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In another world, much different from ours, the world below was completely covered by water. But the strange thing, there were floating islands. Islands that floated in the sky. The people here adjusted to new ways of life, building large flying ships that could carry them to where they needed to go. So it was much like the ocean below, but in the sky.
There were merchants, simple small ships sailing the skies. But then there were threats as well. Skypirates were one of the worries, especially for merchants. Most often swooping down on a ship before they even have a chance to react. Skypirates steal and take what they want, often making raids upon the smaller floating islands in the land.
But there were worse things than simple Skypirates. Great beasts of flight occasionally swarmed in the air. Flying demons, dragons, or whatever they were, they were the true predators of the floating islands. Though below, there were also creatures in the waters. Though the beasts in the water were not much too worry about.

Now though, there are rumors going around the islands…of a hidden treasure. A land holding an ancient civilization. Ironically, it is supposedly located below somewhere in the vast world of water.
The beasts in the regions have been acting more aggressive and hostile. The sky has become a dangerous place, for both Skypirates and normal citizens. Creatures attack anything without any real reason. Something is happening; something is setting the world off-balance.
Perhaps finding the ‘treasure’, there may be a clue. Skypirates set out for their own glory, while others from islands go in search for the ‘treasure’ in order to keep their world from becoming a wasteland. But it will not be easy, the creatures of the world; flying, swimming, and walking have grown hostile. The only animal one doesn’t really need to worry about is the domesticated. Other than that, it is dangerous to go out by yourself anymore.
Now is the time to choose; Will you be a Skypirate, in search for your own glory and the treasure?
A citizen, only wanting to protect your home from anymore destruction?
Or one of the beasts, raging through the skies or oceans and ravaging the floating islands?

Background Info

This is an alien world, so you may be human, or a creature that even you made up :)
The treasure will be hidden and the creatures are acting strange due to the unstable powers created by the treasure. The lost civilization will be more in depth later on in the RP


-There can be romance, but no instant
-Fighting is a yes, definitely bring on the bloodshed
-Characters WILL DIE, but ask someone before you kill their character
-Multiple characters are allowed
-Absolutely NO godmodding
If I see any of this, I will kick you out
-Cursing is alright, just don't overdo it please
-Wait for at least 2 people to post before you
-Post at least once a day, which means BE ACTIVE
-If you are going to be gone for a lengthy amount of time, please PM me
-Most of all...HAVE FUN!!!!!!

OOC Chat

Character Skelly

Skypirate, Citizen, or beast?:
Weakness :


Username: hextheblackcat
Name: Rogue
Species: electric elemental
Skypirate, Citizen, or beast?: sky pirate
Age: 17
Gender: female
Powers/Magic: has the power to control/use and make her own electricity
Weakness : rubber , charge limit- if she over uses her power or lets is build up. Her body can become either temporarily paralyzed for odd amounts of time or she will pass out from lack of energy.
Bio/history: rogue was born and raise on a distant sky island. However life there was harsh do to wild beast /monsters , unpredictable and strange weather patterns . which would turn a mid-summers day into a sudden winter wonderland. How those who live on the sky island mange to stay alive each year was a miracle.
Once she turned 10 years of age. Rouge joined up with some sky pirate s. who were being greeted by both the winter weather and some very unhappy beast. which of course rouge didn’t take long to kick off the island. ever since then rouges daily life has been nothing but adventure .filled with amazing sights ,sounds ,tastes , form both the sky and watery word below.
Her six long years of living with sky pirates has made her a agile, flexible, stealthily, tomboy who can do some real damaged . She knows most of the tricks of her trade by now and hangs out with her pet cat .who she found somewhere along the way.
Name: Sky and Kiko
Species: Human and InuYoukai
Skypirate, Citizen, or beast?:Skypirate and beast
Age: Sky is 19 and Kiko is 101
Gender: male and female
Powers/Magic: pyromancer for Sky and for Kiko-poisen whip and transforms into a flying huge dog
Weakness : Sky-water in any way shape or form, Kiko-her arrogance
Bio/history: Sky was an orphan until his town was raided...He was the only one left alive because a 'fire spirit' protected him from the flames, the spirit was acutally a beast (InuYoukai) named Kiko, he dreams about her often. So he goes around searching for her ever since his old town was raided by SkyPirates and they adopted him.
Kiko never had pups and when she felt a certain one was in danger, she felt the urge to protect it. The pup was a Human boy about nine years of age. She guards him and lends him some of her powers which she cannot use anymore since he now has the power to wield fire. The way she guards him is by entering his dreams through a soul-link...
Username: LordIgnitus
Name: Rhath
Species: Ayaiel
Skypirate, Citizen, or beast?: Skypirate
Age: 237
Gender: Male
Powers/Magic: Shift into his true form, able to summon large sandstorms
Weakness : Holds hatred for everything, works alone and doesn't trust readily
Bio/history: He was raised on an island which was mostly desert. Rhath was raised with his clan, that is until the day nearly all his kin were destroyed. He was the only one to escape. Since then, Rhath hates everything in the world. He blames everything and everyone for the disaster that had befallen him. Now he takes his anger out upon the citizens of the islands.


