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Touch of life

"You have the touch of life!

His aunt spilled out a laugh, her eyes falling down on the eight year old boy who was touching a plant that was starting to wither away raise again. The tulip had raised vertically and regained it's bold yellow color. Something as simple as that, became normal to him. He never thought much of it and found bringing life not in his interest. Sometimes it wasn't flowers, sometimes it was birds. The eight year old grew up in his rich family, always getting what he wanted and eventually his family grew tired of keeping him around and he was tossed into a boarding school.

It was sophomore year when Ivy Blackwell came to attend his boarding school. The girl was all everyone could talk about. The girl who wore a black glove on her left hand every single day. Why? That wasn't the strange part either, every single of her visitors would also wear a glove. He was fascinated by the mystery and he had another desire to gain status in the school to get a chance to speak to Elaine. It was hitting two birds with one stone. Solve the mystery everyone had been dying to know, filling his curiosity and also getting to Elaine.

He begins to see Ivy for who she really is, a confident bitch who doesn't fall for anything. Ivy has a protective older brother Lias who makes it difficult for him. Plus, the gorgeous cousin Elaine, then another named Clairi-who considers herself as a rebellious teen and last Devin who is intrested nothing but pleasing himself. Will he be able to figure out all of their secrets? Or will he die trying?

Basically, the guy has the touch of life-he can touch something with his index finger and it brings something back. He wants to figure out why this girl (Ivy) wears a glove every single and why she is protective and is impossible to get into. But he also has to figure out why her entire family wears those gloves.

What you should know

1. I don't want him to be a sweet character! I want him to be the opposite of what stereotype of a character with the power of 'life' represents.
2. I'll be playing Ivy, her brother (Lias), Devin, Elaine, Clairi. I have pictures for all of them and will use than when needed. So what does that mean? Read number three!
3. You should make new characters along the way. We can even pair those characters with the current ones I made :)
4. I'm not going to tell you what she can do or any one! Just read and you'll figure it out on your own.

Rules again...

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4. Blocked? Don't just leave me waiting. Tell me. Maybe I can change my post a bit, or we can figure it out together.
5. No instant Romance. Yup. Having that said...
6. This is a mature rp. Drugs, violence and sex. Anything to far will be skipped or e-mail. Whichever you prefer.
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8. Help me with the plot, create twists. I'm hoping to make an actual story out of this.
9. Give me permission to possible write an actual book with this?


Ivy Blackwell

Age: 17
Bio: Ivy tends to keep to herself. She's confident and who she was and there's only one reason why she is in high school, it's because she decided that maybe she should try to experience something. Her brother and her have been together since the start, he was always their for her. But just like regular siblings, they don't get along a lot of the times. It's been the two of them most of their entire life until they had met others. Now all of them live in a large home almost at the middle of nowhere. She's known to be the the cool headed one ever since a special incident had happened with someone she loved, that died because of her. Ivy is a person that questions a lot, and that tends to get her in trouble, despite that she's trouble herself.

Hobbies: Hiking, playing with pets and taking them in, marital arts, Creeping or what she likes to call observing.

Lias Blackwell

Age: 23
Bio: Lias is a stickler for rules half of the time. He's pretty strict, and there are rare moments when he can just let loose. He incredibly protective of his younger sister, being that she is the only family he has left. He has set morals for himself but when it comes done to it, he follows his head more than his heart, learning over the years that following your heart will just get a person killed. Whenever a person is around him, they're given an instinct to run. It could have been the way he stares at others. He's interested in getting things done for certain people.

Hobbies: Plays the Guitar. Training

Extra: Keeps a cheap hand made bracelet with him

Rest is coming soon


For now, just need to make the male character. Unless you want to add a second one right away.
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Age: 17-18
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“She’s gone.” Kaiden said dryly.

But what if she wasn’t... She mentally replied. It was too far for her to push on that matter. Despite that she’s never seen anyone fail before and it didn’t seem like he had lack of power. There was too much she didn’t know to really throw the possibility that he succeeded in some way. It was enough for Ivy to warn him once. A person who didn’t want to see that possibility wouldn’t believe it more if it was constantly repeated. She could be wrong after all.

“Maybe your powers have never failed, but mine did, and as much as I wish I could forget it, I can't. I know it was partially my fault." Kaiden continued. Ivy locked her lips for the moment, seeing that she could have possibly struck a nerve. Partially his fault. The edge of her lips cracked a little up. Well, it didn’t even sound like man slaughter, so it must have been something that happened that makes him think it was his fault. Yet, she still didn’t know the story and knew better than to judge just by that.

“If I learned anything, it’s that... There’s no point in dying for someone that’s already dead. Don’t let her death take over your life.” She stared out into the sky, leaning farther into the edge of the balcony before she did her little presentation of taking a life of the flower. She didn’t dare to pick up his expression during the duration of it because people’s reactions were usually horrible. Her eyes carefully examined the tulip as it revived just as quick. It half surprised her that it still worked after she touched it. At least it proved he didn’t have some demonic ability of bringing the dead back to life. That is unless Marvin suddenly started to have a craving for blood and human flesh.

"I hate tulips," He told Ivy with a smile. "Especially yellow ones."

“Then there must be a story to that,” She stated and listened to what he was saying. It was expected that there had to be some trade of information. Not that it bothered her because Kaiden was smart enough to keep his mouth shut.

“Besides... I don't have much to tell. Since my dear mother got rid of a... bit of evidence,” He slowly added.

Don’t people keep copies of everything now?” She slightly frowned, her voice dragging, “Or was it an object...?” She realized she was poking in her nose again and decided not to ask any more questions involving it.

“Well for one, I wouldn’t really call them ‘family’ except Lias. We’re really just a bunch that decided to live together. Out of all of us, Clairi is the most normal, which says something... Because people with abilities like ours are kept a secret, there’s hardly any information out there. Most of us believe it came from witches, wizards or demons. They give a human a single ability and then it’s passed down through the human’s bloodline. Not everyone that has ability is always human either...sometimes they’re half of another species Then there are the people that don’t even need hand contact,” She shortly explained

“And just for the record... You’re probably going to want to know how our abilities work. The reason why I can bring death might be a little difficult to make sense of but... Say if I touched a person, by doing that I’m transferring their remaining life force into my own body. It would be a good idea to figure out how you’re able to heal and bring someone back alive since, if you are the opposite of me-you’re probably transferring your own life force into them.”

“When you’re bringing someone back alive, it’s obviously forbidden and that’s why I’m assuming you’re getting those black marks. They’re guardians, they make sure that the world continues to spin and that things are kept in order. We’re not able to see them, though. They’re in some between world...if that makes sense...” She trailed on and realized it might be too much to explain all of this. There were a whole load to explain about what he couldn’t do or he’ll be in real trouble. She recalled that if doing something far too wrong could land a trip into the abyss. As if Kaiden would know what the abyss was or it existed.

“Ivy! Whose up there with you!?” Elaine called down from below, squinting to gaze up at them. Ivy poked her head out and responded, “This is Kaiden.” She called back at Kaiden, “She’s the one I mentioned earlier, Elaine.”

“That’s right, the teenage boy you invited” Elaine half spoke to herself and managed a light smile, “Nice to meet you Kaiden. I hope the guys-especially Lias gave you too much trouble.” Ivy was noticing that Elaine was in a pretty good mood today. She was curious as to what was bringing her in such a good mood.

“Say, would you two like to come Wicked at night? It’s a club. Probably not the type of club Kaiden’s been to. The one for only people like us,” Elaine suggested with enthusiasm. Ivy scoffed at the suggestion, sounding as if Devin had got into her head. It wasn’t completely something that Elaine wouldn’t suggest but it still sounded crazy. “Dev got to you too, huh?” Ivy raised a brow.

  Ivy Blackwell / Ravenity / 6y 263d 1h 38m 55s
She didn't rebuke him. Even as he spoke of his various attempts to defy the rules of nature, she remained quiet, until finally, she interrupted:

"Kaiden, there is one thing I know for certain about users. We don’t fail. We always succeed in some way if not the exact way we think we do. Bringing back life doesn’t come without a price...and sometimes the things that come back to life aren’t what you imagine them to be like when they do come back."

He could hardly register her words. What do you mean we don't fail? I saw her die. I saw it! He'd seen her thrown into the ground with dirt on top of the great wooden cradle they called a coffin. After all these years, someone was telling him Rebecca could be alive?

"She's gone," Kaiden said dryly. "You don't have to console me. I know she's dead. Maybe your powers have never failed, but mine did, and as much as I wish I could forget it, I can't. I know it was partially my fault."

If only he hadn't turned away at that crucial moment. If only he'd looked back just once more before he ran home, leaving her lost in the woods. She was easy enough to find, once they'd called out a search team. Of course she was; she wasn't far from home, and her body floated on top of the stream. He would know, since he got there first. A flash of light, the smell of burning, and by the time he next woke, he was being dragged to her funeral.

Ivy got to her feet and pushed the curtains aside. "If you’re truly interested, then come out here and tell me... if you truly want to know after what I show you."

