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Seeing Grant like this was something that Salem never expected to experience since the male had become like this. Though, he wasn't going to say that he disliked it at all. In fact, it was quite the contrary; he liked seeing the vulnerable side to Grant. This made him seem more human and less like a monster that the childish side of Salem had made him out to be. “I would have thought... Ah- never mind.” The male kept his mouth shut- not wanting to question a good thing. It was a little surprising to hear the male's words towards Schuyler. Whatever the short boy had said had seemed to make a difference in Grant- that was for certain.

He felt Grant press his face into his shoulder. Salem rested a hand on the male's head lightly. “Go have a cigarette, then. When we get home, we can have some decent rest. You probably need it.” So the male was more affected by the sleepless nights than he gave him credit for. Salem thought that he was the only one that was affected so much by the long nights without sleep. Tonight, hopefully, both of them would be able to have a decent night's rest without staying up to argue. He also disliked Grant's smoking habit, but they would worry about one thing at a time right now.

In the midst of their playful teasing, he heard Grant's words. They made him grin cattishly. Though he said nothing, he would hold the male to his words. If he saw any signs of abuse in the future, he would make sure to ask Grant just what the hell was going on. The way that he and Salem looked now was how he imagined them to be without the abuse. Schuyler pulled himself away from the two in front of him to Robin pointing at he wanted. Like a child afraid to order because he'd done something silly. Though, he did order for Robin before leaning over to press a kiss to his boyfriend's cheek. He too had laughed quietly at the waiter's mistake; he didn't dare correct the man; it was much too fun to simply let him assume.

At Robin's question, Schuyler gave the male's hand a gentle squeeze as if telling him to be quiet. He understood that the boy was worried, but things needed to happen like this. The first step to acceptance was denial; it was natural to feel like this as denial brought guilt, and guilt brought sadness. Sadness would soon turn into a revelation. “I gave him a good talking to, My Love. There's no need to worry. I'm sure everything will be fine in the end.” The words that he had spoken to Grant had needed to be said; if he hadn't been the one to say them, then he was sure that Grant would have realized them when Salem left him for someone that treated him right. “Things will be fine. Don't furrow your eyebrows like that, you'll ruin your pretty face~”

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Grant straightened up as he felt Salem's hand on his shoulder. "Doesn't change the fact I feel like crap." He told the other a grimace on his face. Moving his hand to wipe at his face he looked over to Schuyler once more. "Don't worry kitty I'll be sure to behave." He said with a smile, it may have looked like teasing or anything but with the conversation he and Schuyler had earlier he hoped the cat faced boy would get it.

He watched the sweet moment between the disabled pairing and he couldn't help but let the smile roll off of his lips. He saw the angry face that Robin had made at him, but Salem had already assured him that they hadn't discussed a thing about him. He shrugged it off as Schuyler being angry that Robin became angry.

He felt kinda bad as the two started playing and pushing, and Robin ended up smacking into the waiter. Nodding Grant turned away from Salem and told the waiter his order, before he nuzzled his head into Salem's neck. "I just need a cigarette so badly right now..." He mumbled in the other's neck. The sleepless nights were really affecting him now.

Holding on tight to Schuyler's hand now he pulled himself up, proceeding to use his other hand to point to what he wanted too afraid to even speak to the waiter now. "I'm sorry." He mumbled, blushing from embarrassment again looking over to Schuyler for help. He knew a reply would come soon so he turned his head so he could hear clearly. "It's fine, ma'am." The waiter told Robin, which caused Robin to blink for a moment. ...Oh He giggled a little looking towards Schuyler again. The waiter left before he could correct him.

He didn't really mind being mistaken for a woman, it just came with the way they dressed. Which they liked so, it was bound to come with confusion. Out of the corners of his eyes he could see Grant's head slump into Salem's shoulder... was everything alright? Concerned he voiced his thoughts, "Grant, are you okay?" That almost motherly side of him was showing again. His head tilted to the side, he knew that Schuyler probably fussed him out but he hoped that the other hadn't said something that would push Grant to the edge. He had heard the earlier comment towards Schuyler, but he didn't know what to make of it.

Turning towards Schuyler once more he gave him a questioning look, and mouthed the words, 'Did you say something to him?' He needed answers and quick before he started to get wrinkles from worry.

