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Charlie nodded giving Gale a smile as he stood pushing his plate aside. It would be nice for them to have friends around for once instead of everyone making fun of the two of them. It wasn't that Charlie didn't want time alone with Gale, no that had been something he wanted from the time he hit puberty. From the time he knew what it meant to feel things for your brother you obviously should not be feeling. Yet Charlie couldn't stop himself from eyeing Gale's ass as he walked away feeling a slight discomfort growing in his neither regions. Shifting the brunette shoveled the rest of his food into his mouth chewing and standing up.

His goal was to now find Austin somewhere among the crowd. Though Charlie had a feeling it wouldn't be terribly hard to find the male in the group of kids. Like Charlie, Austin was considered a freak and it didn't take to long before brown eyes locked on the form of a blonde leaning against a window. Vibrant green eyes squinting and staring out it as if he were trying hard to locate something, or someone. "Austin?" Charlie spoke feeling his heart thundering, hoping the male wouldn't suddenly reject him for some reason or another.

A look of shock seemed to cross the blondes face as he yanked back lifting up one hand as if for defense, only to drop it when he saw who it was. "Oh Charlie it's just you. I thought it was someone else..erm..how can I help you? Their not beating you up are they buddy?" Giving a sheepish smile to the blonde the brunette shook his head. "Oh no. Gale and I were just wondering if you wanted to pal around with us during the tour you know? So your not all by yourself." A smile crossed the face of the blonde as he nearly jumped out of his seat.

"Yeah sure! I'd love to hang out with you guys..if you don't mind me bringing my camera along that is. You know how i am, love to take pictures of things incase..well you know." "I'm sure your father would love to see everything you've seen Austin. Why don't we head out towards the meeting area yeah?" The blonde gave a nod moving to follow Charlie and together the two made their way through the crowd stopping by the table they were supposed to wait at to meet Gale. What Charlie hadn't told Austin as means of a surprise was that Joel would be joining them.

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"Is that so?" Gale asked with a soft smile. It was nice to talk about someone's crushes other than his own, because he couldn't talk about that. He thought about it for a second and then nodded. "I think they would look good together. Maybe we can set something up while we're there. Play matchmaker." The blonde laughed and shoved the last of his food in his mouth, trying to hurry so he could still find Joel in time to ask him to hang out with them on the trip. If he had to guess, he would say the German boy was sitting in a corner somewhere on his own looking at a book. The blonde pushed his plate away, a smile on his lips. He was excited about this trip, simply because he was going to get to see his step brother as happy as he could be for once.

Whatever was going on between Gale and Charlie was inexplicable. The blonde certainly didn't have a word for it. They were brothers. They had been raised together and grew up playing together. Once puberty came around the urges that had been only a faint expression in the back of his mind turned into a hard desire that was difficult to ignore. It was no wonder the other students said things about them, because they were true. No matter how much neither of them wanted to admit it.

"Alright, I'll go find Joel, and you go talk to Austin, and then we will meet back here before we leave. Sound good?" Gale needed to get up from this table and walk away. He needed to cool off and keep himself from looking at Charlie for a moment. "See you in a few." The blonde smiled and pushed himself up from the chair he had been sitting in, wandering away from the table. He wasn't sure where he was going to find Joel, but he needed to do so quickly. They would be leaving soon and he didn't want to miss getting a seat with Charlie on the ride there.

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Nodding and offering a small smile, Charlie couldn't think anything better then to have another person with them. Joel was a new transfer student, and from what Charlie had learned from Austin the few times they spoke; was one of the other out-casts biggest crushes. "Sure that'd be great. I'm sure Austin would love the idea of him tagging along with us. From what I've heard he has one of the biggest crushes on him." Lifting another forkful of eggs to his mouth the brunette ignores the eyes of the other students on him.

It was no secret that they thought of Charlie and Austin as two of the biggest freaks on campus. Charlie had an strong belief in giants and Austin had grown up believing his father had been lost to Atlantis. If anyone asked him where his father had gone, that was the answer Austin would give and of course the other students would burst out laughing at him. Charlie would sometimes talk to the bronze haired male who sat alone, and when he did he felt less alone. Though with Gale he felt less alone as well, it was nice knowing someone else also believed him about his tales.

