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"I want to see the world outside..."

For a very long time, Eren Jaeger had been having these strange dreams; the kind that would wake him in the middle of the night and leaving him shivering in fear. He could never actually remember what they were about though; just that they were filled with sadness, suffering and death.

Because of these constant nightmares, his mother Carla, is concerned for him and constantly has him seeing a psychiatrist, and even going as far as holding him back in school so that he's 15 in his first year of high school.

"The only thing we're allowed to do is to believe that we won't regret the choice we made."

This year's students look the same as ever to Levi, but they look the same every year to him. As the English teacher slowly prepares himself for another year of messy hooligans, one thing seems different; a student suddenly passing out in his class.

As bothersome as it is, the event keeps occurring, causing Levi more hassle as he continuously has to take Eren to the nurses office. This progresses for a month before Eren finally speaks in his sleep.


This one word is enough to draw a strange, almost eerie nostalgia, and peeks the teacher's interest enough to start prying into his student's life.

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  • You can be either Levi or Eren, doesn't matter to me cause I can do both.
  • It doesn't have to be romantic at all or anything, I just though it'd be interesting.
  • Please 1000+ characters!
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School had ended and Levi had gone home after that phone call, obviously the mother of Eren was worried about him and the disruption in the class. That doesn’t mean it can be fixed by him being moved to a different class, it might but it was never set in stone. With a sigh he finished his routine at home and waited for the day to end so a new one would start.

The next morning he was up before his alarm and turned it off, he hated the shrill beeping it made but it woke him up if he wasn’t waking up in the first place. Out of bed and double checking the apartment was in order. Everything was clean though he thought maybe he could clean it again that night, just go over everything. But that’s not really what was the first thing on his mind…

At school he was early like most teachers he was in his room looking through a few papers, getting them ready for the class. And then kids started filing in one after another, some came in small groups, others came by themselves. He wasn’t paying attention to more than who they were so he could check them off. It helped to know them by name so he tried, sometimes not hard enough. The bell rang, the door to his room was closed and not more than two/three minutes later was it knocked on.

Levi sighed again and went over to the door, turning the knob and opening the door for Eren, the only one who hadn’t walked in yet that morning. He stepped aside and nodded to the boy’s seat for him to go to without a word then closed the door again and started class. A work sheet was handed out to the class and it was really pretty simple. Basically reading a couple paragraphs put on the paper and answering the 5 questions on the back. Teachers traded worksheets around this was one he was asked to try with his class as a warm up for their day.

So far it didn’t seem as though Eren would pass out, then again the day before he passed out at the last second. Levi walked between the rows of desks and made sure it looked like everyone was understanding the topic, if a question was asked he’d not answer it but give them an idea of how to find it unless it was something like what this word meant…
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Loud shrill buzzing filled what Eren had figured should have been a quiet room and quietly he rolled over, arm reaching out and hitting his alarm clock to turn it off. He didn't want to get up yet; he felt sick and he was sure that he had been some place slimy and gross.

Eren jolted awake, realizing that he had passed out and now it was morning and that was his morning alarm. Quickly he rolled out of bed, jotted down a few things and practically ran through the halls into the kitchen. On the fridge his mother had left a note asking him to eat something if he woke in the middle of the night, and immediately the dark haired boy cursed.

This had never happened before, and even though he had slept for a long time he felt like crap, his head hurting a little and his body feeling tired. Giving a sigh, it couldn't be helped he slowly went back to his room, stretching as he went.
As he entered he glance to his school bag which hadn't been unpacked at all, also meaning he'd probably have to cram doing homework into his lunch period.

Another sigh.
Today would be terrible. With that in mind he quickly got ready, already hearing Mikasa out in the living room finishing her usual morning procedure. By the time he had gotten dressed and picked up his bag he heard Mikasa call for him.

"Eren, are you ready to go?"

"Not yet; you go ahead, I'll probably be a little late." He hated the thought of being late first thing especially after that talk with Rivaille, but it couldn't be helped. He heard the front door click open and then shut as he went back out into the kitchen, finishing getting ready and then leaving, locking up behind him.