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The male couldn't help but smile at this. He remembered telling the two of them to go for it. They had nothing to lose, and on top of that, they both had an undeniable crush on the other before they started dating. Now they were almost inseparable. “You two deserve to be happy. Just seeing that happiness is payment enough.” He hoped that the two of them stayed together for a long time because they honestly seemed like they were perfect together. Despite their disabilities and even their strange behavior at times, he could honestly say, he felt that they had potential to be an amazing couple. However, the same could not be said for his and Grant's relationship. Before, he had hoped to salvage their broken relationship somehow, but he knew that it just couldn't be done the way things were going.

Salem took his seat once again, and rested a hand on Grant's shoulder. Though he looked angry, there was a hint of sadness there too. Though, he didn't get a chance to ask if there was anything wrong because the waiter decided to show up once again. He ordered what he usually ate from the restaurant. The grumpy man scribbled down their orders. He supposed that the man said nothing in response to Robin's accidental bumping into him because the employees had to at least pretend to like the customers. “Is something wrong?” The red haired boy whispered quietly to his boyfriend as the waiter turned his attention to the pair sitting across from them. “I didn't say anything to him. He didn't even ask about that.” He was trying to reassure the male that everything was okay, and that he truly had nothing to worry about.

The boy was stunned to say the least. Of course Grant was right; he didn't try to run his relationship with his boyfriend, but the way that the boy saw things, this intervention needed to happen. He couldn't just sit idly by while Grant took out his frustrations on Salem; that shit wasn't right, and it would stop. It seemed that Grant had more feelings than he'd thought. “I'm not telling you how to run your relationship, Grant; I'm just telling you that if you don't start treating Salem right, I will make you wish you hadn't touched him. He may be afraid of you, but I am not.” Schuyler was more than capable of holding his own- though he preferred to use words instead of violence because he felt that he was able to get his point across much more effectively this way.

“Listen, if you don't want him to leave you, then be good to him. Otherwise, he's just going to get tired of you beating him down like that. I can understand the stress, but that's no excuse.” Schuyler worked during the semester doing peer tutoring; he knew how stressful a job could be, but he knew that the best part of a stressful day was coming home to see the happy face of his boyfriend. Even if all he did was complain about how awful his day was, Robin was there. He wouldn't trade any of that for the world. If Grant was so worried about what the other male was doing while he was away, he could always text him to ask. The white haired boy highly doubted that Salem was the type to cheat no matter how miserable he was.

As Salem and Robin reemerged, he smiled happily. The two of them seemed to be the thing that was needed for him to let his anger at Grant dissipate. “My love~” Schuyler purred out as he pulled the male down to sit beside him once again. He pressed a loving kiss to the boy's cheek and gripped his hand gently. He could tell that Robin was upset, but he wanted to believe that everything would be okay in the end. Hopefully, Robin hadn't offended Salem in anyway. By the look on the red head's face, there was nothing to suggest that. For that, he was extremely grateful. He knew how Robin could be; perhaps a little too much of Schuyler was rubbing off on Robin. After dating for a while, they were sure to have picked up each other's bad habits along the way.

As the waiter turned away from Salem and Grant, Schuyler ordered his own food, still holding onto Robin's hand. He had kept his gaze on the two of them whispering something to each other. Schuyler didn't like that, but he supposed that he was just being paranoid.

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Grant leaned back in his chair as Schuyler started speaking harshly towards him. Swishing the straw in a circular motion, he listened until the other took a small break. "Look, Schuyler I don't tell you how to run your relationship. And although you two are doing well, it seems I can't catch a break. Don't just listen to one side of the story alright?" He told the other before he had the chance to speak again.

"Maybe you are right, maybe I'm not right for Salem... but I'm just so petrified with fear that he'll leave me. It's so hard to work all the time and not know exactly how or what your lover is doing! I mean I know Salem, and I know he wouldn't do that kind of thing, but when stress clouds your mind what the hell are you supposed to think?!" He whispered harshly back at the other. He worked too hard to believe that he and Salem could be happy together. Salem was his life line and he couldn't find a better way then to threaten him to stay.

"I honestly thought the same thing before I took this goddamned job. I hate it and I'm going nowhere with it, but we need the money." Grant said laying his head down in his arms. "I'm so sick and tired of coming home angry and mad, only to take it out on Salem." He mumbled against his arms as he saw Salem and Robin return. Robin looked ready to murder someone, did Salem say anything to him?

