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[b Blair]


Username: Dawn-Petrova
Character Name: Blair Cullen-Black
Age: 17
Personality: Blair is the kind of girl who doesn't open up easily because she is a afraid to be hurt. She feels guilt for her mother's death after she was born. When she opens up, the girl can be childish, playful, sarcastic, and very loyal.
Bio: Blair accidentally killed her mother when she was born because she was not compatible with her mother's body. She slowly grew, with the others loving her and wanting her around and her father hating her for the fact that she was the one that took her mother's life. Feeling like he would never love her, the girl decides to leave and start a new life in London where she begins working at a small cafe. And it is in London where she hopes to turn her life around and find someone to get to know her and accept her for who she is.

[b Penny]


Twin Girl 1: Taken
Profile Link:Dream
Picture Link:
Character name:Penelope
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Spot you want: Twin Girl 1
Short Bio: Penelope has always been close with her twin sister. The young woman has always considered her twin to be her bestfriend and almost like a protector in a sense. She loves her sister more then she has loved anyone else. But that comes from all the hurt that she has been through over the years. Penelope is naturally a sweet and caring young woman by nature. But when first meeting her she can be rather timid and reserved. She doesn't want to be this way, but it is the only way she knows she won't be hurt anymore. When she gets to know someone, Penelope will open up rather quickly and be herself. She loves animals, writing, reading, small children, her twin sister and chocolate. The young woman hopes to be able to be free to be who she is and find someone that will accept her as she is.

[b Lexi]

Puppet Master: GigglesDeeLight
Character Name:Alexa (Lexie) Marie Storm
Picture Link:
Supernatural or Human:Witch
Personality:Sweet, Reserved,Shy at first, Blunt, Smart, Sweet, Sarcastic, Loyal, A bit of a bitch, mostly her mood and personality depends on the circumstances and who she is around
Short Bio: Alexa or as she much prefered to be called Lexie was a simple girl. She happened to be born into a mgical family and was taught to value her gift even from a very young age. Since she was a little girl, Lexie had been told stories of the great battle between the circle of six and the evil vampire queen. She had been terrified of the stories, but completely loved the stories. Lexie had been told the stories so often that she remembered them by heart by the time she had turned ten years old. And by ten she had learned to use her powers better then her parents and so had been sent to work with her great-grandmother and great-grandfather in order to better learn about herself and her powers. The young girl was very clever, sweet and funny. But by the time she had entered school, Alexa had become more distant and reserved as she knew she couldn't talk to anyone else about what she was. It kind of hurt her to know that she had to hide a big part of who she was. By the time she was seventeen, Lexie was sent to live back with her mother and father because she had learned all that she could be taught to her by Hoyt and Glenna. So life was as it had always been to her, but her parents had given up on their magic and had told her to do the same. Lexie loving the person she was couldn't do that. So when she was eighteen the young woman moved out of the house and into a small apartment and was able to do well for herself being an artist and working at the local cafe. But the night she turned nineteen was the night that Morrigan had come to her and explained that once more all worlds were in trouble and it was up to her and five others to form a second circle and defeat the new threat. And it was that night that Lexie knew what she had been born to do. But it was also that night she was filled with fear. Now all the young woman wants to do is be able to find someone to love and accept her for who she is and to live through the battle that she and the others must fight.

[b Yuka]


Profile Link:
Picture Link:

