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Could a nice sir or lady help me a bit? I am trying to use this new bracket thing whilst I edit my profile and it is not working! I was not on the old es that this was used in. Also I am a bit confused, I would like to post pictures on my profile, do they use brackets too now, how come it isn't working for me? I am not trying to be rude or mean. I agree with Jimmy have to hit shift and the parenthesis is a bit much for me to do. So could someone please help me? It would be very much thanked and enjoyed!
  Larota Marie Hamato / Larota-Hamato / 3y 316d 13h 17m 39s
Actually. I don't really like it. Mostly, because I'll go to edit the coding, and it won't show up in my thread. I have been trying to make this roleplay for a hour, and the coding is just not working.

:( I liked the old coding better. Easier to use.
  |ρıαηısт| / DeadlyNightmare / 3y 316d 14h 54m 10s
[center [size12 [font "times new roman" What about normal fonts?]]]
  ⓛⓤⓒⓐ / LIVE / 3y 316d 19h 54m 55s
[left [pic]]
  / -revile / 3y 316d 22h 1m 53s
How do you hyperlink a picture?
  Zrxai / Yi / 3y 316d 23h 4m 49s
[b Just trying something... To test the waters ya know... lol ]
  Pending-Love / 3y 316d 23h 19m 48s
Anytime :)
  Yuechan / 3y 360d 21h 59m 31s
Thank you Yuechan ^^
  Taonna {Steampunk} / Victaonna / 4y 1d 28m 32s
You can make a table in character profiles using ESV2.

Go here. It will show you how.

Edit: ESV3 formatting is only available in thread descriptions.
For the time being at least.
  Yuechan / 4y 1d 23h 45m 51s
Would be nice to make tables on character profiles
  Taonna {Steampunk} / Victaonna / 4y 2d 5h 48m 45s
I would really like for an option to remove all formatting from posts. Unreadable things are annoying.
  THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR REASON / Urizen / 4y 176d 23h 33m 32s
What I would really like is for ESV3 to become the standard in not only threads but also in posting areas so that I can post using HTML and CSS for the funzies. I really like it and would love to be able to use it in stuff other than the thread description.
  MC / Cancer / 4y 179d 20h 9m 11s
@ Katey: It will never happen, PMs take up too much room as it is. If the PM is that important to you, simply copy/paste it to yourself as a PM for safe keeping.

@ Teddy: Keep trying, we've been asking for that option for years.
  HEAD ES FORMATTING QUEEN / KITE / 4y 263d 2h 42m 21s
The main thing I think we desperately need is a sent box. I send large pms and sometimes my internet is dumb and I don't know if it sent or not, and sometimes I need to look back at my previous sent pms to remember what I was talking about
  Tristan Caspian Malachi / katey1801 / 4y 263d 21h 5m 0s
Hey Jimmy,
So I was thinking that something that people would probably like on here is the possibility to add someone into a favorite RP partners or a friends list. I'm thinking it would be kinda easier instead of having to look for them in a chat or something of that sort. Have like an add button or something like that. IDK. Just a thought. If not possible I understand but just thinking it be pretty cool update.
  Melody Nicole / TeddyTerraDea / 4y 266d 3h 1m 28s

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