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I am having trouble using the google fonts. Can someone help me?
  A.L. / SoulDreamer / 3y 358d 7h 23m 38s
You can use preview button next to reply button...
  Webmaster / 3y 358d 13h 50m 5s
I really miss that editing page we use to have where we could type in our stuff and it would show us what it looked like so we could kinda tweak it before posting it. I used it a lot. Can we see that back pretty please, Jimmy? Or something similar.
  Batman / ZakTheFlash / 3y 358d 14h 18m 17s
[annie+use+your+telescope [#1e90ff [size25 I love the google font code well I love all the new codes I can't wait for the profiles to use the new code its going to be easier to make profiles pop more.]]]
  Kazuya / Girlanimekitteh1 / 4y 6d 3h 16m 32s
I'm totally satisfied with the new coding, I fucking love it, Jimmy. I'm excited for the profiles to adapt to the new coding and you're doing a great job.
  Cynthia / NamaeDesuka / 4y 6d 6h 33m 26s
The thread that use ESV2 only working for the descriptions it won't work for posting in the thread
  Kazuya / Girlanimekitteh1 / 4y 6d 9h 49m 21s
it might have switched to v3 try looking when you click edit rp.
  Kazuya / Girlanimekitteh1 / 4y 7d 6h 34m 53s
Nope. It won't work unless I use v3. Which really sucks..
  [Cabin] / BeccaBoo1216 / 4y 7d 6h 37m 47s
they should work my hogwarts thread is v2 and the codes I have been using on it works.
  Kazuya / Girlanimekitteh1 / 4y 7d 6h 43m 13s
So, my threads that have v2 on them won't code right, even though I have it set for v2. >.<
  [Cabin] / BeccaBoo1216 / 4y 7d 6h 52m 8s
This might help its one of my threads but it has the codes.
  Kazuya / Girlanimekitteh1 / 4y 7d 10h 22m 55s
That find and dandy I just don't like this new codes. They suck sorry but they do. The same friend try to explain the new code and I am still lost. I don't get it at all
  Dragon-wiccan / lunalight / 4y 7d 10h 29m 28s
I just know that the old codes work with theads that use the old codes and that our profiles can use them too.
  Kazuya / Girlanimekitteh1 / 4y 7d 10h 31m 51s
Not trying to make a rp thread I was trying to post something that a friend wanted me to post and I can't use them at all. It not letting me >.>
  Dragon-wiccan / lunalight / 4y 7d 10h 34m 26s
The old codes still work for the profiles. And you can make a roleplay thread with the old codes.
  Kazuya / Girlanimekitteh1 / 4y 7d 10h 36m 29s

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