it was much of a mystery to Brandon anymore, but it was still fun to "solve" the "mystery". At her question, he smirked and reached over to her. There was still a little blood under his index finger's nail, and so he used it to draw a small heart shape on her cheek. "Does Her Majesty, the Queen of Hearts, even need to ask?" He questioned softly, teasing and placing his hands on her shoulders and pressing her into the bathroom. Without missing a beat, his hand slid backward to close and lock the door behind himself, trapping the two in the warm, steamy room.


Brandon backed her toward the wall, his smirk promising her a release from the sexual tension currently building up between them. "I give you an eight out of ten for that performance." He whispered softly, just loud enough to be heard over the hiss of the shower, but low enough to be seductive. "Don't worry, I'll make up for the last two and make you feel like a ten." He backed her into the shower, allowing for his clothes and her towel to become heavy with water. The floor turned red for a moment as the water started to wash away the blood that had splattered all over Brandon. He grasped her throat gently, but firmly before leaning in and kissing her roughly. His fingers were relaxed, but the threat of choking her was still there. His free hand trailed down to the back of her thighs, then back up to the supple flesh of her butt. His fingers massaged her flesh gently as his tongue slid between her lips. Brandon knew they would open for him, regardless if she wanted him to kiss her so possessively or not. They always did.

When she reached for him, he snatched both her wrists and pinned them to the wall above her head. Brandon pulled away, his tongue creating a small bridge of warm saliva with Lycoris'. "Remember what I did to you when you tried to touch me?" He alluded to the night he tied, blindfolded, and gagged her. "Would you like a repeat of that?" He purred in her ear before gently licking the outer rim. Having been with her for many years, sleeping with her for half of those years, he knew her weak points. Her ears... her neck... her belly button, her breasts... and of course the one place that all women grow weak when touched at. Brandon clamped his teeth down on her ear, and nibbled hard enough for her to feel him, but not enough to hurt... much. After all, pain and pleasure were very close to each other, and he taught her that as soon as he had learned how to pleasure women. His free hand came up, gently sliding up her stomach before coming to the curve of her breasts. They were hidden by the soaked towel, but that was alright since it clung to her form, allowing Brandon to locate exactly where he wanted to touch her. His breathing became a little heavier as he pleasured her by just touching her external pleasure hotspots. His fingers deftly found the sensitive flesh of her breasts and pinched lightly and massaged it with his fingers. Just touching her flesh was a turn on, evidence of it was starting to show up from his soaking wet trousers.

Brandon released her ear from his teeth and started to trail a kiss onto her jaw and down to her neck. "Look what you're doing to me, Licky..." He breathed against her neck before pressing the evidence of his arousal against her thigh. His teeth gently came down on the most sensitive part of her neck, and he started to alternate between sucking and nibbling. His hand moved to her sternum and he slid an index finger downward into her cleavage. He buried his finger up to his knuckle before pulling it outward, taking the towel along with it until the towel pooled around Lycoris' feet. Brandon pulled away for a few seconds to admire the fullness of her breasts before flipping her so that her back was facing him. He wanted to take her from behind. "You don't know how long I've been waiting for this..." He breathed against her neck, sucking at it again. His hand moved away from her breasts and went lower. Skimming her lean stomach and toward the apex of her thighs, the one place that he knew would get the strongest reaction out of her. "... I'm going to make you come for me... over and over again..." He groaned softly as his fingers passed the wisps of white curls gathered just above his target. His fingers lightly tugged at them in warning of the penetration to come. They briefly skimmed over his target, over her thighs and toward his pants. Slowly, he pulled the zipper down and unbuttoned his jeans. "I'm going to fuck you senseless, Licky..." He whispered dangerously into her ear.
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Sage stood holding her elbows, giggling to herself at the boy known as Terion and her friend Jenny.
She whispered to Kyria. "Is Jenny possibly crushing on some guy?"

