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Welcome to the grand Core Technologies headquarters. Placed in a bustling city, this monument to both science and commerce has already made quite the impression despite its relatively short existence. With polished mirror windows all tinted a particularly dark shade, the building stands an imposing figure amongst the brick buildings that flank it.

Taking up nearly an entire block of the city, the CoreTech headquarters is rather hard to miss. As one enters through the center doors, they find that all of the noise of the outside world dissipates. A quiet work environment is a calm and productive one, they say. The main lobby looks like any major corporation. It's all shiny tiles, carpets with logos emblazoned on them, and barely cushioned seating arrangements for those who would have to wait to get anything done. It seemed more like a computer software company or something of the sort than it did a company specializing in genetic modification. Hardly the place for a fight, though no fighting should take place within the lobby.

Behind a front desk where a plump, cheery looking man sat, there was large replica of the CoreTech logo in bronze. On either side of the logo stood reflective doors that held within them elevators that could take you any where in the building, though for this particular tournament, a strange unit was placed on the buttons. Most were available, but all of the basement floors had a strange metal covering over them with a single key slot in the very center. Unwanted guests were clearly not welcome.

Yes, the entire building was in a slight, business casual sort of frenzy in preparation. It hadn't been long since engraved invitation had gone out to quite a few people informing them of their roles in the tourney along with the CoreTech logo sealed in wax. They read something like this;

"To whom it may concern,

For whatever reason, you have been handpicked out of millions to compete. For what, you may be wondering. Why, the one thing that can get anything done; money. As of yet, the exact amount is to remain undisclosed, but it should go without saying that the sum could buy and sell a number of major companies several times over. It is certainly not anything to sneeze at.

Those of you interested will find a key enclosed in this envelope that will unlock your future. Those who are not will find a useless piece of metal. It's up to you which you find within."

Glossary of Terms

Original Character Tournament Slang Glossary
AUD - abbreviation for Audition, used to identify audition piece for tournament
Canon - refers to the winning round entries as applied to the tournament and/or character storylines
Combatant - generally refers to the character
Contestant - unless used in the plot by characters, whether in tourney story itself or by those of writers, the term refers to the writer owning the combatant character
Forfeit - when a match is thrown in any way. This includes failing to submit a competing entry in time for the round, or purposely causing your character to lose in your competing entry. This is the one case in which a writer's entry may lose and the writer and his/her character may still continue on to the next round.
Match - a single battle between two characters/writers
OC - original character
Opponent - generally refers to the character your character is facing. Note: The writers' names are rarely used.
Ref sheet/Character Ref/REF- the character reference sheet required of all combatants
RN/RND - Stands for Round, used to indicate a round entry, that is, the one meant to compete with another written work
Round- refers to all the battles going on at one time
SE/SPEC - Stands for Spectator to indicate a non-competing entry. A spectator entry is a written piece submitted by a competing writer that is related to the doings of the tournament, whether as a piece just for fun, or detailing events in between actual competing entries, etc.
Tourney - an original character tournament or tournament in general

General Rules, Regulations, and Expectations

Note: These are only general guidelines used by most OCTs. CoreTech specific rules follow it.

1. The most important thing to remember about OCTs, is that they are a TOURNAMENT. The standard requirement of all OCTs is that there is some form of COMPETITION between the participants. Whether this is in the form of a physical battle between the character and his or her opponent, a race, a battle of wits, or other is dependent on the individual entry and the rules set down by the particular OCT.
2. Round entries MUST be identified by one of the abbreviations or the full phrase to be judged, and the number of the round before the name of the character's opponent and, if the contestant chooses, a title. This should be at the start of your post.
3. Spectator entries must be identified by one of the abbreviations or the full phrase at the start of the post. Spectator entry identification is more flexible than round identification, as it is does not require conformity for judging.
4. Audition pieces should be identified as such in the title when they are PMed to me.
5. A contestant must make a complete reference for their character within their character profile for other people to get an idea of their character.
6. A combatant wins his or her match by defeating their opponent in some manner. This includes physically disabling them from competing to beating them at a game of chess, and everything in between. Always see the tournament specific rules.
7. A contestant wins his or her match based on the tournament specific manner of selection.
8. A contestant forfeits his or her match when their character fails to defeat his or her opponent in the contestant's round entry. A contestant also forfeits their match by failing to submit a round entry by the deadline.
9. In the case of a forfeit match, regardless of which entry won, the victorious combatant between the two, and his or her respective writer, will move on in the tournament and compete in the next round.
10. In the case of a double forfeit, an invitation to return to the tournament will be offered to past contestants. Those interested should reply by the set time. From those who respond affirmatively, the necessary number to fill in the vacant tournament places shall be chosen at random, and the contestants chosen shall compete in the next round with their characters. If there are no past contestants available, or if none respond, the invitation will be offered to previously unaccepted auditions.
11. As part of the OCT experience, it is encouraged for writers to feature other characters in their entries. The interweaving of the tournament is part of the fun. However, as always, it is expected that writers will 'borrow' the characters responsibly, and obtain permission from the owner if it is not freely given. Writers must always make a note of limitations on how their character may be used on the character reference sheet. This does not include round entries; purposely gross inaccuracies and misrepresentation of a character, while not an official grievance, will be taken into account when choosing a match winner. For the sake of avoiding conflict, the tournament host recommends the limitation of 'contact me before use' on the character reference sheet.
12. To simplify rule 11, be smart and responsible, everyone. I have faith in you. That said:
13. Characters still in competition may make cameo appearances, but should NOT be directly used to help your character win. Characters no longer in competition may 'guest star' in spectator and round entries, for example, as traveling companions or new friends, but again, may NOT be directly used to help your character win.
14. Writers may only fill one competing slot in the tournament roster.
15. Writers may fill their single competing slot in the roster with more than one character, so long as only one of their characters features the starring role and performs the main competing actions in the entry. There may be two characters, one main and one support, or even a team of characters, each taking their turn to star This is to keep the tournament fair for those who only use one character.