Name:Yuka Yamamato
Birthday:February the seventh
Personality:Most don't exactly know what Yuka's personality is because most don't get past her shy and seeming reserved side. The girl can be playful, flirty, sarcastic and very blunt. Most times she won't show her personality until she trusts someone and that can take sometime. She can also be like a child and very curious which leads her to get into a world of trouble. If others don't piss her off she can be the sweetest thing, but when provoked the girl is stubborn and has one hell of a temper to put up with and there seems to be no filter on her thoughts or words.
Bio:When she was growing up, Yuka had a younger sister that happened to be her best friend. The two girls would do everything together. Most would think they were twins eventhough they were really a year apart. She loved Yukie to death. One night, the two girls had been out with the parents and the car had been hit by a drunk driver. Yuka her mother and father lived, Yukie didn't. From that time on, Yuka closed herself off and never really allowed herself to be close to anyone. It killed her to not have her sister around and she thought that if she let others close to her that she would end up losing them too. It was also what caused her to become so shy and reserved. But if others can get past that side to her, Yuka will open up, trust them and show them the sort of girl that she really is. All she really wants is to be able to make friends and meet others that can possibly understand the real her.
Likes:Yuka loves to read, write, play vidoe games, watch movies, listen to music, sing, go shopping, small children and animal. She also likes to spend her time with her friends and meeting new people when they take the time to get to know her. Most of all though, the girl loves the beach and the sunset.
Dislikes:Yuka definitely dislikes bugs, seeing her friends or anyone she cares about being hurt, losing people she is close to, being provoked and becoming a bitch, clowns, loud noises, and the dark.
Favorite thing to do:Her favorite thing to do is to write. The prospect of being able to be creative and let her imagination free thrills her and shows her no limits and while writing she is perfectly free and true to who she is as a person.
Best/Favorite Trait:The young woman doesn't really have a favorite trait as she sees so much wrong with her. But if she had to pick only one, Yuka would think it to be her child-like personality when she allows herself to be free. It seems to get others laughing and lets them know that she isn't always the shy and 'perfect' girl everyone always thinks she is.

[b Tifa]


Name:Tifa Hiroshima
Pic Link:
Gundam:Burning Gundam Crew/partner
Parents:Dr.Ulube and Unknown mother
Short Bio:Tifa grew up feeling guilty for her Father being as evil as he was. From a young age, the girl hated that her father died trying to resurrect the Dark Gundam and everything that it stood for. Tifa has been living with Domon and Rain Kasshu. Since she has been living with them, the young woman has been trying to atone for her father's misdeeds and to live up to an apology of what her father had done. She wants to make it up to them so badly. So she has grown up with Kiara, helping her with her new abilities in her Burning Gundam. Tifa is Kiara's partner in the championship. Tifa knows everything about the Burning Gundam and she fixes and updates the Gundam to improve it for Kiara. Tifa and Kiara are best friends.And they are both ready to go. But not completely ready for all that lies ahead in their journey and future.



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Possible Pictures for Angel

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More Characters >.>


Picture Link:

Puppet Master: GigglesDeeLight

Name: Autumn Arissa Black

Age: 319

Spot You Want: Middle Daughter

Secret(S): She has gotten used to being a pet to different masters who use her for what they will and has learned to like it, She is half-vampire and half-neko, and she is over three hundred

Desires: Particularly, all Autumn really wants is for someone to love all of her and to treat her in a way that she knows that she muttered.

What Kind Of Creature Are You" In the seventeen hundreds, Autumn had been born a neko. Nearly everyone at the time had ridiculed her for what she was and had always left her to be a loner. But then one night, the young woman had been out in the town and was attacked and raped by some of the town drunks and left for dead. It was at that time that a vampire that had been watching her had taken her in. When she was well enough, the woman had taken pity on Autumn and changed the neko, making her into a neko-vampire.

Short Bio: Autumn has never had an easy life. It was hell even back when she was a young girl. She was the smallest and youngest of four children and she was always the one her parents looked after the most. It was one day when they were all out on a family outing, the little girl had seen a butterfly. Being playful and curious, Autumn had run off and chased after it. Her family soon found out that she was gone and went to find her. It was not long after then had found her did hunters slaughter her family. But because she was so young and small they decided to let her live. And since then, Autumn had been on her own.

As she grew, the young woman didn't fit in for the fact that she was a neko. The village that she lived in was an old English one back in the seventeen hundreds and was so strict on religion and because she was what she was, most thought her a creature of evil. As she was growing up, the young woman had no one and all ridiculed her and would never accept her for who or what she was. They would throw stones at her, call her names and curse her.

The night the girl had turned twenty-two was the night she had been out for a moonlit stroll among the town. She had heard some footsteps behind her but had had thought anything of it. But then she smelt the smell of alcohol and knew that some of the town drunks were out. When she had turned around, they had her cornered and beat her and raped her. When they were done, the men left her for dead.

The young woman had thought that she would die. It was when she began to see a darkness did a figure some and kneel beside her. The woman's eyes were soft and filled with pity. Gently she lifted the neko and took her to an old cottage, resting her on a bed. She helped Autumn become stronger and in a few days had grown fond of the girl. Still feeling sorry that the neko could not defend herself, the woman revealed she was a vampire and decided to turn Autumn, making her into a half neko-vampire.