Gabe was already in the room, but Ian was nowhere to be seen. She couldn't help but feel the depressing atmosphere that suddenly filled the bright room like a fog.
Sage kept quiet as he muttered rude things to his friend, twirling her hair as he did so. But when he found Terion's phone, she laughed out loud. Wide-eyed, she snapped her jaw shut quickly, blushing.
When the stares wouldn't leave, she opened her small lips. "Er... Sorry, that was just really funny! You were totally hitting on Jenny, and then...." She led off, realizing she was just embarrassing herself and her friend.
Ian came in at that moment, and as he began to leave to make some food. She yelled out. "That sounds like a great idea! I'm quite hungry."
And ran out of the room.

Ian stood watching the small girl fly out of the room, as if the very place was filled with lava.
With bright eyes, he looked at Terion and Gabe, laughing.
"What'd I miss?"
Instantly, though a little late, he noticed the small sour expression on Gabe. But that was normal. And on Terion's face...
Shit. Not agaaaain
He only raised his eyebrows, before looking at the other two girls one last time.
Yeah, they were pretty. But.
This is going to be difficult
Striding out of the room, he took the steps two at a time, his stomach grumbling.
Ian was kind of the neutral personality, between Terion's exciting romance and Gabe's... depression? But there was something more to it. Girls must go crazy over Gabe, and Terion too.
Turning a corner, he almost walked right into Sage, who had the kitchen door open and was mumbling to herself.
"Hey, sorry."
She only looked at him with surprise on her face, and something of disappointment.
"What, no food?"
He took a step forward, and grumbled unhappily to find there was nothing except a jar of mayonnaise.
"We will eat like kings tonight!" He murmured unhappily.
Sage's hands went down to straighten her skirt.
So this is the girl that resembles a bird. Then there's the bubbly one upstairs, and the leader must be Jenny. Of course Terion is after her.
He cleared his throat, then looked up at her face.
"Yeah, I'm going to have to pick some things up.... This sucks."
He grabbed his keys, then ran upstairs.
Everyone was still in the room.
"So apparently there is nothing in this thing called the kitchen" Replying to Jenny's earlier remark to Ian.
"So I'm heading out to grab some stuff for tonight. I suggest somebody joins me."
He was almost out Terion's room, when he stopped short.
"Oh, and I suppose I should ask if there are any requests? I heard this place has good food."
At that moment, Sage was up the stairs and in the room again.
"Food!" She called out.
He smiled, then began to head back down.
Letting anybody who wished to follow him.

  ~Sage Mays~ / Midna / 6y 267d 22h 21m 28s
The pink haired murderess flopped back onto her bed, well, her and her partner's bed. Her hair strewn out on the mattress as she rested the back of her hand on her forehead, the other arm lazily laid out beside her. Red eyes focused on the ceiling above, searching for some form of entertainment. Lycoris had yet to change, and she was tired. It wasn't a lack of sleep, nor was it using up energy. She was just tired from disappointment. Lycoris was tired of continuously getting her hopes up, only to have them shot down in the end. These people, these low lives that wanted cash, they all claimed to have helped her in finding her father, and not a single one has actually done so. Each and every one of them has turned out to be a failure and a disappointment.

Without much strength or effort in her limbs, she raised the pale arm off her forehead and reached up towards the ceiling, hoping to grab at something more. Of course, there was nothing. Only cool air slipped through her fingers. Not even that was tangible, much less the hope of finding her father, the mentor that she cared for like a close relative. He had helped her through this sad and pitiful life. He deserved what was best, and he deserved something in return for the lives he spared in herself and her partner. One of the only ways she could think of to repay the debt was to save him. To rescue him from that prison and bring him home again, where they could all be free together.

That day didn't seem as though it was ever to come though...these people were incompetent, though Lycoris and Brandon couldn't simply do this themselves. It wasn't that they needed help, but they wanted to be alive for their father. They wanted for him to be able to see them in condition like new. They had to be perfectly polished jewels for him to see. They were his work and how proud he would be...