Robin felt his anger boiling after Salem told him he wasn't wrong about what was going on. "Salem, you don't owe us anything, for all it matters we owe you. You... and Grant.... came along and told me to grow some balls and tell Schuyler I like him and here we are today. Our happiness is because of you, and nothing we can do can repay you for that." Robin told him as they left the restroom. He was seeing fire in his eyes, his eyes landed on Schuyler and Grant sitting at the table. He could tell something was said because the tension was thick. Not that he expected any different, especially with Schuyler around.

"Hey, darling~" He said giving the other a hug, hoping it would ease the tension again. He'll get Grant another time when there wasn't a lot of people and the other wasn't pissed off. "I haven't seen you in over three hundred years." He whined in the other's ear, before pushing off of him and smiling. Although that ended roughly as his back smacked against their waiting, "Ah shit!" He exclaimed from the fear and surprise. Looking behind him, the guy didn't look too angry but his eye was twitching as he took his pen out. "May I take your order?" He asked, looking at Salem first. Robin just wished he could sink down into the earth right now.

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Salem could honestly say that he was jealous of the other two. Even their arguments were adorable. Though, their argument was more or less a playful banter that only made them seem that much cuter. “Hm?” He noticed Grant looking at him expectantly after the question was turned back to them. “Yeah, we're doing fine.” The boy gave a small smile as if to say that everything was fine, and that they shouldn't ask about the subject anymore. He might just slip up and say something that he shouldn't; Salem always had to watch what he said around others.

Almost immediately after the waiter left, Robin declared that the two of them were to head off to the bathroom, and Schuyler was asked to order for him. “Will you please order for me, Grant? You already know what I want.” He too was predicable- ordering the same thing from places where they often frequented. It was better to be safe than sorry with restaurants- or at least, that was what he believed. Salem knew that this trip was more than Robin needing someone to go to the bathroom with him; they weren't girls that had to follow each other everywhere. The male was going to ask him about what they had seen earlier. That bruise definitely seemed to catch their attention- whether it was for the best or the worst.

He leaned against one of the sinks and sighed softly. They already assumed the worst about what was going on. “You guys aren't wrong. I know you guys have probably talked about this.” Some of his excuses weren't believable to his own mind, and so he knew they hadn't been believable to the other pair. God, he hated lying to them. Though, he knew he couldn't tell them the truth- not with Grant so close. “I do appreciate that, really. I will definitely keep that in mind. You guys do too much for me already. I don't know how I can ever repay you for it.” Salem would tell them the truth- eventually. Knowing Schuyler, he had said his say in the matter to Grant while he and Robin were in her discussing the same thing. Robin was too good natured to threaten anyone, but he appreciated the concern. It made him feel appreciated again.

“We should probably go save my boyfriend from yours,” He gave a small chuckle as he thought about that. The two of them honestly didn't know how cute they were. Salem left the bathroom, and returned to his seat next to Grant. The tension was almost tangible as he saw the glare that the white haired boy was giving Grant.

“Oh~ Poor thing. You look fine tonight. Maybe you do have some style after all~” Schuyler rubbed his nose against Robin's as if he were silently apologizing for his teasing words. Of course he had never thought anything bad of Robin before. The boy was beautiful and intelligent, and he was the only one that he knew that could deal with his erratic moods and still want to be around him as much as he did. His hand gently squeezed the other boy's as he felt him jump at the waiter's presence before setting to the task of adding two packages of sugar to the unsweetened tea in front of him.

He gave a nod to Robin as he and Salem took off for the bathroom. Schuyler's blue eyed gaze turned to Grant as he momentarily left the sugar to dissolve on its own. Without the two of them there, he could speak his mind. “What the fuck is wrong with you? I mean, seriously, where the hell do you get off doing that?” His words were somewhat hushed as he didn't want to draw too much attention to themselves by the other patrons of the restaurant. Sure, Schuyler could be a little rough with Robin, but he had never left bruises on him. His roughness had always been in a way that was loving- not a way that would hurt him like that.

