The War Of Heaven & Hell.

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Welcome to Heaven & Hells fight.

So this roleplay is about a war with humans on the earth but heaven and Hell come out to join the fight but one angel who is a demon comes out of her hidding place and gets ready to join her brother from hell in the battle.

Her brother from heaven are totally shocked that their own sister would turn against them but they seen why she had done so, because her eyes were not the same anymore, nor were her wings, this SISTER of their was now fully evil to the heart and was ready to slaughter them all in a heart beat without even thinking.

So what will this war turn out to be like? Will it ever end? Will the girl give her true name to hell and the humans, will they see her true powers unlocked, let's find out on this blood shed of a field.


No one liners
No god modding
No love
No cybering (Yuck.)

If you have writers block, tell me, so the others can keep going.

You can kill eachother but not in the first go.
You can have only 4 characters to play in this roleplay.

Mines is the main demon and her sister the angel

My Demon Girl.

Anything else!? PM ME!

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (1000 character limit.)

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