Nonetheless, that seemed only like a dream with how things currently are.

Getting up, she decided she may was well do as suggested and wash up a bit. Blood stains rested on her face and hands. She managed to dodge her clothes though, thankfully, besides her shoes, which would be polished much easier than clothes washed. A sigh escaped the girl as she noticed this fact.

Heading to the bathroom, she slipped out of what she wore, then turned on the water, allowing it to heat to a steam. In the mirror, she saw her appearance. Like this...Lycoris was just a normal girl...like this, Lycoris was no killer, nor was she much else for that matter. Rather than that, she was just..normal...

Though that was something she could never truely be.

Once in, she allowed the water to cascade down her bare skin. Each drop heated her skin and made the pale color turn red. Not a blood red, but rather like a blush. Unfortunately, like a blush, this calming heat would eventually fade. But for now, it was a nice illusion of bliss. Lycoris loved the delicious feeling of every moment, taking in the sweet sweet heat that emitted from the water. This place was a nice place to think and just enjoy the peace and quiet.

For a long time now, peace and quiet hasn't been a thing. Yes, this town was rather nice, calm, and serene, but for Lycoris, it wasn't so. In fact, this town seemed loud. Loud and obnoxious. So many people just living their days out, meanwhile, places existed like the ones she and Brandon ran together. For people to not care enough to take care of their city and places like this..she found disappointment in the lack of action people would take here. Instead, they almost seemed to encourage the foul behavior of the people. The girl couldn't count on her two hands and even her toes how many times she has seen a federal officer or some official do something unseemly. Something that she would expect out of someone such as herself or Brandon, not a protector of the people. Not a savior of the good and the innocent. Fact being...what all really was innocent around here anyways? Everything may seem nice and pleasant on the outside, but inside, each and everything here was completely rotten. Right to the core of it all. She was, the people in the club were, even law enforcement and the other civilians were...all of them were tainted creatures..all of them were human..the worst thing a person could be..

As she pondered to herself over all of this, Lycoris allowed her bare back to lean against a wall of the shower and slide down to a stop. As she sat, she allowed her legs to stay laid out, letting the water keep them warm whilst the rest of her shivered, wanting the water's attention as well. She really was selfish, inside and out. Not being able to stand the cold, she curled her body with her legs closer to her, allowing all of her to sit beneath the water. Each droplet rolled down her skin, not stopping, trying to hurry off and away, carrying dirt and blood with them. Each of the things that was a cause of her lack of innocence. Well, besides one thing...she was alright with that though. That was only cultivated so that the blood could run thicker and redder...so that she could easily play people's hearts into her hands, leaving them to be ready for her decision on life or death. To have control over someone's soul like that...that was such a thrilling feeling..yet scary as well.

Even so, it was something that changed how she saw her partner and how he saw her. He may not admit it, but things did change between the two. Things that pulled them closer together both physically and mentally. More than likely, her partner would say they were only physically close, but Lycoris knew there was more to it. Or at least, she hoped there was more to it.

Right as this thought struck, so did knocks on the door. It seemed Brandon was done with his previous killings. Perhaps he needed the shower as well? Heh, who was she kidding. He heard the water running, and she knew why he wanted in.

Secretly, Lycoris wished for more. She was selfish in doing so, but she wished for so so much more. To be normal for once, to not just be a killer. To not be wearing a mask, but rather, show her true face. She wanted to live like a normal girl, just for one day...though that would never happen...she even hoped for a time that her partner would say something...that her love would say something that showed endearment, although she knew that wasn't going to happen. That was never going to occur.

Not for all the hopes she could muster, anyways.

Getting up, she stepped out of the still running shower and pulled on a towel, covering her shivering body. She allowed a sort of "appeal" to be shown, sauntering towards the door in a step that showed allure and a way of seduction. Something she was taught to do and something she does for her partner, yet it seems that is never to be understood. As she opened the door to the bathroom, she twirled some of her wet pink locks between two fingers, holding the towel with the other. May as well continue the show, as she always has done, and always will, until that one day she may be normal, though it was to never come.