Username: Dragoncita
Name: Isak
Species: Wizard
Skypirate, Citizen, or beast?: Citizen
Age: 1995
Gender: Male
Powers/Magic: Light magic, able to give or take life whenever he chooses
Weakness : He is vulnerable when splitted away from his spirit beast
Bio/history: Isak was born into a royal family. He was raised properly, thinking of others first before himself. Isak's magic is very rare among all wizards. He was able to split his soul, creating Ryend. This entity seemingly causes Isak to be immortal. Ryend is Isak in a way. If Isak dies physically, he'll still be able to live due to Ryend. However, if Ryend is killed, then Isak dies as well.
Username: Zanna
Name: Ash
Species: Fallen Angel
Skypirate, Citizen, or beast?: Citizen
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Powers/Magic: Flight, small spells
Weakness : Can't fly for long duration , unable to swim
Bio/history: Lost in the woods as a small child, was found by Sorus and raised her like a sister. Later in their lives a friendship was made and Sorus taught Ash Magic. Since Ash was not born into magic powerful spells where not an option for her to learn. As she grew so did her powers. Only until she was ten did she begin to grow wings, Sorus was unable to stop the process and she was soon a full Fallen Angel. Her heart taken by evil she found herself attracted to small trinkets and gold. Ash travels with Sorus from Island to Island, he searching for new spells and she looking for treasures to keep them alive. Years of thievery and learning has brought them closer together. Interested in the ships floating about Ash became interested in their ways, they travel around looking for a ship that will accept a flying thief and a Black Mage.
Username: PastArsenicCatnip
Name: Sorus
Species: Shadow
Skypirate, Citizen, or beast?: Citizen
Age: Shadow's don't have an age
Gender: Male
Powers/Magic: Black Magic
Weakness : He can't take many hits and he is scared quite easily.
Bio/history: After a swarm of Air Pirates demolished the Black City: Home of the Shadow People, Sorus- one of the last survivors, began to live in the ruins: Specifically the ruins of the clock tower. Being the last one, he became very lonely and sad, until a visitor came one day: Ash.
Little did he know that he would be the tutor of a fallen angel, they lived there for many years until she began to grow her wings. Then she got an unquenchable thirst for wealth, which he wasn't going to stay in the ruins while she went adventuring! So he went with her in search of an airship that would accept them. Because he's a shadow being, he's mute. So his only way of communication is talking telepathically.


Username: Dragoncita
Name: Selgrith
Skypirate, Citizen, or beast?: Beast
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Powers/Magic: Able to spit up large amounts of acid which is the strongest known, horn upon her head can slice through even the toughest of armor as well as her claws tearing apart metal with ease
Weakness : She has no eyes, so she relies on infrared vision and her other senses have evoloved greatly
Bio/history: Selgrith is a creature not many know about. So far, she's been the only one seen of her kind. Some say she came from another world, or she's the spawn of some evil being in the land. She is vicious and kills without a second thought. Selgrith harbors great hatred for everything, but also sadness. She knows she is different from other beasts in the floating islands. Being the only one of her kind, and feared by all.
Username: yellowordeath
Name: Lillan
Species: phoenix
Skypirate, Citizen, or beast?: beast
Age: 16
Gender: female
Powers/Magic: can copy others powers ,heal other people with her tears and finnely when dies can be reborn again form ashes of her death.
Weakness : Water
Bio/history: Lillan was born and abanded as a egg. She was left to wander the world. Tricking humans into going to their deaths and confusing them along with miss leading them.


Username: Glitch
Name: Takoon
Species: Android
Skypirate, Citizen, or beast?: None
Age: 8 years since manufactured
Gender: Male
Powers/Magic: None
Weakness : has a weakness to electricity and heat
Bio/history: Takoon is a bit of an odd case. An inter dimensional explorer being thrown from one world to another he does so in the name of curiosity wanting to see everything that reality has to offer he stops at nothing and in most cases he ends up in hostile places in which he barely escapes with his life. He was created by a man named Dr. Matthew in a place he can't quite remember. But with his new independence and freedom he does what he pleases.


