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That there are Super Humans. Demons. Vampires. Witches. Warlocks. And Many more Special People. There are two people who are at the top over all the groups. But they are just teenagers. Older teenagers closer to young adults. The people who are older than them hate the fact these two boys had surpassed them. Unfortunately, the collage life for these two boys has them safe from the eldest adults. But not safe from the collage age people. The other problem with these two is that they are enemies. You could say that their families have hated each other since the dark ages. Which that is true. Anyways, These two boys end up meeting on the top of the school. The roof. They knew not their names until further introduction. Then there was their rivalry. But then a dark force has forced them to work together. Will they work well? Or would they work against each other. Or would they end up having a hard time through their love complex?

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Its mature. Literate. So Cursing and grammar.

Post over 2,000 Characters. But The minimum is 2,000. I can tell the difference from 1,000 and 2,000. Its not that hard. I like challenge. See if I can write more than you, or if you can write more than me. It keeps the rp moving and interesting.


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Mith sipped his glass as he watched Eliete. Something was definitely wrong and he was going to find out what. Luckily, Eliete was going to tell him. He leaned back against the island and watched him, crossing his arms over his chest, brandy still in hand. He smiled softly at Eliete's touch and gently kissed him back. "Your mum?" His fur and his hair visibly floofed out of a twinge of fear.

He could protect himself but he didn't think that Eliete's mother would be visiting so soon. They literally just got together. He finished off is brandy in a quick tilt of the head. He felt all nice and warm inside as the alcohol slid down his throat. "Don't worry about me Eliete..." He made his way over to the oven and checked on the cookies. They were almost done. "Besides it's not like she'd be able to smell me on you. Right?" He teased. He hung up his apron and looked over at his beau. "Everything will be fine."

Mith poured another glass of liquor for the both of them before putting the bottle away and going to get the cookies out of the oven. He made sure to use a towel to grab the hot metal tray before putting it on the counter to cool off. "My family is coming for a visit in a few days. It will be just my little brothers though..." He spoke quietly. "I might not be in school while their here since they are so young." He hopped up and sat on the counter, being sure to stay far from the hot tray of cookies.
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[h3 - - - ]

Eliete was pushed from the other. He soon realized his aura and how tight he had his grip on Mith.

[b [#ff8d05 S-sorry.]] He scratched the back of his neck.

Eliete hung his head and stared at the brandy in his hands. He never really was one for talking about his feelings. His family never really talked about anything. They weren't the nicest people in the world. Eliete shifted his drink in he glass before taking a bug gulp. The stung on the way down, but he didn't really care. It had been forever since Elite really let himself 'have some fun' and drink.

Eliete finished off his drink and looked at Mith. This little cat boy, was the reason why he would get angry thinking about his family. The reason why he had to protect Mith was because of his abusive family. Not abusive as in physical damage, more mental than anything. Eliete stepped closer to Mith. His aura now blue and soft. He brushed his hand up against Mith's cheek before leaning down and kissing him.

[b [#ff8d05 I'm sorry, my mom had said she wanted to see me and i have to figure out a way to protect you]] he said as if Mith couldn't protect himself.

Eliete knew for a fact Mith could handle himself, but his mother was pretty scary. His eyes sifted to his left and he set his glass down. He ran his fingers though his hair and leaned up against the island.
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"Haha..." He watched him for a bit before deciding to clean up around the kitchen. He wasn't very fond of messes since he knew he'd end up turning a pile of clothes into a hidey hole. Mith washed his hands for a final time and as he dried his hands, he felt a pair of arms wrap around him. He settled into Eliete's warmth and relaxed, smiling softly.

Hearing his lover whisper something so sweet to him put a few tears in his eyes. He's never felt like this before...He's been in love before but never has anyone made him feel so loved in such a short amount of time. It was both amazing and stunning. "Eliete..." He giggled softly and stroked Eliete's arms softly until he felt something change. Eliete's aura wasn't the same as before and now an uncomfortable pressure was placed on him. It frightened him.

