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The dragon only nodded. He was still tired, that pain of loosing his mate still there. Leonard knew it would be a longlonglong time until that pain went away. For dragons tended to mate for life, there would more than likely not be another dragonelle in Leonard's life later on, perhaps till he himself dies.
His gaze looked out the window, growing quiet. Seere sat quietly in his father's lap. His wings were ackwardly folded against his back. His small tail flicked now and then.

As if on cue, but probably not expected, a woman with completely white hair strode from the nearby woods...right over the border and on the dragons' territory. She appeared to not have a worry in the world as she walked so calmly forward.
Of course, she knew exactly where she was. Where she was going, nowhere in particular. The female was simply wandering as she usually did. She stopped for a moment, glancing upwards.
There was the sound of beating wings, then a dark shadow sped overhead. It moved, turning around, soon coming to land, revealing an incredibly massive white dragon. The great beast was huge compared to many dragons, though not quite reaching the size of the Dragon King himself.
The woman, walked towards the beast, showing no fear. The dragon turned its head. It rumbled, walking towards her.

  Leonard & Seere / Dragoncita / 4y 263d 1h 10m 34s
He nodded quietly, "I see, still it changes little." He replied softly, aware that even if others knew of this they were unlikely to change their views on dragons after living in hatred of them for so long already.

Marcus waited quietly by the border, his eyes on the other side as he scanned for movement. Eager to see if any dragons had been curious enough to stray as close to it as he currently was. He supposed if not then he would simply have to cross over and find them himself. After all he had been sent by the King to find at least one and it would be a shame for him to come back with nothing.
  Michael Walker / Hubris / 4y 268d 4h 35m 36s
"True," Leonard replied with no emotion, "There were a few dragons who saw themselves superior compared to humans."
"Those, were the ones who attacked human settlements. The ones who destroyed and killed the humans. Due to them, dragons were then all seen as enemies. Many of these dragons were put down, but it did not end the war between humans and dragons."
  Leonard & Seere / Dragoncita / 4y 277d 33m 59s
Michael listened to him quietly, frowning a little "I thought that was just a myth." He murmured as he watched the dragon, it was strange to think that perhaps that could be accurate rather than the dragons being little more than vicious animals. "You can't claim to be entirely innocent here, dragons have been just as eager to attack as humans have for the most part." He added with no real anger to his words.
  Michael Walker / Hubris / 4y 281d 3h 37m 18s
He shifted a bit. The dragon's tail slowly curled around the leg of the chair as his wings rustled somewhat, resettling themselves. His gaze looked back to the human.
"Dragons were once worshipped widely. In fact, there are several villages just below the mountains where we are still worshipped. Dragons were the ultimate guardians of the gods and goddesses. They are the ones who created us, in hopes that we could watch over mankind, keep them on the right path, but we all know man has a mind of his own. They grew to fear us, afraid that we the dragons would soon reign supreme, overthrowing the humans and making them slaves. But, that is a bunch of lies. There were once the ones who called themselves the Drakengard. Dragons and humans who made a pact with one another, promising to protect the land from all dangers. But soon they Drakengard became a dieing breed as well."
  Leonard & Seere / Dragoncita / 4y 282d 7h 34m 56s
He looked over at him, "Oh, you are still awake." He murmured, he hadn't been sure if the dragon was fully or not. "Any particular reason it's best I don't know of my history?" He asked mildly, curious about it now he had been told that there was a reason that he shouldn't know about it.
  Michael Walker / Hubris / 4y 286d 8h 59m 18s
"It is probably for the best that you do not know of some of those records," Leonard suddenly spoke.
The dragon slowly opened his dull eyes. He took a moment to glance around, though for an odd reason he felt safer in this human building than out in the open.
  Leonard & Seere / Dragoncita / 4y 286d 9h 6m 5s
He was rather glad that the dragon didn't seem to be about to attack him, so continued to clean and dress his wounds carefully. It took some time but finally he had dressed the wounds, it was still not exactly a professional job but it was far better than before and should at least keep out infection and help the injuries to heal even if it wasn't quite as neat as it could be.