“Do you honestly think that we're that stupid? Salem wouldn't hurt himself like that, and even you know that. Robin and I have discussed this, and even though we've both come to the conclusion that we should stay out of it, I'm warning you now. I'll make you wish you never laid hands on him.” His gaze narrowed. This was something the boy would never stand for- abuse. He hated seeing his own friend go through something like this, and being too scared to tell them what was going on. A loved one should be cherished- not beat and abused like an animal in a cage. The waiter returned to their table, but the tension between the two of them had not yet disappeared. He ordered for himself as well as Robin; he knew the boy too well- even after looking through the menu the boy probably would have ordered the usual that he got from this place.

Schuyler picked up the glass of tea on the table and used the straw to stir the sugar that had settled at the bottom before he took a sip of the cold liquid. “I love my friends too much to let them suffer. Especially at the hands of another one of my friends. Be good to Salem. He deserves the best, and I honestly believed you were the one who could give him what he deserves.” Was it wrong of him to believe that? Childish, perhaps? Or maybe naive. Whatever he was, he wanted to be happy with his love, and he wanted both Salem and Grant to be happy with each other.

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Hearing the apology he scoffed lightly and muttered something unintelligible. He looked up when Schuyler answered his question, he could tell he had somewhat upset the smaller male but he wouldn't apologize. "Ah yes, I suppose you are both right." He said nodding his head to Robin, who had answered first. Yes, it was as he had first suspected, the other was still wearing headphones. He sighed, he knew Robin had a problem hearing through one ear but still, he didn't think earphones would help.

He heard the playful banter between the two as they answered his second question. He rolled his eyes but smiled, he could still remember how hard it was to get the two to notice they actually liked each other. Now it was almost impossible to separate them. It was the same for Salem and himself, but they were actually best friends before they started dating. Why did their relationship turn so sour while Robin and Schuyler's was doing well? The question that was brought to him as the drinks arrived pulled him out of his thoughts.

"Ah... well, we are doing well." He said sipping his drink through the straw, he hated ice, it was all too cold for him. Looking up he turned towards Salem, awaiting for him to answer the question also. Hoping he would not say anything stupid, or misleading.

He sighed and pouted a little more listening to Schuyler, "Well you sure didn't say anything today... is there anything wrong with what I'm wearing, my kitty?" He asked presenting himself to his other half.

Of course he could never really be mad at the other, that was his life sitting beside him. He jumped slightly as the drinks came to the table, the waiter was coming up on his bad side and his paranoia would get to him soon. "... Schuyler could you order for me when he comes back around, me and Salem will be going to the bathroom." He said winking at the other before taking Salem's arm to pull him along.

He knew it was wrong to leave Schuyler with Grant, although they were friends it seemed that they always had a bone to pick with each other, but he really needed to talk with Salem. "I know Schuyler already asked you how you were doing, but... and I'm sorry if I'm wrong, but it seems as if Grant's always kept a real close eye on you when we ask these kind of questions."

Robin explained himself blushing a little as he realized how stupid this must seem. "And if you ever need us me and Schuyler's home is always open, and so is our phones and any means of communication." He continued as he looked Salem in the eye.
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Salem gave a quiet chuckle. They were always a bit late to the party, but it wasn't like he and Grant had anywhere to be, so they would definitely be patient to see their friends. “Speak of the devil,” He gave a smile at the pair that sat down in front of them. They looked well, and their disabilities didn't hinder their looks in the slightest. Schuyler had that cute, curious look with exotic colored hair. In all honesty, he reminded Salem of a kitten that had an attitude, and if you weren't careful, it would very well bite the hand that fed. Robin's wasn't all that noticeable, but the fact that he was still wearing headphones was. Most would think it rude while they were supposed to be having conversation, but the red haired boy had known him long enough by now to know better.

The male thought that Grant's thoughts on Schuyler's eyepatch were a bit rude, but he said nothing about it. If the white haired boy wanted to say something, then he would let Schuyler defend himself- which he probably would. He felt that it was the boy's choice to wear it, and no one should tell him any different. As the waiter scuttled over, flipping to a new ticket, Salem really didn't care much what he wanted to drink. “Water is fine with me as well.” His fingers traced the pattern on the table top. When all of the orders were taken, the man disappeared and left them all alone once again. Quiet chatter was all around them, but none of it was very interesting to the ears of the rouge haired boy.

