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There was something strange about him - the student that rarely showed up that is. Either it was the way he glared at everyone, or showed no emotion at all that maybe made people curious.

But most stayed away.

Well except for ___ that is.

Unfortunately getting involved was probably the worst thing he could do, his life being thrown into chaos just because he that it would be okay to peek into someone else's life for just one moment.


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Smiling lightly at the other boy when he saw his eyes open and heard the words, Alex shrugged saying "It's not a problem. Besides, I know I don't have to help everyone, I just tend to want to though. I don't like not being able to help, it's in my nature I guess". His parents had raised him well enough for Alex to know that if he had the means to help someone in need, then he shouldn't think twice about it. Though this boy had a reputation for chilling everyone to their core with just a look, Alex just couldn't look at the other boy as being someone bad. If their conversation was anything to go by, this boy was not as scary as everyone made him out to be. Then again, Alex had hardly ever been on the receiving end of those glares so he couldn't really say much about how other people felt. However, at the end of the day, it truly didn't matter to him much. Alex usually went for the here and now, and right now this boy was the farthest from a bad person that he could know. And given the money behind his name, Alex had had plenty of run ins with bad people. This boy was definitely not one of them.

Watching as the other boy seemed to close the doors around him the moment Alex asked the question, the raven head couldn't help the frown that touched his features. The way the boy seemed to shut himself out completely and avoided looking at him, it was sending warning bells through his head. The problem was that Alex knew that it wasn't his place to keep questioning the other teen or pressuring him. That would lead to nothing good.

"You know, that's true to a point. But sometimes, being blind to a situation will only lead to guilt in the end. Knowing that you could have done something for someone, no matter how small it could have been, would be better than knowing you did nothing and let the other person suffer while you acted like you didn't notice anything at all" Alex argued gently as he took back his coat with a gentle sigh. Not many people saw things the way Alex did, but that didn't bother the boy. As long as people didn't try to change the way he was, then he was alright with different views. For the time being, though, he really wished he could somehow be more help to whatever the other boy was going through. His body language itself made it clear that it wasn't something good.

The moment the boy took a step and wobbled, Alex's concern shot up through the roof. Throwing caution to the wind, he hurried forward to stand just a foot perhaps away from the boy as he reached up and gently rested the palm of his hand against the boy's forehead. The frown that had been lightly touching his features instantly deepened and the worry in his eyes grew. "I think it would be best if you didn't try to move around to much. You're feeling quite warm, and I'm pretty sure we both know what that is about" he said quickly. Ignoring the fact that the other boy had just given him his coat back, Alex once again draped it over the boy's shoulders in an effort to keep him warm. "I don't live to far from here, why don't you come over. Maybe you might be able to rest and I can prepare something to make you feel better. Honestly, in your condition, you're probably only going to get worse if you stay out here much longer" he added after a moment.

Though, yes, it unnerved him to invite someone to his house and let them see the secret he kept locked away along with what his name held, he knew that they had precious little choices. If he could just manage to get this boy to promise not to say anything, then he should be fine.
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That small thought crossed Elijah's as he felt something warm get gently laid across his shoulders, causing his green eyes to slip open just a little. For a moment he was confused before he realized what the other had done. He wondered why, but he knew better than to throw away someone's kindness. "You really don't have to be like that y'know; it's really alright if you don't help someone you barely know. Still though, I appreciate it. Thanks."

He'd definitely remember Alex, and silently he promised himself that he'd find a way to thank him better down the road, even if it was years from now.
For a moment, Elijah had a small smile on his face, but it fell at the second question, his head turning to look at the other boy quickly. For only a split second he perhaps looked like someone who just saw their dog being kicked, but that expression was quickly replaced by a scowl and a quick turn of his head.

His hands clenched on his knees, his mind wandering to back home. He could handle it as long as his little sister didn't get involved, because as long as she was ignorant to the situation they were in, he wouldn't have failed. Still today was a close call.
Shoulders slumping a little, Elijah finally managed to regain enough composure to answer, albeit he still couldn't let himself look at the other.

"I really appreciate your concern," He stood, pulling the coat from his shoulders and holding it out to the other boy. "But asking questions like that will just get you involved with someone else's life, and sometimes it's better to be blind to a situation." He didn't want someone else getting involved, especially someone so kind. To Elijah it'd be as bad as letting his little sister get involved, and he really couldn't stand the thought.

Letting out a sigh, the brunette's expression finally blanked like it was usually and he glanced down at Alex. "I'll see you ar--" He had taken a step as he spoke and the world seemed to reel around him, and he grabbed onto the stair railing to keep himself from wobbling too badly.

Shit, this was bad. Why did he have a fever, now of all times? Was one of his older cuts infected or something? "Dammit..."
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Feeling a frown touch his features when the other man opened his eyes but did not hold the usual angry look he always seemed to wear, Alex tilted his head to one side curiously. The look that the other boy was giving him right now was completely new and Alex wasn't sure if he should feel relaxed about it or worried. He had never truly talked to this boy and like most others, he had kept his distance. Not because he was necessarily scared, but because he didn't want to invade the space this other boy had created around himself. That didn't mean, though, that Alex didn't find himself occasionally wondering about this other student. Call it Alex's "motherly" side, but he felt bad for the boy at times and wondered what exactly was the cause for the glares he shot everyone. Though he never approached the man,a part of Alex had always wanted to find if he could maybe get closer to the boy in some way. However, until now, he had never truly done anything to see if he could.

