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It had been a rather bleak afternoon; the past few weeks had been primarily uneventful and he was getting a little rambunctious for his position, but he guessed no situations were better than one rising unwanted. That was until he received orders to escort the son of the Queen the following day. He had overheard gossip from some of the other maids of talk on the return of the late grand-daughter to the Queen. The only evidence was in a necklace that could've been found in the car's remains or stolen. From the way things sounded, it was definitely the genuine article. Even so, what impacts would that bring to the royal family? Too many possibilities to be going over while uncertainty remained present.

Driving the young Lord to the DNA testing facility, he noticed a distinct uplift in his spirits; one in which was well-met. "You seem jovial today; what's the occasion?" The man spoke without skipping a beat. "I met a woman whom bears a striking resemblance to my late brother and sister-in-law. We're on our way to see if my blood is that of hers as well." "And if this turns out to be true?" "We'll throw a party, of course! Given enough time to let everything sink in; what with being related to royalty and all." "I hope so as well." He was just speaking out of mutual respect; something that pleases them pleased him more times than not, so he was leaning towards the side of probability on her being the actual grand-daughter to the throne.

Stopping in the parking lot of the testing facility, he aided the Lord out of the vehicle and waited outside. Occupying himself, he turned on the music to help pass the time; keeping an eye and ear out for anything out of the ordinary from the facility. Seeing the Lord return with a girl and his vigor having not left him, it seemed it came true. The girl seemed to be in a bit of shock; being slightly unresponsive to his presence as he allowed them to enter the vehicle; closing it after they had entered. Driving off, he made his way back to the castle.

Helping them out of the vehicle, he made his way back to his room afterwards where he was previously instructed to change his attire if things turned out for the better. removing his suit, he put on more casual clothing. Hearing a knock at his door, he was tld to head to the main audience chamber when ready. Stepping out, he proceeded down several halls before arriving at the designated spot. The doors were shut, so it seems they were having a conversation. Waiting patiently, he allowed some time to pass before knocking at the door. Upon hearing the Queen's voice allow entry, he pushed open the doors and stepped inside.

"Well aren't you looking spiffy today? A few too many layers for my taste, but you look charming none the less. Now, Clar...McKenzie, this is Leon; he'll be watching over you for the time being. It's clear someone meant our family harm and I don't want to risk your life again, but I also don't want to keep you cooped up here all day. You have a life of your own to live, live it how you see fit. Leon, I trust you'll take good care of her?" "Yes, your Majesty." "Good. Now before anything else, you two go ahead and get acquainted."

Turning to face her, he held a sense of discipline that would've been expected in his line of work, but also held a genuine smile. Giving a slight bow out of respect to the Princess, he spoke. "Hello McKenzie. It's a pleasure to meet you."
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Kenzie sat in the waiting room at the clinic. She was waiting for the results of a DNA test that may actually tell her who her biological family may be. She was adopted when she was five and the older she got, the more curious she became. However, there hadn't been a lot to go on since she was told that she had been saved from a river by a couple of fishermen. They said it was a miracle that she survived at all.

Kenzie had a normal childhood, well, mostly anyways. Her family was very loving, even though they struggled a lot while she was growing up and at the age of seventeen, she got a job at a small coffee shop to help her family out in their time of need, being the oldest of three adopted children. After she graduated high school, she decided that she had wanted to continue onto college and none of the local colleges interested her, she wanted to get out and explore what was out in the world and what better then going to the college she had dreamed about going to. Which happened to be in the next kingdom over, too far for her families taste or so it seemed.

Her mother was very upset that Kenzie was going away for the weekend to look into her dorm and look for another part time job over there for when she was away at school. She was determined to get out of the city and make something of herself, not be stuck at the coffee house forever.

Kenzie had taken the train to the next kingdom over, she was going to have to get used to the whole schedules for the different trains, since that was the way she would be getting around for the next four years. Once she arrived, she made her way to the cheapest hotel she could find. It wasn't the prettiest place but it was in her budget and the only place that didn't cost three-hundred dollars to stay for just a night. After she settled in, she made her way through the town. Starting with the local businesses around the school, most of them turned her down, a few gave her applications.

Kenzie had been at a fancy coffee shop, looking for a job. When she was on her way out, an older gentleman had stopped her. He was asking her where she had gotten her pendant. She had explained to him that she had had it since she was younger. She was confused with the man as he explained that he had given the same pendant to his brothers wife as a wedding gift, it had been one of a kind. That made Kenzie a little nervous, she didn't know if he had been accusing her of stealing it from someone.