Salem flinched slightly when a hand pulled up his shirt. “I'm sorry,” The apology was whispered as he smoothed out the shirt- this time, he made sure that it covered the bruise that had made Grant so nervous. He could feel the eyes on him from the duo on the other side of the table. They couldn't honestly be so dense as to not notice anything. Perhaps they chose not to say anything because it wasn't their business. Whatever the reason was, he honestly wished that he could tell them went on without invoking the wrath of the male that sat beside him pretending to be friendly and loving with him.

Schuyler was very well the shortest among this group of friends. However, he made up for his dainty appearance in an attitude that most would be frightened of if they got on the wrong end of it. He could yell and curse just as well as any other person. Though, most of the time, he tried his hardest to be friendly around people. Robin was his better half, and he could hardly stand to think about ever losing that part of him. It had taken him a while to warm up to the male, but it had been the best decision that he had ever made. Sometimes, he intentionally acted cold towards the male just to tease him. They rarely had a dull moment in their relationship; the ever prideful boy would never allow either one of them to get bored of the other.

Upon first sitting down, he heard the comment about his eye and why he wore the patch. His fingers lightly touched at the fabric of the thing that covered his eye. As he opened his mouth to give a response, Robin beat him to it and placed a kiss upon that fabric. With a small laugh, he jokingly pushed the male's face away from him. “I wear it because I don't like the stares that I get when I don't. It's not like I can see out of my other eye anyway, so this is better in the long run.” While what Grant was saying was true, he still felt that he should wear this. It was habit to put it on after a shower or when he was waking up, and he doubted that that habit would die easily. “Tea for me~” He propped his elbow on the table, and rested his chin in the palm of his hand.

The boy gave a sigh as he saw the pull of the shirt. There was definitely going on; he was not so stupid that he couldn't see that. However, as much as his curiosity was burning, he dared not ask an offensive question that he knew would get them into trouble with the other couple. Both he and Robin had discussed this at length already. Schuyler turned and raised an eyebrow at the male's words. “Who's a jerk? I was just trying to help you look your best.” He clung to the arm that was gently pushing him away. “I love you enough to let you know that you suck at picking out things to wear, My Love~” He leaned up to place a kiss to the boy's nose before letting go of his arm as the waiter returned with their drinks. He placed the cups in front of the people that had ordered them, and left once again as if to give them a moment to think over what they wanted to eat. It was rather busy here today, and so it might be a few minutes before they could get someone to take their order.

“What about you guys? You guys look well.” Schuyler pried curiously as he once again propped his elbow on the table. It was such an innocent question, but within that question inlaid a genuine curiosity and concern.

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That's the attitude he liked to hear, something that didn't make him just want to smack the other boy around. Sitting down at the table he sighed and put his head in his hand looking at the other. "Hmm, running fashionably late once more?" He asked, taking his other hand and pushing some hair behind Salem's ear. "Sounds just like those guys." He said though no later had he said it the other two had strolled in.

"Hello ladies~ It's nice to see you guys too." He said giving them the once over. Schuyler still had his hair that strange color, though looking over at Robin it was no different... Did Robin really still have in earphones still? Maybe it was just that he was used to the other with that natural look. Rubbing his eyes he looked over to Schuyler, eye patch still in play and everything. "I'm telling you, Schuyler, I don't see why you need that thing. It's nobody else's business as to why you wear it." He told the other as a waiter made his way over to the group. Giving him a rather big smile the waiter asked everyone what they wanted to drink.

"Water is fine with me." Grant said turning away once more. Looking over to Salem, he had noticed that his shirt came a little lower than should be, allowing a slip of one of the bruises. Growing nervous, Grant reached over and pulled up said shirt. "Might want to be careful, Salem." He whispered to the other. "So how have you two been, it's been a while since we've been able to talk." Grant asked, looking at the other two as the waiter got their order of drink.

Robin hummed along to the song that played throughout his ears, never once losing a beat until he felt Schuyler's lips against his cheek. Looking up, he smiled and stuck his tongue out. "I'm never ready, babe." He said, before hopping up out of his seat. He pouted as he noticed Schuyler leaving him behind. "Schuyler~ Wait up a little." He said before chasing the other, but not before grabbing his ipod. He always listened to it when they went places, not that he hated talking to his better half, they just couldn't always exactly gossip for long times.