"Eliete..." His voice was quiet. "Eliete...you're hurting me!" He squeaked. He started to struggle before breaking free and stumbling forward. "E-Eliete!" Mith caught his breath as a few tears escaped. He wiped his eyes and took a breath before carefully re-approaching the other male. He stroked his cheek gently and stared up at him. "Just...take a deep breath and relax..." He stepped back for a moment and got down two glasses before pouring some of the blackberry brandy that he had into them. He handed one to Eliete and smiled reassuringly.
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[h3 - - -]
Eliete sat on the stool and looked at Mith. He had a smile on his face and love in his eyes. He watched closely as the boy prepared the dough.

[b [#ff8d05 is that even a question?! ]] he giggles as he grabs the spoon to lick the yummy dough.

Eliete wasn’t much of a shape shifter, but if he would shape shift, it would be a wolf. He’s strong, but only in a ‘pack’. He tries to be strong on his own and usually shows that he is strong. He finished up the spoon and set it down. His happy face soon went somber. He realized his mother was going to come see him soon. He had to keep Mith a secret. Even though he would love to show him off, its forbidden. The two families have been fighting since the dawn of time. Eliete pouted a bit. He laid his head on his hand and watched as the other cleaned up and put the cookies in the oven.

Eliete soon snapped out of it after realizing how adorable and sexy the other was. He got up from his spot and wrapped his arms around Mith. Hugging him from behind. Eliete bit Mith’s ear and pulled him close.

[b [#ff8d05 You’re the only thing that makes me happy]] he whispers

Eliete leaned his head on mith’s shoulder and held him close. His eyes closed and he just stood there. Enjoying the warmth of the other.

Eliete thought about all of the time he had spent with Mith. How happy he had become. H couldn’t stand loosing him. Even though he was raised to hate him, theres nothing to hate about I’m. Eliete couldn’t think of anything wrong with Mith. He was so nice and so caring. Why would their family hate them? Why? Eliete questioned how he was raised. His aura turning a pale red color. He was getting angry at his family. Forgetting that he was hugging Mith. His grip started to tighten and his aura started to deepen his eyes wouldn’t open. All he needed was some love.
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Mith stumbled a bit as Eliete got up. Mewling a bit in irritation, he morphed into his cat form and padded down the stairs silently before returning to his more human like state, though his ears were still out. He walked into the kitchen and washed his hands, smiling as his beau so excitedly laid out some of the things he needed. Mith took his time getting the rest of the things . He knew that he wasn't going to really eat any cookies so he decided to just make a whole batch for Eliete.

[i Pweeze?? My love?] Mith's ears perked as he got the milk and butter from the fridge. W-What? Did Eliete just say that...in THAT tone!? It was just so cute it made the cat boy's fur fluff up a bit. He looked over at Eliete and immediately froze up, eyes turning a very bright shade of pink. The man was just being so cute, Mith couldn't stand it!! He cleared his throat as he set the items down and tied on his apron. He didn't want his clothes to get dirty.

"E-Eliete..." He mumbled, pouring ingredients into a metal bowl. His tail was swaying happily as he started on the dough. He mixed in some peanut butter since he knew dogs liked it and so figured that Eliete would be the same. He put the dough on a cookie sheet and pre heated the oven. "Wanna lick the spoon?" He asked. He held out the spoon to the childish male and smiled.
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Eliete sat there as if nothing happened. He felt the other’s lick and he could feel the hair standing up on it’s own. He soon gave the look of him holding back his amusement to the other laughing historically at the hair. Eliete Looked down at the other as he spoke about making food.

[b [#ff8d05 Did I hear cookie?]] he asked.

Eliete’s inner child emerging and surfacing slightly. He could kill for a fresh peanut butter cookie. Mmm, just thinking about it made his stomach grumble. He looked like he was dreaming about a sugary wonderland with the look he was giving Mith’s dresser. Eliete sat there holding Mith for a few moments longer before snapping back to reality. He shook his head, his blond hair moving from side to side with grace.

[b [#ff8d05 Well, better get up and get going!]] He said.

Eliete got up almost pushing Mith towards the door to make him cookies. Eliete could cook, but he couldn’t bake for the life of him. By the time he would get the batter all ready, he would have eaten half of it; realizing he would just eat the cookie dough over cooked cookies. Plus he never really could get the cookies to cook just right. They would be slightly burnt, or they would be under cooked.

Once they made it down the stairs, Eliete looked around Mith’s kitchen and struggled to find his baking things. He was a little too excited for the cookies, but he really wanted them. Making a slightly pouting face, Eliete went around the island and sat on a bar stool. He laid his head on the counter as if he was a child waiting for dinner to be done.