"Care to join me~?"
  Lycoris Milford / Akiho / 6y 275d 11h 31m 19s
The longer Gabriel strummed his guitar and sung, the harder he pressed his fingers against the taut wires. His songs flowed together as his iPod shuffled from one song to the next and his chords changed automatically. Ever since he was a child, he had been able to recreate chords and notes just from listening to a piece of music. It was one of the reasons why he was called a musical genius at a young age. He was gifted with a rare ability called "perfect pitch". That among his diligence was why everyone focused on him, and why the spotlight shone on him on some of the most prestigious stages in the world. The boy with the crimson eyes became an icon and role model for aspiring pianists and musicians. He played all sorts of instruments with ease as soon as he understood its mechanics, and by now, he had played everything from stringed instruments to brass instruments. When he had practiced guitar in his house and got caught, he was reprimanded for it. His guitar was taken away, but it was too late. Gabriel had already taught himself how to play by then. He bought another guitar and placed it at Ian's house for safekeeping, and it's been safe from his father ever since its purchase. Gabriel has bled over the guitar before, he has put all his hopes into that one instrument because it's something that his father can't control. It's the only way to truly break free from his father's grasp.

"Yeah I want to sing
I want to shout
I want to scream, 'til the words dry out!"

The skin of his left fingers finally tore and crimson liquid, the colour of his eyes, poured onto the guitar. Gabriel was so lost in the music, he didn't even notice. He didn't notice until Ian walked in on him and addressed him. His eyes, which had been closed, snapped open and he turned around as calmly as he could. No one could know he enjoyed singing as well. That was Terion's job, singing was the only thing he was willing to do. The guy inherited a singing voice from his mother, but that was about it. He worked hard when he needed to, but not when he didn't need to. Learning an instrument takes a while for an average person, it takes at least a few months to gain the basics... unless that person happens to be like Gabriel who could learn to master an instrument faster than it took for an average person to even learn the basics. Terion didn't have that kind of patience, not from what Gabriel knew about him. So Gabriel meekly stayed off to the side, letting Terion inhabit the spotlight. It didn't matter if Gabriel wrote a song for them or not, the credit would be going to Terion. Somehow, it seemed unfair, but Gabriel had enough time in the spotlight already, it was time for someone else to take the stage as the main character.

Gabriel nodded at Ian's notification and calmly stood up. His heart racing at a hundred miles a minute. No one could know Gabriel could sing, not Ian, not the girls, and definitely not Terion. Setting down his guitar on his bed, Gabriel noticed the smeared blood over the guitar's neck. Suddenly, the dull throbbing of pain settled into the fingers on his left hand. "Oh crap." He murmured and quickly bandaged up his fingers. The crimson seeped through the pale cotton square of the band-aid, the cut was deep. "No guitar for me for a few days." Gabriel murmured both to himself and to Ian. Walking into the washroom, he plucked a square of toilet paper from its roll and walked back to his guitar to wipe down the polished wood. He was reminded of doing the same for his piano sitting back at home. He had to polish its curves and legs, and wipe off its ivory keys after practice every single day. "Hold on a sec." Gabriel called to Ian and cleaned off his guitar before settling it down carefully in its case. His lips formed the words, "I'm so sorry," to the guitar before closing the lid. Every instrument was a living thing in his hands, it didn't matter if it was stringed, or silver. Every instrument mattered to him, and so he took more care of them than an average person would.