Kaiden followed her outside, watching as she removed her glove. Her hand was white underneath, still, with the scar he had seen the day he'd first told her everything. She touched the tulip that rested on the balcony, and it withered to a gray, wiry coil. He understood immediately, and something between awe and fear passed through him as a shudder.

Her parents were dead. By her hand? he couldn't help wondering. And her lover, she'd killed him, too. For some reason, when he tried to imagine it, all he could see were the stony faces of his own parents as he left them last, peering out of their luxurious manor at him, but only until his car left the front drive. He wanted to believe that his sister was alive, but at what price? A body of decaying flesh? An empty husk, driven by bloodlust and cannibalistic instincts?He'd never visited her grave; he never had the opportunity. His parents hadn't either, he thought, though he would never know if they had. They wouldn't tell him that, would they, when they thought he'd murdered her?

Kaiden bent over the flower, lightly touching the place where the stem emerged from the dirt. He ran his finger on it, bringing it suddenly upwards, and with it, the flower as it jerked to life. Easy as pulling a marionette by its strings, or waking a sleeping child. Plants weren't as difficult; their deaths were poetic. He felt their parched souls and wilting, but there was nowhere near the amount of pain of a dying animal.

"I hate tulips," he told Ivy with a smile. "Especially yellow ones." The glowing red petals were like embers beneath his hand.

"I want to know everything you're willing to tell me. Anything your family is willing to tell me. I want to know about this talent and why people have it. Rest assured, I'll inform you of the content of my phone call readily enough. I just want to know more about the whole background before I tell you about it. Besides... I don't have much to tell. Since my dear mother got rid of a... bit of evidence."
  Kaiden Ellsworth / Phasymonde / 6y 269d 23h 48m 13s
After the denial she barged into the conclusion that he wouldn’t bother with any explanation. Not that she could blame him but her own human curiosity took the better hand of her. When she spoke, she wasn’t too sure if he was paying attention and felt plain stupid until he started talking, which felt like a great accomplishment. The apology only made her confused and instantly thought she was doing wrong since he pulled his hand back.

“Why the hell do we have these abilities?" He asked. The question hung in empty air. If only Ivy knew. After all, she lived with the assumption that Lias and she had this ability because of her father.

A laugh bubbled out of him, awkward and desperate. "This is pathetic, isn't it? I'll tell you, since your brother seems to know anyway. I had a sister named Rebecca, and she's dead now. It was my fault. When you do this - " He grasped her hand. " - I see everything from five years ago surrounding her death." Her body grew still. A person who claimed to be at fault, was usually never the killer. So, he must have believed it was his fault or he caused it-but she didn’t know the whole story. But she did know that it reminded her of killing Alexander. The last bit of it hardly made sense.

“Why?” She whispered, “That shouldn’t be happening.” That’s why he flinched when she touched him. The nightmares she had every night was seeing those memories of lives she’s taken, but why would he see something like that when he touched her and completely unrelated to her?

He decided to push on, but he could no longer keep his eyes on hers. "You said it was forbidden to bring someone back to life, right?

“Yes,” She slowly nodded.

(font " Cambria " (center “ Well, I've done it. Three times, and it worked two out of the three. I hope you can bear with me. I don't usually talk about myself.” Then he began referring to the first time, the third and then the second that mattered the most. For the mark to grow-he had to succeed. And she hasn’t recalled failing-or anyone failing with their abilities. For all he knew, his sister could be somehow alive somehow.

“Kaiden, there is one thing I know for certain about users. We don’t fail. We always succeed in some way if not the exact way we think we do,” She strongly declared. She recalled the anguish in his eyes whose soul didn’t leave it’s vessel after dying. He was still there yet his body was dead. He would be trapped there until his body completely decayed. So of course, she had to burn the body to free the soul and he could feel every single burn on his skin at the same time.

“Bringing back life doesn’t come without a price...and sometimes the things that come back to life aren’t what you imagine them to be like when they do come back.” She implied that maybe she wasn’t dead but in order to find that out was to do some grave digging-which was an insult and it was better off to leave it alone anyway. She probably mentioned this before but she didn’t want to hit him with something too shocking all at once. It was hard for her to do that because she hardly cared about people’s reaction to any kind of news. The air filled up with silence, the static becoming louder until he spoke again.

“It’s fine,” She shook her head, staring down at her feet. Tell him? That was a ludicrous idea. She really hated the idea of having to tell someone about herself just because someone told hear about themselves. She was far too secretive-plus she didn’t want him to despise her in the end.

“I don’t know...” She hissed in air, “Maybe it’s better off that my life or I remain a mystery. I tend to ruin people’s imaginations about me when I explain to them what I really am or like.” It didn’t matter if he knew or not. Who could he possible tell that would believe him? Excluding Chris that is.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” She uttered. Ivy rose to her feet, pushing the dark curtains to the side to let a flow of white light spread through the room from the dreary sky. She slid the glass door to the balcony open, stepped out and stood right beside the pot that was sitting at the concrete railing. They were planning to change the railing into metal but-for now they were sticking to boring concrete.

“Kaiden, if you’re truly interested, then come out here and tell me if you truly want to know after what I show you,” She called. Her hazel eyes examined the red tulip that was in the pot. Ivy slowly too her right hand fingers and pulled the index finger of the glove on her left until the glove was completely off. Her hand was a lot whiter than the rest of her skin, pasty with the scar running along the part where the palm begins. The moment her index finger touched the center of the tulip, it started to become a dark color until plates started to flake and fall into the soil. The root started to curve onto one side, losing its bright green color.

“You know the saying-everything I touch dies?” She rhetorically asked, probing the tulip with her eyes, “Literality, everything I touch dies. I’m going to tell you a couple of things and then you decide if you can handle more of what I could tell you about me, about users.”

“I no longer have parents. I lost count of how long ago that was, and at one point in my life...” She paused-hesitating to say it, “I killed my lover.” Her attention lifted off the dead tulip and turned onto him, “Kaiden, did you really kill your sister? Because if it wasn’t directly you, than it isn’t your fault. I’ve seen what happened to some people who came back to life and lived-most of them don’t come back as they once were. So it might be a good thing you failed because once a person’s time reaches, there’s no plan for them after. They’re soul were start to decay until there is nothing in their body left to act human. That and sometimes they come out as zombies, serial killers or some demonic being takes over their body.” Another one of her great flaws, sometimes she was too direct.

“Now, would you rather I talk about my life or would you strictly rather figure out your own life? Because knowing my life means knowing something you probably won’t believe and you probably wish you didn’t ask,” She spoke with a clear voice, her head dropping. A tingle of emotion was in the pit of her stomach, sorrow-just thinking about Alexander-but she has grown far to use to putting it all aside.

“Do you mind if you bring this tulip back to life? Elaine will thirst for my blood if I destroyed another one of her flowers,” She mentioned, her eyes averting from his, “And...if you’re okay with it, mind telling me what that phone call was about?” That’s what she was really curious about.

  Ivy Blackwell / Ravenity / 6y 283d 2h 28m 41s
"Are you okay?"

Kaiden found him face-to-face with Ivy, as if he had somehow summoned her with his thoughts. It was rare for him to lose his composure around others; he assumed she'd heard at least a bit of his conversation, and he wasn't especially happy about that.

She filled in his silence: "If there’s anything I can help with, just ask. And, I’m not the best person to talk to but, I can still listen."

He averted his eyes, a hundred different emotions pounding in his head. It would be so easy to tell her. So easy. It didn't seem like a bad idea, with her eyes beseeching like that, so remarkably human with concern and - yes - morbid curiosity. He could imagine it. I pretty much killed my sister five years ago. My parents hate me now because of it. That's why I'm at a boarding school. Oh, and my aunt just died, and my lovely mother just burnt her last letter to me. God, it sounded laughable, even in his mind.

"I'm fine, thank you," Kaiden said coldly. Cold as the bones gathering dust under his bed. Fuck.

"Um..." Was she really uncomfortable? "I apologize for Lias-again. He’s the oldest one, yet I’m always catching him for his behaviour. Elaine and Devin’s behaviour are far different than his, so I wouldn’t worry. As for Clairi, she probably isn’t here but when she arrives she probably will be a little more bearable."

"It's not a big deal," he muttered. "I shouldn't have lost my temper. It was uncalled for."

Without warning, she was pulling him inside again. Her hand was in his, urging him to sit down, to tell her what was wrong. She was smiling, then, her dark hair spun up, her eyes lupine and cold. She was at the top of the staircase, watching his car pull away, and despite the fact that he'd learned to hate her, he was screaming for her to take him back, to save him...

"I’m trying not to pry and I normally don’t pry into others business, let go ask them about their problems. So... Mind telling me?"

Kaiden was suddenly aware that he was staring. His thoughts were getting fucked up. His mother bore no resemblance to Ivy at all, and yet he could have sworn that the girl in front of him was becoming the tall, phantasmic reaper that haunted his dreams.

"Yeah, um... Sorry. I missed that. No, wait. I heard you. God. Sorry. I just..."

"God, I sound like a prying bitch..." No, you don't. I'm just an idiot. "Just say yes or no. If you say no, we’ll head downstairs, meet Elaine and then tackle Lias into spilling out what he knows and I can keep on him on behaviour check. Then if you have any questions about the five of us, I’ll do my best to answer. Although, there are some things that may shock you and that might be overwhelming..."