[i [#ff8d05 I want coooookies~]] he mumbled in a hushed tone. [i [#ff8d05 Pweeze?? My love?]] he added.
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Mith needed this. It was soothing. The only people who ever attempted to hold him when he was upset were his two little brothers. So this was nice, just one solitary man holding him in his strong arms. He could feel Eliete's confusion and he was sorry for putting all this weight on him like that. The smaller male curled up only a little tighter and started to lick Eliete's cheek before going up to his hair line with his rough tongue- very similar to a cat's. He gave him a little cowlick. "Ah..." The longer he stared at it, the more he thought it silly to see his strong, manly Eliete with a cute lil' cowlick. "Aha...hahaha..." Pretty soon he erupted into quiet laughter. It died down pretty soon though as he was brought back to reality.

He kissed Eliete's chin before sitting up and going over to his dresser to put some clothes on. He put on a pair of black boxer briefs with a single tiny heart on the hip, and a white shirt. "Want something to eat?" He asked. He had worked up an appetite between Eliete and sadness. "I could make some sandwiches...or cookies." He whispered the last part, being slightly embarrassed by his culinary skills as a man. "Or maybe we should get out and have lunch...or something. I'm sorry for putting so much on you." He said and sat beside Eliete to stroke his hair.

He thought about everything that's happened and how quickly it escalated. He had known Eliete since forever and they hated each other; their families were enemies! And they just made love on the bed they're sitting on right now, trying to find a way to help Mith cope over the death of his uncle. It wasn’t fair for Mith to suddenly be pushing this on Eliete. They hadn’t even been dating for three days. He wasn’t even entirely sure if you could call it dating but they were lovers now anyway. As he thought about it, he figured he could just do what he was raised to do- suffer in silence. You wouldn’t be able to get him to admit to the pain even if you were beating him. “Now shouldn’t be the time to be upset now is it?” He said with a smile. It was odd for him to be really smiling at all- let alone faking it.
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Eliete sat there looking at the stuff in the box. Sighing he waited for the other to finish with his bath. He could feel the heat come from the little wash room. He played with the tips of his fingers. Trying to think of something to say. Eliete was terrible at this stuff. He would usually just go away and hide in his room. Though he felt obligated to say here. no not obligated, he felt the need to say here. The want. He hung his head as he waited for the other one to come to him. Hoping he would be dressed, though he still have some energy for more, but didn't feel like doing it. The mood had grown legs and walked out the door. Well that's what it felt like at least.

Eliete waited for the other one. He was about to lay back when the other came up onto him and sat on his lap. He loved his hands as the other took his spot on his lap. Not really knowing what to do with his hands, Eliete laid one of his hands on the others legs to hold him there. Then his other hand on the little male's wet hair. He ran his fingers through the silky, wet hair.

He sighed and looked at the other. He listened to the other. How he morned for his loved one. He then looked at the urn. [i ' What the hell?? Who would do that?? ' ] He asked himself. Obviously in thought. He looked back at Mith. He then leaned back on the bed, where Mith would roll back onto his chest. He then wrapped his arms around Mith's body and held him tightly. What in the hell is he suppose to do? He can't answer his questions. He wasn't the one who killed him. In fact this whole this is just strange. He never early had to deal with this. It's all weird and surrene to him. Not real. Just a dream. But he knows for a fact it's real. He has gotten so good at figuring out if it is the real world or if it's a dream. He had to. His mother would always make it so confusing so that if he had ever gotten himself in an awful situation he could get out of it no matter what. It all sounds weird, but you can only dream what could happen to Eliete. Being that he is strong. Many things come after him to gain his strength by killing him. None have succeeded obviously.

Elite help Mith close to him. This is really all he could think of to do. It's easier said than done to help someone feel better. A lot easier said than done.
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He jumped a bit at the intensity of which Eliete had replied. He stepped away from the mirror but kept the scissors out. He Chukled, however at the embarrassed look on his lover's face. "Alright, alright." He said in a tone of surrender. He smiled a little before finally grabbing some things he needed and getting into the shower.