Ian fell out of step with Gabriel, telling him that he could go on ahead. So Gabriel just shrugged and went on ahead to Terion's room. He walked into the room to find the blue-haired one underneath the bed with Terion dangerously close. A slender eyebrow raised above the other and his eyes settled on the girl in an emotionless gaze. People have often said he was heartless because he never showed what he was feeling. They were stupid. That's what the instruments at Gabriel's disposal were supposed to do, they told a story... his story. He crossed his arms and watched as the girl smacked her head and he felt the urge to step forward and help the girl, but then decided that she had given him enough glares to warrant her the title of Queen B. He noticed the way Terion made sure his body was close to the girl's. Just a little more and he'd be right on top of her. Terion always did this kind of thing, woo a girl then toss her away. It was rather bothersome having to deal with broken girls afterwards. "Terion, you're looking for something, not trying to dry hump the girl." He stated the obvious, though the annoyance that seeped through the cracks of his emotionless wall gave the comment a vibe of a parent giving up on telling a child to not do something. It was true, Terion liked to flirt with his girls, and when they get dumped, they get crazy. That's where Gabriel steps in and collects the broken pieces of their heart and gives them a sob story so they can accept the break-up a bit more easily. It's getting troublesome, and as of late, he didn't feel like dealing with Terion's leftovers anymore. "Oh... and if you're looking for your phone, it's right here." Gabriel picked up the phone lying on top of the dresser right next to him. "It's always hiding in plain sight."
  Gabriel / Ryuusuke / 6y 276d 10h 43m 21s
"Well, that would be why I asked..yeah, sure." Jenny shrugged. Her sarcastic remark was usual, though she did question in her mind the boy's stutter and blush. Especially after his previous remark from downstairs to the seller of this home. It just seemed a bit out of character, for a flirt that is.

That did quickly change though.

"Eheh, my name, Aki, is Jenny. Jenny Milford. Sounds like the classic American name, no?" The girl rolled her eyes at her own commentary. "But, nevermind that. What is it your looking for?" When she was told of his MIA phone, she decided she might as well look.

Away she walked from him and to a nearby desk. After checking the top and underneath, she went to the bedside table. The phone wasn't there, nor was it in the drawers. There was a Bible there though.

Ah, I see. So this lady went all out and did what the hotels do by putting those there..well then, I'll guess and say there is one in everyone's drawers...either that or this room is just special. She shook her head and decided to forget about that small detail. There was no reason to pay such close attention to things like that right now when she was looking for a phone.

Jenny moved aside the book, looking beneath in, then in the second drawer below it. It was in neither. As she sat on the ground and checked below the nightstand, another person walked into the room. This time it was the blonde haired more peppy boy from before. A persona for sunshine is what he seemed to be.

A blunt one though.

"Well, there is this heavenly place called a kitchen. Perhaps you'll find some food there, Ian." As her friends walked in, she shut her mouth and went back to quietly searching, this time below the bed. When Ian claimed he was going to get Gabe, she rolled her eyes and muttered to herself, "Oh, just perfect. Yes, bring the jerk to the party of those who shouldn't associate. Just brilliant." After shaking her head, she looked over and saw Terion. The boy was a tad too close, though she hadn't seemed to recall his checking under the bed as well. As she raised up, her head hit the bottom.

"Ah, ow.." Pulling out from under the bed, she rubbed the back of her head and looked to her two friends.

Something felt wrong here..what was it though? Oh, wait, she knew. Her friends were giving her an odd look. Why, you ask?

She was voluntarily close to a boy. Not only that, but in his room, on the floor, and looking under his bed. Not only that, but they just met these boys.

And there she was, standing again, now up and walking to her friends, quickly distancing herself from Terion. She hadn't given up on her search though. As she stood with her friends, her eyes skimmed over the span of the room, trying to see where his phone could've been.
  Aki~ / Akiho / 6y 277d 9h 57m 53s

Still scuffiling through his bags and around the floor, the tune Terion hummed soon began to fade. He squinted, trying to look through the dark that occupied the bottom of his bed for his phone. "Tchh ... Where the hell did I put that thing?! I wish I had a freaking flashlight ..." He muttered through his teeth. He then suddenly felt a poke in his back and jumped, hitting his head. "OW ... Uhh ..." Terion crawled from under the bed to see soft,bright skin and blue hair, cascading around bright blue eyes. That girl .... He blushed, seeing her up close for the first time, then took a moment to process the question she asked. He then gave a slightly nervous laugh.