As he reached the school he could hear the morning announcements and quickened his pace. Maybe if he was lucky he'd get there just after and wouldn't need a late slip. With luck he made it and took in a deep breath knocking at the door, waiting to be let in.
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School had ended and Levi was grading essays that were handed in from the class before. They were very good, well the ones he’d read so far were good. He sighed leaning back with the next when the phone to his class rang. After the first ring he looked to the phone, the second he sighed, the third he got up and answered it. “Hello?” He said into the speaker.

“There’s a Ms. Jaeger who wants to speak with you about her son.” Eren.

“Alright.” He pushed one of the numbers and then held the phone to his ear again. “Hello, Ms. Jaeger.”

“Hello Mr. Rivaille, I’m sorry about the disturbance in your class due to Eren’s black outs.” She said.

“There really is no problem.”

“I believe it would be best if he is transferred to a different class if it continues.”

“I don’t believe that is necessary. I have spoken with Eren and I have offered a solution. If he is having problems with the class environment I can offer him coming in before or after school to learn what was taught in the class. I think that if that still doesn’t help then switching classes will be a good option. Not the only one.” He said giving that a pause. “He’s a good student and does well. I think punishing him by putting him into a different class is not the best choice for him.”

“Why would that be?”

“All teachers teach differently. And they go through the curriculum at different times, sections differently than others do.” He told her. It would be best if he did stay in the class. Though it wasn’t up to him if the boy was switched to a different class room. And that would mean that he would catch up with them, and go ahead when they got to the parts that Levi’s class had already covered. The mom hadn’t said anything for a bit then he heard a sigh.

“Alright. I guess that will be ok… if it doesn’t help I would like him to transfer to a different class.”

“Understood. Thanks for calling.”


With that the conversation was put to a halt and he sighed going back to his desk. Emotionless still, he felt it was better that none of the students moved to a different class after being in his for the period of time, it would mix them up and stress them out a bit, being thrown into a new situation. Really Eren’s problems with the nightmares and passing out could pose more of a problem, hopefully, somehow he would be able to get it so he didn’t have the problems in class again.
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After Levi walked out, Eren sat there for a while, collecting his thoughts, and really just thinking about the whole mess, but eventually he got up, preferring to get on his way before the nurse came back. Anyways, for now he should just focus on his next classes. AS he entered the hall he was glad to see there were very few students which made it easier to get to his locker without feeling like someone was whispering behind his back.

He didn't bother eating his lunch, figuring that he'd just eat more at dinner, and went straight to class when the bell rang. For the majority of the day he kept himself busy, albeit he felt a lot more tired than usual, but he was somehow expecting that. The only time he really got to think of the matter was in his science class while the Ms. Zoe rambled on about their current topic. But as Eren thought more about it, the more hazed his mind got, after noting this down he turned his attention back to class.

Soon the home bell chimed and after gathering his stuff, he waited outside for Mikasa to meet up with him so they could walk home like usual.
Though as they got through the door his mother was right there, stern look on her face.

"Eren." Cringing a little at her harsh tone he couldn't help but already feel a little annoyed. It was the same thing every day now and he was really getting sick of hearing it. Always with 'you need to try harder', or 'get more sleep' or--

"If this keeps up I'm going to have you transferred to a different classroom."
Blinking a few times, Eren wondered why she was being so drastic all of a sudden. But Carla continued on, not even giving him time to really think. "It's probably the environment that classroom or the students have, so give it another week and if things don't change I'm sure there's another class that you can take English in."

He wasn't sure why, but this bothered him a little too much, and it made him flush angrily. "But why? I'm not failing or anything!"
His mother frowned and pulled his ear. "I'm thinking about your health, now go do your homework - I was told that you missed a class and I'm sure you have to catch up."

Eren wanted to argue back more, but with her tone of voice he was sure that there was no room for compromising, opting instead to start down the hall to his room.

"I'm going to be phoning your teacher and letting him know!"