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Roleplay Responses

lillan sat happily and lazily on the man's head. "My name is lillan, what's your? I bet it's some thing common. is it Sam ? or matt?" lillan asked while curling up, like the way a bird does in it's nest on cold night.
  lillan (phoenix form) / yellowordeath / 6y 347d 11h 26m 53s
Rhath raised an eyebrow at the creature. How acting like this. But then again, who was he to judge. Besides, he had other plans.
"Very well," he replied to the phoenix, starting to walk in the direction she had pointed him to.
  Rhath / LordIgnitus / 6y 348d 20h 13m 56s
Isak stopped, glancing back. He watched as the fight went between the creature and the pirates. The wizard heard the creature's injured shriek, but also knew now that it would more than likely be back to demolish those that dared to attack it. He watched as it attempted to fly away, unblinking.
He looked back to Takoon, "It is best if we keep moving. That thing will be back, looking for them."
He indicated the Sky Pirates, "If I know one thing, that beast has a habit of holding grudges. It'll be back to finish them off once it is fully healed."
  Isak & Ryend / Dragoncita / 6y 350d 22h 6m 52s
The creature flew for someways, until it could finally go no more. Selgrith landed rather ungracefully, making a rut in the ground where she slid to a stop. She snorted, turning her head to look at her wing. Granted, she could only see infrared, but she could see where she had been hit. As blood dripped to the ground, it sizzled, revealing that her blood was also acid.
Selgrith snorted, slowly standing. She shot a glare where she had been attacked growling under her breath. The creature then attempted to limp along, amazingly having found a large enough island to accomodate her massive size.
  Selgrith / Dragoncita / 6y 350d 22h 11m 38s
"oh, don't worry I just see this yummy blue berry bush. but if you would like me to lead you into a dark pit of blood thirsty beasts , creatures, monster, or what ever my twisted little mind can think of, I will let you known. weather that be now or last minute ,which I might just enjoy. because I like watching a good . now what about that bush behind that over there, a birds got to eat." lillan then nodded off at the blue berry brush behind the tree she pointed out, so kindly to the boy, who she sat apron .
  lillan (phoenix form) / yellowordeath / 6y 352d 20h 45m 20s
He looked up as the phoenix clambered onto his head. Rhath looked to where the creature said to look, but grew suspicious. His eyes narrowed, glowing slightly.
"Now why should I trust a creature such as yourself? For all I know you could be sending me into a nest of some beast that'll rip me apart...but then again, that might be fun. I'm not exactly human myself you know."
  Rhath / LordIgnitus / 6y 352d 23h 10m 44s
Barely having enough time to respond to and doge. what seemed to be a large green spit ball. rouges eyes widen .feeling the electro waves around her stir up form a larger source . she turned only to watch a sudden blast of thunder go through the creators wing . wahh! she yelled .while holding her hands over her ears. The creator roar was god awful up close.

Wait until after the creator fled. Rouge looked a down at where the blot had come from.and I thought I was the only one around with a shocking power hehehe she joked and glided of the winds over to the girl with wings. hey are you? she asked and took a glance over at her ship. It seemed sticks and van lowered the ship so that they could escape by going under the sky island. Which was one of their many tikes. Of course seeing how the strange creator left. Her crew laid anchor. Meaning they shot some wire into the floating ground and let the ship literally hang there.

rouge thought to herself and noticed a balk spot on the ground. hey um . . .didn’t you have a friend down their? she asked .while pulling her red scarf down and around her neck.
  Rogue / hextheblackcat / 6y 354d 12h 58m 53s
lillan nodded at what he said. slowly lillan climbed up apron the males head. "in that cause turn towards your right then move straight into that tree way over there. you see it yes?" lillan asked the male.
  lillan (phoenix form) / yellowordeath / 6y 354d 15h 0s
The massive beast gave a shriek, feeling the electricity run through its body. It whipped its head around, listening intently, soon catching sight of another. It opened its jaws, releasing a green substance. Whatever it touch, instantly was eaten through; acid.
Then it felt something hit its left wing. The creature was growing annoyed, its flying now somewhat impaired. It knew it didn't have a chance with an impaired wing. The thing gave a final roar at the ship and humans, struggling to fly off to somewhere away from these creatures. But now it had one thing in mind; revenge.
  Selgrith / Dragoncita / 6y 357d 1h 36m 27s
Sorus couldn't hold the bolt any longer, it was shaking the staff too much! Suddenly, he flew back as a incinerating hot bolt of lighting struck right at the beast, it missed the middle- but it was a center hit through the left wing! The backfire from the staff caused him to crash into a tall oak, it had knocked him senseless. The staff had cracked from such a strong attack, and the shadow was just laying up against a tree, as if he was just placed there.