Many years passed with the woman, and Autumn soon became curious of the rest of the world. She thanked the woman for all she had done and found her way to America and has been there since.

Because of all she went through, Autumn was very shy and reserved by nature. She was not very trusting and watched to see what others were like. She loved small children and animals as they seemed to be the ones to understand and accept her. When she opens up, the young woman can be very sweet and kind and also so immature and childish but one will only see that if she chooses to trust them. She also loves to sing, write and read. She always has. Once she trusts someone, Autumn is a true and loyal friend. She will do anything for those she loves. But be warned if she is in a bad mood or you piss her off then she has one hell of a temper to put up with.


Username Link: Dawn_Petrova

Picture Link:

Character Name: Rissa Lauren Stone

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Personality: Rissa is naturally shy and sweet by nature, but she can have a bit of a quick temper as well. Her personality tends to vary on what mood she is in that day.

Secret: Pregnant and Bisexual

Short Bio: Rissa was about five when her mother had remarried to her step-father. Since her mother had remarried, Rissa had been abused both mentally and physically by her step-father. He would yell at her and call her things like "worthless, little bitch, selfish, whore" and many other things. And also when her mother was not around he would beat her. When he did some of the things around her mother, the woman was too scared to do anything for her. Her school life wasn't much better either. Most called her a whore and thought her to be easy and so people would date her on bets, thinking they could get her to have sex with them. And on top of that they just made fun of her for being the sort of girl she was. So when she was seventeen, Rissa decided to runaway from home and the life that she had been leading. One night she had stumbled upon a party and had become rather drunk and ended up having a one night stand with one of the guys at that party. It wasn't until a month later she found out that she was pregnant and began to freak. She was out on her own and the Stones found her and offered for her to become a part of their family. At first, Rissa was skeptical, but the gentle nature of the couple had convinced her. Now she lives with the family and tries to keep her sexuality a secret, her being pregnant a secret and overall her past. But how long will it be before the mask comes off?

Red Moon
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Second Generation Harry Potter Characters

Dominique Weasley:

Username: Dawn_Petrova
Name: Dominique (Mini) Weasley
Parents: Bill and Fleur Weasley
Siblings: Victorie and Louis
Crush: None as of yet
Age: 16
House: Gryffindor
Year: 6th
Wand: 13' Oak and Phoenix Tear
Broom: Doesn't own one
Short Bio: Dominique or rather Mini as she often gets called is the second daughter of Fleur and Bill. Like her sister she is part veela and seems to be very beautiful and attract others. It's not that she wants for that to happen, but because of what she is, the young woman can't help it. She loves both her brother and sister very much but is much closer with her older sister. Dominique chooses to keep herself mostly closed off as she is afraid that if others get to know her and what sort of things she fears that they will use it against her. Her older sister is the only one that she has ever truly opened up to. Like her cousins, Mini knows the stories of what her mother, father and all the others did. And she is majorly impressed that they did all of that. The thought of fighting is something that she strongly hates but if it comes down to it then she will do it. Dominique may seem shy but that is just a cover until she gets to know someone. Once she knows someone and what they are like then she will open up to them if she thinks them worthy to know her. She likes to read, sing, small animals and children. The young woman wants to be loved for her and not for the veela blood that runs through her veins. She hopes to meet others at the school who can accept her as she is and she hopes to have fun as well.

Lily Potter:

Profile Link: Dawn_Petrova
Picture Link:
Name:Lily Potter
Parents:Harry and Ginny Potter
Siblings:James and Albus
Crush:None as of yet
House: Gryffindor
Year: fifth
Wand:14' Ivory and Dragons Blood
Short Bio: Lily Potter is the youngest of her family and was the last the start at Hogwarts. She knows the stories of her mother and father from when they were in school and how they had had to work with her aunts, uncles and everyone else to finally defeat the darkest wizard of the times. The little girl loves both her brothers and would do anything for them. She has often taken the fall for some of the stupid things that they have done and gotten in trouble with their parents for them. She is Harry's only daughter and so is daddy's little pricess. There are times when she loves being her father's little princess but times when she hates it as he is very protective of her. Lily is different then her mother and father. She is a very shy and sweet girl most times but when she is angry watch out. The girl can seem a little reserved until others get to know her and then will open up. She loves to read, write, small children, animals, and being able to use her broom as it helps her to feel free. When she gets to the school she is like her brothers and the rumors of what her father did in his school years follow her around. As she is at the school, Lily hopes to get out of her father's shadow and to be known and accepted for who she is.