He looked down at himself and noticed the bit of hair he had ignored for a little too long. It wasn't a lot but it was a bit embarrassing for him. He would have liked to remain hairless. Or at the very least, neat. He gave himself a trim before shaving it all off. He had been made fun of before but he felt better knowing it was gone. He turned up the heat and pretty soon, steam was floating out into the bedroom. He washed up his hair and body before just standing underneath the shower head.

as he stood the, he thought about the wonderful things that had transpired merely minutes ago before he felt as though he would break apart and fall to pieces. He turned off the water and dried off before moisturizing and wrapping the towel around his body. Mith stepped out of the bathroom, obviously unhappy as he clutched the towel around his shoulders.

The dark haired male climbed into Eliete's lap and leaned against him. He stayed like this for a while before he started sobbing, burying his face in the lover's neck. He clung to Eliete like a child to his mother as he completely let loose all of the things he had held in. He hiccuped and shuffled before he sat back a little. His eyes and nose were red as he wiped his tears on his arm. "W-Why -hic- why did it have to be him...he was the nicest man in the world..." He shuffled and curled into Eliete. He wanted to break down and cry, but the only reason why he didn't was because he was beginning to get migraines. "Eliete..."
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Eliete listened close to the other. He could feel the sadness as if it was his own. This is what happens when he gets so close to another person. He feels the same feelings as his lover. The usual feeling is regret or lust. Though Eliete has had a couple one night stands. But that's beside the point.

He held the other close when he sat on his lap. He leaned his head softly on Mith's head. Trying to be as sweet as possible. He knows what it feels like to loose someone so close. He had a few cousins and aunts that were really close and accepted his odd ways. He held Mith close. Once Mith had gotten up, Eliete leaned back on his hands, his legs separated letting his air out a bit since the recent evens that had happened had made it warm. Eliete looked at the other. He nodded when the other had noticed he had showered already.

Before Mith's hand left his hair, Eliete held his wrist lightly so leave his hand on his head. He took his other hand and pulled Mith's chin towards his face. He lightly kissed the other. Soon making it more passionate. He let his chin and wrist go and leaned back on his hands.

It's going to be okay, love. He said. This side was only shown to the ones Eliete truly loved.

He let the other go to the bathroom and bathe. When the other spoke to him he felt chills run down his spine when he mentioned him cutting his hair. No. Not now. Eliete liked his long hair.

He quickly turned around on the bed. He crawled across the sheets to the bathroom.

No! Don't. I like your long hair. He said. Somewhat strong and first the trailing off out of embarrassment.

Eliete sat on the bed facing the bathroom. He leaned his arms on his knees and his head on his hands as he watched the other making sure he wouldn't do anything to harm any part of his body. Eliete sighed a bit. He could feel the frustration, the sorrow, emptiness, the pain. Eliete felt all this though he wasn't the one who just realized he lost a dear family member. Why does he feel this? Because it was love. Love? But they hate each other? Romeo and Juliet? Let's just hope they don't die.
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Mith seemed to be lost in some kind of trance at the moment. Like he couldn't believe what was happening. He had been so happy just mere minutes ago...but now it was like he was a completely different person. He removed the contents of the box and held the small jade urn close to him and curled up tightly. The young man shook as he tried not to cry. Tried not to embarrass himself in front of Eliete. He could feel Eli's arm around him and it actually did make him feel better. Mith slid into his lap as he leaned against him.

"I didn't even know he was dead..." He said softly. He looked up at Eliet and he seemed so horrified. "I didn't even know he was dead and they sent me his ashes! His ashes, Eliete...As if it's my fault." He was distraught over it and yet he clung to the urn like it was his life line. "How could they do something like that?" He got up and put the urn in the closet. He couldn't bear to look at it anymore. He sighed as he closed the door and stepped quickly back over to Eliete. He slid into his lap and clung to him now. He ran his hand through Eliete's hair and frowned. "You showered already..." He huffed.

Mith then remembered the little love marks placed on his neck and touched them. He blushed since they were still tender. He looked up at Eliete and saw he hadn't given any to him. With a slight tug, he pulled Eliete lower and bit his shoulder, leaving a bite mark. He waved his tail as if unsure and smiled to himself. He kissed Eliete and hopped up. "I'm going to take a bath..." He said softly, still very obviously upset but with Eliete there, he felt slightly better. He walked to the door then paused to give a smile as if to tell him that he was fine.

