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He was the prodigy son of a gangster, and he was an innocent bystander caught up in it all.

Neither of them could have seen this coming.

The city was generally a fairly peaceful place, with people going about their daily lives and giving what seemed to be no cares in the world. But that's just the surface. The city's underbelly is shrouded in crime, the area being practically ruled by a very notorious gang.

But in recent months the streets had been getting more dangerous, with a rival gang slowly trying to move in.

And this is how they met, by sheer chance.


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Slowly Ethan had managed to gather enough strength to sit on his knees, using the back of his sleeve to wipe blood away from his face. He was honestly quite thankful the boy hadn't really freaked out and instead closed the window, but he was still on edge, blue eyes narrowed as he glanced over.

Slowly he took a breath, mostly to calm his nerves, before answering the boy, choosing his words carefully. " Didn't mean anything by coming here... it was a little bit of a desperate act... um, also they appear to be some gangsters or something." Well, at least that was along the lines of what they had said to him.

He hadn't really been able to keep a straight head when they had been rambling on about his father. Wait, his father!
Quickly he dug a hand into his pocket, searching for his phone, only to be a little dismayed to find that his cell phone was missing.

Biting his bottom lip, he managed to his feet, running a hand through his hair. He needed to think, and from a sudden, loud crash from somewhere on the street he figured that he needed to think fast.

He remembered his father telling him that no one or place was safe when they started sweeping buildings so Ethan turned to the other boy, eyes dead serious. "I'm really sorry for having brought this down on you but do you have a cell phone? If so I need it. Also is there a back exit to this house? If not I'll use a window, but you really need to act like you didn't see me - for both of our sa--"
He had gone to take a step to pace so he could think more clearly, but the moment his foot hit the ground he could feel an awkward twist to it that sent him to the floor on one knee.

And there went his plan on running and phoning his father.

Gritting his teeth loudly, he could feel the stress starting to tug at him again. He didn't mean to get someone else involved, but there was no way he could get away on his own, and he sure as hell wasn't going to let some lowlifes touch him again.

There was another crash in the street, and Ethan sighed in resignation. "Dammit... I really didn't think I hurt my ankle too badly... but it looks like I won't got getting anywhere too fast on my own." He looked apologetically at the boy, but there was also a pleading look to his eyes - something that begged to be helped.
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The clock ticked slowly from its spot above the television. From where he sat in the kitchen, the noise echoed in the silence of the house. Well, not complete silence. He could hear a skirmish outside, as well as some shouting. But that was all white-noise to him. People were always fighting outside his house now. Lately there have been a lot more thugs around and the crime rate has sky rocketed. It's why his mom hasn't been around as much lately, and why he is now currently sitting at the kitchen table, alone and bored. It was the first time in weeks she's been off, and they were going to have a Die Hard movie marathon. But, work called in asking her to check something out. She said it would only take a few hours, but... It was getting late. She might not come back this time.

She'll show up. Maybe if I just wait a little longer...

It was then he noticed it was quiet. Much too quiet for the city he lived in.

Victor sat up from his slouched position, alarmed. He looked over at the open window and listened...

Complete silence.

Definitely odd. There were usually at least some cars, or the couple that lived next door would be going at it. But, maybe he was getting worked up over noth—

Clunk! There was the sound of heavy breathing and then a head appeared in front of his window. Victor watched, stunned, as what appeared to be a boy with red hair clawed his way through the opening. He did not offer any assistance, just continued to watch until the boy finally made it, collapsing on his carpet and desperately trying to catch his breath. Victor poured a glass of juice in the kitchen and stupidly walked over to the boy in the living room. The boy that had just invaded his house.

Yeah. His mother would be so disappointed with how he handled the situation. He probably should have called the cops. But, this was a teenager around his age. How bad could he be?

“I’ve, uh, got some fruit punch.” He blinked, realizing the urgency in the other’s voice, the breathlessness, and the absolute gall he had to break into somebody’s house. Oh. “Are you hiding from somebody?” Please, just let it be an ex-girlfriend or something.

He placed the juice in front of the boy and hurried over to the window, latching it closed and drawing down the shades. A few seconds later he heard voices. Angry voices.

“Where the hell did he go?!”

“I’ma kill that fucker!”

Victor turned to the other boy, wide eyed and gaping. “What the hell did you bring to my house, man?!” He whispered vehemently. He was only fourteen! How was he supposed to deal with thugs?

No, he won’t. There’s nothing to worry about. He needed to calm down. All they had to do was stay quiet and hope they go away.
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He knew this was bad, but still his mind seemed to be constantly reminding him of that, even as he glanced over his shoulder once again. Ethan was sure he could hear the quick foot falls of people behind him, which only made him want to run faster even despite the fact that he was already at his limit.

He panted hard, feet splashing through puddles left over from rain earlier in the day, making his footing a little off and sure enough he tripped, landing hard on his hands and knees. It stung, and he was sure that he'd be bleeding even more than he already was.
But at least he had made it this far - at least he had managed to keep his dignity and escape those stupid thugs with little more than a bloody nose and maybe a heavily bruised abdomen.
It was a little silly really, giving up just because he had fallen over, but he was out of breath and he was sure that he wouldn't be able to catch it before they caught up.

He gulped shakily, trying to steel himself for whatever might await him, but something in the back of his mind told him to get up. He didn't want to die.
Slowly the red head managed to his feet, slowly stumbling towards the side of a building so he could catch his balance.
Maybe he had hit his head when they had jumped him?

"Dammit...!" He cursed loudly, pace picking up again. Why did he ditch his father's escort again? Ethan couldn't even remember why he thought that was any kind of good idea.

Even despite his quicker stumbling he still wasn't getting anywhere fast and his hope was starting to dim. Maybe they would hold him hostage? Maybe they would just beat the crap out of him as a warning? Either way he didn't want to find out, and in almost a desperate flurry his gaze fell upon a first floor open window. Without even thinking he managed to clamber in through it, not even thinking about breaking and entering charges.

He hit the floor with a thud, taking in a few deep breaths before realizing that he wasn't alone. Immediately he looked up weakly, spotting a boy around his age. "Please... you have to help... me..." Ethan was a little surprised at the rasp in his voice, along with how much he was shaking right now. Then again nothing like that had ever happened to him before and he was sure that he was in shock.
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