"Look, I'm sorry for everything," Kaiden said, withdrawing his hand. He almost regretted it, from the look on her face. "I don't mean it that way. I'm just... bad at this. Okay." He swallowed, held her gaze. "I want to ask for your help. I discovered this 'talent' as you call it ten years ago. Five years ago, I... something happened. I went too far, got this as a result - " He indicated his left hand. " - and my parents never think of me the same way again. We're not on good terms now. I'm asking because you are the only one who can answer and you might well be the first real friend I've had in five years: why the hell do we have these abilities?"

The question hung in empty air. He felt cold.

A laugh bubbled out of him, awkward and desperate. "This is pathetic, isn't it? I'll tell you, since your brother seems to know anyway. I had a sister named Rebecca, and she's dead now. It was my fault. When you do this - " He grasped her hand. " - I see everything from five years ago surrounding her death."

It would all be downhill from here. He decided to push on, but he could no longer keep his eyes on hers. "You said it was forbidden to bring someone back to life, right? Well, I've done it. Three times, and it worked two out of the three. I hope you can bear with me. I don't usually talk about myself.

"The first time I did it was when I was ten, two years after I discovered my power. I found a deer that had been killed on the road. Its head had come completely detached from its body. Somehow, I managed to put it together again. They found me after a driver nearly crashed into me in the middle of the road, covered in blood, mad with fright, and nearly frozen to death.

"The third time I did it, you know about already. Marvin and Chris were in a fight. Unbeknownst to Chris, when he'd thrown Marvin's body on the ground, he'd paralyzed him from the neck down. Any bit of movement and he would've died. I decided to take matters into my own hands.

"And the second time... I failed. I noticed the marks on my fingers, then. After it was too late. It was the only time my abilities haven't worked. And why? How could it be? The one time I actually wanted them. The one time it would've been fucking useful!"

He couldn't help the profanity that was clouding his mind. It was a forbidden subject, a diseased subject, and he had never before spoken of it. He shouldn't have spoken of it. Here he was, unloading all this hurt and anger that had been so wonderfully buried when he went to school, as if a tap had come unscrewed in his head. It wasn't just Ivy's touch that brought the memories to the surface, but the air of tragedy and darkness that seemed to follow them all, that, strangely enough, welcomed him into its grim folds.

He closed his eyes momentarily, wanting to disappear. "Now, it's my turn to apologize. For my outburst, I mean. That's all there is to my life. Will you tell me about yourself?"
  Kaiden Ellsworth / Phasymonde / 6y 283d 21h 4m 4s
Deeply breathing in and out she put a halt into thoughts and assumptions flood her mind. On the other hand, how couldn’t she consider the worst outcome? Ivy made a quick glance over Kaiden and saw he wasn’t very content of whatever Lias was saying. Lias stepped out of the room to be followed by Ivy back into his own room. Before he had a chance to step further than a meter into the room, she gripped onto his hand and tugged him back. She took a step forward but Lias refused to take a step back.

“Was that necessary?” She spoke with a controlled tone. Lias dropped and tilted his head to meet eyes with her, “In a matter of fact little sis, it was. Why don’t you enlighten me on his ability, then perhaps I’ll do a little less judging.”

“Lias, do not pry into his business, do not threaten him and especially-do not touch him. You want to tell me exactly what you did or do I need to pry into your own business?” She raised a brow.

“I only said what he already knew. Were you aware that his younger sister was dead? It could be related to that black hand.”

“Did it occur to you that I invited him over to figure that mystery out? I was set on asking you, but we can forget about that because you’re being a complete and utter asshole. He barely comes out of that boarding school and I wanted to make this visit pleasant but you have to ruin it, don’t you?” She sourly smiled. Lias’ posture became perfect, shoulders back with an exposed neck, filling it with silence until he gave a quick bark of a laugh.

“It’s been long since you’ve been this fired up. Since, when are you the type to fall for the sob stories, huh? It’s either that or you know something I don’t and that’s keeping you really interested in him or defensive,” His head shook, as he stepped away from her with his hands roughing his hair again before falling onto the bed and glancing at the red digital clock. “I’ll be out in a bit...” He mentioned.

“Li, it’s not him-it’s my nerves you’re touching,” She replied, before exiting into the halls. Ivy moved down and touched the door knob but came into a halt onto twisting it when she heard Kaiden speak either to himself or someone over the phone. Instead of jumping to the assumption he was insane, she decided it was a phone call. As rude as it was to eavesdrop-Ivy couldn’t help but listen on.

“I wasn’t her favorite. What...does it say? She wasn’t delusional. It wasn’t her fault! Don’t please mother-” Kaiden spoke the phrases with pauses between them. Ivy assumed he was talking to some friend, relative that he obviously disliked but it still surprised her to hear it was his mother. He sounded far from upset, choppy words, sounding like he was holding back on what he wanted to say. Who was he trying to defend? It wasn’t any of her business and she shouldn’t even ask about it. She inhaled a clear breath before decided to twist the knob. Before her brain sent the signal to her hand, the door already opened and she came to face with him. She wasn’t the type to lie, and so instead of really prying...

“Are you okay?” She softly asked with sincerity, “If there’s anything I can help with, just ask. And, I’m not the best person to talk to but, I can still listen.” Her full intention to bringing him hear was only because she was interested in his ability. And even showing concern was that bit of human selfishness in her to wanting to know about it. It might have showed, and she hoped that it did because otherwise, she wouldn’t care. Long ago she would have probably denied the selfishness but she learned everyone always had some selfish reason and this was hers. Or well...she wasn’t exactly sure if she did care or not of whatever was going on with him. Did she?

“I’m trying not to pry and I normally don’t pry into others business, let go ask them about their problems. So...” Her voice dragged on, “Mind telling me? That was one of her many flaws. When she grew curious about something, she hunted down the truth. It was so completely rude of her to do this. She was normally the kind of girl that got what she wanted and when she wanted information-she got it weather she had to be nice about it or not. It was a tough one trying to be nice.

“God, I sound like a prying bitch... Just say yes or no. If you say no, we’ll head downstairs, meet Elaine and then tackle Lias into spilling out what he knows and I can keep on him on behaviour check. Then if you have any questions about the five of us, I’ll do my best to answer. Although, there are some things that may shock you and that might be overwhelming...” She sped her words. She really wasn’t good at-what could she even call it? Acting human? Interacting with another person like a normal being? Even Clairi said that she wasn’t very good with interacting with her. Half of the time she forced Clairi to do or not do things because that’s the only way she knew how to do thing these days.

  Ivy Blackwell / Ravenity / 6y 283d 23h 9m 19s
Kaiden was slightly overwhelmed by the amount of freedom he now had. Despite his parents' affluence and position of authority in society, he'd never been allowed much time to himself, what with the banquets, seminars, meetings, soirees, extravaganzas, and just about any other celebration the upper-echelon could think of. It was a marvel, to him, how Ivy's parents could have so much money and still not give a damn about their kids. In fact, they seemed all but absent.

Growing up had always been a fuss. Everything had a procedure, from stretching his toes in the morning to letting his head hit the pillow at night. Idleness was a vice, after all. He and Rebecca both were allowed hardly a spare minute before they were shuffled off to classes , whisked to performances , and ushered around like pet poodles .

Even her body was safely locked in its ornate wooden box, another compartmentalization in all the innumerable dates and times he'd had to keep.

Kaiden sat down awkwardly on the bed. It was a welcome change from the cramped singles in the dorms, but the unfamiliar scent of someone else's home still lingered around the covers. He opened his duffel bag, then sat there at a loss.

"You had a sibling before? Am I right?" Lias' self-satisfied proclamation echoed in his head. He'd tried to grab him by the shirt, then, but Ivy's brother was much too fast to be bested. It had absolutely no effect on him, Kaiden's anger and resentment. Perhaps it amused him. Why else would he have poked at a wound so close to home?

"Had. Key word, 'had,'" Kaiden muttered to himself, though Lias was long gone. What was it about this family that dredged up memories he had no intention of reliving? What was it about them that brought nightmares writhing in their wake?

He remembered the look in Ivy's eyes after he'd healed her. Wonder. Awe. Could it have been... regret? He didn't know. All he knew was that he'd liked it, being able to impress someone after so many years of being a nobody. He'd been a nobody for so long he was sure he'd forgotten how to be a somebody. His own uncertainties reflected in her eyes - that reassured him. Yet it was gone all too quickly, and her gaze was hardening again, appraising him in the purely businesslike way that she had: eyebrows raised, lips pressed firmly together, chin slightly lifted. Like he was the enemy. He couldn't possibly miss that.

Kaiden fell back onto the bed with a sigh. His head was in turmoil. How would they proceed about this whole 'talents' thing? None of Ivy's family seemed particularly welcoming towards him, and he couldn't blame them. To them, he was the newcomer who had to prove his innocence. What a dismal jury they made. Black, stormy eyes, with grim faces set perpetually downwards to look upon the mortals that roamed the earth. He was fairly certain they would not be convinced by any display of his prowess, not like Ivy was. He didn't need their approval, either. He just wished... what? That someone would care whether he lived or died?