He went into the bathroom and turned on the water. He stared at himself in the mirror for a moment before touching his hair. He picked up the scissors and chewed his lip. "Eliete?" He called from the bathroom. "How would you feel if I cut my hair?" He said it slowly as it really meant something if he cut it.
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Eliete watched the other as he was being a cutie. When the other had mentioned his parents his eyes shimmered with their gold glow. Damn parents he was in collage now. They shouldn't have any rule over him. But for these two that did not care. Until they inherit the businesses, they are stuck under their parents control. It wasn't fair, but that's what you get for being in very wealthy families.

He soon watched the other hiss and get up to answer the phone. Eliete sat up on the bed, now messy and smelly of what had happened earlier. Eliete watched the other talk to his mother. He was about to touch his back to make him feel better until he got up in a rush and left the room. Sighing Eliete got up and went to the shower. Once he was done the other had walked in with a box. Eliete was in his boxers and was drying his hair at this point.

What's the box for? He asked concerningly.

Eliete walked over to the other and sat next to the other. He tried to peer into the box, but couldn't see anything. Eliete put the towel around his neck and leaned his close arm around Mith. Maybe this would make him feel better. Eliete was still slightly in the mood, but if they did anymore, his would fall off. Eliete kissed the others cheek slightly.

What's wrong? He asked his voice low and concerned.

Eliete sighed and tried to peer into the box yet again. Maybe this time he would get to see something. But yet again he was too far away too see anything. Pouting like a child a little bit, his curiosity burned with in him. He could only handle so much before he became restless. He tried to control it, Mith seemed to be distressed and with Mith distressed, he could only imagine what would happen. He had just found a guy who some how understands him. Eliete gulped a bit and shifted his restless body. He wanted to know why the box was so important. There had to be a reason Mith had brought it up. Let alone why he was so distressed. The last time Eliete could remember him saying was something about his uncle. Eliete kind of knew what it was like to have a relative that was so important to you that you wouldn't know what would happen if you lost them .
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Mith purred happily as he rubbed himself gently against his beau. He smiled and looked up at him as he rested his head on his chest and waved his tail. He was just too happy right now and didn't want this moment to end. He mumbled incoherently except for the words 'wonderful', 'amazing', and 'love'. The next few minutes were spent in silence and Mith running his fingers along Eliete's abs. He trailed his fingers around his chest then up to his face where he gently pressed his hand to Eliete's cheek.

"Eliete...I don't mean to ruin the mood...but...What will we do when our parents find out...? I don't want you to get hurt." He whispered, tapping his finger gently against Eliete's bottom lip. His tail had stopped waving and he just stared at his hand which was now back to his chest. He curled up a bit, obviously concerned. His phone rang again and he hissed irritably. He reached into the drawer and pulled out his phone. "Yes, mother?" He answered quietly. He sat up and hunched over, his ears flattening against his head. "I'm sorry, I was busy...of course I can, I--....wait....E-Eh!?" He looked nervously over his shoulder at Eliete and back down at the blankets. "I'm fine...of course not. But...--What about Uncle?"

He stiffened as his mother spoke on the other line. He got up and left the room, grabbing a shirt on the way out. After a few minutes, there was the sound of the front door opening then closing. Mith came back up, his phone call over and a cardboard box in his hands. He sat down on the bed and just stared at it.
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Eliete moaned a few times before being uncurled and sat upon. He then realized how adorable Mith looked. His eyes went back to yellow. The gold didn't shimmer and his gaze softened. He listened to the other speak. How was it Mith was always right? Eliete thought about this hard. They are both gay. One of the two had to act more girly. But who? Eliete could if he tried. But it wouldn't fit his tempermantic personality. The light flicked on in his head. Mith. Duh. It was so easy, Eliete missed it.

Sighing mentally he looked at the other. He started from the bottom. He noticed Mith's white briefs covered in hearts. A smirk creeped its way across Eliete's face. He then scanned the others slender, but slightly muscular body. He then noticed the other's shirt sliding off his shoulder. So cute! He noticed the tattoo and small imperfections. Eliete noticed his smooth to the touch skin. Eliete's gaze softened and turned very lustful. He had now only half payed attention to the other. He watched as his own hand went up to the other's knee. What was he doing? He was touching Mith, that's what. His hand touched the others soft leg lightly. Eliete smirked.

