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Never once had Irina been able to keep herself in one place. Either nobody seemed to want her there, or she'd just grow tired of the same environment. She was finally trying to settle down in the city of Chicago, but she was growing tired of it already.

On her way to the airport to leave for a new destination, Irina runs into ______. S/He's different than the rest, it seems, and slightly intrigues her. Deciding to give herself a month, she'll see if s/he'll be the one to make her stick around.


This will be a semi-lit to literate roleplay.

In need of a boy OR a girl.

Post at least twice a week.

Finally, anything besides raunchy cybering is allowed. Try to be as accurate in spelling and grammar as you can. When someone joins I will set the post limit to 400. Have fun.~

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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Yawning softly, Irina stood up and walked around the apartment - remembering that she had to play at a coffee shop today. She walked into her room full of instruments, and grabbed her familiar acoustic guitar.

It's been too long since I've played... she thought to herself as she stood up and walked to the door - putting a long black jacket on, which suited her body well. She smiled a bit as she pulled her hair up into a side braid and stepped out the door.

Her shoes made an echoey 'click' through the stairwell, and after what seemed like forever she made it to the door. Stepping out into the downpour, she pulled her hood up - only slightly getting misted by the rain. The tips of her hair were holding small droplets by the time she made it to the little café.

Upon walking in, the barista behind the counter grinned, "Miss Irina!" he said happily. He'd always been fond of her, acting like a big brother.

Irina laughed her signature laugh - smooth and happy but just airy enough, "Hey, Mac." she grinned and pulled the guitar case off of her back.

Mac smiled, knowing she'd play, and gestured to the small, 1 foot tall podium, "Help yourself to our 'stage.'"

She laughed as he made air quotes, and smirked, "Don't mind if I do."
  Irina / TheStreetlightAngel / 6y 10h 21m 51s
Andy stood with one hand on her hip, smearing red paint from her hands onto her dress as she gazed thoughtfully at her easel. There was something wrong with the piece, and she couldn't quite figure out what it was. She gnawed on her lip for a moment and then spun around, facing her loft with an examiner's eyes. They searched, and finally slighted on a small container on her desk. Andy smiled and walked across the room to seize it. She returned to her painting, dipping her fingers in the glitter. She dumped some into the Palm of her hand and then threw it, watching a cloud of sparkles settle onto her canvas, sticking to the still wet paint. She smiled at her work. "Well." She said, wiping the rest of the paint from her hands. "I deserve coffee."
  Andy Rena / weepingwillowed / 6y 1d 3h 57m 15s
Irina stared out the window of her 2nd story apartment, eyes slightly unfocused as she watched a downpour. She let out a sigh as she realized she had absolutely nothing to do. Her cold fingertips froze as she touched the glass, following the path of a water droplet with her gaze and her nail. Her brows furrowed as she looked over to the stove, a tea-kettle had begun hissing, taking her out of her daze.

She got up off of the audubon by the window and walked over, lifting the kettle slowly and pouring the steaming water into her large, blue mug, an Earl Grey teabag recieving the brunt of the heat. She sighed and cupped the mug in her hands, warming them easily as she stood.

A few minutes having passed, she removed the tea-bag and sipped carefully at the near-scalding liquid. She then sighed once more and went to go sit down again, distracted only by the buzzing of her phone. She knew who it was without even looking. It was her mother, probably going to bother her about the rumours of her wanting to leave again. She ignored the device and resumed her spot next to the window, silent still, her mind once more starting to wander.
  Irina / TheStreetlightAngel / 6y 2d 6h 15m 17s
Sorry, I lost internet. Go ahead!
  Andy Rena / weepingwillowed / 6y 7d 20h 41m 9s
Quite possibly~ I'm glad you're interested. I can start it if you'd like to see if you'd like it?
  TheStreetlightAngel / 6y 8d 6h 22m 19s
Do you think Andy could make her stay? :)
  Andy Rena / weepingwillowed / 6y 8d 7h 32m 35s

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