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For those who know what the title is, :D Perfect. VA is going to be made into a movie and I reread the book, and I really want to do an rp. So, for those of you who read some of the books of VA , I'm really intrested in starting an rp. It will be set after Lissa is queen. It's going to be a 1x1. We're going to play original characters and double. Mainly because I want to play both male and female. The plot is up to us. Although, I require for you to be literate. As in spell check, grammar, plus no less than 300 words. Here are some more of my rules.

1. No ditiching. I will not forget and I will silently hate you. No giving up too easily either.
2. I better not see one post only every ten days. Every three days, post more than once. I will wipe it off my watch list if you take more than 20 days.
3. No instant romance, it kills me.
4. Able to be creative and twist things around with me.
5. Mature content is allowed. Time skip or e-mail.
6. You know the basic stuff about VA. You know what moroi, dhampir and strigoi are. That is all. If you don't know what alchemists are yet, I'll explain it to you or maybe we won't involve them.
7. Real pictures! Good quality No scene, emo, goth. Sorry!
8. Two characters needed. One male and female.

What I have in mind

  • Romance, action, violence, drama
  • One spirit user!
  • Someone turns strigoi along the way-maybe?
  • No weak characters
  • Four options of what your two characters can be: Dhampir, Moroi, Strigoi, Human,
  • One of my characters will be a Dhampir,
  • Its up to us if it's in St. Vlad! Maybe they're older?
Send me a sample post from your old RPs. More than 300 words and literate.



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Devin’s eyes lit up with delight and excitement hearing words that sounded like music to his ears. There was actually a guardian out there that would let him take a nibble. He had hoped that maybe his own guardian would take an example and feed him but, he knew Ivy very well and she was nowhere close to a follower. The bitch was stubborn and refused to follow orders that didn’t compute in the computer in her head. Ivy had glanced over her shoulder only the slightest hearing that she would let Devin bite her. Ivy couldn’t help but lose some respect. The girl looked upset but was that reason to let a moroi take a nibble? It was night and there were definitely strigoi around these areas. It wasn’t the brightest idea. She had exited the bar and left Devin do whatever the hell he wanted.

“Wow, really?” Devin asked, “You’re the best guardian I ever met. Why couldn’t I have you instead of her?” He picked up his friend laughing in the background. For once, Devin couldn’t love Ivy more. She just landed him a snack. Then he heard the reason why they weren’t the happiest couple. “Ah, that makes sense why you’re at each other’s throat,” Dev nodded, “Ivy’s my ex-best friend’s little sister. She used to be fun, still a pain in the ass but was more easy going. If she’s drunk enough she turns back.” Devin felt slightly worried about Eli going over to Ivy. Hopefully the girl didn’t bite his head off.

“Don’t do anything wrong, that girl is not afraid to hurt a moroi,” Dev warned before seeing Eli go out the door. Devin’s deep blue eyes turned right back to Tracy, “Don’t let that brunette get to your head blondie. If you do that too much around us, you might just get addicted to me.” He thought Ivy and Tracy mainly as some kids. They were probably around the same age but he wouldn’t underestimate their training. “Well thanks Trace, I was real hungry,” He admitted and moved closer to her and brushed her hair out of the way. Damn, the thirst was terrible. He should have listened and fed before but he was so busy trying to track down Lias with his sources.

He let his fangs pierce into her throat, and let the sweetness fill up in mouth and extinguish the thirst he had. He took his dear time to feed for a moment and was starting to wonder how much time she has been fed up. Eli had waling food supply around the whole time. Once he was done, he put his fangs out of her neck and licked a bit and then moved back, a smile tugging at his lips “I can’t imagine how good that must have felt for you.” Actually he could, Lias bit off of him once, felt great but not something he’d rather die for. “Mind telling me what made you so angry?” Devin raised a brow, “Don’t take Ivy too seriously. She has a shady past with dhampir that like to be fed off of.”

Ivy took the scent of the air and let herself calm down with each second. She never did fit into Devin’s world. She was far too serious about things compared to him. She made sure she got one of the highest score when she graduated, sad to say she regretted it. She scanned the area and caught some attention because of the dress Devin put her in. She was in no mood to deal with some ass holes, and then she became alert feeling a presence come and realized it was Eli.