There was nothing for him to do at this point, really. He'd have to wait and see what exactly Ivy had in store for him, deciding so suddenly to have him come over for a weekend visit. It certainly wasn't as benign as she'd made out. Their intentions were far from pure.

Kaiden decided to take a look around the house, hoping to take his mind off his plight. He walked past the washroom and down the stairs, making as little noise as possible. The kitchen was normal enough, as was the living room. In fact, everything retained an aura of almost forced normalcy, like someone had attempted to follow the instructions of an L. L. Bean catalogue rather than piece together a cosy home. Curiously enough, there were no family photos, or even photos of friends. It was all very empty.

He made his way back upstairs. He thought to wait for Ivy to emerge from the washroom, but his phone began ringing before he could even reach the landing. Not vibrating, like it usually did when he received a text message. Ringing.

Call from Mary Ellsworth

"Hello?" He entered the guest room quickly, shut the door behind him.

"Kaiden, it's wonderful to hear your voice again."

You don't have to lie. "It's nice to hear from you, too... Mom."

The line crackled as his mother laughed in surprise. "I didn't think I'd hear you call me that again."

"Is there a reason you've decided to call me?" Kaiden asked brusquely, ignoring her comment. "I'm at a friend's house." Besides, you don't even want to see my fucking face during the holidays.

"Don't be rude, Kaiden. Is it so hard to believe that I wanted to hear your voice?"


"Anyhow... I'm afraid that I do have a reason for calling, and the reason will no doubt be unpleasant to you." A pause; he could picture her leaning closer to the table as she uncrossed and recrossed her legs. "You see, Kaiden, Aunt Helen passed away yesterday evening. She'd been in poor health for years, the dear, but she seldom had the means to seek professional care. It seems that deadly complications arose in the past few days, when she was running a fever. She finally left this earth in her sleep, may her soul rest in peace."

Kaiden put down the phone numbly. Scrubbed his face. Picked up the phone. His eyes were dry. "Why are you telling me this?"

"I should have thought the reason was obvious. You were always a favorite of hers."

"No," he said, though it wasn't to her statement, exactly. "No, that's a lie, Mother. You know you couldn't care less about - " Swallow. Don't piss her off.

"What's that, dear?"

"I wasn't her favorite."

"Surely, you were, or why would she have left you - " Her voice grew disdainful. He could make out the sound of pages turning. " - a twenty-page handwritten letter?"

Kaiden grew very still. He knew what was coming, and he wanted to stop it, but he was utterly helpless. He was this far from crying out, yelling insults he'd never repeated to another living human, from begging, even, that his mother have mercy on her poor sister-in-law. He was biting his lip so hard he could taste blood.

"What... does it say?"

"Nothing of import, I assure you. Seems to be the ravings of a delusional madwoman."

"She wasn't delusional," Kaiden said, before he could stop himself. How could Aunt Helen possibly be delusional? The one parental figure in his life who'd made him feel loved. She was the first one he'd gone to with his tulip trick, making the withered petals stand upright again. And she'd laughed with a gleam in her eye, gently ruffling his hair.

"Yes; yes, I know you have an affinity for her," his mother replied impatiently. "However, her antics were never a part of our household. Just look what your 'talent' has gotten you into, Kaiden. You really think her motives were innocent?"

"It wasn't her fault!"

"Or yours, I suppose." Her sarcasm was biting, acerbic. "This is a tired argument that can wait. I intended to deliver the bad news without starting another fight, but it's evident now that you cannot contain yourself. I have read the letter, and I strongly believe that your already-clouded mind will not benefit from this ridiculous witchcraft she claims to practice. I will burn it shortly. It's for the best."

Kaiden clutched the phone as if it were a lifeline. "Don't. Please. Mother - "

"I will see you on the tenth of June."

Tenth of June. Graduation. The line went dead, and with it, his hopes of obtaining the last scrap of aid his aunt might have left behind.

Kaiden could barely silence his infuriation. He shoved his phone back in his pocket, dragged himself to his feet, and exited the room, more determined than ever that Ivy would tell him the huge secret behind his ability and his failure five years ago, once and for all. And soon.
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Ivy became mesmerized by the single touch regenerating her skin to perfection in an improbable speed. Her eyes couldn’t help but lit up. It was still amazing, yet not as amazing on her because it was all too familiar. It wouldn’t be the first time her body miraculously healed. Weather she was engulfed by flames stabbed in the heart or shot in the head, in a month she would rise up and walk around like a living being. Nevertheless, it wasn’t the same as Kaiden’s ability. He could heal others and not just that but heal in improbable speed. Her body only healed if whatever hit her was out of her body and it would take about a month-plus she was also temporarily dead during the healing process.

The excitement in her eyes faded-shifting away-as her chin dipped down to her chest and slowly taking back ownership of her arm. She tightly pressed her lips together as the memory of witnessing life fleeting away from bodies came to her.

“Thanks but you don’t need to do that. It’s better if you don’t do that,” Her voice grew hard, looking directly at him. Then she referred to heading upstairs.

"I don't mind at all. It's the first time I've left school before summer, actually. Really nice of you to invite me." Kaiden eyed the stairs.
She was set on just taking his hand or wrist on leading him upstairs but she recalled him flinching at any form of touch from her. She led the way upstairs.
"So, it's just... up there, right? You'd better show me upstairs. I'm looking forward to meeting the rest of your family, especially if they're as interesting as you are,” He continued. She nodded without thought and then back tracked.

“Interesting. I guess,” She scoffed as they arrived on the second floor. The entire house except some certain rooms had dark hardwood. The second floor consisted of three rooms to the right and one farther from the others down the left, which was hers. Across from them was the washroom and beside at the right the washroom was the unoccupied closed room. There was only one other room that Clairi and Elaine shared by choice in the house and it was on the first floor. She stepped forward to the door and twisted the knob pushing it forward. The room had a queen sized bed at the right corner, with grey painted walls, one white desk, a drawer, and a balcony that stretched out throughout the whole back of the house.

“Here’s your temporary room,” She sighed, leaning against the edge of the door opening, “We have wifi, there’s no feel free to use it when you want. My room is down the hall at the left if you need me. And when you’re hungry you can easily go downstairs and take whatever you want from the fridge without asking. But I recommend staying away from the cookies-Clairi loves to put a little something in those and last time I ate it, I made a fool of myself. We also have a swimming pool out in the backyard and if you want to go anywhere else than this house, just ask. I can drive us out into the city or someone else can.” She missed being home. She didn’t have to share a room for one.

A gentle tiny bark echoed in the halls. Ivy took a step back and saw Lias’ door creek open and her puppy Pandora, a black and white husky with silver blue eyes start running toward her. She kneeled down and picked Pandora up.

“This is my puppy, Pandora. I just got her a month ago. I should have asked if you’re allergic to pets...” She bit her bottom lip, “I have plenty of them.” Ivy picked up the footsteps and saw a tired Lias come out of the room, his hair ruffled and a red mark on his cheek from lying too long onto one side on the bed sheets. His arms were crossed, wearing a plain black t-shirt and shorts. The first thing he took notice was Kaiden.

“Oh. It’s you.” He flatly spoke. Ivy darted her eyes at him and just as she did, Lias noticed the small scrape on her cheek.

“What’s the story?” He asked.


“Is he still here?”

“No. I’m going to wash the bit of blood off. Kaiden why don’t you get comfortable with your room for the meantime, and Lias-don’t intimidate him,” She warned. Lias smirked at her demand as he watched Ivy releasing Pandora before heading to the bathroom. Lias opened his mouth to speak put then his eyes trailed down to notice the blanked finger tips. He stared for a moment until and muttered, “I hope you know what you’re doing.” He inhaled a deep breath and decided to play nice for the moment.

“I’m Lias, Ivy’s only elder brother,” He began with a smug smile and then continued with cold eyes, “You had a sibling before? Am I right? Well, imagine what happen then and how furious I will be if my little sister was in danger. And if that’s not enough to scare you, than I will happily give an example.” Lias tend to look into people’s backgrounds, and noticing that black hand plus his dead sibling made him suspicious of Kaiden. He has yet to know what Kaiden could do and it worried him if it was something just as bad as them.

Ivy did her best to clean out the small scrape but had to go and since she was already there, she turned on the fan and did what she wanted to finish up with the bathroom. She checked herself at the mirror before she stepped out and picked up Lias with his glove off-that frightened her, but he was backing away. She assumed that maybe he’d sleep more since he was out all night.

  Ivy Blackwell / Ravenity / 6y 286d 1h 6m 50s
The way she stared at him made him go hot and cold at once. Penetrating without being aggressive, it somehow claimed him, made him afraid. It wasn't the stare of a killer or a saint, but the simple look of understanding that would pass between two who know each other well enough to communicate without words. Her eyes understood him far more than he wanted to be understood.

"Is something bothering you?" she inquired.

"Nothing. Don't worry about it." Just a flash of lightning, a bloodcurdling scream, and the nightly visits of a cold-sweat inducing phantom. He felt it rather than saw it this time, like a negative image in the white-hot and bone-dry light of the storm.