Other Possible Pictures of Lily

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More Characters

David Williams


Name:David Williams



Scarlet Rose McGregor


Name:Scarlet Rose McGregor


Nationality: Scottish
  Dawn_Petrova / 5y 18d 10h 55m 54s
More Unused Characters

Caroline Pearl

Puppetmaster: Dawn_Petrova
Picture link: Name: Caroline "Carlie" PearlAge: 18District:1Likes: Singing, piano, shopping, jewelry, reading, writing, boys, girls, getting what she wants, children, animals, and sweetsDislikes:spiders, sea food, "rags", bugs, people that don't give her attention, people that don't do what she says, liars, and people who are simply "arrogant"Bio: Caroline Pearl was named that because her mother thought the name would suit her and because she had had an older sister whom had been lost to the games, whom had also been called Caroline. Being the second born girl and coming from one of the wealthiest families in the district, Caroline, or as she much preferred to be called Carlie was a very spoiled girl. She could have anything she wanted and her parents never hesitated to meet any demands she made.Carlie's little sister Elisa was born when she was eight and soon, all the attention began to go to her. Her sister was cute and often spent most of her time with Carlie. The two girls were very close. Elisa had been Carlie's best friend. It was when Carlie was sixteen did her little sister's name get picked for the games. Though she had wanted to take her little's sister's place, bother mother and father would not allow it. They simply said that it was her turn and she would be bringing their family honor. But her little sister never made it back from the games and died, crushing CarlielNow, being eighteen, Caroline is a little more cool and distant than she once was. She doesn't let herself open up easily as she is afraid to lose those she cares for. Sometimes she can seem like a cold-hearted bitch, but when she liked you she can be a loyal friend and do anything in her power to help.Though being trained to fight all her life and trained for the Hunger Games, that is a part of herself she hates. However,Carlie maybe a pretty face and one of the wealthiest contestants picked to be in the Hunger Games, but that doesn't mean she can't take care of herself. She is very resourceful in finding food and being able to camouflage when it is needed. And though she hates to fight, if it comes down to it, she is very good with the sword and will fight. All the girl wants from the games is to make it out alive for her little sister who died during the games and to hopefully make some new friends. Weapon: Carlie maybe a pretty face and one of the wealthiest contestants picked to be in the Hunger Games, but that doesn't mean she can't take care of herself. She is very resourceful in finding food and being able to camouflage when it is needed. And though she hates to fight, if it comes down to it, she is very good with the sword and will fight.

Camilla Troy

Picture Link: PuppetMaster: Dawn_{etrova
Name: Camilla TroyNick
Name: Ali, CammieAge: Nineteen Pet: Female black kitten, named Star
Race: Half Angel and Half Demon
Powers: Manipulation over dreams and reality. Cammie wants to learn to use her power better because she is tired of mixing people's dreams with their reality and hurting them. It especially scares her when she tends to bring nightmares into the real world. She can also heal herself and others.
Likes: Reading, Writing, Singing, Animals, and Small Children
Dislikes: Snakes, Darkness, Stuck-up Bitches, Those she cares for being hurt, and Drama
Bio: Camilla or rather Cammie as she changed her name to when she was eighteen has never had the sort of life that others would call easy. From a young age, the girl's mother and father both feared her and she couldn't understand why. It was not until she was about ten did they tell her that she had been left one night on their doorstep with no note or anything. At finding that out, Cammie was crushed. She now understood that her whole life that she had known it was a lie and so she began to distance herself.When she was fifteen, Camilla was invited to a slumber party for one of the most popular girls in the school. It was that night did her life change forever. All the others had been asleep and yet, she couldn't sleep. And what was worse than not being able to sleep, the girl could see the dream world and reality mixing into one thing. When the other girls had woken, all their worst nightmares had come to life, and Cammie was the only one not hurt or phased by it. It was that day that she figured it was her fault that the dreams had come to life.Since she couldn't fit in with her family or those her age, Cammie took to making friends with small children and animals. They were the only ones that understood her and could get past the walls that she had built. And once they had, Cammie was very loyal and a good friend.At the age of nineteen, the girl got a letter inviting her to the Night School where she would meet others like her and that also had to learn about what they were and how to control their gifts. She readily accepted the invite as she wanted to know more about who she was and what she was. She also hopes to make friends that can like her for her.

