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how do I put a pic?
  :The Hobbit: Kili / Xchick / 3y 29d 20h 55m 17s
If you want to use a google font [google-font] [finger+paint like this]

[jcode [google-font]
[finger+paint text goes here]]

The will have to changed to the font url you want and for the Indie+flower you would change it to the name of the google font you want its easier to copy and past the name of the font from the url if this makes any sense what so ever.
  TheTrueSenpai0 / 3y 32d 5h 43m 40s
[+#C71585 test test test]

  Lusapher, Lilith / Raskowl / 3y 36d 15h 36m 25s
[jcode [font "josefin sans" asdf]]
[font "josefin sans" asdf]

Or are you trying for a Google Font?
  So many socks! / ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 3y 39d 15h 46m 50s
[Josefin+Sans Test?] c df vknfknvfdkjvkknkfd nnkfdn kndfk nv kfdn kjnfdk
  ooc / morgay / 3y 40d 8h 47m 27s
  ooc / morgay / 3y 40d 8h 48m 35s
[h3 It takes brackets now.]

[jcode [h3 It takes brackets now.]]
  ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 3y 44d 16h 25m 22s
This whole 'h3' this

why can't I make it work ._.'
  OcĂ©ane Sylvie / Xcct3h / 3y 45d 16h 30m 59s

[b [i [Crafty+Girls Aha! Never mind, I figured it out. ]]]
  Vance Ikeda / MaskOfInnocence / 3y 76d 18h 2m 42s
I keep trying to follow the instructions on here to use a google font but I just can't seem to get it to work. Could someone help me out?
  Vance Ikeda / MaskOfInnocence / 3y 76d 18h 11m 24s
I'm on Chrome right now, but the fonts wont show up when I enter the codes.
I hate mac.
  Gwinndolynn / 3y 78d 13h 4m 45s
Ooh, you have my sympathy. Not even a way to open up Chrome or another browser? D:
  So many socks! / ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 3y 78d 13h 6m 4s
Haha, I figured out my problem.
I'm using a mac, so nothing is gonna show up.
  Gwinndolynn / 3y 78d 13h 20m 48s
ESv2, see [ here].
  So many socks! / ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 3y 78d 13h 21m 47s
What format are the profiles?
I was told we were still using parenthases for them.
I can't figure out how to get the fonts working.
  Gwinndolynn / 3y 78d 14h 46m 55s

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