He could tell she didn't buy it. She might have pursued it, too, if she hadn't been wrenched away suddenly by a man who burst out of the door. Thankful for the distraction, Kaiden drew closer to make out the reason for their frenzied conversation, but to no avail.

"Ivy, let's talk," the man was saying. His lips were pulled back in a snarl. Black hair hung around his olive skin, trembling when he spoke.

"No, not weekends."

"Nuh-uh, sweetheart. We need it done by today."

The other man, whom Ivy had called 'Dev,' moved forward. In a flash, his hand was at the other's chest, pushing him back from Ivy and forcing him to back down.

The conversation quickly devolved from there. He caught a glimpse of Ivy telling the stranger something in a low voice - with a quick glance at him - and then she pulled him aside and walked him to the black car parked a little off the driveway.

"Let's head inside," the young man close to him suggested. "Did I introduce myself? If you don't already know, I'm Devin. I'm - ...What did she say I was?"

Kaiden shook his head. "She... didn't? I think we've pretty much had our hands full with Clairi these past few days. Oh, and, uh, nice to meet you. Devin."

Ivy was suddenly behind them, slipping what looked like a file into Devin's hand and sending him off. She did it furtively, as she always was when talking about her family or herself. When she next turned to him, he realized she still had blood on her arm and her cheek. Without thinking, he took her elbow ran his fingers over the cut. The pain pierced his own arm, and the feral smile of the man who had stormed out earlier floated across his vision for a moment. Shit. He hadn't worn the glove today, but perhaps it was a good thing. It'd reveal something about this strange 'family,' if he managed to get close enough to them for it.

He flashed a quick, sardonic smile at her as he released her elbow. "No scars."

Kaiden hoisted his duffel bag over his shoulder. He was expecting the nightmares to come now, as they seemed to anytime Ivy touched his hand. Curiously enough, they didn't - he stood still with two feet planted firmly in the present, mind completely clear.

"I don't mind at all. It's the first time I've left school before summer, actually. Really nice of you to invite me." Kaiden eyed the stairs. "So, it's just... up there, right? You'd better show me upstairs. I'm looking forward to meeting the rest of your family, especially if they're as interesting as you are."
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"Go ahead and disembowel me later." He added. Her lips cracked into a smile for a moment. Her eyes fell on the house, with an interior resembling more of a condo, having a good couple of large windows at the back. There were maroon red bricks leading up to the door, and another dirt trail leading up into the garage. There were already three cars parked outside, everyone but Clairi had a car. She slowed down the car to park the car. Devin’s hand was already at the handle and when the car stopped, he jumped right out and heavily breathed in and out, “Next time... I’m driving.” Ivy scoffed at the unlikely words. She may have a fear of being in a closed up space without escaping but he feared anything that could transport him anywhere.

Her lips parted as she turned her head to look at Kaiden but then closed it. He was off into his own little world. Her eyes moved down to see his body become so tense, with an expression that read it all from sorrow to a little hint of anger there. She gently tugged his shoulder and it sounded like he finally breathed.

"Shit! Sorry, I was zoning out," Kaiden said by way of excuse. He offered his usual grin, hoping it didn't come out too forced. Ivy was practiced with lying, faking, hiding and all that junk and picked up the fake grin. She stared at him for a moment, examining him and realized how weird she must have looked just staring.

"So... are we going in?" He asked.

“Yes...” She slowly replied. Her hand moved away when she realized she was still touching his shoulder. Her fingers pushed back her hair as her eyes averted and then moved right back to him when she decided to say something instead of grab the handle and go. “Is something bothering you?” She asked. She heard the door from behind her click open, and all the sudden she was grabbed and pulled out.

“Ivy, let’s talk.” He sharply demanded, as she caught her footing to stand and meet those cold black eyes. The first thing that came into her mind was what the hell was Nolan doing here. Her teeth clenched, her body becoming tense for a moment.

(font " Cambria " (center
“No, not weekends,” She spoke through her teeth.

“Nah uh, sweetheart. We need it done by today,” Nolan smirked. He was a tall male, in his late twenties, slightly dark skin with black curly hair that touched up to his chin. Devin moved in and grabbed Nolan by the shirt and pushed him far back.

“How does eternal sleep sound to you, huh?” Devin spat out. This wasn’t going good.

“Nolan, I’ll talk to you-but a little farther from here,” Ivy quickly spoke. She did not want this to turn into a big scene, not when Kaiden was around. She glanced over Devin and gave a slight nod. He slowly loosened his hold until he released Nolan. Ivy and Nolan then headed a little further down the road, where his black Mercedes had just parked recently. He must have came from the other direction because she did not see him from behind or ahead.

“Let’s head inside,” Devin suggested. He fitted his hands in his jean pockets and glanced over Kaiden, “Did I even introduce myself? If you don’t already know, I’m Devin. I’m-“ He caught his tongue before he said something that Ivy told him the opposite of. He wasn’t certain if Ivy had even mentioned him at all-which would be offending. He moved toward the red double doors of the house. “What did she say I was?” He curiously asked, while pulling out his keys out of the right pocket and fitting it into the door. With a turn of his wrist the door opened to reveal an open concept. At the end there were glass walls, where the living room was. At the left of the living room was the kitchen. The stairs were near the front at the left that lead up to the second floor. Elaine was out in the backyard while Clairi was probably out and Lias most likely upstairs. Devin stepped inside of the house and just as he was about to speak, he felt a tap over his back. He looked over his shoulder and spotted Ivy catching her breath. His eyes first scoped her from feet, moving up to see a black file in her hand and...

“Hey you-“ He began as his eyes trailed up to her shredded bleeding cheek, “What happened?”

“What?” She stared blankly back at him.

“Your cheek...and the back of your arm,” He pointed out. She looked over her arm and saw it scraped and bleeding and then touched her cheek with only a bit of blood. It was nothing, not compared to what she did, but she didn’t think she got injured along the way.

“Oh-nothing... I just persua-nothing,” She shook her head. It would be difficult to explain while Kaiden was around here. “Just put this in my room okay?” She handed Devin the file and then leaned her back far into the wall and breathed out, meeting eyes with Kaiden.

“Sorry about that,” She managed a small smile, “How about we go grab your stuff and I’ll show you the room you’ll be staying in that’s up stairs. It’s right by the washroom-I hope you don’t mind. After that I can introduce you to everyone?” It was a good idea to go clean herself up when she showed him the room.

  Ivy Blackwell / Ravenity / 6y 289d 1h 48m 20s
Well, that was the end of it. It was the first time he'd seen Ivy this angry, and at him, too. He'd made it, what, one week? And now she was so brimming with rage that she didn't even want to look at him. Great.

Kaiden leaned back in his seat and sighed. He wanted to look at her again, gauge her temperament, but he didn't dare. Not because he'd lose a finger or two - good luck with that, when he healed so well - but because she would probably be displeased with him, and if she was displeased with him, there was no one who could possibly tolerate him. Not Chris, not Amber, not Darius... probably not even Marvin, now that he'd seen some of the bizarreness that came with his life.

Their opinions didn't matter very much to him, though, as he'd always known. Public opinion seldom did to him; he was used to being scorned and shunted to the side, after all that had happened in his family. It was just that, well, Ivy was different. She was like him, to put it simply; she had experienced the tremendous power and crippling loss that came with having a special touch. She was familiar to him, though he didn't know her favorite color, her blood type, or her birthday. He barely knew her, yet that was part of the grand mystery he was beginning to enjoy. Perhaps that was the secret: she and death were one and the same. She lacked no vivacity in her spirit or moral inclination in her heart - it was the unknown that brought them together, made them alike. Perhaps he enjoyed the possibility of something beyond death rather than decay itself, and Ivy, a girl of strange reactions and stranger origins would show him a world that defied the jaded one in which he lived.

He'd slipped into a reverie once again.

Kaiden glanced sideways at Ivy, just barely grazing her knuckles with his eyes before he turned back to the window. They were going quickly, far over the speed limit, he was sure. Even though he didn't look at her straight on, he could hear the tightening of her grip as she sped ever faster down the highway.

"Look, I, ah..." He scratched his head quickly in one fluid motion . "I'm sorry about being late. Really. I didn't mean to come off as flippant. I know we didn't agree on a time, but I wouldn't have come late if I could've chosen. Just... broken clock." And to the lame finish. "Go ahead and disembowel me later."

They reached the house almost as soon as he finished speaking. It was a pretty two-story estate - nothing spectacular, but surely not a house for the destitute either. A generous plot of farmland extended from the back, as far as the eye could see, and the front of the home was slightly obscured by towering green giants, gently swaying in the breeze.

"Straight out of a Jane Austen novel," Kaiden muttered, then regretted saying it in case she heard. Turning to face the lovely little abode, he lifted his chin and breathed in the fresh air. Country air, thankfully free of the smells of the city. More familiar than he expected, following his thoughts and setting them afire, basking in the blaze. A not-so-distant memory pervaded the grounds. A ghost.

Down the aisle like a perverse wedding. His toes were pinched in the hardly-cracked shoes, his hair messily slicked back. One of the very few occasions where his parents had coerced him into formalwear. He was dragging his feet, slouching in the most unforgivable way possible so as to slow his progress. Huddled families straightened upon his arrival and peeked at him over their shoulders, eyes narrowed and mouths set. They were already judging him, his reluctance, his scrawniness, everything. There he is. There's the ungrateful little lad. Killed his sister, but his parents are covering it up.