Luna Lovegood

Name: Luna Lovegood
Date Of Birth: February 15, 1980
Year: 5th
House: Ravenclaw
Crush: No one at the moment.
How are you different without Harry: Without having met Harry as she, Luna is a little more reserved and stays back. She not so opened with others at the school, but she does however get sorted into Ravenclaw for her charms, cleverness, and understanding of others. The girl is able to make friends with Hermione and Isabeau and the three become very close. The other two girls are like her sisters and she slowly comes out of her shell, showing how she really is. All the strangeness and her different thoughts and everything.
Personality:Luna can be a little shy sometimes, but once she gets to know someone, the girl will be bubbly, childish, and overall let her real personality shine through. The girl is very caring and sweet, but when messing with those she cares most for, the girl can have a bit of a 'bite' even if it is hard to catch the true meaning to the words beneath her delightful demeanor.
Bio: Luna grew up with both her mother and father until her mother was taken in a spell accident when the girl was nine. From that point, Luna was raised by her father who was an editor for the wizard magazine the Quibbler. Not having a mother and it being the two of them, Luna soon took on her father's oddball tastes and likes. And is very open to being herself when at home with her father.

When she first arrives at Hogwarts, the girl is a little on the shy side as she is not very used to being around anyone but her father and so she won't really show her true personality. It was during her first year the girl met both Hermione and Isabeau, both girls in her house and girls that somehow she clicked instantly with. Because of them, Luna learns to open up and let her real self shine through.

The girl is very smart and good with certain classes, but certain aspects such as potions, she struggles with and needs Hermione's help with. She is very friendly towards those she knows and she is always with Isabeau and Hermione, the three never seeming separated. She tells them her secrets and is open with them, helping them when the need her to.

When she isn't around her two best friends, Luna thinks about her classes and what she can work on to improve and also all the magical creatures that they have learned about and have yet to learn about. She likes to daydream and think about finding someone to like her for the real her.

Angel McCloud

Username: Dawn_Petrova
Character Name: Angel McCloud
Picture Link:
Age: 17
One of the Girls/ Guys: One of the Girls
Personality: Angel can be, shy, reserved,clever, sarcastic, bitchy, and very sweet and loving to those she actually has any sort of care for.
Bio: Growing up, Angel was a sweet girl. She was playful and loved to be around people. But when she was seven, her mother remarried to a man that could not stand her. He constantly yelled at her, and beat her. The young girl soon backed off and became more timid and reserved. But her mother wouldn't leave the man because he was sweet as pie to her and the owner of a major corporation and very rich. And though she hated her home life, the girl was happy at school as she was what the others referred to a "diva". Actually she hated what she was, but everything was her way of calling out for attention and love. REAL love. Will she be able to be changed?
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Unused Characters DO NOT STEAL

Rosaline Scarlett Williams:

Picture Link:

Profile Link:


Name:Rosaline Scarlett Williams

Lee Lee, Scar, Rosa, Rose, Lina, Lea, Star


Spot you want: Girl2


Short Bio:
Rosaline Scarlett or as her three best friends always call her Rose, is pretty much the most shy and reserved of the group. It's not like she means to be like that, but due to a past of constantly being put down by her parents, the girl can't really help it. She first met them when she was very young and since then has decided that she wanted to be friends with the other three. It somehow hadn't taken her long to open up to them and be bubbly, childish, sweet, and a loyal friend. The other three are those that she cares most about in the world and would do anything for. She and the others one night had been hanging out and made a promise to always be there for the other and shortly after had kept it pretty much. When it seemed that they were all totally and completely inseparable was when her parents had decided to move out of state and she was forced to leave her friends. When she had moved, Rose was crushed and missed her friends completely. But there was hardly a way for her to get in touch with them. It was not for a while after her move did she finally send a letter to Alex to let her know that she was coming back to town and had missed her so and all the others so much. Now that she and the others are back together, to Rose it almost seems as if they had all never been apart. But she is not the same girl that they knew, it turns out she like all the others is hiding something. Will they all continue to be as close as they were and hold the bond they once did, or after coming back together for so long of being apart tear their friendship apart?

