The Real World of Brooklyn

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The Real World of New Jersey

Six strangers come together to live in one house all together. Not knowing each other and having to follow the rules of the show, things happen and drama explodes. Joining the show "The Real World of Brooklyn" could only be a disaster for most and entertaining for others. These six young adults have no idea what they have gotten themselves into, but how can you reject being on a TV show, and getting money to do so.

The only thing is, there are rules. You must all live together for 3 month in this one house. There is only so much space, so most people will be living 2 to 3 people per bedroom. You no longer have cells phones, the only phone you have is the home phone in the house. So no more texting to your best friends about how cute the guy sitting next to you is. Everything in the house has to be shared, from bathroom to the bedroom to the kitchen. Everything is shared. You can go outside, but you cannot go alone. You have to be with someone. The most important thing is... you are always followed by a camera crew. Good luck and have fun!


The link to how the house looks like
The Blue Bedroom: ____ & ____
The Gray Bedroom: ____ & ____
The Purple Bedroom: ____ & ____


  1. Pictures: Real, no emo or scene.
  2. No GMing or Ditching.
  3. Posting: Must post within a week, or you will be kicked out and replaced. Please post after two other people post.
  4. Semi-Lit: There will be a character limit of 1800 because of writers block but I would appreciate it if you can write up to 2000 or more. Just don't write a novel.
  5. Also let me know when you're going to be gone for a few days or so.


Username & Link:
Age: 21 -24
Origin: City & State
Short Bio:

Accepted Characters

Name: Monica Mari Tereja

Age: 22
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship Status: Complicated
Crush[es]: None for now :p
Room: 3
Origin: Arecibo, Puerto Rico.
Likes: Parting, teasing, trying new things, sweets, running
Dislikes: Her outfits getting ruined, being grab, people who talks behind her back, people messing with her head
Flaws: She is a mean drunk, but when sober she is a pushover and doesn’t do anything until she has enough and can’t control her emotions.
Short Bio: Monica travels but never been away from home for more than a week. She loves being outdoors. It drives her insane to be inside all day. She is flirtatious, random, loud, a big softy and loves to eat. Don’t get her wrong, as much as she loves to eat she also works out until she can’t feel anything. This is a whole new complete experience that she would love to enjoy every single moment of it.


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