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When i put my pic up in the thread i am working on. I cant see my pic. i see the url. but when i go to edit it and when i scroll down i can see the pic.
  Immortal (2) / -Immortal_Love- / 5y 93d 18m 3s
Alright, thanks Jimmy :)
  Check Me Out / Head ES Help Desk / Yue / 5y 93d 2h 34m 2s
I will make an easier way later. You can do this using standard css I think

[div This is content on wingdings font].
  Webmaster / 5y 93d 2h 57m 40s
My questions is, what if we don't want to use google fonts? How do we use non-google fonts with this new coding??
  Check Me Out / Head ES Help Desk / Yue / 5y 93d 5h 59m 31s
I think its pretty easy to understand. Mostly is using brackets instead of parenthesis.
And I like the new table code.

And that we can use google fonts.
  Narrator / Apple / 5y 93d 9h 43m 28s
Sounds confusing to me I bet to other as well but that is just my opinion.
  Wiccan / lunalight / 5y 93d 9h 47m 58s
Sound's great!
  -Immortal_Love- / 5y 93d 10h 1m 9s

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