Sitting across from Salem he smiled, placing his chin in both his hands. He heard Grant answer the statement first though and so turned his attention to said person. He pouted at Grant, "Cause Schuyler is too fabulous for people to think anything else." He said, of course he knew the real reason, but he didn't want Schuyler to say anything. Reaching over he grabbed Schuyler and kissed the eye patch. It was kinda like they were the disabled pairing, Schuyler with his eye, and then Robin was almost completely deaf in one of his ears. Music almost cam as therapy for him, he loved it.

As the waiter came and asked them for a drink he smiled and answered, "I'll have a Mellow Yellow please~" He was still hanging all over Schuyler. As the other two told the waiter their order he looked over and saw Grant pull up Salem's shirt. Of course he always thought there was something a little more serious about what goes on behind closed doors with those two, in fact he and Schuyler discussed it a little more than they should have. But Schuyler and himself decided it wasn't their business and that they didn't know if it were true.

"I'm doing quite fine, with my honey boo around. Though he can be a real jerk sometimes." He pouted looking over at Schuyler once more, "He told me that my fashion sense was going out of style yesterday!" He joked, pushing the other away as he pouted.
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Pale green orbs looked at the pictures of the two of them in high school. They looked so happy. Of course, they were all either before the two of them were dating or right as soon as they started. It was certainly before the abuse started. One could tell that those smiles weren't faked. There were also pictures of the two of them and their friends- the couple that they were going to see in just a little while. An eyebrow raised at the male's comment about his attitude. He had the right to have an attitude right now as he saw it, but he kept his opinions to himself. For now, they would pretend to be civil as they were about to out in public.

“Of course not. You know how girls are~” Salem teased as he took Grant's hand, and stepped out the door. While the two waiting on them were not in fact female, they did seem rather feminine. They all had been pretty close since grade school, and he definitely enjoyed being around them. He got into the car on the passenger's side. Despite their arguments earlier, he was eager to go out and have a good time with their friends. Dinner was always fun when they went on dates like this- even if they did have to put on a fake smile and pretend that they were still the Golden Couple that Schuyler and Robin thought that they were.


The two of them arrived at the restaurant early. Salem requested a table in the back where the four of them could talk more openly and not have to worry about being gawked at. Sometimes, the boy felt as though he didn't deserve such great friends. To him, they were the perfect couple, and he and Grant were a couple that didn't really need or want to live together. His cell phone buzzed quietly in his pocket, and he pulled the device from his pocket to look at the message.

From: Schuyler || Message: Hey, we're on our way. Be patient~ See you soon<3

The message made him chuckle before he replied with a simple message telling the boy that they were already there and that they would most certainly be patient with them. “They're on their way.” Salem conveyed the message to the male that was sitting beside him before turning his attention to the window beside his seat. He wondered just how things would go after their date. He hoped that they would actually get to sleep tonight, but he didn't count on that. Grant seemed to hate sleep almost as much as he seemed to hate being with Salem.

Schuyler- sometimes called Sam by his friends because of his initials- had been the one that had set this date up. He enjoyed going out with Salem and Grant, and there was no better way to do that than to go on a double date. Ever since they had started going out, Salem and Grant had been the 'Golden Couple'- the couple that everyone wanted to be. They both seemed so loving and happy together, but he had started to notice small changes recently. While he said nothing, he was still concerned that they were starting to lose their shine. Salem always made excuses for wearing long sleeves, and he could definitely tell when someone was wearing makeup after wearing it himself for a few years. Perhaps he was being nosey, but it definitely concerned him.

After giving up messing with his messy, unnaturally colored hair, Schuyler tied the eyepatch around his eye. He wore it because he had a lazy eye, and was blind in that eye, and it was easier to cover it up than have people give him odd looks. The questions about the patch he could handle. He left the bathroom, fully dressed, and moved into the bedroom. “I'm ready to go when you are,” He smiled as he pressed a feather like kiss to his boyfriend's cheek. The two had so often been mistaken for a lesbian couple- not that he minded that of course; he understood that it might be hard to believe that they were males with the way that they dressed.

He sent a message to Salem telling them that they would be on their way. Not too long after that, the two of them were out the door, and not too long after that, they were walking into the restaurant. Going to sit down in front of Salem and Grant, he gave the two of them a happy smile. “You guys look great. I'm happy we were able to do this~” Schuyler beamed as he gazed between the two of them.