"I don't want to." A plea rather than a statement. His legs were trembling, his mind racing. "Please."

Look, the coward. Can't face what he's done. He wants to run from his own sister's funeral.

"Kaiden, you will not make me say it again. Step forward and pay your respects."

"Mother - "

"Stop this at once!" Slap. So subtly concealed it might have been mistaken for an embrace. "Go forward."

His steps were measured as he approached the casket. He found every excuse to tarry, but at long last, he had reached the end of the room, the end of the carpet, and the end of the tunnel. The whispering intensified to a buzz, whining incessantly in his ear. He couldn't see, couldn't breathe. He didn't want to face the ashen color of her face, or her hands clasped across her chest and hardened with rigor mortis. He didn't want to kiss her clammy cheek, or whisper in an unhearing ear.

"Don't stand there. Go! For God's sake, you spoiled brat - "

A slight touch on his shoulder. He turned, disoriented, expecting to come face-to-face with his sister's corpse. Small intake of breath, perhaps, and nothing more.

"Shit! Sorry, I was zoning out," Kaiden said by way of excuse. He offered his usual grin, hoping it didn't come out too forced. "So... are we going in?"
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A minute began to feel like ten, and ten started to feel like thirty until thirty started to feel more like an hour. There wasn’t a single ounce of her that had patience for anyone, but this was her own careless fault. She didn’t know where this carelessness came from, something simple to forgetting to tell him what time to meet up. So in the first ten minutes, she texted him saying to meet in ten minutes and then put her phone away. After twenty minutes, Devin arrived with her car considering she drove her herself and they needed the car to get back home. Still, she still didn’t even get a text reply.

Devin had left her be for the moment to wander around the campus again and he’d come as soon as she called him. He was familiar with her temper of taking too long. Despite that she didn’t pick a time before hand, he should have assumed she didn’t mean this far late. It irritated her to be kept waiting for this long; it was one of her pet peeves. He could have at least answered the text. Instead of standing like a complete dunce, she had moved a bit further down to the stone rocky water fountain that she has yet to see turn on. Then it came to her. I’m not being stood up am I?

A sudden touch on her shoulder alarmed her enough to grab the wrist and twist it a bit. A small wince escaped Darius’ lips, leaning onto one side to ease the twist. For a moment, her hold remained as she stared back to him and finally loosened her hold, “Sorry.”

“Don’t worry, it’s only a hockey player’s good hand you sprained,” He muttered, shaking his hand and testing his wrist out. She clearly picked up the sarcasm in his voice and was far off from a good mood at the moment.
“Suck it up. I didn’t do it that hard,” She dryly added.
“Feisty today aren’t we?” Darius asked. He took a step forward to lower himself down to sit on her but stopped mid way and took a step back, deciding it would be better to keep his distance. When Ivy didn’t say anything, he continued to speak. “What are you doing here?” He curiously asked.

“Waiting. At least I think I am...”
“For who?”
“No one important.”
“And who’s not important?”
“Dar... I don’t want to come off rude but it’s none of your business.”
“That’s fine. I guess I have to stick around until I see the person you’re waiting for,” He shrugged. Her eyes slowly trailed onto his green eyes. They met for a moment and he managed to hold the stare with her, despite that she was half glaring at him. He was serious.

“Kaiden,” She shortly replied, tapping her finger tips in order on the rock.
“Is that the friend that’s coming over your house?” His eyes lit up, little seeds blossoming into an assumption.
“Yes. He’s just coming for a...medical purpose.”
“Oh. Is that it? Or is it some other reason that you can’t say?”
“I’d tell you but it’s private...”

“I didn’t realize you were the type to go around...If things don’t go well with him, text me or call me-whichever. ” Darius spoke. She stared at him blankly not understanding what he had meant. Before she could form a sense of it, he said he had to get going before his roommate gets angry. He promised he’d drop something off. She watched Darius walk off and then continue to sit. It was best to call Devin and leave by now. She grabbed her phone and called him, he said he’d arrive right away. She sat up and just then she heard shortness of breathing right behind her and calling, and there was Kaiden.

"I'm sorry it took me so long. My clock broke,” He claimed. Like she hadn’t heard that excuse before... She doubly blinked, staring back at him with contained annoyance and kept silent.
“And I ran into Darius along the way. He seemed to think that we..." He paused. "Well, he thought we were together. Must be Chris, circulating all these weird rumors." Right now, she couldn’t care less if Darius spread lies about her sleeping with anyone that had a dick. She was ticked. Although, it was an eye opener to what Darius thought while she was speaking to him.

“I hardly find it relevant for you to tell me of Darius’ delusional thoughts,” She controlled her tone, “And no, you’re wrong. It’s not Chris. There are no rumours going around. I went on a date with Darius yesterday and you were acting off yesterday. So I asked Darius about it and he jumped to an assumption which I denied. I was just speaking to Darius a minute ago and he must have jumped to that assumption again when I told him we were heading to my place. Satisfied with the explanation?” Then the great big question appeared.

"So, uh, what time is it?" He innocently asked.
“Ten Kaiden,” She gave a smile with an edge, “Its ten, forty-six AM.” She wasn’t going to add that she’s been there since eight to seem pathetic. If it weren’t half her fault, she would have left by now. Devin eventually had arrived, making it in front Ivy, “I’m here. Let’s get-“He cut himself off as he noticed Ivy’s body language and the eyes that had a killer written all over it. He hated being around her in this mood.

“Toss me the keys Dev,” She demanded. He pulled out the keys from the car and tossed it to her. She grasped it and headed toward the parking lot, assuming that Devin and Kaiden were following her. She only needed a couple of minutes to settle her temper down. Devin decided to move beside Kaiden and gave a small pat on his shoulder.

“I hope your ability is to heal or you’re screwed man. I kept her waiting for half an hour once for dinner. I almost lost a finger at her temper at that dinner. Two hours? Good luck. And if you make it past her, Lias-her older brother is going to have you for supper,” He mentioned. Ivy’s ears perked up, making some of it out and sent a glare over at Devin.
“That was my own fault, and I did not do anything of that sorts.
“You almost did.”
“You deserved it.”
“I know. So what’s his ability?”
“It depends on him if he wants to tell you,” She reminded, although she knew Dev wouldn’t say anything about his ability. They kept their abilities far too secret. They never knew when they were really being tricked by others. She eventually arrived to her red car, fitting in the car keys and opening the door and stepping into the driver seat.

“Kaiden, it’s up to you weather you want to take front seat or the back,” She mentioned and then looked over at Devin as he took the available seat, “Did you find Clairi?”He nodded and with that she decided to head off into the road. The path to their house was mainly filled with farm land. The house wasn’t incredibly huge but big enough for them. It was a two story house surrounded by mainly forest and a field at the back.
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7:19 AM. Somehow, he'd managed to wake up far too early yet again, and on a day that he needn't have bothered at all. There was no bright light this time, and God knew Marvin wouldn't be up for another three hours or so, so it wasn't immediately apparent what exactly had woken him.

Kaiden sat up suddenly. What was it? He glanced at the clock, which faithfully still read 7:19 AM. The colon wasn't blinking, though, which had to mean... it was out of batteries.

He stumbled out of bed, the covers somehow twisting around his legs, and fell in a heap. Shit, she didn't give me a time. No, no, nonono. With a silent curse, he made for the bathroom. Thank goodness his roommate wasn't in there. As he hurried through his morning preparations, he wondered what time it really was. Couldn't be after noon, could it? Fuck, he hoped Ivy hadn't waited too long. Or left without him - he'd be too mortified to ask to go again. Why did his alarm have to fail him today of all days?

Grabbing his duffel bag, Kaiden managed to sprint out the door within ten minutes, not caring who saw him with his jacket flapping behind him and a bag jumbling ridiculously from his shoulder. He thought he could probably make it there within another five minutes, if he ran at top speed. Around the corner of Davis Hall and through the shortcut underneath Nelson. He scrambled around the corner and barely regained his balance before he was on he ground, knocked flat by someone else who had apparently been running at top speed.

"Jesus... fuck," a voice said across from him, and it took him a bit to recognize it. "Sorry about that."

"It was my fault," Kaiden said, getting to his feet. "I'm sorry, I'm in a hurry." He picked up his bag again with the intention of going past the other boy, but he was barred by his companion opposite him, who had stepped in front of him.

"Hey... you're Kaiden Ellsworth." Damn it.

"Yeah. Your name is...?"

"Darius. You know, from homeroom."

"Right," Kaiden said, nodding. "I knew you by face, just not name."

"Cool." His tone suggested that it was really not at all cool. "So, I heard that you and Ivy have something going on?"

"Well, that's a baseless rumor. Sorry to disappoint." He tried to push past him again, to no avail.

"Hey, wait a moment. I'm not going to do anything to you, I swear. I just wanted to get the facts straight, you know."

Kaiden raised an eyebrow. "You like her or something?"

"Or something," he said. "I'm just curious. Do you like her?"

"Or something," Kaiden replied. He would have said 'no' outright, but the word died somewhere between his brain and his mouth.