Clearing his plate of the food that was in front of him, Charlie moves to lean lightly against the wall. His eyes shifting onto the window watching as the rain fell hard against it before returning to Gale. The brunette's heart skipping a beat for a moment as he swallowed hard. The feelings he had for Gale were unnatural and his father would be ashamed in him if he knew what he was feeling, but Charlie couldn't help it. The brunette had noticed the feeling a long time ago when the two were bathing together as children, but chose to shove it off as nothing more then a virus. Then puberty hit and he found himself having dreams he shouldn't about his step-brother.

"I hope he doesn't mind being with the outcast group. I'm sure though it will be fun, I'll enjoy it." The jewels were what he had waited so long to see, and his heart was starting to pound in his chest. The crown that had gotten from the ancient kingdom was said to be the crown that would control the giants, and the beans were said to be lost. Charlie had hoped one day he would find them, but unfortunately the male had not found the magic beans he had so longed to find. "I really hope this is everything I dreamed it to be." Charlie knew that it wouldn't be long until they left for the jewels so asking would have to be done now or not at all.

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Gale had a problem of his own, and contrary to popular belief his problem wasn't the fact that Charlie made it hard for him to make and keep friends. Everyone loved to believe that Charlie was holding the blonde back. That he would be popular if it weren't for his step brother, that he would have friends and a girlfriend or a boyfriend and he would be far happier than he was now. But that wasn't true. Gale couldn't have been happier, he very much liked his life here with Charlie. Having him as his best friend. Spending time with him. His problem did revolve around Charlie, but not in that way. In the way that when he looked at him he got weird feelings he never got around anyone else. They had developed about a year ago one night when they two had a deep conversation about life and everything in it. That's when Gale first began to realize it. Of course he kept it to himself... no matter how hard it was.

Sooner or later he would have to face the fact that it would never ever happen.

Gale jumped a bit when Charlie spoke to him, pulling him back into reality. The blonde looked over at the boy in question, a boy that was much like Charlie in many respects. He was always very lonely, which was sad. Though Gale became a bit disappointed when he heard that Charlie didn't want to spend the day alone with him. Having a third person made it difficult to really talk to his step brother. The blonde felt the need to act "cool" around other people. Like it was what he was supposed to be. And maybe he was worried that Charlie might have a crush on Austin, since they were so alike. Maybe they could bond more and Gale would soon become the third wheel. That made his stomach churn, but he smiled anyway.

"Of course I don't mind." He said happily, looking back at his step brother. "He's more than welcome to join us." He took another bite of food and looked down at the table. He was trying to think of anyone else he could invite along, someone that might be a good fit for the group. Most of the people he knew were jerks, and he wasn't sure that he wanted any of them around Charlie. He didn't want anyone saying mean things about him, lest Gale feel the need to deck them in the face. That's when Joel came to mind. Joel was the new kid, having just transferred from Germany. He didn't have many friends yet, and he was in one of Gale's classes with him. They'd hit it off a bit last week, and he thought that he would be perfect.

"Maybe we could invite Joel along. He's new so he probably doesn't have anyone to go with, and I know he's going because he told me how excited he was." He knew that the other boy got made fun of a bit because of his accent and the hard time he was still having with the English language. He seemed to be a good fit for the group of misfits they were forming. "If it's okay with you I can go and find him before we leave and ask him along. I think he'd really like that, to have some kind of friends to go with." Gale really was a nice person at heart, and even if he wanted to be alone with Charlie, it wouldn't hurt to have others with them. Might as well even out the group and make it four of them instead of only three. It only made sense, after all.

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Listening to Gale, Charlie could feel a small sense of relief. His step-brother was always so good at relaxing him when he was upset and a small smile had played across his lips as the food was brought and set in front of them. All at once what had happened the night before seemed to disappear as the reality they would really be seeing the jewels began to set in.

The brunette lifting up his fork and taking a bite of food, ignoring the others as they all seemed to come downstairs whispering and staring at the two of them. All of them but a lone male who sat in the corner, his blonde hair messy as all hell and he was completely alone. Austin was the male's name, and Charlie had seen him quiet a few times around campus. He was generally alone and from what the male understood his father had vanished into the world of Atlantis leaving him to be raised by his uncle unbelieved of what happened to his father.

