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[h1 ESV3 Formatting Rocks!]
[h3 What is ESV3 Formatting?]
The new ES formatting is similar to the old one. We just use brackets instead of parenthesis. The formatting can span multiple lines and there's several new useful codes.

|| Old Way || New Way || Output
this is bold | [jcode [b this is bold]] | [b this is bold]
this is italic | [jcode [i this is italic]] | [i this is italic]
link to google | [jcode [ link to google]] | [ link to google]

This is a header | [jcode [h4 This is a header]] | [h4 This is a header]

youtube: url | [jcode [youtube URL]] | A youtube video
fonts ... | [font consolas test] | [font consolas test]
fonts ... | [font "Times New Roman" test] | [font "Times new Roman" test]
fonts ... | [div test] | [div test]
Html Entity | [ ]| = [ ]
swag | [size20 swag] | [size20 swag]

|| Code || What it does
b | bold
i | italics
u | underline
o | overline
s | strike
quote | quote
left | align left
right | align right
center | align center
sub | subtext
sup | supertext
pic | an image

| header of size 1, the largest

| size 2

| size 3

| size 4

jcode | Will make all code be rendered as text
[jcode [hr]] | horizontal line break
[jcode [yes]] | [yes]
[jcode [no]] | [no]
[jcode [tab]] | A tab
[jcode [spoiler ....]] | [spoiler a spoiler here!]
[jcode [sub small]] | small text below baseline
[jcode [sup sup]] | citation style text
[jcode [center [pic ...]]] | center a picture
[jcode [left [pic ...]]] | float a picture to the left.

[h3 Citations/References]
[p ESV3 Code has lots of new features[ref=webmaster Jimmy Ruska]]
[p Furries are the best[ref=wolvenglade WolvenGlade]. The more furry the better[ref?wolvenglade]] [!ref]

This is the above code:
[h3 We now have citations and Google Fonts]
[p ESV3 Code has lots of new features[ref=webmaster Jimmy Ruska]]
[p Furries are the best[ref=wolvenglade WolvenGlade]. The more furry the better[ref?wolvenglade]] [!ref]

[jcode [!ref] will dump all references at the current point. Otherwise they get dumped at the end. The structure is [ref=SomeName SomeText] the first time you define a reference. The second time you can refer to it only as [ref?SomeName]. SomeText is what gets shown at the bottom.]

[h3 Google Fonts]
We load the font:
[jcode [google-font]]

We use the font:
[jcode [Finger+Paint We can use google fonts anywhere if we just import them first with the google-font code]]
[Finger+Paint We can use google fonts anywhere if we just import them first with the google-font code]

[p [ Use any google font you want!] There are many. They don't work on internet explorer I don't think. Find one you like, click the [pic] pic. Scroll down to "Add this code to your website"] Use that data with the google-font code.

[h3 Colors have slightly changed]
[jcode You can use [+color Text Here] for example [+green This is green] will display] [+green This is green]. All the colors [ here] and [ here] are accepted. [jcode You can still also do [#00FF00 hex based RRGGBB colors]] and it will look [#00FF00 like this].

[h3 Use css]
[div If you know html and css you can have fun with this. Not all attributes work, for safety.]
[div If you know html and css you can have fun with this. Not all attributes work, for safety.]

[h3 Tables and Lists]
Instead of "ol", "ul", "bl" we now use olist, ulist and blist. We can also put lists inside of lists inside of lists inside of tables inside of... you get the idea.
|| Pokemon || POWER
Squirtle | 5
Charmander | 7
Wolvenglade | 99999]]
|| Pokemon || POWER
Squirtle | 5
Charmander | 7
Wolvenglade | 99999]

[h4 Lists][list
[jcode [list
[h3 Generate an Index]
The code can automatically setup an index like the one at the top of this page. It's based on the h1 through h5 tags. just add [jcode [!index]] to the top of the page.
[h3 Work to be Done]
As you can tell the spacing is a little excessive. We could work to make it more pretty.

[h3 Why switch to brackets?]
Brackets take 1 click while parenthesis require you to hold down shift. Parenthesis are often used in RPs to indicate OOC'ing (). We may accidentally parse stuff like that. may be parsed as italics, when someone meant it as non-code. I'm sure I could setup a es code v2 converter.
[h3 Future Plans]
I want to remove the flash chats and make them html5 with this new parser as default. This means you can use chats on mobile devices. I'm not sure if the RP replies will accept version 3 in the near future. Once everything is stable I might set things up so people can post journals/writings/poetry separately.

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

Custom Pic URL: Text formatting is now all ESV3.

Roleplay Responses


[amatic+sc [b testing]]
  Sim Seo-Yeon / --Stardust-- / 21d 14h 9m 20s

Fill that filler as filling as it can be filled
  Arcanus Arcanum / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 183d 23h 47m 21s

Filler this filler.that lolololololol test test test
  Arcanus Arcanum / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 190d 58m 7s
It's the "Learn about editing text" link on the page where you edit your profile. :3
  shirairu / 1y 160d 42m 17s
It did. Thank you. I wasn't sure where to find that.
  [Me] / -RaeLa- / 1y 160d 44m 32s
Would [ this] help?
  〘蛇〙 / shirairu / 1y 160d 51m 3s
Can someone remind me about how fonts in ESV2 work? I have used this site for years and after taking a break there is no info on ESV2 and I have noticed that in editing my profile I still have to use ESV2 not ESV3.
  [Me] / -RaeLa- / 1y 160d 58m 43s
[h1 [size20 Shitsnacks! Balls! Come on seriously. ABCDEFG]]
  Over and Over / _LadyInWhite_ / 1y 340d 13h 24m 2s
I believe I have found a problem, and I don't think it's the first time I've seen this problem either.

It appears that if you have an exceptionally long "character page", the text truncates after a certain point. If you go into the edit page for such truncated page, it still shows everything you put in there, but when viewing it, it is still truncated. I don't know if it does it for threads or not.

This becomes an issue for some, such as myself, who are inclined to make "character pages" that are really just additional pages for a roleplay thread, in order to better organize information in particularly info-heavy roleplays, such as some fantasy and scifi, and then linking to these pages on the thread.

Does anyone else know more about this problem, or what could be done to fix it?

For some additional information on this: the page in question that I had set up had an index set up, so all the headers got dumped at the top as links. The truncation was complete enough that while all of the headers did indeed show up at the top, it was impossible to travel beyond the truncation point even via the index: clicking on links to go past that point simply brought me back to the same spot in the index.

I'm not particularly inclined to separate all the info into more "character pages" and link-dump in the main thread that way. I know there's a "character limit", and I'm also aware I'm dangerously close to it, and that separating this into multiple pages could quite probably send me over the limit. And as I said above, I believe I came here a long while back with this same issue.
  Shadow, KITTY! / ShadowOfSkills / 1y 349d 12h 45m 49s
[b bobs burgers]
[i i can smell fear on you! -louise belcher]
  Darkestnight7 / 1y 362d 15h 10m 22s
[pic] test. I really just need more charcters.
  Huntsmen / colorcraft / 2y 49d 14h 5m 28s
[<iframe width="854" height="480" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>]
  Lucas Mui / AskTheStaff / 2y 66d 3h 43m 14s
Show me how you're using the Google Font? Use [jcode [jcode ]] to show me. :3
  So many socks! / ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 2y 268d 21m 6s
Im so confused on how to use Google Fonts no matter what i do it comes out the same font
  Lukas Hellquist / KasaiShadowFox / 2y 268d 58m 48s
[font “Papyrus”[+deeppink testing to see if this works]]
  Crash1989 / 3y 154d 1h 16m 10s

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