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Grant grit his teeth as he saw the other male lay back down. "I'm sick of this crap." He said as he exited the room to take his own shower. Although he could be a real jerk to Salem he always constantly felt lonely. Standing in front of the mirror he looked at himself, almost disgusted as he started to mess around with his hair. He stopped himself from pulling his hair out and stepped into the shower. The heat against his skin felt so good. Grant was always so cold, not in just demeanor but also in temperature.

... Crud The taste of blood filled his mouth, metallic. He chewed through his lip again, the heat stinging but it felt so good. Taking a big intake, he looked down at the drain the water turning a faint red color. Not too bad, nothing to worry about. Having that said he continued to bathe and wash his hair, making sure all of it was perfect.

Getting out he finished messing with his hair, everything looked fine. He smiled at his reflection, putting on his necklace and the one dangly feather earring he walked out of the bathroom towel wrapped around himself. Finding the clothing he wanted to wear he dressed himself and walked to the living room. Sitting himself back down in his chair as he stared at the figure sleeping once more. Looking up at the clock he noticed he took a good hour making things perfect for himself.

He heard a soft moaning noise coming from the couch, he could see by the other's face that not everything was alright in dream land. He sighed as he looked around the home they owned together. Pictures from when they were in high school were decorated on the little island in the kitchen and some vases littered the place. Though the most unorganized place was the bedroom, nobody went in there but Salem and himself.

Sometimes they didn't even go in there unless they needed to go to the restroom. The way to their bedroom was suddenly obscured from his view as Salem walked out. "Tch, not if you are going to have that attitude I'm not." He said as he stood up from his chair, that sounds of the tv filled his ears, when was it turned on? Walking over he turned it off and offered his hand to the other. "But we might as well go now, anyways." He said looking at the clock, how long had he zoned out? "Don't want to keep them waiting, do we?" He asked, forcing his face into that of a smiles.
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Was one or two hours of sleep really too much to ask for? Salem couldn't function like Grant could on no sleep at all. “Things will be fine. They always end up okay. We're just going out with our friends; an hour or two of sleep won't hurt.” His green eyes looked up at the clock on the wall. There was still so much time before they went out with their friends; why did they have to rush this process? It would take a whole whopping ten minutes to take a shower, and just a few minutes to get dressed. At the male's words, he gave a sigh. Yes, he did know how much he pissed the boy off, and sometimes he did it on purpose. He held his breath as the smoke was blown into his face; that was such a disgusting smell. Not to mention when he kissed him, it tasted like cigarettes.

The two of them could certainly be cats. Their behavior was nothing short of catty. It seemed that Grant always had his claws out when they were alone- never allowing Salem a moment of peace. Though, around their friends they were as loving as any other couple. He never fought back, though; he usually let Grant do as he pleased until the boy got tired, and left him alone when he was able to get a few hours of rest. “No, I'll shower later. I'm going to get some sleep before we go out. You don't want our friends to ask why I look so tired do you? You're too obsessed with the perfection that they see to let that happen.” This new found spite could be put off as lack of sleep or it was possibly that he was just tired of the male's crap. Either way, the boy laid back down on the sofa. Two hours couldn't be too much to ask for, could it?


His sleep was fitful, but he was able to get a few hours of sleep in. Salem woke and looked back to the clock. It was closer to the time that they were going to have to act perfect in front of an audience that consisted of their close friends. He knew that if he didn't wake up now, Grant wouldn't let him have any more sleep- even as fitful as it might be. He moved from the sofa into his bedroom to gather the clothes that he'd picked out earlier that day before heading to go into the bathroom. He showered quickly and dressed after drying off. His hair took a few moments to fix, but after that, he was ready. The two of them still had quite a bit of time to spare too. Salem left the bathroom and went back into the living room. “I'm ready to leave. Is everything perfect enough for you?” Hopefully, everything would be fine. He didn't want to have to worry about them not being perfect right now.

