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The world started to come back to her attention. Naomi blinked a few times. This wasn't the path home! What had she done? Unfamiliar with the forest, she wandered deeper inside, and she came across the glowing lake. It was also unfamiliar to her, and she was as hypnotized by its depths as the boy across the lake from her.
And then the boy spoke.
As the words poured out of him, Naomi found herself chilling. The wind and his words raised goosebumps on her skin, and those large brown eyes could barely make out his features in the glow of the moonlight and soul-filled lake.

She gasped when he finished speaking, and the sounds of the hunting dogs could be heard off in the distance.
"The words..." She murmured as the dogs approached faster. Something tickled her memory. The dogs approached, and the boy vanished. That was what had happened ealier that day, and that was hwat was bound to happen again. "The dogs are coming! Run!" She yelled it to the boy instinctively before taking off toward the beasts. The hunting dogs would belong to either he father or her father's friends. They all had hunting dogs, and she had trained them all. They would always find their mistress first.

When the first of the dogs approached, she gave him a simple command, and he staarted to meakly follow. She did that with every dog that found her until she was found by a hunter next.
"Naomi, your father is looking for you," one of the hunters said. "Please come home with us."
Naomi followed as meakly as the dogs now, but she looked back up curiously at the moon. What had the boy been talking about?
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It had gotten dark, and the hunters had went back home since they can't see a rats ass in the dark in these woods. Rei sat at the edge of a beautiful glowing pond. It was so crystal clear you could see everything in it, and it was so bright it could be the moon itself. The most beauty in this area you could reach. The most sacred as well. It was developed when the first 5 tailed fox was born. Becoming a reference as it's soul. After the current fox dies, the pond goes dark until the next soul is born. So Rei had a soul connection with this place. He always felt at ease when he went there.

Every once in a while on a full moon, he could see souls of his great ancestors swimming around there peacefully, waiting to be re-incarnated into whatever god chose them to be. "What a shame..I hope for the best of you all. Don't become something not worth to be apart of this world." He muttered, tracing the water with his index finger, staring into the depths of the beauty. He was in total, and utter oblivion at this moment. It was surely vulnerable, but a soulful moment. It wasn't all the time he could go down there without running into trouble.

Feeling a chilly breeze, Rei shivered, pulling his hoodie closer to him, as well as putting his hood on comfortably. While sitting in a crossing stance, he rested his chin in the palm of his hand, brown eyes glowing admirably. "Why can't life be as serene as this? Nothing can corrupt it..It's happy." He spoke, mainly talking to himself. Living over 100 years, Rei has seen it all. And life isn't as great to him as most people make it. He was bored. And wanted excitement; No, not the running from every damn hunter that he get's caught up with. Something that's fun, not dangerous. Simple, but exciting. He wasn't getting any of that where he was living. Upon generation, and Generation he has never come upon an exciting person. Someone looking for adventure, adrenaline, and excitement.

"What a shame.."
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She had barely spoken to the boy, but he already seemed ready to jump to the defensive. She watched, half amused abd have curious, and finally said, "You're such a bad lair, but it's really funny!"
And then the dogs burst in, and the boy was gone. Naomi shrugged and then looked back at her father. Once spotted, he would look a little angry. "Naomi! What are you doing? You need to be at home preparing for your birthday!" Naomi took her fater's word into account, but spoke first to. The hunting dogs. Her voice went from soft to authoritative as the command slipped past her lips. "Sit." And that is what they did. All growling stopped immediately, and the customers treied to get on with their shopping, already used to the hunters' interruptions.

Naomi finally spoke to her father, and her voice was soft again. "Really? I must have forg- oh! No, I already finished preparing today." Satisfied with her answer, she started to clean up the mess the hunters made.
"Fine! What about the black fox?" His voice sounded exasperated. He wasn't good at communicating with his daughter it seemed. How could he deal with the city girl?

