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Hello friends! I was away from ES for a while, but I'm back and looking for some rp partners. I have a few ideas, but not too many - it mostly depends on who I end up using so I suppose that this is a 'pick your partner' sort of thing for you guys.
Just for note I'm looking for someone who can post
1000+, and generally I only rp as male characters.
My main genres are Yaoi, School, Supernatural, Crime, and
occasionally neko stuff.
Characters to choose from, including a brief overlook of their personalities:

Liam Sorrell

Liam is a third year jock, constantly hitting on girls and over all just making a lit of problems for those more quiet types, not that he tries to or anything. It's just one of those things that happens because he doesn't usually think before talking, which usually ends him in a lot of trouble. Often times he's excused because of his amazing sports record, which only makes him more cocky. He does have one major problem though - he can't swim and constantly suffers nightmares of drowning.

Best suited for: School, romance, yaoi

Anthony R. Glemly

Vice president of student council and a straight A student, Anthony is a shy but creative boy. He's usually very determined, despite constant bullying.

Best suited for: Romance, school, yaoi.

Kansas Miller

Kansas is a nice guy, really. He's just a little misunderstood.
Or that's what his friends would say.... if he had any. He's one of those people that sits off in the corner looking intimidating - the kind of person that people claim does bad things. But it's really quite the opposite. Kansas rescues kittens, helps old ladies, the whole good guy act, mostly in hopes to see some kind of good thing in life.

Best suited for: School, romance, yaoi.

Landon Elliot

Landon is the type of guy that would date a girl just to screw around with her feelings and get what he wants. He's the type of guy someone could call a sociopath.
Constantly playing with people's feelings, he constantly portrays himself has a weak boy who needs to be defended, gaining himself a whole bunch of people to play with.

Best suited for: Crime, school.

Ethan Taylor

The son of a gangster and a prodigy, Ethan attends a classy private school. He's considerably quiet and because of his family's reputation most stay away from him, even despite the fact that he wants nothing to do with anything his family deals with.

Best suited for: School, crime, yaoi.

Cress Adrias

A blind boy with the passion to create things with his hands, which often gets him chastised, Cress is kind, and most of all naïve, believing that people are good and just end up doing bad things for well meaning reasons.

Best suited for: Romance, school.

Lucas Desilva

Lucas tries to be 'one of those tough guys'. constantly getting into fights, and overall just making his life a mess. But after being raised on the streets of a busy city where no one matters but yourself, he's had no choice but too. Constantly fighting with cops, it surprising that he hasn't been locked up for good.

Best suited for: Crime.

Noah Simmons

There are two sides to Noah - the brilliant helpful one that holds kindness to every person and the nearly psychotic almost criminal murderer side. He isn't really aware of it though. Believing himself to just have some kind of condition that makes him black out, he doesn't even suspect that he has a multiple personality disorder.

Best suited for: Crime.

Collin Darst

As a cynical university student, Collin seems fairly average, tolerating people just to the point that he can withhold a job to pay off his school fees. Whenever he's not studying or working though, he finds himself stuck online, the internet being his obsession.

Best suited for: School.

Cayden O'Donnel

Cayden is obnoxious, rude, and really just not a nice person, but this freelance artist does have soft spots. Selling his art so he can look after his ill grandmother, he lives a fairly peaceful life, though the boring day to day routine really reflects in his art, making it boring and not too unique to most.

Best suited for: Neko, romance, yaoi.

Seiji Tanizaki

A quiet timid boy who fears nearly everything, Seiji grew up in a very religious family who owned a haunted temple and preformed exorcisms. During the majority of his life his parents forced him to stay out of school so he could learn to look after the temple, which makes for a lack of social skills.

Best suited for: Supernatural, romance, yaoi.

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Roleplay Responses

Sorry I disappeared, I forgot about this site XD
  Amara / Selana / 7y 99d 10h 43m 23s
  Landon Elliot / OreganoLeaves / 7y 105d 22h 52m 18s
Give me a few to think about it. xD Just got home and all.
  Kimberly Donnez / Jezzyboo / 7y 106d 7h 33m 16s
That'd be cool with me. Any ideas?
  Landon Elliot / OreganoLeaves / 7y 106d 9h 43s
Hey! I wanna rp with Landon xD
  Kimberly Donnez / Jezzyboo / 7y 106d 14h 42m 57s
I like the second option a lot actually. ^w^
  Anthony R. Glemly / OreganoLeaves / 7y 106d 22h 24m 25s
I have a couple ideas

My character could be the bully of your character. They are in the same class and are placed together as partners on a project and must spend a lot of time together?

Or maybe, your character is being picked on by one of my characters buddies and he stops them. His buddies don't like that he stopped them and beat him up, your character helps mine home and takes care of him?

Your character catches my character doing something that would tarnish his image and they make a deal that my character will do whatever your character asks in order to keep his cover as a badass.

That's all I have so far, do you have any ideas?
  Amara / Selana / 7y 108d 13h 8m 42s
Ah, sure thing? You have an idea then?
  Anthony R. Glemly / OreganoLeaves / 7y 109d 8h 55s
I would be interested in a rp with Anthony
  Amara / Selana / 7y 109d 9h 29m 33s
Mm, yeah! ^w^
  |Kansas Miller| / OreganoLeaves / 7y 110d 1h 22m 54s
I shall. It was nice talking to you! Hope to chat again soon! :)
  Charlie Dimka. / Jezzyboo / 7y 110d 1h 24m 51s
Ah. Well when you go to bed be sure to sleep well!
  |Kansas Miller| / OreganoLeaves / 7y 110d 1h 27m 33s
Ahaha! don't feel bad! :P
I'm doing alright, not too bad. Even though it is 3 am, and I have not been to bed yet.
  Charlie Dimka. / Jezzyboo / 7y 110d 1h 31m 18s
Uwah, I still feel bad. =w= *Hides in shame* Besides that I'm doing alright I suppose. What about you?
  |Kansas Miller| / OreganoLeaves / 7y 110d 1h 33m 23s
Well I hadn't expected you to remember me.
But we started a rp, you did, then I replied and you poofed, xD
So don't you worry! :D I didn't drop in to yell at you xD just dropped by to say hi, and ask how you're doing? :)
  Charlie Dimka. / Jezzyboo / 7y 110d 1h 38m 59s

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