"Oh .... Uhh .... Actually, I-I Am Looking For Something .... Mind Helping Me?" He said in a rather quiet tone for such an outgoing type of person like him. His blush faded and he gave a smile before turning back around. Her eyes ... They suck me too easily ... This isn't good. Not good at all. Taking a few steps toward his bed, Terion turned back around and gave another smile. "My name's Terion by the way. Terion Aki.♥ And Yours, Beauty?" Oh wasn't he the flirt.

Before the overconfident boy could continue on trying to flatter Jenny, He saw Ian stumble in. He did a little wave to him, looking over his shoulder for Gabe. I Wonder What He Is Up To ... Even though Ian was sort of interrupting his process of wooing Jenny, he blew off his thoughts and looked back to Jenny. "Oh Yea, And This Is Ian. I'm And Singer, He's A Drummer .... The Other Guy Is Gabe. He's Can Play Pretty Much Anything ...."

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Ian sat at the counter, fiddling with his thumbs.
Footsteps and distant singing could be heard throughout the house. Everyone was exploring and hanging out.
But he didn't feel like he wanted too. Terion was off flirting who knew, Gabe was probably off skulking somewhere. And who knew what the girls were doing. He felt it was appropriate to relax. The problem was, he was bored.
He changed positions on the stool for the millionth time, looking at the clock.
Should I go find out when we're going to eat?
Maybe I should go swimming.
No... It's kinda windy...
He sighed and shoved a hand through his hair.
He jumped off the stool and trudged up the stairs. Poking his head into the first door he came too, he saw Terion and the blue-haired chick. Called it!
He stepped in the room, and looked to the girl. "Yeah, I'm Ian. That's Terion. The other guy is Gabe." His stomach rumbled. "Oh, and do you know where we can get something to eat?"
Footsteps walked down the hall, probably attracted by the talking and singing, and the brunette and blonde girls walked in.
Now all we need is Gabe...
He left the room, saying as he left, "Gonna get Gabe. Be right back."
And he walked further along the hall. Gabe was on the balcony, his earbuds stuck in and his guitar on his lap. Of course
He stuck his head through the door. "Hey. Come meet everybody. I think we've all gathered into Terion's room..." Unintentionally, when he spoke, Gabe jumped.

Walking down the hall, Ian suddenly remembered something. He told Gabe to go ahead, and ran back into his own room.
It's gotta be here....
He threw his suitcase onto his bed, unzipping and checking every pocket. He had already checked his backpack on the flight. Where is it?!
Throwing everything out, he started going through it all carefully. After about 5 minutes of searching and researching, Ian gave up with an exasperated sigh.
He closed his eyes and covered his face with his hand.
He composed himself, biting his lip to keep himself from tearing up.
And re-entered Terion's room. Besides, he was here to start a new life. Forget his past. There were new people to meet. He had to remember to forget about her.
  ~Ian Burns~ / Midna / 6y 354d 19h 15m 1s
Sage looked at the big house sprawled out in front of her. It was beautiful, truly. Her house had been nice too, back home. But it wasn't nothing compared to this house made specifically for people wanting to live on the coast. It was a town made for tourists. She had lived in a suburban town, every house had looked the same.
Realizing that everyone had already started filing in through the front door, she followed quickly. After the tour was done, she watched everyone start to disperse and get their things.
She looked around brightly, once more, and went out to the garage herself to grab her belongings.
Pulling out a large backpack, and a suitcase, she dragged it inside. She caught sight of the dark-haired boy walking up the stairs. She frowned, unsure of what to think of him. He seemed like he could be a nice kid, underneath whatever he was hiding himself with.
Walking back outside to get the rest of her stuff, she saw the blonde one pulling a jeep up. She smiled cheerfully and walked out to the driveway. Her violin case and small flute case lay together, waiting expectantly. Picking both up carefully, and putting her violin case around her shoulders, she went back inside.
The first thing she could hear was a soft voice, singing some song. Hmm.
Walking up the stairs, Sage chose a random room that hadn't been chosen yet. It seemed most of them had been already. She wasn't that anxious to get settled. Nerves started to bubble up in her tummy, when reality had dawned on her.
She was truly scared, but she wouldn't admit that. Far away from home, for a long time, and only with friends and random boys she didn't know at all. And the only thing to support them at the moment was their own voices and instruments. Their own personalities. That was scary. It seemed like it wasn't bothering the others, however. So she definitely couldn't let them think it was bothering her.
She collapsed on her bed, and stared at the ceiling, willing her butterflies to calm themselves.
  ~Sage Mays~ / Midna / 7y 5d 16h 54m 1s
"No questions here." Jenny was quite content with the look of the home. It was spacious enough and wouldn't take too much work to make it livable for all six of them. As far as she was concerned, they'd found their place. Now, time to choose a room.

