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Yes, this is another search thread, however myself and Lexic are in search for one other person to do a role play with and help set up a plot.

This will not be a first come first serve kind of deal.

We will be asking for a couple of things:

1) Helping with plot idea's.

2) Plot twists.

3) Someone that can play male characters, straight and yaoi.

4) Has good grammar, and can post more than three paragraphs.

So if we haven't scared you off yet, please feel free to PM either one of us.


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Roleplay Responses

"Xavier... Are you sure you want to go alone? I mean I can help you with the steal..."

"It will be fine. Just go back with the others and the goods we got from this carriage." Xavier stated plainly as he walked away from his group of bandits waving his hand back and forth. "Just go." He shouted vanishing from their sights. Xavier ran the biggest bandit group know around the kingdoms. It was funny only a few years earlier he was someone who tried to catch the bandits and put them away. But now he was what he hunted. Why? Well when his best friend disappeared and was pronounced dead, Xavier found himself going in another direction one where he didn't need anyone.

Xavier sighed lightly moving a branch from his view so he can look at the road. A little ways down he could see a fancy looking carriage coming. Smiling slightly Xavier looking up at the one tree that happened to have a branch out and over the road. "Perfect." Xavier mumbled and began to climb the tree the more he went up the more he could see the carriage. It was a bright white with golden trim, golden wheels and white horses. Hell Xavier knew he just hit he jack pot. Xavier after climbing the tree and slowly making his way on to the branch, he timed his jump just right, before landing a top the carriage and without startling the driver.

"My win." He mumbled lightly slowly sneaking up on the drive pulling a knife on him and lightly whispering in his ear trying not to alarm the person inside. "Now your going to listen and do as I say and drive where I tell you. Or I'll cut your throat and you and who ever is in the carriage, then you will both go off the nearest cliff and be claimed an unfortunate accident. Got that." Xavier growled as he tail slightly shifted back and forth.

Xavier wasn't part of the heavens kingdom, no he was part of hell's. Actually at one point both kingdoms where joined both demons and humans alike lived in peace. That was until the struggle for power broke out, and well everyone went there own ways, wars broke out, people died. But recently all that had been stopped both kingdoms seem to have been talking out a reasonable action to subside the fighting. Something about a joining of families hell if Xavier knew, at the time he was a guard for the prince to be and his best friend, who only went missing which cause questions and rumors. Also the reason Xavier left the guard.

Xavier told the driver to turn down a little side road and pull over. "Now tell whose ever in the carriage that you stopped to check the wheel." Xavier growled lowly slipping out of sight but keeping the knife to the driver. "Your highness we've stop to.. um check the wheels. It will only take a second." The driver said with a bit of a worried looked.
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