Darius rolled his eyes. "Look, I'm only asking - "

"Never mind." Kaiden rushed past him before he had a chance to recover his line of questioning. "And for the record, I don't like her. Have at it, Romeo."

He started for the front gate again, this time at a steady jog. It occurred to him that maybe Ivy had said something about him to make everyone think they were together. It'd been two, so far: Marvin and Darius. He wouldn't have been surprised if there was a rumor going around, and if it was started by Ivy. He wasn't sure he cared.

She was there in casual attire, her hair swung over one shoulder as usual, and facing away from him. He couldn't refrain from calling out before he reached her, still short of breath:

"I'm sorry it took me so long. My clock broke, and I ran into Darius along the way. He seemed to think that we..." He paused. "Well, he thought we were together. Must be Chris, circulating all these weird rumors." This was getting embarrassing. "So, uh, what time is it?"
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Embarrassed at her question, she did her best to avert eyes with him. Yet, she couldn’t help but having to contain a smile at his red lit cheeks at the corner of her eyes. It brought a little curiosity in her as to what he was thinking. It never occurred to her that perhaps he’s never been on a date before. It seemed one of those things it was safe to assume.

“Well, I... I don’t know,” He so casually replied. Right, it was a stupid question... The thought was vocalized right after. Ivy wasn’t certain, because it could have been just her but he seemed a little off today. Cold, even... Heck, he even mentioned he forgot about the plan for tomorrow, making her feel pretty stupid that she was the only one that remembered it. Not that it bothered her; it just irritated her a little. Instead of wasting precious time on her unimportant dilemma, she moved onto the important plan for tomorrow. Unimportant-because right after she finished speaking, she was bombarded with a rant to clear his sexuality.

Her head slowly tossed to him giving a ‘what?’ expression. His words were moving too quick for her brain to process. Taylor swift? She mentally asked, Who’se - And then she recalled having a couple of her songs in her iPod. She didn’t know what he meant and that was probably because she didn’t have the time to waste on pity rumours and drama with celebrities. Let go, be completely on top on what was poplar in music now and days. She went through a cognitive progress to conclude his sudden outburst and an idea soon sparked in her. A smile and short laugh cracked out of her, shaking her head once to dismiss it.

“No, I don’t think you’re gay. I actually didn’t know what you’re sexuality was, so it has nothing to do with why I asked you. I simply had no one else to ask,” She assured, a smirk making it on her lips, “But thanks for clarifying your straight, maybe we could hit it off sometime.” It was a joke. A bit of her teasing side slipped out. She felt a short touch from him, in the split second she felt him shiver. She wondered if he didn’t like being her around her. It didn’t surprise her too much to see him grow tense at the mention of parents. There was always some sort of problem with users and their parents. She had some problems with her parents, but she couldn’t really recall most of them. She barely remembered their faces.

“It’s not always black and white,” She clearly told him, staring up into the leaves thrashing around when a rough wind blew in. She didn’t want to intrude, by saying that his parents made the right choice. It was safer for him to be trapped in a boarding school that was hardly noticed, kept in good secret. It was one of the reason she put Clairi in this school first, it was secure. Kaiden probably didn’t know that there were people in the world that would try to kill him for what he could do, or use him selfishly. Before she could say anymore, he was already saying good night and heading his way. “Night,” She sighed.

She began to head off back to the doors to solve her new dilemma of dating as teenager. The dorm room had felt odd when there was no one inside. The laptop lid was lifted open as she sat on the chair and googled for ideas. She just hoped what she found was accurate. She left the laptop open as she went to raid her closet that consisted everything comfortable and not appropriate for a date. She end up pulling out light blue skinny jeans and dark red top with a little transparency at the back Before she could do anything else, there was a knock at the door. Ivy managed to get the door to see Darius, glancing at her up and down, “Are you ready...?”

“Just a second...” She told him before rushing to the mirror, and grabbing a brush, just to get the tangles out of her hair and then slipping on her ankle boots and gave him a short smile, “Let’s go.”

Soon, she ended up in the car with him, heading far into town. Ivy remained silent when she could but when he spoke, she was nice enough to respond. She learned that Darius wrapped himself in art but his parents were against it because they wanted him to go in business. She ends up actually having a conversation with him until they arrived. It became slightly silent until they hit the movie and he bought large popcorn. She didn’t even like popcorn but she was forcing herself to go along with it. The movie was a chick flick, she happened to hate romance movies. It reminded her of everything that she lost. Somehow, she end up talking about Kaiden. She explained it to Darius, and then asked him if it was just her or something was up.

“Sounds like he likes you and trying to figure it out” He blurt out. She nearly choked on the popcorn on his mouth. He shortly laughed, “Is that so hard to believe?”
“I don’t know. I mean.... I just don’t think,” She shook her head, “What makes you say that?”
“Experience,” He shrugged and then carefully looked at her, “You don’t like him do you?”
“No.” She instantly replied. The movie continued and her eyes were closing. Darius was also drifting off asleep and then he finally suggested going see another movie and this time she could pick it. She end up picking an action movie instead and they began to enjoy that with each other. He attempted to lean in to kiss her and the other side of her just didn’t care, so she let him have the kiss. At the end of the movie, Darius mentioned that he was supposed to take me to a hotel room and take some inappropriate pictures to her and sent it to Chris friends. She was just glad he admitted it. He promised he wouldn’t and then she was taken back to the dorms, giving another goodbye kiss to Darius who seemed pleased with the whole date.

She rested on the bed, staring at the ceiling, feeling unsure about herself. She didn’t know what she felt unsure about. Although, the date didn’t go bad. It was actually pretty fun. She tossed around the bed until she had fallen asleep. In the morning she got herself quickly ready in casual wear and headed off to the front of the school. She was somewhat tired from yesterday, her thoughts a little confused. She stared out into the air, lost in her own world.
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Kaiden made it to the tree in record time. She was already there, leaning against the twisted bark and checking her phone, her hair covering part of her face. She glanced up when he neared her, and flicked him that lazy smile. Ivy looked... cool.

"Hi, I just wanted to make sure you're still interested in coming tomorrow," she said.

Kaiden started to open his mouth, but closed it at the unexpected question. He wished there were a way to tell her how much he'd been looking forward to going over without sounding creepy. Such a loser. Don't fuck it up. Then, he wanted to laugh at himself. Since when had he cared what other people thought about him?

"Sure," he said casually. "Right. You're going home tomorrow. I'd forgotten."

Ivy didn't seem to notice. She explained to him, instead, the meaning of the black on his hand. He thought he might have imagined it, the slight hardness around her eyes when she spoke of her father, like she was forcing herself to say something unpleasant. Before he could reply, she had finished, and hurriedly followed up with a question.

"Has Chris been bothering you with what happened? Or anyone?"

"Not really." It was really more the opposite. Chris stayed well away, now, and kept a suspicious, rigid stance when he was forced to be around him. Kaiden leaned on the tree beside her. Her attention was elsewhere, he could tell; even in the dusky lighting, her chin was tiled upwards, away from him.

"Hey, Kaiden..."


"How does a girl dress on dates? And what do you exactly do?"

Kaiden felt his face go hot. It was childish, he knew, but he never dealt well with this kind of stuff. Hell, he was bad with people to begin with. He'd never been with a girl before, not that way. And now this girl he'd met less than a week ago was asking him for relationship advice? He wasn't sure what to think of it - whether she trusted him enough already to say something like that, or whether she put him so out of the picture that she tossed the question his way without thinking. It didn't seem like the latter, he thought, glancing at her decidedly over-casual posture. She was tense.

"Well, I... I don't know." God, he'd still fucked it up. Wait, no. It didn't matter. Right? His head was spinning.

She muttered something he didn't catch. "... Never mind, stupid question." He barely heard her next words about meeting up.

It struck him in a rush, like a match struck in his belly. Comprehension. "You don't really believe it, right? That I'm gay? Because I'm not. Not... not that there's anything wrong with it. Just that I'm not. I wanted to clear that up. That, and I'm the worst person in the world to ask about dating, except for maybe Taylor Swift."

Kaiden moved too quickly; his gloved hand brushed against her, sent a shiver down his spine. "My parents don't have anything to do with this. They sent me here, after all. This is something I want to do, and even if they somehow find out, they can't stop me. Anyway, I'll see you. Have a good night."

The night welcomed him back into its silken folds. It crossed his mind as he left that Ivy have asked because she genuinely wanted to know, not because of some silly assumption. It should have been the least of his concerns. His fingers itched. So did his mind, as tortuous and labyrinthine as it was, as much as it had twisted itself into a knot. Five years of anguish - of not knowing what the hell was going on - he was ready to be done. His parents had had the gall to pretend it was for his own good, but he'd seen the disgust underneath their simpering expressions. He hated their immaculate hands, white as snow, as they reached for him, patted him on the shoulder, whispered in his ear how brave he was for going away to a school where no one could help him. Another kind of drowning: his sister had died in the water, and he, trampled under a sea of people. How ironic.

