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It was one of those silly little back water towns that was just an hour or so away from a city, so there were constantly trips of teens coming and going to go bar hopping, and generally everyone in town knew; there really were no secrets.

So it was only natural that when the moving trucks arrived the new spread like wild fire and even before the family had gotten settled neighbors knew that the family would have a member going to the close by high school.

This seems fine at first, right? Well there's that one kid - the one that upon meeting, the new kid is told to stay as far away from as possible.

But rumors are rumors after all.


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He should have backed down and just forgot about the new kid, but really could he?
Kansas was really trying to convince himself to let everything be - to let it all fall into place when it usually did, but it was really bothering him.

Silently he waited as everyone left the room, maybe except for a few stragglers and the teacher before he walked up, passing Kaiden with a small bump of their shoulders, which would give him a good enough excuse to stop for a moment.

Turning ever so slightly, Kansas spoke, his words barely a hiss. "Oi, sorry for earlier, but it really is best if you don't get caught with me." He glanced over at a few students who had stopped to look over, shrugging a little before moving on, the straggling students moving out of the way to let him out of the room, a few mumbles escaping a few of them.

One of them actually went over to Kaiden, a worried look on his face as he pushed up his glasses. "Whoa, that guy didn't just threaten you did he? 'Cause he bumped you!" The student went on to mumble something about delinquents under his breath as he shook his head. "Listen, if he give you any trouble just tell me, 'right? My dad is a cop and I'm sure that Kansas has enough against him to be arrested!"
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Kaiden's attention was half on the class, and half on looking around at all the new faced. He hated starting a new school but he really didn't have any choice. And as odd as it seemed, though everyone was being overly nice and welcoming, offering to show him around, to help him catch up on what he'd missed, or even wanting to hang out outside of school, he was feeling that it was all a little... false. a little bit plastic, and forced. He didn't like it. The only person who had seemed pretty genuine was the guy who had then blanked him in the hall, and he had now been told was 'bad news'. Maybe he wasn't as good at reading people as he used to be.

He sighed and doodled slightly while the class stretched on, and he looked forward to lunch so he could just get a chance to look around on his own, and try to avoid being hounded by all the girls who seemed to be salivating over the prospect of fresh meat on the boy front. He brushed his fingers through his hair and when the bell rang he stood from his seat to leave.
  Kaiden Francis / absynth / 7y 96d 6h 8s
Maybe some small part of him wanted this all to change; maybe that was why he was feeling so down on himself? The thought almost made Kansas scoff at himself. What difference should one new kid make?

He sighed to himself, not even really paying attention when class started. He just sat there staring blankly up at the front, which was a little unusual for him because he really did usually do his best in class. But really why bother when a lot of people expected him to be terrible at this sort of thing.

Slowly the class seemed to take forever and when the bell rang, he took his time gathering his stuff. He really just didn't want to put up with today - he really just wanted to take a break and maybe get his bearings on everything. Not that he had the time to really, and it really sucked.

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Kaiden glanced over his shoulder as he was led in the opposite direction. He Couldn't quite believe the guy he had met in the street, who was so apologetic and polite, was bad news. But then again, he couldn't explain why Kansas had blanked him so utterly in the corridor. He sighed and moved to the first class room and thanked Marie, saying he could find his way around now. He had the map now so he'd be okay.

He handed the paperwork to their form tutor before moving to take a seat in the middle of the room, chatting to some of the other students who were all eager to know where he was from. But they all fell quiet when the other male entered the room, and Kaidn looked at him before looking down at the paperwork on the desk, running his fingers through his hair as Kansas just passed him to go to the back of the class. And conversation only resumed once he was sitting.
  Kaiden Francis / absynth / 7y 101d 10h 44m 11s
It wasn't difficult to hear Marie's loud voice through the halls, especially when Kansas was moving so slow, just so he could specifically listen in. He felt a little bad, eavesdropping like he was, but he really was worried.

Ah. There it was. That sharp little throb of embarrassment when he heard the girl's first tip. It kind of hurt now that he really thought about it.
Still, it was something that couldn't be helped. He stopped briefly at his locker before sluggishly making his way towards class, entering the small room silently like usual. He could feel the eyes on him, but he wasn't paying attention to the staring students. What he did see though was Kaiden, and he almost cursed aloud. He had no idea that they'd be sharing a homeroom class, which only made things a little more awkward.

