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Luka smiled a charming smile when the boy accepted his request. Now all he had to do was show the boy what would happen to him if he interfered. Luka could sense that the boy had great power but was unaware of it.

This will be two easy. I wish he was knew what he was capable of so I might have a challenge. He thought as he watched the boy rub his head sheepishly when the teacher scolded him. Noticing the boy attention being diverted to the clock Luka laughed a little.

"Do you find my lecture to be funny Mr. Konawa?" the teacher asked.

"No I do not. I find that people seem to do funny things when they believe no one is looking." He replied with a serious look.

"Well I see your point. You would never believe what I have seen students do when they think I am not paying attention. Why this one time this student ...."

Luka tuned the teacher out as he let a little of his energy out wondering how much the boy could sense. Making sure it felt like a passing demon he watched the boy in front of him a small smile gracing his lips.
  Luka Konawa / LunaBloodRose / 7y 85d 15h 57m 25s
Maru wasn't a caster, but his parents were, which was probably why he could see ghosts, so when the mysterious transferred student entered the classroom, he was almost out of his seat to get a good look at him.

Unfortunately he was sorely disappointed, because to him the new kid seemed as normal as everyone else! He gave a long drawled out sigh, slouching back in his seat, completely bummed out. Maru didn't even notice when Luka sat behind him until he poked him, which made the black haired boy jump slightly before turning.

"Eh? Show you around? Well, okay though I don't think this place is that big.... though all the halls look the same so I guess it can be confusing..." Maru was rambling now, his natural talkative nature getting the better hand of him.

"Mister Rehl."

Maru snapped to attention when the teacher spoke his name, staring him down. For a moment he was sheepish, rubbing the back of his neck. "Eh, sorry about that." He ducked his head a little in embarrassment as the teacher continued the subject, though eventually his light blue eyes shifted to the clock, counting down until class was over.
  .:Maru Rehl:. / OreganoLeaves / 7y 85d 16h 37m 19s
Luka woke that morning with a slightly evil grin upon his face as he rose from bed. Looking at the clock he stood and prepared for his first day at his new school. Luka was a demon. Not just any demon but one of the most feared and most powerful demons that had been allowed to roam the earth. Turning to his bathroom he went in and took a shower.

After he finished dressing and eating breakfast he went to his car and drove to his school. His goal was to get as many fleshy humans to like him that way her could slowly devour their souls. As long as there were no casters there he would be safe, Not that casters had ever been able to seal him. They were a pain in his ass however.

Reaching the school he hid his presence and walked to his first class.

"Good morning students. Today we have a new student joining our class." The teacher said turning to the door.

"You may come in now Mister Konawa."

Luka entered the room with a bright smile on his face.

"Hello it is a pleasure to meet all of you, My name is Luka Konawa. I hope to have a wonderful year with all of you." He said as he examined his classmates. Noting on inparticular he took the empty seat just behind what he sensed was one who could see his true nature if he let his guard down. Smiling a charming smile he poked the boy and asked in a friendly tone.

"Could you show me around the school? I have no clue this school was so big." As his sweet voice reached the ears of some girls near by you could hear them sigh and offer to show him around. But Luka ignored the girls for the time being and stared straight at the boy who could make his mission hard to achieve.
  Luka Konawa / LunaBloodRose / 7y 94d 7h 55m 1s
Maru was the kind to get into trouble; all sorts of trouble really. And not really the most "normal" type of trouble either. Then again, that came at no surprise to him, given that his family dealt with the supernatural on a common basis. Still, given that he so commonly got in trouble, he still couldn't get over one fact - the fact that his parents sent him to a normal school!

It was almost infuriating how they had said it was 'to protect him', and 'for his own good'. Though there was not much the black haired teen could do about it. So he was really just stuck attending normal classes with no demons or ghosts or anything else, which sucked.

Slowly Maru sighed, ruffling his hair. Already half a semester in of his third year and still nothing had happened in the least! He would have thought that maybe something would have been attracted to this many teenagers crammed into one building.
Even his routes to school were peaceful.


This thought rolled through his mind as he sat at his desk, slowly chewing on the end of his pen. He wanted excitement and witches, not algebra and angles. Still it couldn't be helped, but sometimes he wished that maybe the school was haunted or something. Tough luck there though.

[ OOC: Sorry that took so long. Anywho, I figure your character could either be a transfer student who like attracts supernatural beings or our characters could be childhood friends and like accidentally break a seal that lets all these things into the school or something like that. Also, for the record Maru can see ghosties.]
  .:Maru Rehl:. / OreganoLeaves / 7y 94d 19h 33m 16s

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