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2 boys. an "abandoned" coastal town. they go there to play make-believe. they and their parents live in an house nearby, completely isolated from the rest of the world.
they find and befriend an orphaned little girl. they play together.

one day they come across an old man, and they discover that beyond this small world they have made for themselves there exists magic and beats of legend in abundance. the old man was once a powerful mage and decides to teach the 3 magic.

the young girl has an incredibly dark side to her. she secretly desires power, and wishes to take everything that the boys have that she doesn't away.
the old man sees this darkness and attempts to try and "save" the girl. to turn her away from her dark path. the young girl is clever and takes advantage of this kindness. eventually she betrays them all.
the old man, the boys' parents, everything they cared about was destroyed. they had to flee.

years, and years pass and though the boys train and experience much as they travel across the world, every time they try to exact revenge on the girl they fail and narrowly escape death.

many years later the two boys, by some stroke of fate, end up back in the coastal town. it is no longer abandoned, but it still looks it.
the younger brother comes across a dog, one that he has seen multiple times in the past. the little dog is named Shu, and for whatever reason this small dog would also lead him to where the girl was.

Shu was waiting patiently for him. As if he knew that they would return here. The older brother told the younger not to go, that he has tried himself multiple times to defeat her but has always failed, but the younger would not listen.
he followed Shu, he found where the girl was living now. a small, quaint little house. the girl looked like she had moved on with her life as she looked normal with no powers at all. but the younger brother knew better.

he threatened her again and again and refused to listen to her lies until she finally revealed her true form. a battle ensued, and to the girl's surprise the younger brother had grown immensely powerful unknown to all. every spell she cast was simply redirected back at her and eventually, and finally, the younger brother was able to extract his revenge. he charred her body until she couldn't even recognize herself, and then he stripped her powers away so that she couldn't cast another spell ever again.
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Time sure does just love to speed on by, huh?

I really wish that I could magically dispel these social anxieties I have. Especially those towards the opposite sex. If I wasn't so weird, and quiet, and unsocial I probably wouldn't be so lonely and depressed all the time.

... I really should see a psychiatrist... Or something. I might need something to quell this constant depression of mine before it gets outta hand. Though I'm afraid that whatever they give me may either, a) make it worse, or b) be too addictive.
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so there is this room. a pretty unrealistic room, i think? maybe it's doable, i'unno. anyways!
so there is this room- a bedroom. where there is only a nightstand, a bed, and a lazyboy chair in a row, the floor is made out of either marble or polished stone, and then... and then a few steps from the bed the room is separated by this... this cloth(?) screen or drape or something? with holes that are tiny enough to keep bugs out but still let you see outside perfectly. also it's removable, or moveable? anyway so what is on the other side of this screen is a sloping grassy... field? yeah, a field or maybe a grassy knoll? not sure. it's flanked by brick walls and bushes, with maybe a few pine trees at the very end. and just beyond this enclosed little field is a very picturesque-looking lake or large pond with arching stone bridges. and you could only see all this from the bed or the chair it is seemed just so tranquil and beautiful in a mysterious way.
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well now what am I supposed to do? not even Kroger will fuckin' hire my ass.
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i wish something magical like that could happen in my life. but reality is dull and boring and fantastical things don't actually exist.
maybe that's why i've been reading these shitty web novels so much. hell, i've been playing less videos and less video games over the years in favor of these shitty web novels. they're so damn stupid, and the stories are never original, but... i can't help but envy the protagonist every time. i wish that could be me going on those stupid magical and completely generic adventures.

they are the desires of a child, and i'm not a kid anymore. unfortunately i don't think i'll ever grow up no matter what I tell myself, or what others tell me. being this childish is just who I am, i think...

by the time virtual reality actually becomes something big and fantastic that allows me to actually transfer my mind into a fantasy world i'll be either dead or too old.

I also suspect that my mind is already starting to corrode to some extent. It sorta feels like my regressing mentally.
maybe things wouldn't have turn out this bad if i didn't make all those stupid mistakes in the past? if i wasn't so afraid of everything?
i've been thinking far too much about suicide lately. well, more like i've just been thinking about dying. of course i don't think i'll ever actually do it, but it's just not good to be thinking about it at all, y'know?
makes me wonder how much longer my mind will be able to endure.

i have some pretty nice dreams sometimes. i often wish i could just stay in those dreams forever. at least in there i'm someone better. i'm someone who is loved. but that's impossible. everything is impossible.

haah. how pointless. i hope nobody reads all this embarrassing shit. though i'm sure there is at least one person who glances over it out of curiosity.
maybe i should consider making a blog... i like this odd corner of the internet, though.
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I just wasted money on a game I didn't want on the nintendo switch e-shop because I thought it was a completely different game. digital purchases are non-refundable.

i want to die.
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yes let's have me carry the god damn cat to and from the vet without a carriage. what a smart fucking idea i don't see how this could possibly go wrong.

  HEAD ES PESSIMIST / X / 340d 51m 9s
I feel very uncomfortable in this room. It is too big. There is too much space. I feel exposed, uneasy.

... I cannot sleep.
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well i finally got desperate enough to try and make an account on some dating site.
keyword "try" as i ended up staring at the page that required me to upload a photo and describe myself for a good ten minutes or so before i gave up and closed the tab.
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i had a rather traumatizing dream. one that i'd rather forget its contents, but not forget the fact that i've had it.
  HEAD ES PESSIMIST / X / 1y 74d 15h 16m 2s
i can't go on like this.

i cannot go on like this.
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Kinda generic fantasy world. Story starts out simple; band of heroes traveling across the world and trying to stop enemy faction of "demons".
There is a place in the very center of the world that you return to often. it's an ancient "elevator shaft" in the middle of a forest that leads to a cave called simply "the cave of origins".
Half-way into the story things take a sudden turn. The majority of the world is covered in this purple miasma practically overnight and every living being within this miasma pretty much just dies. the band of heroes return to the cave of origins after this only to find out that it has... mutated grotesquely. what was once an ordinary-looking cave is now covered in this pulsating fleshy mass and living sludge. the deeper they go the more alien the landscapes they discover. they find lost souls, and mad men who have wandered through this cave long before the band of heroes ever discovered it and uh..

all the lost souls have gathered in this cave of origins and its were the rest of the story will take place and stuff.

my dreams are weird.
  HEAD ES PESSIMIST / X / 1y 226d 21h 36m 17s
I'm so close- so very close to finally getting myself a dog, and there is just one head ache after another. Meanwhile my father keeps switching from being really supportive to this and to trying his damnedest to sabotage everything.

I have a puppy on hold for adoption and I have until tomorrow morning to pick him up. The dog itself is going to cost me 300 dollars, and the landlord wants us to pay an additional 500 + 150 increase in rent for us to keep the puppy here.
I'm paying all of that. I'm not exactly using that money for anything else anyways...
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I had a dream where I was going on a road trip with Gimli, Legolas, and Aragorn. The dwarf was driving, Aragorn with in the passenger seat, and Legolas was in the back seat. We were in a minivan. We were driving to Krogers. Why was the dwarf driving?
  HEAD ES PESSIMIST / X / 1y 346d 6h 54m 50s
My hairline is starting to recede on my right-hand side.
This depresses me immensely.
  HEAD ES PESSIMIST / X / 1y 355d 11h 4m 3s

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