She first ignored him and his talk about pissing off Tracy. She could care less. “That’s not my problem. It’s yours. Dev can do whatever he want as long as it doesn’t concern his safety” She quietly spoke as a reminder. If it was up to her, she would have pulled them apart and slapped Devin silly. She felt his eyes practically checking her out. “No, I just feel sorry for them,” She admitted, “Do you like blood whores Eli? You do, don’t you? Good for you. I despise moroi that feed on dhampirs. That’s all.” Then she realized her temper was hitting her again. She heavily sighed and forced herself to look over at him.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to snap, I’m just not in my right mind right now...” She bit her bottom lip. She felt a sudden nausea strike her. A strigoi was around. Hopefully, they were just passing by. Her eyes carefully scanned the area, trying to recognize who it could be.

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There was just something about Ivy that didn't float well with Tracy, but she didn't look at Ivy, she looked towards Devin and raised a brow when he called her 'Trace,' that was one of the night names Eli's ex called her, but she didn't snap at him, just a tinkle of light heartedness glistened in her eyes but then she shook her head, this time laughing. Tracy was pretty menacing to other people no doubt, but with Moroi she seemed to calm down a little. She knew their ways and what they wanted of Dhampir girls, it didn't bother her, she was fine with it. Eli looked at Devin with a glare but ended up laughing instead. "Alright, you can call me it, but noit Tracy."

Tracy just raised a brow at her Moroi then shrugged her shoulders. "I call you whatever I want." Eli looked towards Tracy and smirked at Devin's question. He wouldn't make the choice for her, but the party-boy inside of him wanted to encourage Tracy to let Devin stick his fangs into her neck. Tracy just blushed furiously, an dlooked this way and that way. Had he really just asked her if he could bite and feed from her. The thought of having another pair of fangs in her made her shiver, and she bit her lip but then something snapped inside of her. When Ivy began speak, her eyes instantly grew cold, but this time, she was pissed.

Tracy's lips twitched up a bit, and she looked to Devin, she wasn't going to allow him before but now? Yes. "You can bite me Devin, if you want." Eli's eyebrows rose and he started laughing, although he knew what made her choose this. He knew she was pissed with the look in her eyes. When Devin told Ivy to go outside and cool off, Eli smirked a bit and nodded to Devin. "Well, Tracy is my ex-girlfriends best friend." He rolled his eyes and gestured outside. "I'm going to chill with Ivy, if you don't mind." He winked at Tracy and she shot a glare towards him, and he walked out of the bar and stood next to Ivy.

"You know, you pissed Tracy off." He mussed, and leaned against the brick building of the bar, his arms across his chest. "It was pretty funny, but you just made up her mind, she's gonna let your Moroi bite her now." He laughed, and eyed her up and down. "Do you really despise Blood Whores that much?" He raised a brow, while watching her closely.

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The mispronunciation of Eli’s name had called out a short chuckle come out of Dev. This one was amusing. He happened to like sassy girls, except for when Ivy was acting like she was all too clever. “Eli. Why didn’t I think of that?” Dev smirked and then had noticed Eli keeping a check on Tracy to behave.

Hello, Ivy. " Tracy spoke in a very menacing tone.

Ivy mimicked a small kind smile at her and then turned her attention away. She didn’t like her tone but Tracy must have not wanted to be here anymore than she did. Besides, if she pointed out that she should keep in check of her own behaviour, she would be a hypocrite because here she was-drinking on duty and opening her big mouth.

"I'm sorry for how Tracy is acting, you know, usually she is a bit more friendly. " Eli blushed a little bit. Ivy felt his eyes pour on her but she pretend she hadn’t noticed. She wanted to drown herself in her sorrow just a bit more. Dev hadn’t even minded a single bit at Tracy’s attitude. “The sassier they are the better. Right, Trace?” Dev began, picking out a nickname and then noticed Ivy trying to go drink again, and spoke to her as if she was a child touching a sharp object “-put that down.” Ivy released it from her hands. He was right. She soon found herself apologizing and noticed Dev’s friend placing himself close.