No; Kaiden didn't want to see his parents. His idyllic childhood seemed curiously separate from their intimidating figures. They were all dim lights and ancient tomes, hands so dry they whispered, an occasional rasp. It was Rebecca who had shed light on his existence, Rebecca who had spirited away his heart, just like they do in fairytales. And just like in the fairytales, it was she who met a horrible end, who suffered for sins that weren't hers, and left the damned and guilty behind.

He shivered again. His thoughts were turning dark. It didn't happen frequently, these days. Not when all the high school bullshit took so much energy. Kaiden flexed his fingers, remembering his brief contact with Ivy as they leaned on the tree, side by side. He looked for her upturned face, as if he were there again, illuminated by moonlight. But she wasn't there, and there was no moon tonight, and he was weary of running as his soles pounded unmercifully against the grass, and he was muttering under his breath without realizing it. He stumbled against it, raking his fingers through his hair.

"It is our intention to send you to a boarding school, Kaiden."

He trembled with rage. Cowardice. Pure cowardice. They wanted to save their own sorry hides because they had no idea what would happen.

"It's for your own good, you understand. So that you can leave the site of the... tragedy."

They couldn't even say it. Death. Tragedy? Like they belonged in some melodrama written by Homer. Kill your father and marry your mother, indeed.

When it came right to it, though, he had shed no tears in front of them. He hadn't since that day, not even at the funeral . It was lurking, he knew, and he'd rather stuff it deeper inside his head than face it. He didn't know what would happen if he let it out - a coward, just like his parents. That would change, though. That would change very soon, once Ivy showed him exactly what he could do with this wretched hand of his, and what it would do to him.

He was almost looking forward to an early grave.
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Infliction of pain is what is most common from Ivy. It was good humour to her friends back home at the news from Clairi claiming that she was helping the weak and hurting the poplar. They had a good laugh making her seem like some kind of Robin Hood, despite that she wasn’t exactly do any of that. It was just like Clairi to go on exaggerating everything. She was over the phone with Devin who was bombarding her with questions of what was going on and why she sent Clairi back home after a day. He never did ask questions, so she somehow lead to asking him if Clairi escaped the house.

“I got Clairi under control Ive, have some faith in me,” Dev scoffed with a nervous laugh in the background.

“Find her Dev,” She strictly told him.

“Got it.” Dev sighed and hung up on her. Right now, Clairi wasn’t her problem. The girl would eventually pop up again at their house again on her knees to beg for help to stop whatever problem she caused again. This time, Ivy wouldn’t be around to help her sorry ass. This time, she would be everyone else’s responsibility.

It was far too early morning for her to hear this sort of news. She slipped the phone out of her fingers and did her regular morning routine of getting dressed for another day of school, the last day of school for the week. It was like any other ordinary day of getting a couple of threatening looks from Chris’ friends. She was certain they were out to get her, especially since Chris was actually less poplar then her, somehow. It wasn’t anywhere in her interest to get involved in some high school popularity war.

Ivy breezed through most of her classes-that was until she got into her photography class. Ivy and her partner Darius were sitting on chairs facing one computer screen, editing a couple of pictures they took two days ago. Ivy was in the mid of speaking to him until she noticed his mind elsewhere, almost in a trance. Darius was frowning, and rubbing his dark straight hair. She didn’t want to ask but she knew that it would only be nice, “What’s bothering you?” She hoped that he would say nothing and she could get back onto completing this assignment.

“A girl blew me off, after accepting...and I already bought the tickets. I want to go but it would odd if I went alone,” He spoke softly. Ivy heavily sighed to herself and released the hold of the mouse. She wondered why he couldn’t be like regular people and say ‘nothing.’

“So...sell the tickets,” She suggested in a monotone voice, “Or as one of your friends to come with you.”

“Okay,” he slowly nodded, “I’ll ask a friend.

“Great, so do you th-“

“You want to come?” He snapped his attention on her, pinning her with his hazel green eyes. That, she didn’t expect. Maybe she should have suggested that he should just go alone anyway.

“What?” She doubly blinked.

“Do you want come to a movie premiere with me?” Darius explained, sliding his chair close to her without removal of his eyes. An awkward aura soon grew between them and she could only stare back confused. She wasn’t friends with him. She only talked to him about school work. So her reply was, “Huh?” Darius inhaled a slow breath, lifting his eyes off for a moment and then re explained, “Ivy.”


“I’m asking you out on a date,” He bluntly put. Oh... She frowned, awkwardly averting her eyes. She could tell he probably thought of her as being stupid or something. What? Did most girls catch on to this little act? Hell, she bet that no girl blew him off to begin with, but she’ll never know.

“I can’t.” She quickly replied, “I invited a friend over this weekend and it would be rude to ditch.”

“It’s today at ten,” He said with a small nervous smile.

“That’s a really short...notice,” She uneasily reminded.

“Just give me a yes or no.”

“Um...” She paused and then noticed his pleading green eyes gripping into guilt if she dared to tell him ‘no.’ The word guilt never really hit her much anymore but for some reason, it was working. She felt guilty. She bit her bottom lip and for some reason, she said exactly the opposite of what she wanted to say, “Yes.” His eyes lit up, “Pick you up at nine then.” She opened her mouth to change her mind but the bell rang and he instantly left before she could say anything else. Her eyes moved up to the clock. It was as if he planned it to be right at the end of class so she couldn’t change her mind. Nah, teens aren’t that clever. She told herself. Then it hit her. What in the world do people do in dates? She hooked up with guys, hell at one of her phases she was sleeping with people she barely caught the name of but never date. The last time she got close to anything like it was when he was alive, and that was far too many years ago where the word ‘date’ didn’t exist.

She left class, pulling out her phone, remembering that she told Kaiden about coming over this weekend. She wasn’t so certain if he had remembered. It would be a good idea to talk to him and maybe even tell her theory about what why the black was growing, before they headed and heard a bit from Lias. She told him where to meet and then headed to her own dorm. Hopefully, she could ask a little advice from Joyce about what the definition of dates was these days. As she waited, there was no sign of Joyce. She pulled out her phone and texted her friend and was received with a reply shortly.

Sorry I forgot to tell you. Every Friday afternoon I go home to stay the weekend. – Joyce.

Since Joyce was off the list, she decided to call Elaine but she wasn’t replying. The last thing she was going to do was call Devin and ask his advice. She’s knew what he’d say. Skip the date and go to sex. And Lias would try to stalk her if he found out. She decided to let it go and then decided to head out and meet Kaiden at that location. She closed the door behind her and made it down the halls. Amber was walking down, eyeing her and along the way aiming to trip her but, Ivy easily noticed and climbed over her foot and headed out into the fresh air. She snuck by into the forest and found the tree they were sitting on before. She rested her back on the tree and waited patiently for Kaiden until he arrived.

“Hi, I just wanted to make sure you’re still interested in coming tomorrow,” She admitted getting straight to it, “And I decided that maybe I should tell you a bit of what I know about why your hand his turning black.” She didn’t exactly want to tell him what she could do. As much as he seemed like he was completely new to meeting other people that could do these sort of things, she never knew if he was just acting. She’s faced people who lied to her face before and got her into trouble.

“I can’t exactly tell you what I can do... but imagine the worst curse, or power whatever you like to call it a person could have. What you can do would be considered more of a gift. My family have our entire family line cursed but we weren’t always. The black is a form of telling the user that you’re doing something forbidden, wrong, or against nature. My father apparently had the black grow until his whole body was covered...and I and my brother believe that’s the reason why we’re cursed. It’s just a myth...but whenever you bring something back to life, it’s doing something forbidden. I’m not exactly sure, but that’s one of the theories...” She mentioned. The next one she thought she had mentioned, “Some users are able to steal a life force from another when they touch them that means they gain health or a longer life... So, I think I mentioned before but it’s probably taking away from your life, killing you actually.” She didn’t want to say the next part, not yet. If he ever tried to bring something ever back to life, it probably did, just not...exactly the same. Although something like the undead was ridiculous. Yet, she’s seen some crazy things that she can’t explain.

Has Chris been bothering you with what happened?” She curiously asked, “Or anyone...?” Her thoughts half drifted away into a trance as she stared into the trees above her, swaying with the wind. She should really call Darius and tell him to let it go...but she didn’t have his phone number. She didn’t really want to ask Kaiden about it, because it would be slightly awkward but she was lost. It was a movie, did that mean she could go in a t-shirt or something else... What did people do? She’s seen some teen shows and they somehow end up sleeping with each other, but the books were a little different.

“Hey... Kaiden. How does a girl dress on dates? And what do you exactly do?” She half whispered the question, “Um...Darius asked me out and I somehow agreed. So...Don’t laugh but I never went out a date before.” It was stupid to ask. She shook her head, “Never mind. Stupid question...” She heavily sighed and thought about resorting to go to Amber even if the girl hated her right now.

“Well...I’ll text you to meet me at the front of the school tomorrow so we can go to my place, unless you’re parents are against it, that is. We have an extra room at my house, so you don’t have to worry about rooming with any of the two guys.” She mentioned, “And... um you should know that my parents are non-existent and don’t let any of them, especially my brother Lias that you met. ” Oh and I’m a lot much older than you think I am. Did I mention we’ve all killed a person before so, sleep with your eyes open. She mentally added. She didn’t want to scare him away.

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