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Evan stood in place his pale skin glew in the bright sun as he covered his eyes to look out onto the horizon as he felt a warm breeze blow. It felt good he wish he could remove his armor but he couldn't he had a meeting to go to soon.

Evan Looked at the training camp and got an idea. Smirking he told everyone to take off their armor and they would run laps around the town patrol and exercise kill two birds with one stone. "Don't grumble people. As knights we have a duty to stay sharp and well maintained." The soliders still groaned but they took off their armor. Evan wore a Goron tunic he knew a few gorons up at Death mountain. He didn't wear the cap.

Running with his group he got to the head and lead them around jogging. It felt like paradise to him nothing could deture his mood right now, but then it happened one of the knights reminded him of his meeting.
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Blue eyes glimmered softly, reflecting the light that was coming in the window, lightening up her soft pink hair. Dainty hands rested on the window-frame as she closed those bright pools of azure, letting the soft breeze caress her face. Bubblegum pink billowed behind her, loose strands whipping around more violently. Each time the breeze died down, the curtain of pink began to fall only to be blown again. The girl pursed her lips, opening her eyes and looking out, as far as she could see.

The princess breathed a sigh, staring out the window and over the grounds below the castle. She was quite unhappy and truly did not want to know who her father chose for her, nor did she care. She was going to run away, if need be. The woman was refusing to marry someone she did not know, nor did she like.

Looking down at her hands, she turned her back on the window and retreated to her bed, dull expression on her face. "Why must this happen to me?" She hummed, clicking her tongue and shaking her head.
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Enjoying the warm breeze he sat down on the door of the castle town enterance wiggling his feet in the water. It had been Seven years since Link left him in charge it had been too long to recount Link hiving each member a fraction of his triforce. Looking at his left wrist the tattoo scarred his wrist it was the triforce of courage. A couple of the kings knights informed him the king was about to name his wife, Evan never looked forward to these ourposed marriages and now that it was his turn he diffently didn't want to be found.
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