"I don't doubt you could kill any strigoi near. " He spoke. She managed another smile, “Hmm, you better hope so. Who else is going to save you two grown boys?” Devin had sat himself down and wondered if he could get close to Tracy. He couldn’t help it. Toying with girls was something he took pleasure in. It didn’t even matter how it ended, as long as he had some fun.

"As if, bro.. Having Tracy as my guardian sucks. She won't even let me bite her. " Eli mentioned.

“I feel you.” Dev scoffed. Eli’s beautiful guardian stepped forward to say words that made his brow rise. He couldn’t believe it. There actually was a female dhampir guardian that wasn’t obsessed about fearing to be a blood whore. It was a dream come true. “Seriously? Would you let me bite? This one has left me starving,” Dev curiously asked, nudging Ivy for attention, “See, how come you won’t let me?” Apparently, Ivy’s attention was already brought into the conversation and she was irritated. She managed to withhold her temper, or at least most of it.

“I’m sorry but my assignment is not to provide blood for moroi. That’s for feeders and strictly feeders only. I’ll bleed for you but I refuse to become your blood whore just because you feel like using me. I kind of need all my blood to protect you anyway,” She spoke through her teeth and instantly began to despise the people that were anywhere close to Devin. He always had these type of friends but of course she couldn’t release all her thoughts. She wasn’t in the right mind now either, she would have kept her mouth shut if she was. Then she glanced over at Eli, “And you. It’s better if you stop feeding on Tracy because it’s not helping her protect you if she lost blood. It’s a hazard.” She recalled her mother saying there was nothing wrong with being fed on. It disgusted her. Weather Lias became a guardian or not, she would have wanted to jump into it too.

Dev watched Ivy’s temper blow and decided he could bare her around like this. She had no excuse to be acting out this way and forcing out her opinions. “Ivy, it’s none of your business what they do. It’s not same thing as them,” Devin reminded, “Why don’t you step outside and cool off?” She nodded and got up, and escaped outside to get a bit of fresh air. Devin shrugged as he looked at the two and then at Tracy, “Don’t worry about what she said. I think it’s pretty cool you’re not obsessed with being afraid to get bitten like her.” He turned to look at Eli, “Well at least our guardians are not guys. I’m sensing though that you two don’t like each other as much as I and Ivy don’t get along.” Devin remembered the promise he made a while back ago to Ivy.

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A slight smile, yet it also made Tracy look pretty annoyed when they walked into the bar, and then Devin came up to her. 'Does he go up to all the girls he meets?' She narrowed her eyes, but then she heard Eli clear his throat, and she gave him a slight smile. She knew Eli would be pretty ticked off if she didn't be polite to Devin so she would be. "My name is Tracy Bloo, and yes, I am Eli's..." she made perfectly well not to prounounce his name right, "guardian." She glanced over towards Ivy, she heard her name was when she spoke and she raised er eyebrows.

And again, Eli gave her a look. Tracy just looked at Eli, and then rolled her eyes. Well, she was his guardian, she might as well treat her fellow guardian politely. "Hello, Ivy." She spoke in a very menacing tone, which got her a glare from Eli. He stepped up between her and Devin and Ivy. "I'm sorry for how Tracy is acting, you know, usually she is a bit more friendly." Eli blushed a little bit and glanced at Ivy. She was gorgeous. Eye candy for him. He sat down by her and smirked. "I don't doubt you could kill any strigoi near." He then glanced at Devin and rolled his eyes.

"As if, bro.. Having Tracy as my guardian sucks. She won't even let me bite her." Tracye flushed and stepped forward, her tone hadn't changed. "Just so you know, I allow Eli, to bite me when he's hungry, just not every god damned day." She was growing angry, so Eli tapped the bar table, to get the bartender's attention. "Give me the strongest drink you have." Tracy sighed... 'He's going to try to get me drunk...'

Eli smiled to Devin. "Yeah, I might have it a little better than you. But not by much." He glanced over at Tracy who was checking out their surroundings, with a cold and stone stare.

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Ivy slammed her head against the bar as a loud groan escaped her lips and a small whine, “He even killed me...” She was sobbing all over the place and extremely emotional. Devin was watching her from the corner of the eyes and felt slightly pleased with himself. It was a challenge to get Ivy to start drinking, practically impossible but once she started, the girl drunk until she reached her own tipping point, which wasn’t far. Devin knew exactly what would make her want to drink; all he had to do is mention Lias, blood whores, her family and himself. Dev patted her on the back, “I’m sure he had no idea what he was doing.”

