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[annie+use+your+telescope [#1e90ff [size25 I love the google font code well I love all the new codes I can't wait for the profiles to use the new code its going to be easier to make profiles pop more.]]]
  Kazuya / Girlanimekitteh1 / 3y 150d 21h 3m 15s
I'm totally satisfied with the new coding, I fucking love it, Jimmy. I'm excited for the profiles to adapt to the new coding and you're doing a great job.
  Cynthia / NamaeDesuka / 3y 151d 20m 9s
The thread that use ESV2 only working for the descriptions it won't work for posting in the thread
  Kazuya / Girlanimekitteh1 / 3y 151d 3h 36m 4s
it might have switched to v3 try looking when you click edit rp.
  Kazuya / Girlanimekitteh1 / 3y 152d 21m 36s
Nope. It won't work unless I use v3. Which really sucks..
  [Cabin] / BeccaBoo1216 / 3y 152d 24m 30s
they should work my hogwarts thread is v2 and the codes I have been using on it works.
  Kazuya / Girlanimekitteh1 / 3y 152d 29m 56s
So, my threads that have v2 on them won't code right, even though I have it set for v2. >.<
  [Cabin] / BeccaBoo1216 / 3y 152d 38m 51s
This might help its one of my threads but it has the codes.
  Kazuya / Girlanimekitteh1 / 3y 152d 4h 9m 38s
That find and dandy I just don't like this new codes. They suck sorry but they do. The same friend try to explain the new code and I am still lost. I don't get it at all
  Dragon-wiccan / lunalight / 3y 152d 4h 16m 11s
I just know that the old codes work with theads that use the old codes and that our profiles can use them too.
  Kazuya / Girlanimekitteh1 / 3y 152d 4h 18m 34s
Not trying to make a rp thread I was trying to post something that a friend wanted me to post and I can't use them at all. It not letting me >.>
  Dragon-wiccan / lunalight / 3y 152d 4h 21m 9s
The old codes still work for the profiles. And you can make a roleplay thread with the old codes.
  Kazuya / Girlanimekitteh1 / 3y 152d 4h 23m 12s
I am going to express I HATE THIS NEw CODE THING. . . I can't use it only thing I got down is the header and that is it. I can't use size color or anything else. . . .I DON'T LIKE THIS and I wish for the old codes back
  Dragon-wiccan / lunalight / 3y 152d 4h 27m 41s
I think I figured it out. Instead of adding the bold inside of the specified font, you add if from the outside
so, instead of

This is a test.

you would do

(font This is a Test.)

This is the result.

before: [google-font']
[lora [b This is a Test.]]
[b [lora This is a Test.]]

hope that helped, haha.

Though the only problem I seem to find is the fact that after adding the font in, it automatically inserts a line break. Is there any reason for that?
  vashti / -Sakura- / 3y 153d 8h 47m 20s
[font "PoorRichard" What is with the [b bold] and [i italic] not staying in the font specified? Being OCD like I am, it's kind of annoying.]
  -design / 3y 154d 45m 30s

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