Alex's frown only deepened at the other boy's words and with a sigh, he did something that left his friends gaping from a distance. Shrugging out of his own coat, he carefully leaned closer to the boy and gently draped it over his shoulders. Sure, it was probably a bit small and he didn't know how the other man would react, but Alex didn't care. He couldn't just ignore his concerns for the other boy, not now, not even if he really didn't know anything about him. Moving away from the boy's space again, not wanting to upset him any more than he probably already had, Alex shot the boy a small warm smile. "You might not care, but I do. The last thing I want is one of my schoolmates catching a cold while I did nothing to help them" Alex said gently. No matter how the boy would react to his gesture, at least Alex would know that he tried to help.

Blinking surprised at the boy's sudden question, Alex replied "Alexander. My name is Alexander Yasahiro. Everyone calls me Alex though, so you might as well do the same...besides, Alexander sounds far to serious", his voice ending in a soft laugh. Studying the boy sitting down a bit more with those deep emerald colored eyes, Alex took in a quiet deep breath and readied himself to ask his second question. "Neh, I know it's not my place and I'll probably only upset you....But are you alright?" he asked quietly.

{{It's alright, don't worry about it.}}
  Alexander Yasahiro / sands_of_time / 7y 89d 3h 4m 45s
Perhaps he wasn't used to people speaking to him with concern, nor the softness to the voice that spoke to him. Maybe that was why he couldn't muster up a glare when his green eyes fluttered open to look up, a certain daze to them.
To say the least, Elijah didn't look like his normal self; if anything he sort of looked like a lost puppy.


For a moment he couldn't say anymore; he could only just groggily stare up at the soft spoken boy before it clicked in his head. "Oh, you're talking to me." He closed his eyes again, head going back to where it was against the banister. "Don't really care 'bout that." He was too caught up with everything else to be concerned for himself. But maybe that's why he felt a little feverish and maybe that was also why his bruises were aching more than usual.

"Oi, what's your name?" Elijah wasn't sure where that question came from, but it felt like the right thing to ask, given the moment. That way he'd be able to pin a name to him, rather than just thinking of him as 'the quiet boy' he had seen in and around school a few times.

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Alex knew that many things weren't as simple as they looked. He knew that life would never be as simple as he would have liked. And he also knew that in comparison to others, his life wasn't half as bad. He was the son of a well known Japanese CEO and a pianist, something he kept hidden from the outside world to anyone but his close friends. Growing up, he had had everything he could have possibly ever wanted. A large house, loving parents, adorable younger siblings and a peaceful enviroment. The only thing he had to worry about was keeping the money behind his name a secret. Aside from that Alex lived a comfortable existence.

Being kind, soft spoken and almost in a way nurturing and motherly by nature towards the people he cared for, he had found himself people he valued almost as much as his family. Best friends he had met from childhood yet they still remained inseparable as the years passed. It was often at their hand that Alex found himself going on chaotic adventures that often ended with his parents and teachers giving them looks of exasperation. It wasn't that they are bad people, it was just that their curiosity often got the best of them when they were bored.

Which was kinda how Alex had landed where he was now.

The raven haired boy had had no intention of leaving the warmth of his house in favor of walking around during a cold weekend day. His friend on the other hand, had other plans. Mischief was something they liked to entertain themselves with when they were bored and for today, Alex was simply along for the ride. How he had found himself across the street from the one kid in school that could frighten just about anyone with his glacier glares, Alex was still trying to figure out.

Grumbling at his friends and shooting them annoyed looks at their playful urging that he should try to at least talk to the boy, Alex conceded just to get them off his case. Hesitantly, he crossed the street and approached the other teen. More than once he considered turning around and walking away to avoid a sharp glare but he steadied himself until he was standing at the foot of the steps the other boy had settled in. Gathering his courage again, he inhaled deeply before releasing in a soft yet smooth tone of voice "You know, it won't do your health any good if you sleep out here".
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Elijah would be the first to say that his life was not easy nor simple, really it was like a mini hell. And really, as much as he didn't like that hell getting in the way of what needed to do, it often happened.

Like today.

The brunette was staring up at his ceiling, body sprawled on the floor. He could feel that strange mild throbbing feeling of a fresh punch burn across his gut and cheek, and he let out a slow sigh, hoping that at least the injury on his face wouldn't bruise. Slowly he got up, avoiding the broken glass on his floor and making his way out to the door quietly and into the hall. He didn't really care too much about how he looked that day, hell most days he looked like crap anyways so what did it even matter?

Only stopping to grab his bag, Elijah immediately appreciated the cold air as he stepped outside, locking the door behind him.
It was a weekend, which was a relief because he would have probably just ended up skipping school to avoid being seen like this, but really he hadn't wanted to stay at home at all.

Perhaps it would have been a better idea though, rather than just randomly wandering around and getting a cold. Still.... he really didn't want to walk. He wanted to sit collect himself. So once he found a set of stairs that let up to an apartment building that were also out of the way he sat, ignoring the cold concrete and practically glaring at anyone who even came remotely close to him. But he really did feel tired, so maybe a little nap would be okay.

As he was thinking this, Elijah didn't even realize that his green eyes had slipped closed, and his head was rested on the railing, his once angered looking expression settling to something more peaceful.
  Elijah Castonia / OreganoLeaves / 7y 96d 14h 25m 32s

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