"Gale? Perhaps we can invite Austin to join our group today? I mean he understands what it's like to be made fun of and unbelieved like I do. Plus he doesn't have someone as awesome as you to keep him company." Lifting his eyes to meet his step-brothers, Charlie could feel a small stirring in his stomach that he would often feel when looking at the blonde. A feeling that he likely shouldn't have when looking at his own step brother but he was unable to deny the feeling was there. The brunette ignoring it and instead focusing on the idea of the jewels and making sure that Austin wasn't completely alone.

"If you don't want to that's fine, and if one of your friends wants to join us that's fine too." Charlie finished speaking as he took a fork full of eggs into his mouth. The brunette tilting his head slightly at his brother. It was no secret that because of Charlie, Gale had little to no friends aside from himself. Something Charlie felt guilty of because he knew it was all due to their finding him a freak his brother had no one. Still Gale chose to acknowledge him for reasons Charlie wasn't sure of, but the brunette was grateful for it none the less.

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Gale sighed softly and followed Charlie down the stairs. It was hard to be so close to his step brother who was looked down on so frequently, but it had gotten easier over the years. The trick was not to acknowledge anything that the people said about them, not to listen. He had gotten better at everything, at the teasing, and the protection, at keeping Charlie as close to him as he could. It was rare that the blonde would ever leave his brother alone, fearing what he might do if no one was around to watch after him. That left Gale with very little friends, but he was convinced that he didn't need anyone other than Charlie and the people that were okay with him. If someone didn't like his step brother, why should Gale hang out with them anyway?

They made it to the cafeteria and Gale followed Charlie to the empty table, sitting down across from him. The look on his face made the blonde think he wasn't feeling well, and he figured it was because of the storm. Gale tilted his head a bit and watched his step brother from across the table. Of course, people were whispering all around them, but the blonde ignored them. He ignored them, just like he always did. It was all he could do.

"I bet they'll be great." He answered, a smile forming on his lips. He knew Charlie had been looking forward to this for a long time, which made it exciting all by itself. "It's going to be worth it, I promise." That was a loaded promise, but he was sure that he could keep it. Charlie was looking forward to this so much that there wasn't a chance he could be disappointed. Although, Gale's concern was almost enough to fade his smile away. He was thankful that their food arrived.

"Eat something. It'll make you feel better." He told his step brother, grabbing a piece of bacon for himself and tearing it in half with his teeth. Delicious.

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Nodding towards Gale, Charlie takes a deep breath. It wasn't easy for him to open up about what anyone was saying to him, and the people that teased him made it harder and harder for him to even dare to open his mouth about what he was feeling at the moment. The more he spoke up, the more they reacted. Shaking the thought off, the brunette follows after his step brother into the hall, running his fingers through his shaggy brown hair. Unlike most boys who kept their hair short his own hair feel down and around his shoulders and was often kept pinned back in a ponytail. Making it much easier for the giant lover to see what was going on rather then shoving hair backwards constantly.

"I'll tell you if their picking on me Gale, don't worry about it. Let's just forget about what they said and head downstairs alright? It's still raining out though, I guess it's going to be rainy all day." Swallowing hard Charlie makes his way towards the stairs, hoping his step brother would follow and forget about the other boys. The more that Charlie tried to ignore them would be better, it wasn't like the brunette had many friends around except for his step-brother Gale and one small strange young man who had transfered into their college from the country of Ireland. The boy himself had been raised on legends and would be teased heavily for his accent, but he wasn't allowed to come on the trip due to financial problems.

Heading into the dinning room, Charlie could already see some of the professors seated for breakfast and a very few amount of students seated at their tables. Groups stopping to stare as he entered the room before turning their heads to whisper as if they were coming up with some secret code or reason to make fun of him for the millionth time that day. Ignoring them, Charlie heads over towards an empty table sitting down nearest to the window. The brunettes eyes drifting out as he waited for his step brother to join him like usual and the food to be brought out to them.

Charlie had been looking forward to this day for awhile, and the brunette wasn't going to let anything get him down. At least he was going to try not to let anything get him down, part of him starting to get a queasy feeling as he shifted against the chair. There was no way to get to the giants country without magic beans, and despite how much Charlie seemed to look he had never been able to find them. "Gale? Do you think the jewels will be as amazing as we have always heard they are?"

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"You don't embarrass me, Charlie."