He was only partly paying attention.
Oh yeah?

He asked to Mith's last question.

They are hardly much to look at.

He added to the others fading sentence. He heard him, loud and clear even though he was trying not to be. Eliete lifted his torso and put his right elbow on the ground holding him up. His abs shown slightly more than when he was just laying down. His body glistened with the thin layer of sweat from working out to get rid of some stress. Eliete now was looking at a full stress reliever right on top of him.

Eliete's eyes were a light yellow now. But they were full of lust. Mith wasn't helping with the fact he was full neko and was doing a hell of a job looking cute. Maybe that was it. Cute. Eliete liked cuteness, but he also like elegance and grace. Being that Mith is a neko, he has elegance and grace. What cat isn't elegant or graceful? Eliete smirked and looked up at the other. He could tell the other was nervous. He could also see the tint of red on the others face. Eliete circled his hand on the Mith's right inner thigh. His eyes narrow but soft and lustful.
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Mith heard the sink running and shook his head with a small smile as he ascended the staircase up to the bathroom. He stretched before stripping down and entering the shower. While he was in there, he thought about his family. More specifically, his parents. He felt bad for lying to them but was even more afraid of what they would do if they found out.

His mother was looked upon as a High Priestess, A Goddess, but above all, she was a warrior. She wasn't strict...but firm. Especially with her children. Though she doted and loved her family, she'd often be disappointed if they didn't meet to their standards. She was a very open minded woman and though she was thin, she was stronger than ten oxen. Her husband though, was a different story. He was the life of the party though his wife never allowed him to get drunk. Mith's father was a sorcerer of sorts and dealt with dangerous magic. He was a force to be reckoned with and was known to remove any threats to his family.

Then there were the twins. They were only five years old and were joined at the hip. They followed each other everywhere, even to the bathroom. They shared everything; food, bed, baths, etc. They were oddly colored though and people looked down on them, but Mith loved them even more because they stood out so much. He even calls them his Star-Children. They were naiive and didn't know a thing about the outside world because their family knew it would be dangerous. The twins looked up to Mith and strived to be just like him, which worried him more. Mith didn't want them to get in trouble, nor did he want them to hate him.

Overall, Mith's family was very important to him and he didn't want anything to happen to them and he didn't want to be rejected. His parents didn't even know he was gay, not even his mother. He sighed as he washed himself then his hair. He wondered what Eliete was doing right now since he heard him come up and go into his room. He shut off the water and dried off before slipping on a pair of rose-printed briefs and a large button down shirt which he left open.

He stood in the doorway a bit, hiding behind the wall to watch him. This was one of those kitty moments that he had where he would just stand there silently, undetected and watch his subject until he was finally noticed. But he had never anticipated how toned the other male was. His eyes instantly flashed a bright, glowing pink and his ears and tail popped out once again. He watched him for a bit longer before coming in and watching his little temper tantrum. He was still blushing though, making him look like a true neko.

His hair was a mess and still damp as he pushed it back off of his face. He was slightly amused by his new beau's little act out. He knew he was upset though so he decided to get on all fours and crawl over to him. "Eliete." He started, only to be cut off by the childish groaning. He frowned, and huffed his eyes turning reddish orange. "Eliete," He said more firmly and uncurled the man-child. "Iisten to me. I know you are annoyed with your mother--I'm annoyed with my own mother. I heard you on the phone...you sounded stressed out and disgruntled. I want you to know...Don't worry about us." He now laid flatly on top of him and smiled a bit. "Just focus on keeping her satisfied. That way you won't have to worry about her getting curious."

His eyes went back to a soft pink color as he stroked Eliete's cheek and kissed him gently. He sat up, sitting on Eliete's hips again. His hair looked even more a mess from all the movement, a strand or lock falling and sticking up here and there and the way his shirt had been wrinkled but was sliding off of his shoulder, revealing a small moon tattoo on his shoulder. His skin was very smooth and it seemed there was nary a scratch or scar on the thin body. He wanted to change the subject now, away from family.

"I used to admire you from a far you know?" He said softly and blushed brightly. "You have pretty eyes." He said the last part very quietly before just staring at him.
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