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They had both lived in separate worlds from the start. Sure they may share same classes and occasionally pass each other in the halls but it was like there was a veil keeping them from seeing each other.

It was probably for the best too.

But by chance and only for a brief moment they cross paths, and from their on, their worlds collide, one turning to the toll of twisted puppeteer and the other left with either playing the marionette or fighting against those invisible strings.


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Mason took another bite of his food, it tasted odd, that was the only way he could discribe it. The food wasn't at all good, so he finished that bite and was done with the sick cafeteria food. He heard the person in front of him thank him. He nodded looking at him," Its no problem, i do it all the time." The person had mature features, and golden eyes, dispite the emotions were showing on his face, he otherwise looked very mature and handsome.
Mason turned in his chair to look at the time, and saw there was still quite a bit of time till class started. Lunch periods always seemed to go so slow, at a snail's pace. He heard the guy speak again, and Mason turned to face him again. He listened to the question, and nodded yes, " Yes it usually is this busy and noisy in here, but people do bug other people unless they are friends or somewhere along the lines of that. Also I didn't quite catch your name, my name is Mason." He smiled at him before looking at his lunch and pushing the gross stuff aside. He heard his name being called over his shoulder, he looked lover his shoulder to see one of the football players walking over to him, he knew who he was right away. " Hello Travis," Mason said with a smile as the guy came over to him. " Today afterschool we will need your key to unlock the doors to the storage shed so we can get some equipment, Coach won't be there with the key." He nodded, " Yea i can help you out, after school right?" Travis gave a nod before thanking him and walking away. He turned back to the person sitting across from him, " Sorry about that."
  Mason / Reflections / 7y 94d 19h 18m 53s
Just like that the game was in motion and Landon, despite his current fa├žade, wanted to grin. But he kept his expression steady, going from helpless to thankful as he took a seat, tray sliding on the table. "Thank you so much." He smiled, golden eyes darting to look down at his food almost shyly.

For a moment he toyed with his foot before taking a bite and eating it, which was a little repulsive. So repulsive that he definitely would brush his teeth when he finally got home.
For a few more moments he let them sit in silence before speaking up again. his voice a little hushed. "Is it always this busy and loud in here...? I always bring my own lunch so I don't have to eat in here 'cause it's kind of intimidating..." He eyed around nervously again before letting his gaze actually set on the boy to examine what his prey was.

For a moment Landon almost hesitated, golden eyes blinking a few times. He was actually.... kind of cute. For a guy at least. Which would mean.... that he would be even more cute when he was upset. Inwardly he almost cheered, so proud of himself for picking out someone that would be fun.

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  Landon Elliot / OreganoLeaves / 7y 94d 20h 12m 26s
Mason felt like he wasn't the most important person in the school. Mason wasn't a total social outcast, but he wasn't popular either. He had a few close friends, and talked to a few people once in a while, but not much else besides that. He was one of the people who got the best grades in their grade, nothing he bragged about nor intended to brag about. There was one thing though that set him a bit away from other people, he had the one of the univeral keys to the school. He was the one people often asked to unlock sports equipment, or a teacher who lost their key. It wasn't fun at all, but it was basically forced onto him by the principal.
Mason was in the cafeteria for lunch and eating the school lunch while a textbook for his next class sat beside him on the bench. He didn't want to go across the school to go back to his locker. His blue eyes looked down at the food in boredom, his friends had just left to go and do something so he was sitting at one end of the table alone. He took a bite of his lunch when someone asked if they could sit by him. Mason didn't reconise the voice. He looked up to see a person that looked around his grade, maybe a bit younger standing in front of him with a tray, his expression, he couldn't quite put into words at the moment. He chewed his lunch a bit before nodding yes and swallowing. " Yea, you can sit here, i don't mind."
  Mason / Reflections / 7y 100d 7h 48m 0s
He was so used to playing people who were easy to play, like women or those stupid people who said they wanted to 'help you', and honestly it was getting boring. They would always end up crying, or angry and the same reaction over and over again was just getting so tiresome. He wanted something interesting - something that would actually make him have to work hard to get what he wanted.

So Landon was searching today.

Deep amber eyes swept the crowds around him as he slowly walked through the halls of the school, hands tucked away in his pockets. In the back of his mind he was thinking - running over what he could gain by using each person he laid his eyes on. But most of these people wouldn't do - they didn't have enough to offer or they'd be too easy for him.
What a pity.

He thought about giving up - going somewhere else and seeing if he could play with someone important, but then as he turned a corner something clicked in his head. For a brief moment he smiled, turning on his heel and starting for the cafeteria, ignoring other students as they walked by him on their way to find their friends or something of the like. He had a goal and he wouldn't loose it.

As he opened the heavy doors to the cafeteria, Landon wrinkled his nose at the smell of all the crappy deep fried food. He hated the thought of eating it, but if his ploy demanded it of him then he'd do it.

Silently the boy with the dirty blonde hair lined up for food and once he was set with a minimal meal he walked over to his target, letting his expression fall to something almost helpless. "E-excuse me, but is it alright if I sit here? I couldn't find my friends and I really... don't like big groups...." His eyes darted to the other tables which, for the most part, were filled by loud obnoxious teenagers before he turned his gaze back to his target.
  Landon Elliot / OreganoLeaves / 7y 101d 6h 8m 51s

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