Those were the first words out of the blonde's mouth when his step-brother spoke, and he furrowed his brow at the other boy. He hated it when Charlie put himself down so much. As if the others didn't do that enough already. In his mind, there was nothing wrong with his step-brother. Nothing at all. So he believed in giants... so what? Other people believed there was a big omniscient man in the sky that created everything and everyone. People had their beliefs, and it was always good to believe in something. For Charlie, that was giants. For Gale... that was slowly becoming Charlie.

For a while now, he had felt attached to his step-brother more so than he thought. Not wanting to spend whole days without seeing him, or go to bed without telling him goodnight. And the need to protect him was stronger. These thoughts passed through his head as Charlie began to dress, and Gale found his eyes on the brunette for longer than they should have been. He looked away before they could be noticed and pulled his shirt on, getting himself fully dressed before he looked around for where his shoes were. His slender fingers ran through his blonde locks in an attempt to straighten them, and he sighed, looking back at Charlie as he spoke again.

"Yeah, let's go." Gale agreed, standing up once he had his shoes put on. Today was meant to be a good day. They were finally getting to go and see the Crowned Jewels, and Gale knew that Charlie had been excited about the trip for a long time. Whether it had to do with giants or not was hardly relevant in his mind. "And hey..." Gale said, touching Charlie's arm as he walked up to him. "Promise you'll let me know if anyone says anything to you?" The blonde knew that his step-brother had a tendency to hide things in an attempt to be strong, but the whole point of Gale being there was so that Charlie didn't have to bear all that weight on his own. Gale could be strong with him, for him.

"Come on, we don't want to be late." Gale smiled at the other boy and walked to the door, pulling it open and stepping into the hall to wait for Charlie so they could go and get breakfast before they left.
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Leaning into the wall, Charlie lets his eyes close as the tears started to fall down his cheeks. It wouldn't be made any easier when they left for breakfast or for the day of looking around, but they were going to see the crowned jewels so he was going to try his best to avoid getting anymore upset then he already was and have that ruin his day when this was his chance.

Pushing himself up and off the wall, Charlie slowly washes his hair out before flicking off the water and stepping out. Crystal water drops sliding down him as he reached for one of the white fluffy towels using it to dry his pale body off before wrapping it around his waist and stepping out of the bathroom to get a pair of clothes, the brunettes eyes on the ground the whole time trying not to make his step brother uncomfortable with him after what those boys had just said about him. The brunette digging out a pair of boxers and slipping them on under the towel letting it fall down to the floor before tugging on a pair of jean shorts and a tee-shirt.

"I'm sorry if I embarrass you Gale. I try not to but..I'm different and I know that." Charlie's eyes stayed on the dresser the entire time as spoke, the pain written all over his face if one were to look directly at him. The boys next door seeming to have gone silent for one reason or another and all that could be heard was them shuffling around and getting dressed though a small laugh could be heard shortly after Charlie spoke. The male's eye lids falling down over his eyes for a moment before re-opening, his eyes moving to meet Gales.

It was no secret that it had to be embarrassing to live with him, to be around someone who believed in such fairy-tales and from time to time Charlie would wonder if maybe he should give it all up. The hope in his heart to strong though for him to give up his belief's and thus bringing on this teasing and being treated differently. In all honesty the kids in college were not much different then the ones he had dealt with at home, these boys to used to being around 'normal' cookie cutter people who had to fit right into their perfect mold.

Pushing himself away from the dresser, Charlie makes his way across the room to his bed fishing his sneakers out and slipping them on his feet before standing up finally looking at Gale. "Anyways we should probably go and get some breakfast, the professors will be up soon and downstairs waiting for us to go. I'm not going to let them ruin my day, I've been waiting to see the crowned jewels for years." Mainly because of fairy-tales but not everyone knew that was the reason he wanted to see them.

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"You didn't wake me. It was the storm." Gale smiled softly, trying to reassure the other boy, to make him feel better about all of this. He knew that Charlie had trouble, especially during storms. Something in his mind was convinced that there was something in the sky making the noise other than the air. That there were impossibly big human beings, giants, that lived out there. It worried him for Charlie's well being, simply because of how cruel people could be. He wanted his step brother to be happy, that was what mattered.

