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I'm looking to do 1x1 i'm open to alot of things all i ask for is that it be on going and not just a fling that story does develop out of it.
My main rps i'd like to do if you have any of these going i would gladly join i don't have any made up cause as of right now i am waiting to bounce ideas around for said stuff below I'm a guy btw so if you want me to play a girl it'll be hard but willing to try I have a kik account if you wanna rp on that my kik is HollowLink
Air Gear
Fairy Tail
High school of the dead
Harry potter school
dragon age
final fantasy
Sword art online
Game of Thrones
Master and slave
childhood friends
arranged marriage that one is against
actually opened to alot of series
and if anyone would like to join this group rp would be awesome

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I'm a girl, and I'd love to do a 1x1 with you. An arranged wedding that one is against sounds fun.
  lbishop74 / 5y 153d 15h 12m 50s
Wow I like your picture.
  Tasha Ishinada / Kira-hime / 5y 249d 17h 4m 33s
I'll do any of the following.

Fairy tail
Harry potter school
Master and slave
Childhood friends
Arranged marriage
  Ooc ~Cellist at heart~ / Ophelia / 5y 249d 17h 8m 19s
We have different opinions then. -smiles with a giggle-
  Tasha Ishinada / Kira-hime / 5y 249d 18h 47m 42s
Not really
  Evan Redskull / HollowLink / 5y 249d 18h 54m 33s
This seems pretty cool.
  Tasha Ishinada / Kira-hime / 5y 249d 19h 5m 16s
yeah that's fine i am going to pass out from exhaustion now..
  Evan Redskull / HollowLink / 5y 249d 21h 55m 46s
I know right? Lol We an do both rps if you want, for nOW? I'm going to bed. Soooo tired.
  Tusade (Anime Zombie) / Jezzyboo / 5y 249d 21h 58m 28s
well of course cause what romance would be complete without drama.
  Evan Redskull / HollowLink / 5y 249d 22h 7m 0s
I think it's a good idea. Real drama and whatnot.
  Tusade (Anime Zombie) / Jezzyboo / 5y 249d 22h 11m 25s
well what do you think of my explanation i sent in the pm.
  Evan Redskull / HollowLink / 5y 249d 23h 14m 55s
Which ever rp you want the most, or both!
  Tusade (Anime Zombie) / Jezzyboo / 5y 249d 23h 19m 54s
well the one i'm trying to get people for can actually be a 4 x 4 me play 3 guy and 1girls and you play 2 girls and 2 guys you can chose who is evil or if you wanna do how many ever guys or girls you want as long as one of them is evil.
  Evan Redskull / HollowLink / 5y 249d 23h 32m 30s
As long as it's not a group rp, I can do it. I cannot really do group rps.
  Tusade (Anime Zombie) / Jezzyboo / 5y 249d 23h 36m 51s
I have another one that's a multi people romance rp well most of all my rps are romance it's what i am really good at.
  Evan Redskull / HollowLink / 5y 249d 23h 43m 10s

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