He could hear her voice call out as he entered his room, setting down his bag. He plopped down on his bed, with a heavy sigh. This was such a bother, especially when he felt so tired. Maybe if he just closed his eyes for a few moments....
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It would be smart, even if it was difficult, to try and remember whatever happened with the dreams that he had occurred so far and that, according to Eren, will occur again and more often. Whatever it was that was coming through the boy and making it so he passed out, and had those dreams he mentioned, it was interfering with his daily life. As a teacher he knew he had to make sure his students could learn to the best of their abilities. Looking up at his name, his eyes watched the boy as he spoke. Levi nodded. “Alright.” With that he let his eyes hold Eren’s a bit longer before turning to the door. “When you are feeling less sick, you should return to class.” He gave the boy a last look over his shoulder as he left the room and headed back to his class room.

Though the class wasn’t coming for another 10 to 15 minutes, he wouldn’t bother going and getting something with the time he had left. But he didn’t feel like going through the papers collected from the class in the morning and the ones from the day before. He merely sighed and leaned back in his chair. It was never really something he had to deal with before. He’d dealt with people who didn’t want to learn, people who didn’t want to do the work, and people with family issues where their parents were divorcing or a death came into play. But dreams or nightmares getting in the way with their sleeping and passing out in class was not what he was used to in his class.

With a sigh he hadn’t realized how much time had passed but the bell rang in the middle of his thought process about how that boy could know the term Heichou, if he knew more terms like that, if there was something about his family that would have made him know that. Though soon enough his class was already sitting and when the bell for the class to begin rang he began to teach the lesson he had taught that morning. He did the same lesson for both classes that were in the first half of the day. In the second half of the day he taught a different class that was given as an option to the school. But the class was a bit strange you could say. It was a mix between multiple languages, history and writing. It was definitely an interesting topic and such. And that’s how he knew what Heichou meant. One of his students had told him a bunch of military titles in lots of different languages.

Though that didn’t explain why he knew it unless it was in his dream somehow. No doubt in his mind it would be interesting to talk to Eren later on about these sort of occurrences. But if you just looked at him, you wouldn’t be able to tell if he had even thought about it. His expression stayed emotionless the entire time.
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Keep track of his nightmares...?
He wondered if that was possible, given that he actually never remembered any events that happened in them, having only ever woken up with trace emotions. But maybe if he focused more it'd help, because most of the time he tried to push all of it aside rather than trying to figure out what his nightmares were about.

Slowly Eren nodded, his mind already wandering to the emotions he had often woke with. "It will be difficult, but I'll try." He felt very wiped out, like the conversation had taken a lot out of him so he didn't bother trying to move at all. He wondered if he should just call his mother and go home for the day, considering that he was still feeling like crap.

Then again she'd probably just pester him about missing school, which would probably just make things worse. As it was she was already fretting about his missing class so often. Then again it was only the one class that he missed constantly, which brought the dark haired boy back to wondering about the whole mess.

Now that he thought about it, he'd probably have to go get a spare notebook, and maybe even discussing it more thoroughly might help, although Eren wasn't sure who he could openly discuss this with. Because as much as he cared for his parents they we a little too push, and he was sure that if he told his best friend Armin he'd just be freaked out about it. Well, he could always tell his adopted sister Mikasa, but she did slip some stuff to his parents every once in a while. Maybe...

Slowly he glanced over to Levi, wondering if it'd be alright to talk to him about it more eventually. Then again he probably didn't want to deal with this mess more than he had to. But maybe heichou would...

Shaking his head furiously Eren gritted his teeth. Dammit, there he went with that heichou thing again! It was infuriating to have some piece of vocabulary that he wasn't sure how he knew pop into his head like that.
But it made sense.

As Eren calmed down he pondered. Knowing the meaning and thinking that he had used the term with Rivaile, it seemed to be fitting, in a strange way. "Mr. Rivaille, after I have some time to think, I think I'll want to talk about this more." He was almost positive now that Levi was connected; it was just a strange feeling in his gut that he couldn't shake.
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The boy was still overly pale to be safe to send back to class yet. And for some reason he had a feeling, in the back of his mind that they might be subconsciously related to one another. But if there was really no reason for them to occur then it wouldn’t hurt to have someone guess or at least look through the family history to see if this had happened before. He wouldn’t want to delve into any of his students lives, but this situation it might be because of lack of sleep. If it was, case closed he needed to try and rest easier. If it was because of something else, then they might need to try something else.

