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The sohmas have come across another cursed family, the Yottsu's. They are shocked and intrested at the same time. The beasts join the school the Sohmas go to. They also find the beasts are much stricter of outsiders.

This family consists of the Azure Dragon of the East, the Vermilion Bird of the South, the White Tiger of the West and the Black Tortoise of the North. The outcast in this family is the Yellow Dragon of the Center. The beasts change the same way the Sohmas do when they come under too much stress. But they change when someone, either gender, who has feelings for them hugs or bumps into them. Also will have the ability to change when they wish.

When Ouryu Yottsu and _____ Sohma Bump into each other and find out the others secret they don't know wether to be scared, angry or run and tell their family. They decide to keep it between them and soon become good friends, but secrets can't always stay secret.
One day, Ouryu was late coming home and was beaten until he told his elder he was with _____ Sohma. The elder then converses with the god of the zodiac and every member of the Sohma's and the Yottsu's feel a family feud may come up.

Ouryu runs away, and tries to get _____ to come with him to be free from both the hell he lives and her/his torment. the god and the elder are furious and plot to show the cat and the yellow dragon's true forms. From there, depending on what happens, if they free the curse or become disgusted at one another will happen as fate intends it to.

You may have up to two characters, but you must actively post as both
You must post at least 575 characters, if the rp is a hit i may raise it a little
No text talk
The cat must be female, or a bi/gay male and around Ouryu's age
This will be a five person roleplay, i need three more females and two males,
Post at least twice a week or you will be kicked from the RP
If you leave the rp because you're bored or for a poor reason you will no longer be allowed in my rps
do not make this a 1x1
powerplaying and godmodding is not allowed, you will be given one warning or no warning, depending on how much or what the post is about
Use good grammar and capitalize and use punctuation
Title the Skeleton 'There's more of us?' so i know you've read the rules

The OC
1. The Yottsu's change like the sohmas, but if someone of the same gender has feelings for them or they have feelings for one of the same gender and hug or are fallen on they will change
2. All the beasts are mean or at least dislike Ouryu , i may allow one beast that likes him

Cat: Lilliana Sohma
Tiger: Tomo Sohma
Snake: Tammy Sohma
Dog: Hana

Seiryu Yottsu - Azure Dragon of the East
Suzaku Yottsu - Vermilion Bird of the South (open)
Byakko Yottsu - White Tiger of the West (Open)
Genbu Yottsu - Black Tortoise of the North (Open) [form has to be a black tortoise]
Ouryu Yottsu - Yellow Dragon of the Center
Cursed form:
Bio: (optional)

Name: Ouryu Yottsu
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Sexuality: Asexual Hetro-romantic
Crush/Dating: N/A
Cursed form: Yellow Dragon of the center
Likes: The color Purple, Lamb, Steak, Fish
Dislikes Family, Bullies, Brussel sprouts, Crowds, His form, himself
Bio: The yellow dragon of the center, his form represents the changing of the seasons, light and darkness and it is believed his form is what keeps the family together. He doesn't like his family, he knows its normal for the yellow dragon to be treated badly but for some reason this made him cold and bitter. He also has a true form.

Usename: Ever-Dream
Name: Tomo Sohma
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Sexuality: Hetrosexual
Cursed form: Tiger
Likes: Fish, Swimming, Martial Arts, Base Ball, Music
Dislikes: Dogs, Tigers
Bio: He is scared of tigers, which causes himself to be self-conscious of his Zodiac. His tiger would be the size of a normal six month old tiger. Dogs also scare him since he was bitten by one when he was younger, which caused him to change into his form in front of his friend.But he isn't scared of the dog, he looks up to the dog in fact. He can see people's Auras and has the task of erasing people's memories when they're seen by request. He had to erase his mother's memory of him, his sister and his father when he was nine, his mother could no longer look at them. His mother said to Tomo, you things can't be my kids... you're monsters when he asked if she would regret it she told him the only thing she regretted was giving birth to him and his sister. He now believes he has to do better than best in school so he can later support his sister and and father who went into depression

Usename: Ever-Dream
Name: Tammy Sohma
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Sexuality: Hetrosexual
Crush/Dating: N/A
Cursed form: Pig/boar
Likes: Tigers, Her brother, Her father, reading, writing, Seaweed
Dislikes: Her mother, that her brother has to erase memories, Leeks
Bio: She was there when Tomo had to erase their mothers memory. She heard the things she had said. She now hates her mother with a passion, and her father for going into depression and wasting their money on drugs and gambling. She went to court and took custody over Tomo, she is a author who writes popular books for a living. She is the only one who knows Tomo can see Auras

Usename: Sempiternal
Name: Hana Sohma
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Sexuality: Straight
Cursed form: Dog
Likes: Flowers, singing, Ramen
Dislikes: The dark, being left alone, Heights, Forests

Name:Lilliana (lilly)
Gender: female
Age: 15
Sexuality: Straight
Cursed form: cat
Likes: the sun and relaxing
Dislikes: bullies and being botherd when its nap time.