His eyes turned black, and it looked like he had no eyes now. He was in grave danger, being knocked out right at the edge of the woods, anything could grab him now.
  Sorus / PastArsenicCatnip / 6y 358d 15h 36m 13s
Rhath gave a slight shrug, being careful of the phoenix upon his shoulder. He never really did have a destination...unless you count his plans on killing any human in his path. He himself wasn't human. Though, due to the humans, he was the only one left.
"Nowhere in particular, just wandering really," was Rhath's reply to the phoenix's question.
  Rhath / LordIgnitus / 6y 359d 11h 2m 55s
rouge! van yelled and tossed her abroad. Thanks van! she yelled back and pulled her goggles down . I’m gonna help out the girl. You make sure the ship can get away safely she said before pulling up her red scarf and jumping off the airship. Free falling as she slipped her right foot under a strap and her left foot onto a weird control petal. Heh . . .she said with sparks of blue still appearing at random on her body as she grabbed the side of her board before a sudden burst of light blue could be seen from the end of it . this gave the board a boost and sent her flying through the air.

Yep it was an air board. Which meant it was like a airship. Only a hell of a lot harder to control because the smallest of pressers would send you zipping across the sky .leaving you’d be lost in minutes. That and one would usually have to build it themselves because they were so darn expense to get your hands on
Huh? what’s that? she said feeling odd as the sparks on her body turned purple. A storm nearby? she said feeling another electrical source form the sky island seemed to be giving her power and extra kick. No. is it- she cut off and look back at the girl. Watch out! rouge yelled and slammed her board against the beast .sending about 50 electric volte’s through the creators body before being reflected off the beast and sent doing 360’s backwards into the sky.

Waah- she yelled and lifted her left foot off the control petal .stopping her in midair and sending her falling once more as she shook her head and pressed down and forward on the control petal . Sending her up again. Hey big and ugly why don’t you pick on someone your own sizerouge yelled with sparks of purple gathering in her right hand. she thought to herself with a smirk .
  Rogue / hextheblackcat / 6y 359d 18h 14m 52s
The thing snarled, barrel-rolling out of the way of the cannon fire. It moved extremely fast and agile for a beast its size. The creature felt something hit it in the side, leaving a burn. It whipped its head around, screeching. It saw a small form flying in the air.
The great beast instantly changed direction, headed for the small thing it could see in infrared. From what it could tell, it was humanoid, with wings. The scent it carried, strange, and it could hear it speaking, sounding feminine. The creature could also hear the yelling of those upon the ship, but that wasn't its biggest concern now.
This other dared to hit it. With a great sweep of its wings, it instantly was seemingly upon the small female. It snarled, lashing out with the horn upon its head which seemed to glow with some, unknown dark energy.
  Selgrith / Dragoncita / 6y 360d 2h 23m 13s
Isak turned his head when Takoon pointed out something. The man's eyes narrowed, glowing slightly. He knew that beast...and he knew what ship it was attacking. Ryend flapped its wings a bit, sensing the agitation of its owner.
The man shook his head, turning the other way, "No, I'm not helping them. As far as I'm concerned, they deserve to crash into the ocean below. What you are observing, is an airbattle between Sky Pirates and an unknown beast that not even I know much about. It would be best to let them fend for themselves. Besides, no one has ever been able to bring that beast down, and I don't think anyone will."
Isak then turned, starting to walk back to the village. Ryend resettled itself on Isak's shoulder, form glowing slightly.
  Isak & Ryend / Dragoncita / 6y 360d 2h 29m 6s
Takoon took another look into the sky. He couldn't shake the feeling, Like he was up high in the sky but yet he was on land, He could understand if he were on some type of mountain plateau but that wasn't the case. He shook head putting the thoughts behind him, for now he had more pressing matters. Like finding his way back home, or learning where or When he was. He noticed the light on the mans shoulder. He was a wizard alright, and that must've been a familiar on his shoulder. It was fascinating to see something like that, even in His own world with it's oddesies Pure magic wasn't something you came along every day. He would've liked the chance to study it if he had it. Then he heard something in the distance it sounded like a loud screetch. Looking in that direction he raised a brow as cannon fire began to go off. Is that a flying ship...? Wait... It's firing at something look!

Takoon pointed at the sky, not far off from them. We should go see what's going on. That thing is big, way bigger than the ship it's attacking, maybe they could use our help, What do ya' say mage?
  Takoon / Glitch / 6y 360d 16h 57m 37s

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