"What fox?" So focused was she on her task that the earlier ruckas of the little black fox had left her mind. She picked up a pile of items that had fallen thanks to the hunters, and started to carefully sorted out. Her memory wasn't too bad, but trying to get her to remember two things at once was often impossible.
Naomi stood up with a section of the pile only to come face to face with her father, who said, "Naomi, are you lying to me?" Naomi shook her head vehemetly and said, "What gain would I have in lying to you?" She kissed her father's cheek and headed toward the storeroom again. She suddenly remembered the fox and ran to tell her father, but he and the other hunters had already left.

After the shop had closed, Naomi was left with her thoughts. She walked and followed the path that led to home with her father... At first. Then she turned onto another path without thinking. This one guided her into the forest, where she had no reason to beM she didn't even notice that she had taken the wrong turn until the sun had completely set, and the world around her was filled with shadow.
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---Totally listening to We come as Romans, August burns red, and Asking Alexandria's mixed and scratched album. Gets me in the mood to write. =w=

Examining the jewelry that caught the boys attention, He blinked and tilted his head in a normal manner while admiring it's beautiful features. I don't understand why someone would wear something so bright, knowing it would get so dirty. He thought, stuffing his hands in his back pockets and letting out an aggravated sigh as he heard the barks more loudly. He hoped they wouldn't sniff him out. It would be so troublesome. Oh well, why not have a little excitement in life? It's better than just sitting around blandly with nothing to do.

"May I help you with something?"

With little imaginary ears perking up as a sign this females settle voice caught Rei's attention, he looked to her with a soft smile. "Oh, no. I'm just looking around is all. I normally don't come around this area, so i'm just checking everything out that's around." He said, rubbing the back of his neck and looking down for a moment. He wasn't real good with communicating, but he tried. It was just making him even more edgy for the fact that the hunters were probably on his trail, and would come in the small building to make a scene. That's never any fun. (i This girl followed me to the back when I ran in here like a maniac. No wonder she's curious. She'll probably ask where the fox went like an idiot.

He needed to get out of there as fast as humanly possible. Letting out a small sigh, he looked up, and over to the door, seeing the dogs. "Do you have a restroom here by chance?" He asked, but turned around to look and spotted it. "Oh, there it is~" He spoke in his Enlightened tone. Soon making his way back there, locking and shutting the door as fast as possible.

Perfect timing. The dogs had busted in the shop while the two hunters started making a fuss. "WHERE'D THE DANG BLASTED THING GO!" One that was ironically the father of this girl. "It was here. The mutts smell em'."

"Shit..Shit..Shit.." Looking around frantically in the bathroom, Rei spotted a window, and quickly scurried out of it in his form, making a B-line back home. He almost tripped a lady on the way, making her screech, which caught the men's attention. "That way!" The other called, that was the others brother. They both ran out of the shop sending the dogs.

Rei was already to far in the woods to be found. Taking a huge sigh of relief as he leaned up against a tree, putting a hand on his chest to calm his breathing. "Now, what made you think staying down there for a long period of time would have you stay safe?" "I don't know..I guess my interest took ahold of me. It gets boring around here, ya' know?" he sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "I wish those hunters would go die in a hole." Rei grumbled, and plopped down.
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Naomi was thought to have very few flaws to her. She had large, soulful eyes, long brown hair that looked soft and shiny, and her face was round and soft. She didn't fit the villagers' opinion of how a young woman her age should act though. Twenty years later, and the only thing that seemed to fill her pretty head was the amount of love she could give to others.
After moving from a very big city, she was a hot comodity for a while. Everyone wanted to know what was happening in the city. Were the fashions so extreme? Did everyone look like her? Why wasn't she married yet?! Naomi had been asked to leave the city to move in with her father for a more important reason though. However, she was yet to discover it.

The young woman was a month away from her twentieth birthday. Her mother, an independant woman who fought tooth and nail to keep her daughter when the parents separated, had allowed her daughter to return to the home village for good this time. After all, her father had made the request so mysterious! It must have been important or amazing or awesome! Or a combination of the three. After all, the man, despite his age, was strong and in amazing shape.
While she waited for the surprise, Naomi refused to sit idle. She had taken up. Several jobs in the small rural setting, surprising everyone again with how adaptable she was, even if she could be a space cadet.