  -Titanium- / 7y 159d 12h 55m 7s
He scoffed as he watched the other flair up, grabbing the other by the chin he brought him up to his level. "Listen here, you may not want everything to be fucking perfect but I do. If we can even have a second after everything then that'll be a miracle. But don't you fucking deny me." Letting go, he sat down on the coffee table behind him. "Shit, you don't know how much you piss me off sometimes." He said, taking another intake of the cigarette before blowing the smoke into Salem's face. Maybe it wasn't the best time for he and Salem to leave the house. Grant could never stand for sleep, he considered it for the weak and would normally pass out after three days of no sleep.

He was sick constantly which forced him to be in this house alone with Salem. His nerves were horrible, and from lack of sleep the both of them were always pissed off at each other. "Salem, you're name is like one for a cat. You also act like one." He muttered thinking to himself though he stared up at the other's face.

"I think we would both be cats. They tend to hate each other but when they want love they are the perfect little angels that people love. Yeah... we would be cats." He said as he stood up. His eyes pierced the other's through brown bangs. "Too bad our fights aren't like cats." He said as he stubbed the cigarette and walked to the bedroom. "Well are you coming or not, or are you too much of a cat to come and take a shower?" He asked, watching the other for every move the other might make.

He blamed the lack of sleep for his talk of nonsense, but even if he were fully awake he would still talk like this. He could always fill his mind with things that didn't matter, or things that did matter. A world of fantasy that couldn't exist without a world of reality. You always have to know the difference but one or the other could exist without it's other half. It seemed he and Salem were the same. He sighed as he leaned against the doorframe, closing his eyes for just a second.
  Picture Perfect / No_Face / 7y 160d 11h 11m 8s

Imagine living like a king someday.
A single night without a ghost in the walls.

All fairy tales begun with 'Once Upon A Time'. They all followed a plot of a princess being tormented by something, and then being swept off her feet by her 'Prince Charming'. This story had once been like that too. Salem had once upon a time been head over heals for the male that he now called his lover. All of their friends were supportive of them, and were happy that they were together, but things only looked okay on the surface. Deep down, Salem knew that he didn't love this boy anymore. The abuse was an everyday ordeal- not just physical, but emotional abuse as well. Though, how could he leave? They were supposed to be the 'Golden Couple' that everyone else wanted to be.

It hadn't been long after the boy had laid down on the sofa that he'd fallen asleep. While he hadn't necessarily meant to fall asleep, it was welcomed. Rouge colored bangs were brushed to the side, and Salem wanted to believe the endearing action was coming from his closest friend and not the boy he was supposed to love. However, it was all cut too short as that endearing action soon turned to stern words and harsh pulling. He stirred from his sleep and turned his pale colored eyes to look at the male leaning over him- cigarette in hand.

“I didn't forget. But we have hours before then. You haven't let me sleep for a whole twenty-four hours. I'm exhausted,” His talking back would never end well for him, but he didn't care at this point. He was so used to covering up the blemishes with makeup or wearing long sleeves to cover other markings- even during the hot summer months. Sometimes he asked himself if he deserved this punishment for something that he had done. He surely brought it on himself for staying with such an unpredictable and volatile man. If their friends disliked the idea of their breakup, then what would they think if they knew of this relentless, torturous abuse? They surely wouldn't like that very much, and he was sure of that.

They never said that fairy tales had to have a happy ending.

  -Titanium- / 7y 160d 11h 35m 0s
Inhale, exhale That's all we are programmed to do, is to keep breathing and living til the second it just all stops. Though during all this breathing we take on personas to keep ourselves entertained. Sometimes we may shorten our lives while others try to lengthen the life they have. You live everyday, but only die once.

Taking a harsh intake of a cigarette as he slumped in his chair at home he looked over towards the couch. The slumbering lover that he had was currently resting. It made him sick. Every hour of the day was something to live for, and sleeping, eating, and work all seemed to take away from it. Standing up he made his way over to his supposed lover. They may have called each other with endearing names in front of those that believed the things they saw. But really they were a mess on the inside.

He once thought he loved this sleeping fellow beside him, but the more and more time they spent together the more it seemed forced. They couldn't leave each other, what would other people think? What would their friends think? Moving his hand he pushed the other's bangs to the side. "Wake up." He told the other, voice stern, as his hands gripped the bangs beneath his fingers and jerked the other up. "We have dinner tonight with friends, or did you forget?" He asked, not even waiting for the other to actually sit up before those soft strands left his fleeting fingers as he let go. It was hours before they needed to go, but everything needed to be perfect.
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