He nodded at the first explanation. If nothing like this had happened before, what would concur it to start happening now. And concur may not be the right word to use as it meant to agree but his mind and body had to agree or it would just cause a painful headache. But a word with concur, or a similar word was concurrent. And two things happening at the same time, Eren passing out, in his class. Two events, class and the black outs, at the same time and only at the same time.

It wasn’t normal to say the least, he had never had a kid pass out in his class before. It was likely it wasn’t connected but at the same possibility, everything can be a possibility, no matter how crazy it sounded. And once the words were out of the boys mouth, Levi sighed and leaned back into the chair again crossing his arms. He may be short but he had a strong personality and physical stature that made up for… some of the height difference. Just think about it, he had carried Eren to the nurses everyday so far and that wasn’t easy especially since he was dead weight when he was out like a light.

It seemed he got an idea but from the curse that left his mouth, it seemed that he could hardly believe it. “Difficult or not, you need to think about these slow, every idea can turn out as a possibility. So if you have a reason that these black outs are occurring it would be smart to share with someone, whether it be your parents, the nurse or myself. It would be good to keep track of what happens in your nightmares as well.” He told him. And after waiting to hear a response for a few minutes he stood and moved the chair back against the wall where he had gotten it. Then paused watching the boy from where he stood near the wall.
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"The reason..." Eren frowned, thinking long and hard about this. Surely it wasn't just sheer coincidence that it was only in Levi's class, but there was really no way to prove such a thing. But unable to really come up with a good reasoning, he could only shake his head slowly. " I really wouldn't be able to tell you why it's only in your class. Actually I wouldn't be able to tell you why I'm passing out at all - nothing like this has happened until I started this year of school."

Although now that he thought about it his dreams had been getting worse lately. Usually he'd be able to sleep through the night but within the past month he had found himself waking up only to wander groggily through the house to confirm that everyone was there, sleeping and fine. It was almost like he was worried that his mother and father were going to disappear somewhere.
It kind of worried Eren that the nightmares were getting so bad that he was almost confusing them with reality, even if just a little.

Slowly he sighed, shaking his head. It was getting to be difficult to think and he wanted to avoid another black out, so he paced his wording. "I do think that it's connected though.... the nightmares and fainting I mean." He just wasn't sure what, and maybe, just maybe if he could actually remember something from his nightmares it'd help him understand the situation better.

"Either way I don't think it'll quit anytime soon." It was a little embarrassing to say, but even just sitting there and talking to Rivaille now made him feel dizzy, Wait, so it wasn't the class and it was Levi himself? Would that be too weird to say out loud?

Eren ruffled his hair in frustration, annoyed that he couldn't wrap his head around the whole mess, but then again he was sure once his mind wasn't so hazy he'd be able to think better. "Dammit, why is this so difficult?"
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Nodding lightly thinking it over. The boy had looked like he had been dreaming. Though normally when you pass out, you don’t think of anything or dream of anything. He looked back to the boy, still his expression unchanged but interest passed through his eyes, almost as if the fact he didn’t know made it even more curious. Obviously it didn’t do them any good to just sit around and guess at the answer. So, with arms still crossed, Levi told him. “Heichou means Lance Corporal in Japanese. It interests me because you called me that and said it when you first passed out.” He watched for a reaction. In all honesty, he didn’t expect an answer for that.

“According to the nurse, you have only passed out in my class.” He informed him though he knew the boy already knew that most likely. “Do you know any reason you might only black out in my class?” He asked as one of the first questions he had. That was the main reason he had come in. If there was something specific about his class that caused the boy to pass out like that he would want to know. Then he leaned forward on his knees again. “Does it have something to do with your dreams that you do?” He asked more in a whisper. His eyes stayed on Eren’s even if the boy wasn’t looking at him.