Michael listened to the young dragon, "Oh, I don't think I've heard that before, but that could just be because we don't really keep our history all that well." He said mildly, aware of just how often the buildings housing their records had been burned down.
  Michael Walker / Hubris / 4y 289d 7h 32m 57s
Leonard simply said nothing. He only exhaled a cloud of smoke slowly. The dragon's tail twitched a bit, but that was it. He made no attempt to fight or flee. He was rather content upon just resting there for now.
Seere wandered around. The dragon chick put his nose to the ground, snuffling. He was rather curious of this new area presented to him. Most often he was a very quiet chick, not speaking much, unless he had to.
"There was a history of the dragons living in harmony with the humans...or at least that's one of the stories I was told. I'm honestly not that old in dragon years, but a human I'd be about 15 years old. Now though I'm only 2 dragon years."
  Leonard & Seere / Dragoncita / 4y 289d 9h 8m 47s
He chuckled, "I am fairly sure my king would not approve at least. He is not very fond of dragons." He said lightly, he had never met the king but from the orders they were given he was fairly sure that the king would not be pleased by the idea of humans and dragons coexisting for longer than a few months whilst they prepared to fight once again.

He noticed he was being watched, "The bandages need to be changed." He said quietly, trying not to disturb him too much whilst gently applying salve to the wounds and bandaging them more carefully this time now that he wasn't trying to stop the wounds bleeding as quickly as he could.
  Michael Walker / Hubris / 4y 291d 23h 51m 51s
The small dragon gave a slight shrug, "Maybe, then maybe not. I'm unsure though if the Dragon King would approve or not...father hasn't really told me anything about the royals."
Leonard remained resting. The male opened an eye, the pupil a thin slit. That single gaze settled upon Michael, watching him carefully for several moments. Though Leonard sighed, closing his eye again, leaving him alone.
  Leonard & Seere / Dragoncita / 4y 292d 14m 31s
He raised an eyebrow at the idea of a dragon and a human living together, "How unusual." He murmured, unable to imagine being close enough to one of these dangerous creatures for it to allow a human to ride on its back rather than just try to kill them. Speaking of things that would probably try to kill him, he should probably actually try to change the dressings on the wounds of the other dragon. Fetching actual bandages and gauze he reluctantly moved towards the dragon, carefully using scissors to remove one of the dressings that was already there.
  Michael Walker / Hubris / 4y 293d 14h 8m 44s
Seere cocked his head curiously. He shook his head at the offer of food. The dragon chick's eyes suddenly lit up with excitement. His stuttering he'd gotten over as he spoke.
"Yea...but there's a dragon in the mountains on the farthest borders who actually lives with a human! Mama told me all about them, how they are able to live in harmony! I think it could be done...I even heard the dragon lets the human ride his back!"
  Leonard & Seere / Dragoncita / 4y 295d 3h 38m 2s
He nodded as he listened to the young dragon, "Yes, I don't exactly blame him for that opinion at the moment." He said idly, dislike of humans was only natural really if they had killed so many that he held dear. He looked at the wounded dragon with some concern, but it seemed less than wise to wake him and he had already declined further treatment. "Um do you want food or anything?" He asked after a few seconds, unsure quite how to treat the young dragon it didn't seem quite right to treat him in the same way as a child as he had no idea how old the dragon actually was.
  Michael Walker / Hubris / 4y 297d 11h 54m 37s
The chick shuffled his paws nervously. His tail twitched from side to side as he tried to think of something to say.
"...I-I-I remember mama t-telling me n-n-not all humans are b-bad...though f-f-father thinks differently..."
  Leonard & Seere / Dragoncita / 4y 297d 12h 21m 56s

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