It appeared as though every time someone tried to teach her, it went through one ear and out the other. Her mind could only contain so much information at once it seemed, and while she could quickly learn, she would also quickly forget.
She had proof of such a memory then as a fox sped through the store and into the back. Forgetting she was supposed to be helping a customer, she followed the little thing, but lost site of it easily.
When she turned around to return to her work, she ran into a boy who was gazing at a set of jewelry that glimmered and shined. No matter how natural he appeared to fit in, it was obvious to several others he didn't quite fit. To Naomi, this didn't matter.

The young woman flashed a smile that brightened her normally composed features, and she asked with a sweet, soprano voice, "May I help you with something?"
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Pat pat huff huff pat pat

"It was around here somewhere! Why does it have to be so dark out right now. Gah!"
"Calm down, we'll find that demonic little bastard. Just not tonight."

A few days later..

"Yojo, Yoyo, Mosh, Breakfast is ready!" Chimed a brown haired male with rather excellent cooking skills. As soon as that was spoken, all you could see was three little puffs of hair pushing over each other, and rolling around trying to get to the table. "Gyah! Yojo! That's my seat! Whined Yoyo, while Most was happily stuffing his face. "Alright guys, there's enough for everyone, and every seat is the same, Yoyo." Spoke Rei, picking the fuzzy creature and putting him in a seat while he huffed. "Okay guys, i'm leaving for a bit. Don't get into any trouble with those two idiots again..Alright?" And with that, he left.

It had all been a blur, the night before. Everything had happened so quickly. You see, Rei here was born with a soul of a fox. A 5 tailed fox. The story about these fox souled children was passed on for centuries. Rei had been alive 100 years, but only looked 19 young. That's how he would look for the rest of hi being until killed, or if he stole a humans sole to rid the fox inside of him. "Pff, Who would want to be a stupid human anyways?" he chuckled while looking up at the autumn sky. "Well, Would you want to live a live for only 90 years? Then hope to be reincarnated into a human again?" Floated along his spirit guide. He looked more like a miniature tub that had a face,and that could talk.

Letting out a snort, Rei shook his head. "Why would I want to do such a thing? Starting over every 90 something years? I'd have to learn everything I already know over, and over. It'd get pretty boring if you ask me." He scoffed, flopping down in a pile of leaves. "Mii, The other day. I saw a young female flaunting at her features in a mirror, laughing, and smiling. Why is that?" Looking up to the spirit who smiled softly to the male. "You see, humans have to do things like this. Over time they start to forget things."

Shaking his head, Rei flicked a leave watching it break apart as his fingers impacted it. "Are they that idiotic? I'd never want to have a shell brain like that." "Well, they have no choice to be the way they are. It was how they was born, Rei. Like you." And with that, he vanished.

With a swish, Rei stood and made his way towards the village that lived in the south. He was unable to live there from the hunters that looked for him. But why not drop by for a small visit and get some food? Rei wasn't fully educated in human nature from him isolating himself from them for 100 years, but he learns as much as he can.

Human nature was an interesting topic for him. The reactions, emotions, and feelings they show to others excited him in a way. But he would never want to be one. I can easily get free food this way. Those hunters should be out looking for me about now. He thought, and in a step, he was a dark, 2 foot fox.The villagers were rather friendly towards this form since they never believed in the soul stealing 5 tailed demon fox. Just a legend, eh?

"Oh my! It's you again! Here you go my dear, you look famished." Spoke an old, shaky lady who cared for anything that had 4 paws and fur. With a fox like smile, Rei gladly chewed the meat he was given. Her soul is blue..So vulnerable.. He though with a shake of his head. When a humans soul was blue, it means it can be stolen to create a-new for anyones taking.

In a distance, there was barking. Oh no. They're back. And in a dash, Rei ran into a public store and in a bathroom, changing back into his natural form, hiding his tails that peaked out. Walking out, and looking at the shiny items as if he lived around there. Don't bring any attention to yourself Rei. It'll be bad news.
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