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I understand, I'm not trying to come off bitching lol. Things change throughout time. It just seems this is all done for a handful of people, and not the generality of the entire site. How many out of the members will actually utilize these new changes on a daily basis? Not just the simple basic coding, but the more advanced details. Not everyone will care for this update and new code, as not everyone is into that. Again, it's just my honest opinion. If there is one thing I've learned on this site, is that opinions honestly have no value what so ever. Anyways, I'll get over it and adjust to the brackets and the other simple coding commands, as these will be the only coding that the majority of the site will see.
  Shinn / IronWolf / 4y 163d 1h 16m 22s
Actually, now this bracket thing is not working at all for me with my firefox and I am not so thinking the coding thing I agreed to is a good idea. I thing the old coding was better.Never mind what I said. I am having trouble with movies in permanent posts in threads and can't get my profile edited.
  Larota Marie Hamato / Larota-Hamato / 4y 163d 1h 25m 0s
New ES formatting allows CSS and multiple lines of code to be formatted by the same tags. These are major features. Old ESRP changed formatting once or twice and old old ES had a different formatting all together. This is just how we roll.
  Webmaster / 4y 163d 1h 25m 44s
I've been a member since the old ES, I've been faithful to the site, and I've never stirred up trouble. But I think changing up the coding to use the brackets is a bit of an annoyance. Having to hold shift parentheses really wasn't a time consuming ordeal. OOC could have just been used in brackets in rps, or simply [b OOC: etc]. Breaking the habit that most of es is fond of/used to, to adjust to this new coding is more time consuming than the old coding. Was it really that much of a big deal? Or is it just because a handful of people wanted new things added to the coding? Either way, just wanted to express my opinion on the matter, not that it really matters anyways. Hope there isn't too much more over the horizon that we'll have to get used to.

  Shinn / IronWolf / 4y 163d 1h 30m 36s
Could a nice sir or lady help me a bit? I am trying to use this new bracket thing whilst I edit my profile and it is not working! I was not on the old es that this was used in. Also I am a bit confused, I would like to post pictures on my profile, do they use brackets too now, how come it isn't working for me? I am not trying to be rude or mean. I agree with Jimmy have to hit shift and the parenthesis is a bit much for me to do. So could someone please help me? It would be very much thanked and enjoyed!
  Larota Marie Hamato / Larota-Hamato / 4y 163d 2h 32m 57s
Actually. I don't really like it. Mostly, because I'll go to edit the coding, and it won't show up in my thread. I have been trying to make this roleplay for a hour, and the coding is just not working.

:( I liked the old coding better. Easier to use.
  |ρıαηısт| / DeadlyNightmare / 4y 163d 4h 9m 28s
[center [size12 [font "times new roman" What about normal fonts?]]]
  ⓛⓤⓒⓐ / LIVE / 4y 163d 9h 10m 13s
[left [pic]]
  / -revile / 4y 163d 11h 17m 11s
How do you hyperlink a picture?
  Zrxai / Yi / 4y 163d 12h 20m 7s
[b Just trying something... To test the waters ya know... lol ]
  Pending-Love / 4y 163d 12h 35m 6s
Anytime :)
  Yuechan / 4y 207d 11h 14m 49s
Thank you Yuechan ^^
  Taonna {Steampunk} / Victaonna / 4y 212d 13h 43m 50s
You can make a table in character profiles using ESV2.

Go here. It will show you how.

Edit: ESV3 formatting is only available in thread descriptions.
For the time being at least.
  Yuechan / 4y 213d 13h 1m 9s
Would be nice to make tables on character profiles
  Taonna {Steampunk} / Victaonna / 4y 213d 19h 4m 3s
I would really like for an option to remove all formatting from posts. Unreadable things are annoying.
  THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR REASON / Urizen / 5y 23d 12h 48m 50s

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