“Dev... Why did you bring me back to life?” Ivy asked staring at him with half conscious eyes.

“Because I thought maybe being your knight and shining armour would get you to be a little nicer,” He snickered and remembered the hint of regret from it all. He never did like her that much, and now he was bonded with this girl.

“I saved you first...” Ivy slurred her word to recall the situation. Devin wasn’t too happy that he got saved by her, and that’s the reason why he wasn’t the one that was dead. Ivy was almost whole heartily out of it but somehow she managed to grip some of her conscious. Devin then had leaned into Ivy, and moved over to her throat, dying of thirst because he kept on constantly skipping to be fed. He never had time these days and he just wanted to destroy Ivy’s pride just a little bit when she woke up. Devin had almost jumped at the sound of Eli’s voice come into play. Devin moved back from Ivy and then managed a smile, “Hey man.” But then his eyes soon trailed off of Eli and onto the beautiful girl he had with him. The color red has never looked so good, but then again he was pretty hungry. He’s rose from his seat and moved to Tracy, took her hand and decided to be charming, to fool around.

He kissed her hand and smirked, “You’re a beautiful one. What are you doing with someone like Eli? Or are you his gorgeous guardian I’ve heard about it? Hey Eli, you think I can borrow her?”

“Don’t sleep with her Dev. I don’t want to see you fucking another girl tonight in my nightmares,” Ivy bluntly stated, he grew instantly embarrassed. Devin than had glanced back at Ivy and noticed her putting another glass to her lips. Devin had quickly snapped his hand over to her wrist, to pull the glass down again.

“That’s enough sweetheart.” Devin warned her and she had gave him a stare that looked like she was ready to kill. He moved his hand away from her and soon Ivy relaxed but then tensed up once more noticing the two people that had entered. She stared at them for a bit and then relaxed once more realising who they were. As long as they weren’t strigoi, she was fine with it.

“Say hi Ivy,” Devin told her. Ivy had scoffed but then Dev had picked up her wrist and forced her to wave. Ivy took back ownership of her wrist and then tossed the vodka at his face. Dev’s eyes were burning and he couldn’t help but swear underneath her breath.

“That’s what you get for trying to bite me again,” Ivy stated, “I’m not drunk to the point I don’t realize what’s going on Dev.” Ivy heavily sighed and grabbed a napkin, washing he could find away to lose her and then her eyes fell on the two people, “I’m Devin’s guardian and I apologize of how unprofessional I’m being but I promise that I can still keep any undead creature come and kill him.” Although she didn’t want to. Devin sighed, “She’s a little drunk and...a real bitch.”

“I heard that.” Ivy stated. Devin decided to ignore her this time, “You’re lucky that you don’t have someone like her around. How is everything going? I’m guessing probably easier than I have it.”

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Eli had just gotten off the phone with is buddy Devin. He turned his gaze to his guardian who was leaning by a near by wall with her 'game face' on. The corners of his lips twitched up a bit and he moved towards her, looking deeply into her eyes, until she groaned lightly.

"What do you want, Eli?" His guardian was named Tracy. Tracy Bloo, she was his family friend, his ex-girlfriends best friend at that. He knew she was angry from having to become his guardian instead of her guardian liked she had hoped, but it had happened and really? He didn't mind it, he thought that Tracy was attractive in her own way, even if she didn't really show off her body as much as he would have liked.

There were a couple things that seemed to piss him off about her though.. She never pronounced his name right. She always said "Eli" as in a nickname for Elijah. No, his name wa pronounced. "E-Lie" He grunted slightly and then rolled his eyes. "What do I want, my lovely, to die for guardian?" He mocked a fake gasp at her words, which only made Tracy roll her eyes, but she couln't help the slight smile that was betraying her professional look.

Tracy smirked, and that was all Eli needed to know whatever he had in mind she was totally game, even if she did have to be on guard the whole time. He smiled, and then stretched his arms out in front of him.