Well, after listening to everyones comments first.

Most everyone had kept quiet. Jenny felt bad for the woman that tried so hard to make them feel at home, albeit annoying, not getting the same positive feedback. Instead, she saw her friends keeping silent and to themselves, then the guys leaving to their rooms. Well, two of them did something at least. One boy got kind of distracted and went to a piano. This did catch her attention for a moment, due to her interest in how someone couldn't have noticed that classy instrument right there, and how it seemed to mesmerize the person. Then there was the other boy, the one with the white hair. He seemed to be the more intriguing due to his difference from the others. She could tell that her friends thought so as well, which brought a light smirk to her face. And then red eyes just had to go and blurt out something perverted. It did cause the teen to chuckle a bit at the comment and at the ladies' reaction, though it was still inappropriate.

"Couldn't at least be subtle about your perversions, eh?" Jenny smirked at him, then smiled to the owner of the home they would be staying in.

"I do hope you're quite alright with our staying here. Now, if you don't mind, I'm going to go and unpack some of my things." Her voice had lightened from her earlier comment as if to sound nicer and sweeter. Sometimes, depending on who she was talking to and why, her voice would do that. Maybe that kind of thing just happened with the business she was in.

After turning away from the scene, Jenny let herself upstairs.

Being on high ground was always nice. Now, when it came to this, Jenny had that cat's mentality. Climbing up may be fun, but going back down was a much longer and a much more cautious trip. Besides the fact of height, the girl did quite enjoy the view out her window. Even though the area around them may be kinda run down, all of the area above it was room for more...imaginative and more interesting things. Of course, the run down town wasn't half bad either for imagination. Thousands of stories and people were there, just waiting to be seen in the minds of others.

The room that Jenny chose was one that connected to one of the balconies. Going outside was always nice, albeit shared with whomever she had next door to her. Though before she would check that, Jenny decided it best to try to put away at least a few of her things.

Within around ten minutes, she had set up her equipment for her voice acting demo reels and had put away most of her clothes. Unlike some, she didn't bring too many. In her head, she knew that she would just end up buying some here anyways, so there was no point in the extra baggage. Quietly, she gave the room a quickly once over, then again. It seemed that she may want a bit of furniture other than what was there, or some type of change in it, but not enough to bother with right now or within her first week in fact.

Whilst thinking of anything that needed to be done in here, she heard something. Noise, no, more specifically, singing. The tone and pitch together sounded to be a male, so she guessed that it was one of the guys.

With that speech pattern and certain drag on words...hm...Maybe the white haired one? Definitely not the blonde...Though it could be the dark haired one. Picturing him singing to himself is kind of...strange though. She shook her blue head.

Now being a curious Sherlock, Jenny left her room and began looking for the voice. It didn't take long to find the person as they seemed to be looking for something. She didn't really want to interrupt, though after coming up behind him and poking his back, she asked in a rather laconic voice, "Hey, uh, are you looking for something?" She crossed her arms, still curious.
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