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What is it like for you does your character mirror your real self or is it an escape?
For Soma it's an escape from his outcastish life where he barely talks to anyone or barely does anything outside of school and work. The virtual world was his home away from home away from his fighting parents his hellish life at school. There was only one place he felt he belonged but what happens when he meets someone with that will change his outlook on things what happens when that person is a girl he knows in real life. Taking place after the events of sword art the world brand new and fresh there is one hiccup in the system but nobody pays attention cept some of the old players.

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Soma was an easy going guy but everyone hated him just cause he was that nice guy you could walk all over he would give you the shirt off his back life wasn't easy for him since he was the sterotypical nerd glasses hung out by a tree reading comics and playing video games. His home life wasn't anymore of an improvement when his parents where home they were too busy at each others throats about some new programing glitches or where they were traveling next 50% of Soma's childhood were made up of missed birthdays and parentless honors. But when they gave him a game called EX Saga he had to try it despite the whole rumor of it being coded with data from the first game Sword Art online. He could finally get away though there was a girl at his job he wouldn't mind quiting the game for but all he could do was talk about games and comics he didn't think she would be into that kinda thing. His choice of weapon was dual daggers and a black katana he was a short range fighter he had some Kendo trophies in this room from past fights when he was interested in Kendo before he moved so like kirito he was a dual weilder but he kept it hidden cause everyone thought anyone who dual weilded was a cheater since the game didn't really make it a balanced class and it took alot of skill and training so very few people like the dual wielder class.
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