Trying to play off his shock, he tore his eyes away and moved to his usual desk in the back corner of the room, sitting and just listening to the chatter as most when back to whatever they were talking about before the teacher could arrive and interrupt.
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Kaiden looked around the corridor, checking his map of the class rooms so he could find where he needed to be. But for a small school, it was bloody confusing. He looked around and sighed, getting jostled about by the other students who were focused on getting to class in time. He looked up with a smile, and saw Kansas stop ahead of him. He'd seen him. He smiled brightly and moved to step closer to him, but when The blond didn't even make eye contact as he passed, kaiden's smile fell. Well. So much for having found a friend for the new school.

A girl cam up behind him and touched his shoulder. "Hi, you must be Kaiden, the new boy, I'm Marie, the student welcome comitty. I'm here to show you around,and tell you the best ways to cope at this school. Come on, let me show you around." she glanced at Kansas and turned away quickly. "First tip of coping here. Stay away from Kansas Miller. He's bad news." she said in a low tone as she started leading him away and towards his first class, giving him more tips about the school.
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Kansas had gotten home later than he had expected, having to have dealt with a late night rush before he could clean up and go home, pretty much passing out the moment his head hit the pillow.

When he woke up he realized that his alarm was going off and groggily he shut it off, laying for a moment longer before getting up to shower and dress, wearing just a long sleeve rolled up along with jeans. Not bothering to eat, he grabbed his bag and left the house, locking up as he went out and headed towards the school.

It didn't take him long to get there, and as per usual, students would weave around him, giving him a fair bit of distance. But the blonde was used to this treatment and gave it little mind. Until he spotted Kaiden at least.

Stopping dead he sucked in a sharp breath, immediately diverging his gaze somewhere else. If the regular student body thought they had a connection then life would be hell for him. Knowing that did kind of sting, but Kansas gave a soft 'tch', tightened his grip on his school bag and pressed onward, passing the other boy like he hadn't even seen him.

Of course he felt bad, but it was really for the best.
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Kaiden looked out the window watching the rain start pelting down. He sighed and rolled off the bed, standing and moving back to the bathroom and having a hot shower before getting ready for school. After all, it was Sunday night, and he needed to get ready for school if he was going to get there in time in the morning. He was never good at waking up in the morning.

Though he hoped he would see Kansas at school the next day, since he was the only boy he'd met here. He curled up in bed and drifted to sleep, glad that it was at least warm. He woke to his alarm and sighed, feeling groggy and miserable. He was not looking forward to school today. He woke and stretched, pulling on a comfortable t-shirt and cardigan since that was his prefered thing to wear instead of hoodies, and a light pair of jeans. He grabbed his bike out of the shed and rode to the school, running his fingers through his hair as he locked it up. He looked around at the small building, and sighed. This was depressing.
  Kaiden Francis / absynth / 7y 104d 4h 5m 14s
Kansas really hadn't wanted to walk away; he had been enjoying the conversation, even despite not knowing Kaidence. But he really didn't want to ruin the boy's reputation before he could even start attending school.
He sighed, quickly pulling at his bangs a little, only to get distracted by the few drops of rain he felt.

The blonde rolled his eyes, quickening his pace. It looked like he'd end up getting soaked before work. Again. Not that it mattered too much; he did have a uniform to change into, but his hair would be soaked and that would be troublesome.

It didn't take long for the sky to open up, drenching Kansas long before he got to his destination, which he was thankful to reach. The small little diner had that retro 80's feel to it, quite predictable of a small town, but it was the only one in town that stayed open late enough for him to get any decent hours at.

But because of the rain it would make for a very slow shift, one which the tall blonde really wasn't looking forward to.

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Kaiden nodded slightly. He knew the school was small, he had already gone in to get enrolled. "Yeah, I enrolled on Wednesday." He shrugged and ran his fingers through his hair. "So I start monday now." he shrugged and sighed.

He nodded. "Yeah, I've noticed that." he hummed when he brought up the speed of which information spread around this town. "I swear by the time we actually unpacked the entire neighbourhood already knew everything about me and my family. It's not something that I like." he sighed heavily. He was just going to have to deal with it, since they weren't going to be moving again until at least he finished school.

He noticed the car driving past, and how the other teenager's behaviour changed almost immediately, and he watched him walk away. He sighed heavily and ran his fingers through his hair as he started walking back towards the new house, and he let himself in, moving up to his room to check if his internet was working yet. He just wanted to get in contact with his old friends, so that he didn't feel so alone.
  Kaiden Francis / absynth / 7y 104d 8h 29m 3s
A whole week?
Wow, maybe he should really start paying more attention... maybe. Either way Kansas just gave a small shrug, and tucked his hands into his pockets. "Yeah, I do. It's a pretty small school though... Eh, maybe if your lucky you won't end up seeing the whole thing on your first day, presuming that you'll be attending."
Sure he didn't sound too enthusiastic, but it was really a nice enough place, though the blonde found it a little strange that anyone would move to this small town when they had someone in their teens.