He asked if he could see it, which she hesitated, he backed off immediately. She was confused as she held onto the pendant harder, making sure it wouldn't disappear off of her neck, it was the only thing she had left of her past. He asked her if the pendant had a date and two sets of initials, which she knew there was. She had told him that it was true and she nodded, shocked this stranger had known exactly what was on it.

This caused a confused look on the man's face, he asked her to join him at his table, wanting to know more about her, this confused her but she took the invitation, at least they were in a place with other people.

Kenzie couldn't tell the man a lot, only that she had been adopted, finally she had gotten up the nerve to ask him why he wanted to know so much about her. He had been silent for a long period of time before he smiled. That threw her off for a moment before he explained that he had been surprised, thinking that the pendant that she wore was lost for good. He explained that like he had told her before that it had belonged to his brothers wife, they had a daughter together.

She listened as he explained to her that there was a tragic accident one night and both his brother and his wife were murdered and it had been assumed that their daughter had been killed as well, however, they could never find the body. He explained that she bore a heavy resemblance to his sister-in-law and he could even see signs of his brother in her. He finally asked if she would be willing to take a DNA test, to see if they were actually related. He explained that there were so many signs and he would hate to have her leave and never know if they were actually related. He gave her such a sad story, she felt so sorry for him, she didn't realize she was saying yes until after the words were out of her mouth.

The man had given her the address to a doctors office, telling her to meet him there the next morning. Once again she agreed.

The next morning, she had made her way to the doctors office, it was quite fancy on the inside, she almost regretted it now, only guessing how much this was going to cost him. She would have to forge any money she could in order to pay him back some way, especially since his hunch would probably turn out wrong.

After getting her mouth swabbed, she waited out in the waiting room with the man, who finally introduced himself as Anthony. It seemed like forever, sitting in silence, waiting for the results, her stomach doing flips. When the results did come back, the nurse had a smile on her face. The test confirmed that they were indeed related. Anthony was her uncle, by blood. Her head started to spin and she wasn't sure how she had actually got to where she was sitting down, but the nurse handed her a cup of water.

"My dear, I know how forward this must seem, however, I was wondering if you would come back to my house with me. There are so many things that need to be done and prepared. I would like you to meet the rest of our family. Your grandmother will be thrilled to hear this wonderful news." Anthony went on, his voice expressing just how happy he was.

"Family...grandmother....um....okay..." She said, trying to take it all in.

Kenzie went through the motions, this man was actually her biological uncle, her biological fathers brother. She hadn't realized she was in a very luxurious car until she finally snapped out of. "Oh dang it, I told myself I would help pay for that whole thing...I'm sorry! If we can stop at an ATM I ca-" She was rambling but stopped when her uncle put his hand up.

"Please, do not worry about it. I have taken care of everything, there is no need to worry about anything anymore, we are well off after all." He told her, still beaming.

And well off they were, when they made a turn she saw they were at a gate and behind that was the castle. That made her stomach do flips again. No way, she was related...no,no,no, there was no way she was related to royalty, he had to just work for them...or so she hoped. A man in a suit opened her door and she got out of the car. Her uncle following suit on his site, he led the way through the huge doors to the castle, taking off his coat and handing it to a lady in a maid outfit.

She heard her uncle tell a man to go retrieve someone and then continued to head until they reached another large door that led into a well furnished room. Kenzie couldn't seem to bring her jaw up, she couldn't help but think how much any of the things could have possibly cost. An older woman sat behind a large desk and she looked up when they entered. "Anthony, there you are, I was worried, you missed breakfast and then your meeting.Please tell me that you have a good explanation." She said, obviously upset.

"I do mother." He said as he brought Kenzie forward, now she was feeling very small under this woman's gaze. "I would like to introduce you to your granddaughter. She is Liam and Audra's daughter." He beamed.

"Impossible...Clarissa was killed with her parents. Anthony, how could yo-" She was saying before he cut her off. "Mother, this is Clarissa, we had a DNA test done this morning. Look how much she looks like her mother." He pleaded with his mother. Kenzie was once again under the older woman's gaze and finally she started crying, and leaned back in her chair as she put her hand up to her mouth.

"Uh...m-my name is Kenzie...short for Mckenzie..." She said, breaking the silence that seemed to go on forever between them. She was still trying to allow the whole thing of her biological family being royal. Her grandmother being the queen and all. The awkward silence started up again and she bit her lip as her grandmother stared at her. The only thing that cut it off was the knock at the door. "Enter." Her grandmothers voice changed to a command as the door open and a guy that looked to be around her age, maybe a little older then her.
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