Now then, wasn't that both fun and educational? You could even say it was funducational. Now then, stay tuned for even more rules. Hurray!

CoreTech Rules

For starters, I'd like to congratulate you all on making it this far. You've navigated the labyrinth, found the magic sword, and slew the minotaur. Now, all that's left is for you to make it past auditions. Not too hard, eh? But before we can get into that, it's dangerous to go alone. Take these rules.

1. First and foremost: auditions. In order to enter you'll need to PM me an audition piece. This should be an in character piece detailing how your specific character received their letter in the fashion that you've decided and can include anything from just getting the letter up to an including entering the CoreTech building. Remember, the more I have to read, the better I can get a feel for you.

2. The prize will simply be bragging rights. There's no really good way to work out a prize for something like this that doesn't feel dumb. Basically, you'll be competing for fun and to be able to say you came out on top.

3. If you'd like to be a judge, then you'll have to compete. Though I like the idea of judges, it doesn't seem to translate well into the realm of writing, so it's up to the contestants to judge each others works. Don't let me down!

If you have any other questions, comments, or problems, please nicely and politely send the sponsor (me) a personal message, and I will respond as soon as I can.

Specific Rules, Regulations, and Expectations

Note: I would just like to point out that, no, these are not the literal rules found in the invite. Some of them are for you, some of them are for your character, and some are for both. Though the literal invite has never been written, you can assume the rules applying to your character would be on there. I'm sure you can tell which is which. Have fun!
Note 2: The General Rules, Regulations, and Expectations still stand. These are just further rules that are made specifically for this particular tournament and setting. If you are new to the tournament, please read those first.

1. Everything is to be written. The drawn samples are only to give you an idea of content type, not how this will be done. Unless it is unofficial fanart, everything must be in written format.

2. Entries will be judged on creativity , the skill of the storytelling , and effort .

3. Winning entries are determined by majority rule.

4. Round entries must be posted by or before the round entry deadline.

4. If you are going to be unable to work on your round entry, please let me know within two days of the match announcements, and I will try to give you an extension. If enough people request more time due to outside impediments, such as work, education, family, etc., I will extend the deadline.

5. This is a tournament, so I don't know how you'd find the time, but the only thing we're censoring is explicit sexual content. Follow this; simply, don't describe.

6.CoreTech is placed in the year 2013, though in an alternate timeline where genetic modification is no longer anything new.

7. For the sake of making everyone's lives easier, no aliens or Gods. This isn't prejudice against a beloved Martian character or anything, it's just for the simple reason that the letter didn't get off the Earth. Mortals only.

8. Other than that, pretty much everything else is allowed, concerning who your character is; silent assassins, werewolves, old-fashioned sword duelists, children with robots, pyrokinetics, or walking, talking statues.

9. Characters belonging to the company and the OCT may be used in both spectator and round entries under the condition that they do not help the contestant win. They can, however, influence the match in a variety of creative ways as long as they aren't explicitly responsible.

10. For narration, you may use third-person, third-person omniscient, and first-person. If you use first-person, it must be your character who is speaking, and your character cannot know or appear to know what their opponent is thinking. Third-person omniscient is allowed to portray the opponent's thoughts as well as those of the writer's own character; just remember to always be smart and responsible when you use someone else's character. No second-person.

11. If a contestant sets foot outside of the CoreTech building, they are considered disqualified from the competition.

12. If a character leaves, they cannot come back. If a character is forced off by their opponent during a match, they may return.

13. All combatants are to remember that this is to be televised and destruction of broadcasting equipment is highly frowned upon.

14. Magic is allowed. It is not recommended, however, that a character use any immediate, instant-kill spells, for the simple reason that it is not a very impressive display of creative writing ability and will probably not score many points.

15. Magic itself is not over abundant in the CoreTech building, but it is not unheard of. Certain areas have been dedicated to magical industrial research. These should generally be avoided.