Because really, the town had nothing.

"Eh, you might want to be a little careful though; once something gets said in this town it gets around quick." He almost rolled his eyes, knowing all too well about this, still it was best to give the guy a warning. Though he doubted that anything bad would happen; generally the townsfolk were really nice, especially to newcomers.

Scratching the back of his neck, Kansas opened his mouth to say more, but stopped, noticing a car slowly passing by, the driver and passenger eyeing him wearily. It was enough to make him sigh, a little distraught. "Well, good luck on your first day, alright?" He muttered this quietly as he moved passed Kaiden, keeping his gaze on the vehicle.
With his luck they'd probably say that he was trying to mug the kid.
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Kaiden raised an eyebrow at the other's apparent shock. He was almost ready to ask what he was staring at when the other teenager finally spoke. And the words weren't exactly much better than the staring, and he had to fight back the need to roll his eyes. He thought everyone in the town already knew that, you know, along with his date of birth, where he grew up and the name of his first dog, judging by the way that all the neighbours spoke to them.

"Yeah. Almost a week ago now." he nodded, deciding it was best to be polite considering this guy was someone he'd probably be at school with. He glanced at the hand, then shook it carefully. "Kaiden Francis." he said, tough he figured he already knew. "... do you go to the school here?" he asked. honestly, he was torn between being excited about school - to get out the house - and dreading it - because, well, it was starting a new school.
  Kaiden Francis / absynth / 7y 105d 9h 56m 30s
Kansas had been expecting the usual glare, scoff and shy away so it was a change when he was actually met with a voice. And it belonged to someone he didn't even recognize to boot, which was a complete shocker. For a moment the blonde stood motionless, head turning to the side a little as his mind slowly pieced together what little facts he had.

"Correct me if I'm wrong, but you didn't just happen to move into the neighborhood, did you?" He was probably right but it was a little surprising that there would be someone around his age moving into town, given that it was definitely a strange place to let a teenager finish their last years of high school.

Nearly shaking his head, the blonde supposed that it was alright if he was the last to find out about this kind of thing, considering that he didn't care all too much, still he stretched out a hand in greeting. "I'm Kansas Miller by the way."
Perhaps maybe he was being a little too forward, but subtlety was never a strong point for him.

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Kaiden hadn't been to big on the idea of moving to a small town. It's not like he was used to the city, but at least in the town he had lived in before, everyone had their privacy, and the neighbours only knew what you wanted them to know. Here it seemed a bit different.

Within the first two days, the whole street seemed to know everything about them, and he hated it. What happened to privacy here? Did it just miss this town?

The teen had te escape the new house for a bit, it was a little smaller than their old home, and he wasn't comfortable in it yet. He was almost eager to start school so he could socialise and get out without just wondering around the streets in boredom.

He pulled his hoody tighter around him as he glanced up at the sky, certain that he had felt a drop of water, though it might have been his imagination. Either way, the weather here sucked. Maybe the next weekend he would try and go see the city, see what it had to offer.

He was considering heading home, when he was almost knocked to the floor when someone collided with his back, and he turned quickly. The guy seemed to be around his age, though he smelt a bit like cigarette smoke. Kaiden would never touch a cigarette. "It's okay." he commented, brushing himself off.
  Kaiden Francis / absynth / 7y 105d 10h 27m 29s
This town sucks; the city is so much better.

That was one thing that was often said, so when there wasn't the usually teenage rabble of how much they wanted to escape, he could only suspect something was different in town that day. Then again there had been different rumors going around and the blonde just hadn't paid any attention. But really, why should he? Usually it was just all the same stuff anyways.

He took another quick drag off of his cigarette and blew a quick puff of smoke up towards the overcast sky. Was it going to rain? He wondered this mildly as he fixed the strap of his bag on his shoulder. If it did, he didn't have an umbrella with him...

He sighed just a little, flicking his cigarette to the ground and stepping on it on the way past. If he got soaked it'd be troublesome, especially since he had to work in the evening.
So lost in this thought Kansas barely noticed the house that had been for sale for what seemed like forever now had the sign taken down and seemed to be lived in. When he did notice, he stopped and stared for a second, a little shocked that he had actually missed this little piece of information. "Huh."
With this in mind he wondered if he'd ever see the new owners around.

Sure it was unlikely, but it wouldn't hurt to see a new face around. Then again...
Another sigh escaped him as he turned a corner, quick pace propelling him right into someone's back. He stopped and blinked a few moments before realizing he had ran right into someone, nearly gushing an apology in near embarrassment. "Sorry, I didn't see you there."
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