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There were witches in this land. Of the most potent magic. They held the world's evolution in their hands - or so they would have liked to think. If one could ignore the dragons and sorcerors, maybe. But these women kept themselves away in swamps. Coming out occasionally only to mate with some unsuspecting male, to continue the line of existence.

So catch one, to fulfill your dreams.
Catch one, to heal a hurt,
bring back a memory,
revive an opportunity lost in time.

But you know these witches would never willingly be bound. You know these witches were never yours to control. The secret to catching a witch? Well, you're about to find out.


1. Basically, that's the plotline. I'm looking to do something really simple here. Your character will be someone who's interested, or should we say, desperate enough- to go on a witch-hunting trip, for whatever reason.

2. I will play the witch.

3. This will be a 1v1, as it's not really elaborate enough to hold a group's interest. At least, I think so.

4. I am looking, preferably, for a male. Please send me a PM if you are interested - provide a name, age, and reasons for going after the witches. :3 And please do not apply for access to the thread before you have been officially accepted for the role. Any questions, shoot. As you have probably noticed, this is a pretty simple set up. We can build on it- in PMs before we start, or in the roleplay itself as we go along. Do note that this is set in a time before cars, electricity, or any modern means of communication- so no phones, no laptops, no auto-mobiles. The analog age, if you will.

5. For post lengths, I expect about 400 words per post, and good grammar + punctuation. I look forward to seeing your applications. Don't feel shy- do please apply.

6. Posting times: Please aim to post within 7 days of the previous person's post. I have a busy schedule as well, but will manage to fit a post in once a week at least. Would rather keep things fresh than wait 2 months for a response- interest can fade fast in the RP world.


Name: Niera
Age: 97
Bio: Like all witches, Niera was conceived by her mother for one purpose- she was to be a witch and a carrier of her bloodline. Niera was born and raised in the swamp, and has had little experience with the outside world. The swamp witches have little need to venture outside their terrible and protected home, for the swamp provided all they needed- food, magic ingredients, and a poisonous environment to deter most threats. Niera lives in the swamp in a community of about twenty witches, all of them from the Lidren clan. Once every fifty years or so, the witches would mask themselves in human form and head towards a large town or city, seeking to mate an unsuspecting male. Niera has one child, Valir, trained and grown.

Name: Aleric Hazelwood
Age: 24
Bio: Aleric is from a family of Witch Hunters, but doesn't know it. One day he goes out into the forest and finds a witch, but decides to ask to bring a family member back instead of kill it. He asks to bring his sister back. Who was the only one who kept him from killing these things.
Because he is from a family of Witch Hunters, he as the ability to sense magic.


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[b [#3D59AB “It is time once more, my children. The leaves have turned gold and auburn, and some of us must venture out into the human world for a matter most vital to our survival.”]] The old witch cast her one good eye over the gathering of women, the silver lines in her red hair gleaming. The knowing smile she gave them creased the scar on her right cheek, lending a wickedness to her tone. [b [#3D59AB “‘This year, it’ll be Calliope and Niera’s turn to visit that dear little neighbouring town, Peddlemas. And we’ll hopefully be looking at two new babes to add to our coven by spring. They’ll head out tomorrow evening, so gather around then for blessings.”]] The gathering of women giggled, some sighing enviously - clearly remembering some good times mingling with the humans. “Bring us back some good food,” a black-haired witch shouted to the chosen pair. “And some good-looking enchanted men if you have any left to spare," said another.

With her little speech done, Mother Yari waved her hand towards the base of the dining tree, where steaming bowls of stew awaited. Niera curved a smile at her blood mother as they walked towards dinner. The young witch’s hands settled on her abdomen. [b “I suppose it has been fifty years since Valir came into this world,”] she reminisced, [b “My firstborn warlock boy.”]

[b [#3D59AB “Yes, I remember little Valir when he came out bawling with chestnut brown hair.”]] Mother Yari sighed. [b [#3D59AB “Such a pity it was not a daughter. Imagine if we had [i three] red-haired witches in our coven. Our magic would know no bounds, we could carry out feats spoken in legends - spinning gold, calling mythical beasts from the sea, binding the future to our will.”]] The old witch rubbed her scarred cheek thoughtfully. [b [#3D59AB “Tell me, how is Valir these days? Still exploring the human world?”]] Despite her oft-voiced disappointment that Valir had not turned out to be another witch, Mother Yari held a soft-spot for her grandson.

This time it was Niera’s turn to sigh, her gold-flecked eyes glinting with a hint of weariness. She tucked a stray lock of red hair behind a pointed ear, thinking back to her son's last full-moon scrying conversation with her. [b “Yes, he’s just done sailing the seas with pirates and sea monsters. Now he’s off to search for some ‘majestic dragon’ up on the Old Mountains on the East Continent. Magic weakens as our distance grows, so he’s not been very good at keeping me up to date with his adventures.”] Her wild boy, now a fully-grown warlock, was hard to get ahold of. Barely a teen at the age of 50, Valir made full use of his natural ability to blend in with humans. His chestnut brown hair, human-coloured skin, rounded ears and charming smile made it easy to pass as one of them. Only his gold-flecked eyes - similar to his mother’s - hinted at something other than human.


Dawn rose, a witness to the village waving the two witches off. Calliope and Niera had dug out two sets of humanwear from their storage hut, and were now clad in similar brown dresses, large black cloaks and sturdy boots.

As they made their way out of the swamp and onto the main path that led to Peddlemas, Calliope commented on Niera's fiery hair. [b [#008080 "That will draw some attention to us,"]] she said, waving one pale arm at Niera's long hair. Calliope had no such trouble, her own hair being the colour of a raven's wings, and eyes a startling green not so dissimilar to humans. Niera shrugged, [b "It's more hassle to dye or enchant it a dull colour. I'll keep it under my cloak. Or better yet, have the humans believe that it was a dye job gone wrong."] She pulled the cloak over her head, and they continued on their journey. They would reach the town by nightfall.
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