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[font "bell MT" [center [b @Etro; ] Youtube links for profiles appear to be broken, dear. Sorry. ; o ; Lots of ESV2 coding is broken. ]]
  張寧士 / Vinci / 4y 234d 20h 41m 38s
How do you put up a Youtube video on your profile? I know profiles are still in the old text editing, but I can't seem to get it to work. >.>

Thank you!
  Etro / 4y 234d 21h 41m 37s
[font "Bell MT" [center [b @Shey; ] With [b ()] as brackets, and without the [b <>] c: ]]
  Alen / Vinci / 4y 243d 6h 35m 41s
I'm still completely confused. But I'll try it like that. Thanks
  • Ariana Sumerian • / Sequester / 4y 243d 8h 2m 37s
[font "Bell MT" [center [b @Shey; ] Hello there! I'm Leo. c: As for gifs, they're the same as any other image. I've taken a peek at your profile, and I noticed that you forgot the final bracket on your first link, which breaks all other coding. Adding the final bracket is very important, and in many cases, will ruin all other coding if you forget. However, ESV3 wasn't placed on everything and is very glitchy at the moment. I don't believe it should've been put up just yet, but. Oh well. On profiles, ESV2 coding works, so you'd need to change the brackets to (). ]]

  Alen / Vinci / 4y 243d 9h 29m 1s
How do I add gifs to my profile, I'm having some trouble. /:
  • Ariana Sumerian • / Alyce / 4y 243d 10h 18m 47s
Working on a few other programming projects and some classes. behind on everything.
  Ramza / Webmaster / 4y 247d 8h 23m 23s
[font "Bell MT" [center [b @Jimmy; ] .. Oh, thank you! o u o Also, you haven't gotten back to me asking for the Editing page back? xD; Is the answer a no? ]]
  Alen / Vinci / 4y 247d 8h 55m 37s
\[tab] should be able to indent. [tab] This is indented.

[tab] this is indented.

this is another way \[div sometext]

[div sometext]
  Ramza / Webmaster / 4y 247d 9h 8m 48s
[font "Bell MT" [center [b @MissMae; ] Hello! Please call me Leo. ^ w ^ As for indents, I don't believe that Jimmy/the Webmaster has a way to do these just yet, in the coding. I might be wrong about that so please don't quote me, but I'm not seeing one in the formatting threads. I would suggest heading over to [ { t h i s } ] thread and asking him to make one. However, in the meantime, I suggest using one of my favourite tricks. Basically, what you're doing is making tiny font in white so that nobody can see it. For example, hover below:]]
[size7 [#F See? You've got to hover to see this, and most people don't. Just change this text to suit your needs, depending on how much of an indent you want.]] [font "Bell MT" [center I've made the text smaller as- .. I actually don't have a reason. There's absolutely no point in the text being smaller, but I suppose I'm hoping that, on the off chance someone does hover over the text, they'll be lazy and not read the hidden coding. It just looks quite a bit nicer, in my opinion. But here's the coding: ]]
[jcode [size7 [#F See? You've got to hover to see this, and most people don't. Just change this text to suit your needs, depending on how much of an indent you want. ]]][font "bell MT" [center Just in case you're unsure, there's 6 "F" 's. If you forget the colour code, just head to the "Colour & Layout" section of ES. Click the colour picker link and turn the wheel to white. c: Hope I helped! ]]
  Alen / Vinci / 4y 247d 9h 12m 30s
Could anyone tell me how one might go about creating an indent in the text? To make it the way it's supposed to be when you begin a paragraph?
  Rainbow Dash (Raina) / MissMaeIStay2014 / 4y 247d 18h 50m 20s
[font "Bell MT" [center Leo, please. ^ w ^ Not Vinci. You're welcome! Yes, it was rather unclear in the description, wasn't it? D: I'm glad I helped! Good luck! c: ]]
  PF / Vinci / 4y 254d 7h 49m 45s
[b @Vinci;] Now its working, thanks! I thought it was just jcode without the brackets, haha. You're real nice for helping people out, keep up the good work!
  character sheet / JavaJean / 4y 254d 17h 30m 24s
[font "Bell MT" [center [b @JavaJean;] Hello! I'm Leo. I don't work here, but I thought I could help you! I'm struggling with the new coding myself, and I find the best way to learn is to help other people solve their coding problems. Also, no question is silly! I had some problems with showing my coding, as well. I just tested your question, and it seems to be working alright? Would you mind to please show me the exact coding, here? Just so you know, here's what I tested: ]]

[font "Comic Sans" The quick, brown fox jumped over the lazy dog. ]

[#jcode [font "Comic Sans" The quick, brown fox jumped over the lazy dog. ]]

[font "bell MT" [center Please remove the [b #] and it should work! Just replace it with whatever text tickles your fancy. The font is comic sans, but it won't show up due to the #. I hope this make sense. ; o ; Let me know if I can help more!]]
  Riv / Vinci / 4y 254d 19h 41m 7s
this might be a silly question, but the "jcode" doesn't work in my "make a person" thing, how can I show the code? is there another way to use the old "-c" function? thanks beforehand
  character sheet / JavaJean / 4y 255d 16h 53m 29s

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