Whatever it was that was causing him to have issues in the class was a bit annoying and at the same time very strange. And he would rather not, have a student continually pass out, for one it was bad for their health, on the other hand, it was taking up his time and making the whole class stop while he took the boy to the nurse. Really, it was more the fact he could really hurt himself. Eren seemed like a strong kid, if he had dealt with these for long periods of time, then that might be why he seemed so tough, but with the dreams came the fact it would eventually hinder his sleeping patterns. Not Levi was just thinking while he waited for the answer to his two questions, if they came at all.

The nurse was still out of the room and most likely at her lunch shift, the bell would ring for Eren’s lunch period in twenty minutes about but that gave Levi enough time to figure out if there was anyway to put a stop to his faintness in the classroom. Even if it had to be that he was taught separate from the rest of the class after school or before, he would rather not have a student fail, but that was only going to be their fault, not Mr. Rivaille’s. The only time he’d offer something like that was if the student was having issues such as Eren was through this week.

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Shaking his head slowly and glancing down at his hands as they rested in his lap, Eren tried to think. The word was so familiar from somewhere and yet he couldn't quite grasp what it meant and why it seemed so important, though he was almost positive that it was connected to his nightmares in some way or another.

" I don't know... but..." He frowned a little, hesitating. He was a little unsure if it would be alright to tell Rivaille about his strange despair filled dreams, then again what was the worse that could happen? "I'm sure that it has something to do with my strange nightmares." To be perfectly honest his physiatrist had classed it simply as dream anxiety disorder, but he really didn't believe that, and it kind of sounded weird now that he was talking about it.

He turned his gaze back to Levi, a slight glum look on his face. "It probably sounds really strange..." He probably sounded crazy, but this was the only way Eren could really describe it. He gave a sigh, shaking his head and realizing that he still was feeling a little light headed, which was rather strange because usually he was fine when he got up.

Maybe... could that be because of Rivaille?
The thought was a little absurd, even to him, but he wasn't going to strike it off as a possibility yet. That's when the dark haired boy wondered what had him asking all of these questions anyways. Sure he could be just curious, given the amount of times that this event had occurred, but for some reason Eren doubted that.

"If you don't mind me asking, but why are you so interested about me saying Heichou? Do you know what it means or something?" He really wanted to know actually, because then maybe this would solve some of the questions he had about his dreams or about his passing out.

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It had been a while before the boy finally seemed to be regaining control of himself. He looked pale. A ghostly color. Levi had been sitting in the chair watching him curiously but didn’t make a move to say anything or do anything when the boy raised a hand to his eyes. When their eyes met for a minute, he could tell the boy was immediately intimidated. Hearing the apology he stood up and moved the chair closer to the bed, he didn’t need the nurse being the one to listen into conversations across the room but after seeing the boy was awake, the woman left the room to go and do something, whatever that was.

Then that word again. Heichou. What it meant he would need to find or but it was something like boss, or someone higher up. He guessed that at least. Waving off the black outs he watched the boy still, his expression emotionless.

“No one means to have black outs unless they are trying to sleep.” He said flatly. It was true. Some people couldn’t control the times they passed out.

“You’ve said that before.” Levi leaned on his knees, they were still a distance from each other but the word was strange.

“When you first passed out, you said that as well. Heichou. Do you know what it means?” He asked.

Then it clicked. Heichou, it meant Lance Corporal in Japanese. But why would Eren know that. What would make him call his English teacher that. As far as Rivaille knew, he was just a teacher unless the boy had some link to somewhere. After waiting for an answer but not getting one he sat back in his chair again. This whole thing had interested Levi, even though he wasn’t sure he would admit it but the boy had perked his interest. Heichou, passing out everyday in class, then, calling Mr. Rivaille lance corporal in a different language.