Intro for Bound to You

Rosaline or as her friends and family called her Rose sighed softly as she sat on the windowsill of her hotel room. The young woman had lived in the town a year or so ago but had been forced by her parents to move to antother state for some unknown reason. All they had told her was they were moving and that she would end up loving their new home. Rose had tried to argue with her parents and fight against the move up until the very last day, but to no avail. When she moving day came she was stuck going.

Since the day she had moved, the young woman had fallen into a spiraling depression. She was heartbroken and completely lost. She closed herself off and would hardly talk to others. There were a few in the new state that had tried to get past the way she acted and managed to become her friends , but they were nothing like her old friends had been. Sure she would talk to them and act happy and what not, but her heart still ached and yearned to be with the friends that she had been forced to leave behind.

The girl blinked a couple of times as she had been thinking about all of what had led up to her writing a letter to Alex about a month ago and telling the other girl that she was back in town. It had been the first time since they had made the promise and she had moved did she try and reach any of the others. But she was grateful she had because now the four were going to get the chance to see the other again. They were going to get the chance to catch up and see if everything would still be the same between them.

Her eyes went to the clock and she gasped softly as she realized that she was running a little late in meeting the others. So the young woman jumped off the windowsill she had been sitting on, got her black flatts on, grabbed her car keys and was out the door. Once in the car, the young woman drove to the park. It hadn't taken very long, maybe twenty minutes or so and then she pulled into the parking lot and parked the car.

The young woman turned off the engine and just sat in the driver's seat for a few moments. She was scared to see her old friends. She thought everything would be different between them and they would not share the same bond that they had had before. And she was really embarrassed to tell them some of the things that she had been up to since she had last been with them. She was scared that the others would disapprove and scold her for some of her choice.

The young woman shook her head and forced herself to smile. Rose, if they were your friends then and knew a lot of what you went through, they will still be your friends now. Besides, you haven't seen them in a long time and have missed them like crazy. She thought to herself as she took her keys out of the ignition and got out of the car, slamming the door shut behind her.

Slowly, the girl looked around and could see Alex's car. A small smile came to her lips as she walked across the grass and towards the swings where she could make out the other girl's familiar figure. A soft breeze brushed past her and for a moment, Rosaline saw the ghost of all four of them standing by the swings just talking and laughing. Quickly she shook her head and then in a few more moments lightly sat on the swing next to Alex's. "Hey, Alex. Long time no see." She said softly as she began to lightly kick her legs back and forth and wait for the guys to get there.

Viola Anne Wilson:

Picture Link:

PuppetMaster: Dawn_Petrova

Name: Viola Anne Wilson

Nicknames: Lala, Annie, Violet, Via

Age: Twenty

Where You Are From:Salem, Greater Manchester, within Oldham, England

Why Are You Leaving: For a while it seemed as if the people of the town had forgotten about monsters, forgotten about other worldly creatures and were living "normal" lives. But then things that no one could really explain began to happen, and only seemed to happen when she was around. The people began to fear he and began accusing her of being a witch, demon, or something not of this world. If she didn't end up leaving her home, the people threatened that they would go back to their old ways and burn her. And so she left home to make the people happy, but also to try and find a place where she could belong with others like her.

Spot You Want: Female Four

What Creature Are You: Half-Angel and Half-Witch

Likes: Reading, Writing, Small Children, Animals, Nice People

Dislikes: The dark, bicthy/mean people, not knowing how to control what she is, sea food, hypocrites

Personality: Viola is a very sweet girl and very loyal too once someone can prove to her that they are worthy of her trust and friendship. Most times, the girl can seem a bit on the shy and reserved side though. Also, once she does open up to someone, she isn't a afraid to be herself, but those that hurt or mess with those need to be careful of her as she can be a total bitch.

Personal Life:When growing up, Viola really doesn't remember a specific happy time. She doesn't really remember any if she was to be honest. Since she was old enough to speak, the girl had lived in Salem, Greater Manchester, within Oldham, England and had been passed from family member to family member as some sort of freak accident happened to each she happened to stay with. She only knows of having only one older sister who hates her, blaming her for what happened to their family, and wants absolutely nothing to do with her for being the "freak" that she is.