16. If you create a draw between your character and his or her opponent, it will be considered a forfeit if the rival writer has described a victory for his or her character. Your entry may still win, but you will not continue into the next round. If you feel, for whatever reason, that a draw is the only possible outcome for the match, and you cannot write anything else, you must still determine a winner if you hope to continue into the next round.

17. What happens to defeated combatants will, essentially, be played by ear. A winning entry may include a few details as to what happens to them after the winning character has shown themselves, in whatever manner they chose, to be the victor, and if so, those stand as canon. After that, it is up to the writer. Competing characters can take them on as permanent "guest stars" or put them in as cameos if they stay within the building. Or you can just leave, if you like. Spectator Entries, everyone! There are so many possibilities. Your experience and your character's doesn't necessarily end if you lose. Also, if your character decides to remain in the building after their defeat, they may be eligible to return if there is a double forfeit, or show up elsewhere. Your character may leave the grounds after their defeat, which would be written in a spectator entry, but after that they cannot come back, and only appear in other entries as something like a flashback.

18. It's almost impossible to directly influence another match in your round in a Round entry, so there shouldn't even be a rule about this. But don't try it.

19. A character cannot directly influence another match in a Spectator entry. For example, if you know what another writer is going to have their character do in their next match, you cannot make a Spectator entry detailing how your character shoots the opponent in the back before they kill the combatant, and that's how that person wins. However, this example is acceptable: after your character lost his match, he continues to wander around through the building. The next round's match-ups have just been determined, and have yet to start. He comes across a bathroom, and goes in to wash the grime of battle off his face. However, an explosion from one of the previous round matches occurs upstairs, shaking the room. He falls back, wrenching the faucet handles off with him.
More shaking occurs, and he runs off to avoid being hit with falling plaster or such. If another writer reads this spectator entry, they can use the accumulating water in the hall in their match.

20. Your character can be killed. Killing is not only an acceptable means of victory, it is also encouraged by the staff.

21. Writers, do not despair. If your character is killed in an entry, and that entry wins, your character DOES die, but is not necessarily gone. They may be...special circumstances that should be discussed with me upon completion of the round.

Now then, if you feel your prepared, send me an audition. The audition should be your character's arrival or otherwise an introduction of your character. The manner of which is up to you, but I'd suggest you make it creative as this will be judged to see if you make it into the tourney or not. Now then, have at it.

~Check out some other awesome tournaments stuff!~
Ref Sheets:


Round Entries:

Spectator Entries:

TL;DR To put it simply, you'd write out an entire post detailing the battle between your character and your opponents, controlling both, and have it end with your character winning. Then, there'll be some voting and the winner's post would become canon and they'd move on to the next round. -there ya go, Shadow

Much of this wall of text was borrowed and adapted from Tisuna.


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Roleplay Responses

[WARNING: The following post is completely OUT OF CANON! This is simply an example of an audition piece as well as to show a sample character profile. To view the sample profile, simply click on this character's name. And remember, a character entering in canon needs only to have the key from the envelope, even if they weren't invited.]

The sound of rapping against weak wood rang out loudly through the modest house, if it could even be called that. From within, a man of notable bulk stirred into life. The pile of clothing that served as his bed fell apart as he rose from it. He was a well-built man in his mid thirties, or at least he had been once. There was still muscle on his body in considerable amounts, but fat had moved in around his stomach slowing his gait as he strode to the door in just his boxers.

Light flooded into the messy building as the wooden door gave way to the outside world. For a moment, the man had to shield his eyes from the sun. Judging by his tangled mess of a hair and untamed facial hair, it had been some time since he'd been in respectable company. It was this that made it such a contrast when he was faced by a young woman wearing a business suit in front of his home. She was a beautiful young thing and spoke very melodically when she greeted him.

The man replied rather gruffly and she didn't mince words before handing him a sealed envelope and offering a wave before heading back to her sleek, black car.

With the woman gone, he shut the door and turned the envelope over in his hands. It was a simple letter with his name, Roun, on the front and the Core Technologies logo sealed in wax on the back. As he moved his thumb to break the seal, there was another knock at his door.

With more force than necessary, Roun swung it open to find yet another suited individual, this one male. He was about to argue with this well dressed young man when the man spoke first.

"You don't need that letter. After all, you're a failure."

Silence drew between them. For some reason, Roun stared at the letter as he took the verbal abuse.

"No one cares if you live or die. Clearly no one important enough to send such a letter. You're useless; a has been. Frankly, if I were you, I'd probably kill myself."

Again, Roun only stared.

"In fact, that'd probably solve a lot of your problem."

When Roun finally looked up, the young man held out a gun for him. He didn't even think about. Roun reached out, grabbed the gun, and shot himself in the head.

The gunshot echoed throughout the neighborhood, but no one came out to see what had happened. Roun was living in a rough area and gunshots weren't uncommon. The letter, with new found blood stains, fell to the ground along with the gun. Casually, the man bent down to pick both up, ripping open the envelope and tossing aside the letter that was within. As he walked away from the house, he holstered his gun again and slid the key he'd taken from the envelope into his pocket.
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