There was something strange about this boy, and though it wasn’t much of his concern, it would end up being just that. Something coming along and perking his interest was not something that happened to often, this time he’d take advantage of it, maybe get some answers to what was going on. Maybe even find out why the taller boy seemed shaky some days, and fine others. He had seen him in the hallways, some days worried some days fine. Though it was never in an exact pattern of how it happened…
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Usually when Eren passed out he didn't have his nightmares - it was usually the only kind of calm sleep he ever got, but this time his body twitched and shivered as dark images flashed through his mind. His dream this time was quite vivid, and by the time he had awoken he felt sick to his stomach.

Slowly the dark haired boy tried to gain his bearings, his body shaking as fragments of the dream still stay in his head, soon coming to realize that yes, he recognized the ceiling. With that in mind he slowly relaxed, now aware at the slight pools in the corner of his eyes. He reached a hand up to rub at his eyes, sitting up, albeit a little shakily.

"Dammit..." He muttered to himself. At this rate his mother was sure to pull him out of school in fear that it was too much for him, and Eren really didn't want that. He really just wanted to be normal.
Shaking his head, Eren noticed Rivaille and practically froze. This was bad; he was sure of it. He had never spoken to the English teacher one on one and he immediately felt intimidated.

Opening his mouth to speak, a snippet of his nightmare came to the front of his mind, making him close his mouth and frown a little. Why was he thinking of that now? He forced himself to think past that eerie image, taking in a quick breath.

"I'm sorry."
Eren wasn't even really sure what he was apologizing for, but he almost felt like he had needed to say it for a while, which was something he really couldn't understand.
Still he suspected that Rivaille would want to speak to him about his constant fainting, and the boy silently hoped that he wouldn't be reprimanded, because he really couldn't help it.

"Heichou, I--" He moved a hand up to his mouth, stopping the rest of his apology, confused at himself. What had he just said? Heck, what did that even mean? Eren was thoroughly confused, nothing like this ever happening to him before. Was it a piece of his nightmares? Probably, but that still didn't help him understand anything. "I mean, Mr. Rivaille, I really haven't been meaning to black out in class..."
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Normally mornings were pretty easy to deal with, Levi got up, walked around, did his normal routine. It was pretty simple. His apartment was clean as it could possibly be; he hated thinking that it could get filthy. It was a habit he had since he was a child so it wasn’t like he could break the thoughts and such easily. Driving to the school, parking in the lot behind it where the teachers had their own lot. Some of the students could drive and it was annoying when the teachers lot was out front that sometimes the teachers wouldn’t have their spaces. And though today was like any other, it looked so much different.

He figured out why getting into the school building. Walking in he looked over the class, it was a fairly large class but that was beside the point. Scanning over them a moment with an emotionless expression he took his place in front of the chalk board and began to give the assignments for that day. He walked around then to make sure that everyone understood it though most of the time he let them do it themselves. For a moment he wondered what some of the students were looking at. He followed their eyes to one of the students who’s head was down and his body was limp. Levi walked over and tapped the boy to wake him up but he didn’t wake up…

That was something that annoyed him, before he sighed and turned to the class scanning it for a minute.

With that he left one of the straight A students in charge of making sure the class didn’t go out of line as he picked the boy up, out of his desk then carried him to the nurse’s office. He was stronger than most people thought because he was thin and though he hated to admit it, he wasn’t all too tall either. Leaving him in capable hands with the nurse he headed back to his class and continued the lesson, making a sheet with what had been done after he passed out for Eren to work on to catch up.

He had pretty much the same routine every day for the next couple days. Repeating his trip to the nurse with the boy, making a packet when he got back. Annoyed slightly to have to stop class to take him out of the room and to the nurse.

Though on one of the last day, the boy looked determined. Of course some of the students were gossiping about how he passed out in Mr. Rivaille’s class and Mr. Rivaille’s class only. It was a curious thing but at the same time, that sort of bugged him. At first he had thought that it was just him falling asleep but in the end of that class, the boy stood up then fell to the ground as if his knees just gave out. Of course as the teacher he scattered the students and made sure the young man was ok before helping him up to a sitting position at least.