As the boys in the next room got louder to the point where Gale could hear them talking about Charlie, and about things his step brother had been accused of before. It brought the lightest blush to his cheeks, and he bit his bottom lip. He was never willing to believe the gossip of horrid classmates and peers, he never wanted to do that to Charlie. And unlike their whispers, Gale was not only kind to Charlie because of his father's words. He was kind to him because he cared about him. That was what family was for. Charlie was his closest sibling and his best friend in this world. Even if he believed in unicorns, that wouldn't change. Gale was going to be there for him.

"Charlie..." Gale started just as the other boy got up and ran to the bathroom. A soft sigh left his lips as he watched him go, wanting to go after him but staying put. His blue eyes moved to the door conjoining their room to the one next door, and he stood up, walking over to it. With a soft breath, he pushed it open without knocking, nearly hitting one of the four boys that had gathered there with it. "Hey guys." He said easily, looking around at them. They all seemed to shut up pretty fast when he walked in. "What are you talking about?" No one wanted to answer him, and he scoffed, shaking his head. "Thin walls." He said simply, retreating back into his room and shutting the door as he ran his fingers back through his room.

Walking over to his dresser, he began to pull out clothes to put on, stripping down to only his boxers as he picked out what he wanted to wear. He found a simple t-shirt and some shorts, since it was so hot, and threw them onto his bed, stretching out his back and listening to it pop. His eyes moved to the bathroom door, and he bit his bottom lip, wondering if he should check on Charlie, but deciding against it. He pulled on his shorts and buttoned them, sitting down on his bed with another sigh. He really should have been used to this by now.
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Slowly opening his chocolate brown eyes, Charlie turns his head a little to look at his step-brother giving a weak and fake smile. "I slept fine until the storm got closer, it woke me up it was so loud." It was a lie if anyone knew it, Charlie had tossed and turned most of the night because of the boys next door talking about him in low voices they thought he couldn't hear.

It was something he wouldn't ever tell anyone about, the way the boys would make fun of him and say things about him that not even Gale knew about. Things that meant he had it bad for his step brother, things that were not entirely true. "I'm sorry if I woke you up, I didn't mean too. It was storming so hard I had to go and see if it was close to us or not or how close it was." That was only partway true, Charlie had been looking to see if he could see the giants.

Tucking his messy brown hair behind his head, Charlie gives a small yawn looking towards the wall. The boy's talking had gotten louder and louder to the point he was sure Gale could hear them by now. "I heard he has a thing for his step brother. Makes sense since no girl will ever talk to him, plus his presence gives off that kind of..gay vibe." "I heard his real mom dropped him on his head as a baby, explains why hes so fucked up in the head."

"Oh yeah? Well I heard that hes tried to have sex with his step-brother before and the only reason Gale is still nice to him anymore is because their father makes him be." Charlie could feel his face heating up with rage and annoyance, the brunette pushing the palms of his hand against his face letting out a small frustrated groan.

"I..I'm going to take a shower.." The words were stuttered as the male shoved himself off of the bed, it was obvious that he was upset but he wasn't going to show it not right now. The boys next door could hear the two of them and thus they would only keep antagonizing him if he said anything further.

The brunette stalking into the bathroom stripping down and sliding into the shower leaning against the wall. Hot tears were burning at the corner of his eyes threatening to fall down his cheeks onto the ground. The male taking a stuttering breath, he was doing this to himself by not giving up that hope that those things existed but part of him didn't want to give that up. Part of him knew that Giant's and other creatures were really out there and they could really find them if they put their mind too it.

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"I don't care what you think, it's your job to be kind to him, to protect him." the older man was stern but fair, and Gale knew he was right. "The other kids say he's stupid for believing..." A six year old Gale muttered, looking at the floor as he kicked at it with his worn sneakers. He didn't believe in the things that his step brother did, but he didn't think any less of him for his beliefs, but he was beginning to feel like he didn't fit in because he took up for Charlie so much. The other kids were so mean to him, though, and he didn't like it. His dad put a hand on his shoulder and lifted his chin so that their eyes connected.

"You have to look out for him, Gale. You're all he's got." The older man said with a gentle smile, and Gale smiled back, nodding. "I will." He agreed, earning a hug from his father. There was nothing he loved more than feeling like someone was proud of him, and because of that, he knew he would never abandon his step brother just because he believed in things like giants. Even if they weren't real, that didn't mean other people should make fun of him.

.:The Present:.