Name: Sam
Age: 15
Sexuality: Gay
Cursed form: Rabit
Likes: Vegies and reading
Dislikes: Meet


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Roleplay Responses

Sam walked out of the school and down the side walk twords his house, he had alot of home work to do , and a big test he had to studdy for. Having not time this weekend for friends he was going to lock himself in his room untill monday morning, just so he could get everything done. The big history esay, the english paper and scince, he was hoping he wouldn't gwt things mixed up like he did last time. Pulling out his cell and sending a mass text to all of his contacts telling them not to bother him he snaped it shut and pulled out his house keys letting him self in. "Mom I'm home I'll be in my room." He shouted as he took off his shoes and went to his room.
  sam / Kettana / 7y 40d 9h 35m 37s
The rest of the classes came and went and soon school was over. The bell rang and the students piled out of the school. Tomo walked out slowly, holding a science book in his hands, reading while he walked. He bumped into one of his friends and he looked up, "Oh, sorry Frank... i didn't see you." His friend nodded, but looked annoyed. "Oh. I'm going to have to take a reign check for baseball... my sister needs my help today"

"Alright.. i guess i should be used to it by now, see you on monday" Tomo nodded and walked to the sidewalk. His sister was waiting by the car.

"Hey Tomo, my editor is coming by today and i'm going out. Do you mind letting her in and giving her my work?" Tomo nodded.

"Are you going to meet Bill? You two have been going out for sometime now... What will happen if he asks you to marry him... the god won't approve and he doesn't know about the curse.." Tomo said softly

His sister sighed slightly, "I know... I'll work it out then" Tammy drove away to their house.
  Tomo Sohma / Ever-Dream / 7y 40d 17h 42m 12s
"oh it's a boy that I had a dream about." She said as she showed him puting the book in his hands carefull not to touch him. Smiling at him she bit her lower lip, she then relized that it kinda looked like him, which was really strange since she's never saw him befor. "Hana I wouldn't bother him." She said to the girl as she waved her away, not trying to be mean at all, more like trying to save her fellings from being crushed. "You can look at them if you want." She said lightly as she blushed, hiding her eyes behind her hair, she watched him waiting for something, but she just didn't know what yet.
  Lilliana / Kettana / 7y 42d 13h 55m 13s
Ouryu jerked up from his nap when the two sohmas approached him. "It would of been better if you hadn't woken me.." he muttered to Hana. He looked to Lilly as she introduced herself. It took him a few moments to register this, since almost everytime a girl aproched him they wanted to shake hands or something. "...Ouryu.." He peeked over her shoulder at what she was drawing, careful not to touch her at all. "What are you drawing?"

  Ouryu / Ever-Dream / 7y 42d 18h 1m 21s
Wallking back into the class room Lilly took her seat next to the new kid well new to her any way. sje slighlty smile and him and pulled her headphones out of her ears and put her ipod away. "Hi I'm Lilly." She said quietly. She pulled her sketch book out and began drawing again and minding her own and waited for him to talk to her, she could tell that he didn't like being bothered so she just left him alone. She knew that he would eventualy come around and she just might like having a friend. biting her bottom lip and taping her foot she finished her drawing and smiled at it. "Perfect." She whispered to her self.
  Lilliana / kettana / 7y 43d 7h 38m 42s
During lunch time Hana sat down with a few friends, who were all talking about the Yottsus and how strange they were. One of her friends announced to them that she was going to marry Ouryu because he had nice hair, Hana rolled her eyes." Yeah, okey, how about you try talking to him first" she said laughing "He is sooo friendly". She ended up leaving early and walked into her class earlier than most students. The girl saw Ouryu and walked up to him smiling. "Hey, how is your day so far?" she asked "If you ever need help with anything, just let me know, okey?" she asked grinning, but slightly keeping her distance knowing that he clearly didn't want her near him.
  Hana Sohma / Sempiternal / 7y 43d 7h 44m 52s
He walked to the lunch room and saw Lilly sitting by herself and sighed, he sort of liked the cat and knew she was a good person, after all he was a tiger, sort of a cat. He walked over and took the seat across from her. He took out his lunch, "Hey, how was your day so far?" He unwrapped his sushi and began to eat. "Did the new kid send any weird vibes to you also? All the Yottsu's have something similar... his is much darker..." He yawned, "They have aura's like us" He froze, he wasn't suposed to tell anyone about their auras. The god of the zodiac said so,

"Oh my gosh... please don't tell anyone i told you about that..." He bowed his head and pleaded.
  Tomo Sohma / Ever-Dream / 7y 43d 12h 27m 5s
Ouryu wasn't hungry, he walked through the lunch room and out the other door. He headed towards his locker, he had his music in his ears, blasting. If people were next to him they'd hear the words and music. He walked towards his locker, which was right next to Sam's and opened it and put his books in. He glanced over at Sam and snorted then grabbed his sketch pad and pencils, and art supplies and slammed the locker door