"I just got off the phone with Devin. He wants to meet at the bar." As soon as Eli said 'Devin' Tracy's scowl appeared on her face and she shrugged her shoulders. Of course, Eli would never kow exactly why Tracy felt so inclined to dislike Devin, but he didn't ask. Tracy may have been his guardian but she wasn't his friend. "Alright, just go get dressed into appropriate wear and we'll go."

Tracy shifted her eyes, and guided Eli into her room, but she made him face a corner as she put on a bright, blood-red dress that clung to her curves. "Let's go." She wore read thigh high boots so if she had to run it would be easier. They made it to the bar and Eli moved to Ivy and Devin. "Dev!" He chuckled, and slowly Tracy walked up to them, with annoyance written all over her face.

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Muscles tensed at Devin’s words of ‘bar.’ The man was constantly going to bars, clubs, or anything that would give him pleasure. Devin was all about chasing the happiness in his life but Ivy saw through it. She knew he was secretly miserable, especially with spirit taking toll on his mental state. As his guardian, she had to go wherever he wanted to go. If he wanted to go into porn club, she had to step inside to make sure he stayed safe. Oh how much she loved the job of being his guardian. Instead of protecting her own family, she was stuck with this nut case.
Devin was just finishing his call to Eli to meet up, and felt eyes burning at the back of his head. When he had looked over his shoulder, Ivy was glancing away with that usual calm expression.

Are you going to be staying the night? ” Ivy broke the silence.
Maybe, ” Devin shrugged smirking, “Depends if I find the right girl. You like that don’t you? Seeing me with some girl through my eyes? ” Ivy didn’t even bat an eyelash but she had some pretty nasty thoughts running through her head. Somehow, she was going to break this bond with him and go protect her own family.
Can we at least go back to see my sister on the way? ” Ivy has asked, knowing it wasn’t something she should ask but she wanted to make sure things were going around with Julia. When she looked at him she saw that gleam in his eyes and she just knew he had a condition for her if he was going to let her see her sister. Her sister was banned by her mother to become a guardian. Ivy decided to ignore her mother’s wish.

You wear a dress and we go, ” Devin conditioned.
I choose.
No, no, no... I’m not wearing a skimpy outfit.
It’s not going to be that skimpy, ” Devin grinned and then it faded, “I’m serious. It won’t. Lias strigoi or not will come after me and kill me if I let you dress like a blood whore. ” She flinched at the thought of her brother and even more at the word blood whore. Everyone saw her mother was a blood whore, the last thing Ivy wanted to be was like that. Yet, Dev would lose it at times, got close to her once and that was the last time. That was also the last time she would beat him up too. Soon, they ended up in Devin’s car and they first went to a shop of Dev’s choosing and decided to get her into some long sleeved black dress, short but enough to cover. He was hoping maybe he could get rid of her for the night. Then they went to see her sister. Her mother wasn’t so welcoming but Julia was excited to see her. Dev got along with Julia as well. They soon had left and headed for the bar. When they had parked, Ivy scanned the area and made sure she didn’t feel nauseous before stepping in. Normally the places Dev wanted to go was where strigoi liked to go. They went inside and Dev sat himself down, as Ivy sat herself down beside him, carefully looking around, captured two exists in the place and continued to keep aware just in case. Dev instantly started to order drinks and drank them pretty quickly.

You look sexy in that dress. You should start wearing dresses like that more often. ” Dev smirked, glancing her up at down.
“(blue Don’t get too drunk Dev, you don’t want to get raped,” She joked, yet with a dry voice.
I’d worry about yourself darling, ” He frowned, “You used to be interesting, fiery, fun...now you’re just frumpy.
“Shut up, at least I’m not fucking every guy I see and forcing the other to watch,” She spoke through her teeth. It was when he started to lean over to her neck that she was worried. Her hair was up, because it was easier to work that way.

Dev, no. ” She flatly stated.
Don’t worry, I may want to produce children some day, ” He shuddered and continued “And I would say I’m sorry in advance but I saved your life and this is your price to pay. ”. She really beat him up last time. Although she could tell he was hungry. She told him to take a trip to the feeders but he kept on skipping it. Right now, she was mad at him, “Don’t let it get to your head prince charming, ” She slurred and was ready to toss that vodka down his hair. She was tempted to go drunk herself at the mention of her brother but she was responsible and had a job-unlike Devin.
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