It was early in the morning and Gale was still fast asleep in his bed. The years had passed so quickly, and he was no longer the young child that had run around his parents' house playing pretend with his siblings. No, he was in college now, but one thing hadn't changed. He still shared a room with Charlie, and he still took up for him whenever he could. There wasn't anything that could get him not to do so. For as long as he could remember Charlie had trouble with the other kids their age making fun of him, and even if Gale didn't believe, he didn't join in. He had tried many times to convince Charlie that there was no such thing as giants, but his step brother would never listen, no matter how much he tried.

That morning it was storming, and normally it didn't matter, but today it was really loud and really close, and a particularly loud crack of thunder pulled Gale from his slumber. He shifted in bed, messing up his blonde hair even more. He still stayed where he was, it always took a few minutes for him to actually wake up, but he could tell Charlie was already awake, because he could hear him moving around. Though, when he heard the sigh, he knew what it meant, and he blinked his eyes open in time to see his dorm mate sit down on his own bed. Gale pushed himself up, crawling over his bed and then moving over onto Charlie's, crawling over to sit beside of him.

"Ignore them." He said softly, bumping Charlie's shoulder with his own. He knew it wasn't as simple as that, but he couldn't really think of anything else to say to him. Looking up, he listened to the rain and then it thundered again, lightening shining through the window. "Did you sleep alright?" He asked, looking back over at Charlie as he yawned and rubbed one of his eyes. He was still rather tired, but he was awake now, and he knew there was no going to sleep again.
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" Fee Fi Fo Fum. Ask not whence the thunder comes. Ask not where the birds have gone. For between heaven and earth is a perilous place. Home to a fearsome giant race. Who hunger to conquer the mortals below. Waiting for the seeds of revenge to grow." The words slowly left a young man's lips as he sat with his six year old son, and five year old step son tucked in bed. His hazel eyes following to the doorway where his wife stood with his twin children in her arms. "It's time for bed boys, good night I love you."

"Daddy?" The small voice of the male filled the room causing his father to turn and look back at him. "Yes?" "Leave the nightlight on please?" Chuckling ever so silently, the male moves to flick on the nightlight before turning off the lights. Leaving the two to fall asleep in the bed together. One child curled up with his teddy bear, eyes fixed on the window waiting for a thunder storm to come. His heart beating in his chest.

~The Present~

Twisting around in his bed brown hair falling in his eyes, Charlie shoves himself up and off the bed. Sweat sticking to his forehead from where he had been sweating once more through the night. The male moving slowly away from his hotel bed avoiding waking his dorm-mate, and best friend Gale as he walked across the room and towards the window. His soft eyes landing on the storm rumbling outside of the room. Charlie had spent years growing up being teased about being a believer in many things that most said did not exist. Though that was also aided by the fact the young brunette grew up around many creatures who where not human and the sheer fact he was not human as well.

"The Giant's have started to throw a fit again..." The soft words where barely above a whisper as they escaped his pale pink lips. Hazel eyes flickering onto the slumbering blonde hoping that he had not woken the other up from his sleep. Unlike Charlie, Gale had never believed in these things..or at least from what Charlie was told by him he did not. The brunette jumping as the sound of thunder boomed even louder in the sky and the water drops began to drop harder and faster.

It would be tomorrow that the male and his best friend would be going to visit the Crowned Jewel's of London. The thing that Charlie believed to be the crown that controlled the Giant's. The sound of snickers coming from the room beside them as hushed voices where beginning to leak through the walls. "Charlie is crazy you know that? We are nineteen years old and he still believes in fairytales." "I know he does, he's got his head in the clouds its also why his only friend is Gale." "I honestly don't know how Gale puts up with him, I would of done ran away long ago." "He has no choice you know, it's his step brother despite the fact that he denies it."

Letting out a soft sigh, Charlie lets his eyes fall closed as the voices began to fill his head. The brunette making his way back across the room towards his bed sitting down on the edge of it staring off at the wall. This was not the first, nor would it be the last time that the college mates they where with made fun of him. It was like being in middle school all over again where the kids always teased him about being different, being weird. Even his thirteen year old twin siblings didn't believe in what he believed in and told him that he should get his head out of the clouds and make some friends. The brunette closing his eyes tighter and rubbing his forehead ignoring the sounds of something moving in the room.

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