He walked back to the classroom and walked to his seat and pit his head down and fell asleep. Soon other kids piled in and waited for the teacher to return
  Ouryu / Ever-Dream / 7y 43d 12h 31m 20s
Sam sat at an empty lunch table and quietly ate by him self lost in his scince book, studdying for a big test that was coming up. He love since and knew he would pass but just to make sure he studyed anyways. Joting down more notes, he finished up his lunch and took off to his locker to put things away, and grab his reading book that he was really into. Leaning up against the locker he dtarted reading, and got lost into it once again. looking up every so offten he waited for the bell to ring, every now and the some one would say hello or try to talk to him but he just waved them off.
  sam / kettana / 7y 43d 12h 40m 26s
Putting her things away but keeping her sketch book out Lilly pulled her bag over her shoulder and pulled up her hood and walked out of the room and out side to the fountain where she sat down and put her headphones in here ears and started drawing again, She didn't eat much and didn't care for socalizing her self. She was just about finished when a little yellow butterfly landed on her book, staring at it she smiled holding her hand out for it to climb on and when it did she held it up to her face so she could get a better look. "Well arn't you a pretty little thing." She whispered to it.
  Lilliana / kettana / 7y 43d 13h 44m 9s
"I don't know who he is... but i wouldn't talk to" he was cut off when she turned around to say hi to the new boy. "him, he seems off" he muttered the rest to himself. He turned when the boy suddenly snapped at Hana, "Hey, knock it off! she was just saying hi" He got a glare from Ouryu that made him shudder. He turned and pulled out a history book they'd be tested on on Friday, only two days away.
Tomo had already read the required chapters four times, but he believes you should study as much as you can.

He was already reading when the teacher spoke up and told each kid to take out a book and read.

A half hour later the bell rang, and the students piled out for the lunch room. He walked up to Hana, "Hey, mind if i eat with you today?"
  Tomo Sohma / Ever-Dream / 7y 43d 13h 53m 29s
Ouryu jolted up as her hand reached out to shake his, "please don't touch me" he snapped. He looked to her then to Tomo. He didn't even want to be here, with all the girls and boys, he hated others. He muttered something under his breath and sighed. He looked around and saw several other sohmas, his cousins and his brother, Suzaku, aka the Vermilion Bird of the South. His older brother pretty much hated him, so he didn't feel like saying hi.

He looked to the front of the class. The teacher stood up, "Ok class, break is over, please silent read for a half hour before you go to lunch
  Ouryu / Ever-Dream / 7y 43d 13h 58m 36s
Lilly sat in the back of the class ignoring everyone, lost in her sketchbook, all she could hear was the boys talking infront of her, looking up every now and the she rolled her eyes. "stupid boys." She whispered to her self and then went back to her drawing every now and the she would stop and pull out a new led pencle and her colored penciles to add mor detail. she was the shy quiet kid of the class and like not being bugged by any one, she felt sfaer that way. She liked not having frineds some times, it ment that there was no drama. "What would mother say if she saw me without friends?" she asked her self, she remembered her mother telling her that friend where impotant but to keep sertain things to her slef, but she didn't fill the need for them.
  Lilliana / kettana / 7y 43d 13h 59m 50s
Hana watched Toma take a boy inside the class, from a locker. She hasn't seen him before, so out of curiosity she followed them, watching closely.
She sat down at her sea a few seats behind Tomo and a little while later she walked up to him and whispered "Who's the new kid? He seems kinda depressed...." she said as quietly as possible then faced Ouryu and grinned.
"Hello there, i'm Hana" the girl held her hand out for a handshake and tilted her head slightly, to the side, still smiling. ''It's nice to meet you, is this your first day, or have I just not seen you around?"
  Hana Sohma / Sempiternal / 7y 43d 16h 12m 56s
The boy looked up from his locker and sighed, "Another Yottsu?" He looked around, "I think your in my class... we don't change classrooms" He looked down, sort of intimated by the boy, maybe even a little bit scared. He could sense auras and this boy's was filled with darkness and hate.

He turned and made his way to his seat, not lifting it even when he got there. A boy came up to him, "Hey, the gang and i were thinking of playing baseball after school and wondered.... hey are you alright?" Tomo lifted his head, he couldn't say the new boy was off, barely anyone in his family knew he could read auras. "Nah, i'm fine. just a little tired. And sure, i'd love to play some baseball, though first i'm going to study for the upcoming test"
The boy nodded, "see you there" He turned and went back to a group of boys but Tomo could tell he was sort of annoyed that he always studied before hanging out with his friends.
  Tomo Sohma / Ever-Dream / 7y 43d 18h 8m 17s

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