Heichou… What? Levi stared at him for a minute, nothing showed on his face though this happening every day was annoying to a degree but he hadn’t’ said anything before when he passed out now he was mumbling inaudible things and Heichou. He shook it off for the moment and got the boy to the nurse’s office.

This time, he didn’t have a class right after so he sat there and waited for him to wake up. Maybe answer a couple questions about why he continually passed out and if it had happened before this period in time where it was only in his class. Of course at the same time he wanted to know what he meant when he said Heichou. Was he dreaming about something now? By the way he had twitched when he hit the ground and had his eyes moving behind his eye lids he wouldn’t put it past him for dreaming about something with a pass out scene like that. Whatever it was it wasn’t exactly good.

“Mr. Rivaille. You can head back to your class I can handle things here.” The English teacher shook his head.

“No I have a few things to ask him. Though…” He turned to the woman working as the nurse here. “Has he passed out in any other classes.”

“No I don’t believe so. You’re the only one who’s brought him in.” She said after a pause.

“Oh?” With that he went and sat in one of the chairs placed with their back against the wall. Crossing one leg over the other he crossed his arms as well, as he waited for the boy before him to wake up…
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There was always one thing he remembered when he woke up, and that was this terrible boiling hate feeling in his gut. Of course Eren was never sure why he awoke like that, but it was really tiring. For once he would have liked to have a good night's sleep without wanting to scream when he first opened his eyes.

It was something he had learned to live with, and also something that he hadn't really spoken about to anyone except his family and closest friends, opting to keep it a secret from anyone else. Had he not then he probably would have been teased for it all through school.

As far as Eren had ever known these pesky nightmares had been his only problem, his days usually passing with no worries, albeit he felt tired most of the time, so it was more than a surprise on his first day of high school.

Perhaps he should have been a little more cautious when he started feeling a little faint after receiving his class schedule, but he had passed it on as nothing but start of the year excitement. He had gone to his homeroom class like any other student, a but there was a strange nostalgia in his gut, and immediately he felt off.

The first half an hour was fine, and he even didn't mind his teacher, Mr. Rivaille. But slowly as the class progressed he realized that he was feeling more and more dizzy, and just as he was about to ask to go to the nurse's office he blacked out in his seat, waking a fair bit later in the office.

Of course it had been embarrassing and it took him the whole night to convince his mother he was fine after she had heard about it, and he was able to go back the next day.

Only to have a repeat that day and the next, and the day after that.

It was aggravating, and soon other students would constantly mock him by asking if he was going to faint any time soon. But it was strange because it only ever happened in his homeroom class, and each time he'd be able to continue the day after waking up in the nurses.

Some days, if he laid his head on his desk and took a bit he would barely be able to get through the class, but he was sure that Mr. Rivaille was annoyed when he did that. Then again, Eren was sure that he was constantly annoyed with his fainting.

So this day he wouldn't!

Eren had arrived at school, determination written on his face. This day would make one month since starting high school and he didn't want to embarrass himself again, or anymore for that matter.

Making it through the halls the dark haired boy stopped at his locker quickly before heading it to class, the usual gossiping reaching his ears the moment he entered. Most of the time students would make bets on how long he'd last before blacking out, but he'd prove them wrong.

Taking his usual seat near the door, he clenched his hands on his desk. He was fine at the moment, but it seemed that it was only really when Rivaille was present he started to feel like he was going to pass out. That factor perhaps should have seemed out of place to him, but really Eren didn't even wonder why constantly fainted.

As the bell rang and class started he was sure he was off to a good start, just focusing on his work, but the slow ebbs of darkness soon began to tug at the corners of his mind, and even as he tried to shake it off.
So certain that he was going to get through without making himself look weak he didn't even realize the sudden faintness until it was too late. The bell hag rung signalling the end of class and he was rather happy that he had gotten through, that the moment he stood, his legs collapsed from underneath him and he was out like a light.

Usually when he fainted it was fairly silent, but as his body hit the ground he twitched a little, and after a fair amount of time he whispered a few things, most of them inaudible, but one strange word reached it's way to his lips. "Heichou..."
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