Bio: As far as she knows, Viola was born to loving and kind parents and even had an older sister named Eliza. Up until she was about five they were able to live happily, or as happily as they could. The child was always different, more shy around people and seemed much more comfortable around animals. And it was as this was realized did something happen to her mother and father, causing both she and her sister to be moved to another family member's home. Again, things for at least a couple of years seemed normal and then the same strange things started to happen to them as well, causing them death as well. Over the years, Viola and Eliza were moved from home to home, each freak accident seeming more and more absurd, like it was more or less caused by a curse or something. When she turned fifteen was when Viola knew that everything that had happened and was happening to her family was because of her. Because she was different and a "freak" as her sister called it. And since she now knew it to be true, Viola distanced herself from them and ran away. She figured it would be for the best so no one else would get hurt. Now that she is twenty, Via is going to leave the one place that she thought was home in order to try and better understand herself and find others like her. All she really wants is to be loved and accepted for who and what she is.

Kendra Jones:

Picture Link:

Puppet Master: Dawn_Petrova

Name: Kendra Jones


What Fairy Tale Are You Going To Do: Alice in Wonderland

What Spot Do You Want:Princess

Short Bio: Growing up, Kendra had always loved the story of Alice in Wonderland. She watched the movie all the time and read the book. When her parents had tried to get her interested into something other, the little girl would always be firm and not like it. She would stick only to her Alice in Wonderland and nothing more. As she got older, Kendra would make mazes out of her room or any room in the house and pretend to be Alice and try to find her way around Wonderland or just try and search out the Mad Hatter as that was her absolute favorite character in the whole story. Her parents and everyone frew worried with her obsession and tried to get her "help" with it. But still nothing they did or anyone else did could change her mind. When she was finally old enough, Kendra moved out of her parents' house and found a nice big house of her own. A house that she could make into a big maze and make into her own personal wonderland. When she turned twenty-one, Kendra got so tired of her parents and those at work telling her what she could and could not do. She became to engrossed in her own little world that she quit work. One night when she went to bed, Kendra dreamed of her own little wonderland. When morning came and she woke, the young woman found she was no longer in her own world, but in Wonderland. She was so happy and loved playing through the mazes. All the time she would try and find the Mad Hatter, but she would always be there and then be gone. When she had finally found the other, the two girls spent more and more time together and Kendra realized that the Mad Hatter and everyone else in the wonderland reminded her of her home. Now she must decide if she wants to stay happy in Wonderland or go back to reality and once more become the depressed person she had once been. As she thinks about it, Kendra gets more and more confused.

Kelly :


Picture Link:


New Name:Kelly Nichole Dawn


Personality:Kelly is highly untrusting of others, but that goes with her ability to be able to shift into any animal or thing that she wants. The girl can be very shy and sweet, but be warned don't piss her off or she can be a bit of a bitch. The girl can also be playful and childish but only if she opens up enough to trust you. Mostly, her personality depends on who she is around and what mood she is in for that day.

Role:Rebellion Member #4


Powers:Kelly has the ability to shape shift into anything she wants to, but prefers to mostly shift into animals. She can also read the minds of others around her and sometimes hates it as she can't turn it off and finds things out she wishes she never did know.

Life Before:Kelly had always looked much younger then her age. She was smaller and weaker then most and also was more timid and shy. The young girl had been with her mother and father one night when they had been killed in a drunk car accident, but she had been the only one to survive. The police had taken her back to the station with them and had called all her realitives, but none of them wanted her. So she had been placed into a foster home that was not a good place. She watched the others in the home constantly fighting and hurting one another. Most times, Kelly hid as she didn't want to get hurt. One night, things got to be too much and the others had conered the girl, hurting her badly. The young girl of about eight had run away and lived on the streets for a little while. She was so lonely and looked so frail that the doctor had lured her to the lab and soon she became experiment 319.

Life Now:The young woman escaped the lab with four others because she hated it there. She didn't want to continue to be used as a puppet for theit "father" and thought that since they were special they should be used for more then what their "father" or the government wanted for them. She tries to trust those around her and to be friendly and helpful, but her shyness and past get in the way. The girl likes to be alone a lot of the time but she cares a lot about the others like her that she lives with and sometimes likes to transform into inanimate objects and talk just to tease them and scare them. In the school they go to, Kelly takes classes like Psychology in order to better understand the mind, her's and everyone else. She mostly hopes that she and the others can be free and be the people they want to be.
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