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Luke was watching a movie on TV that caught his eye. It had action, it had sex, it had beautiful babes and a man that got all he wanted. Just the kind of movie he liked seeing. So when he kept his eyes on the screen, he munched away at a TV dinner that he had microwaved and just relaxed until he looked at his watch to see that it was ten till six. He sighed and shut off the TV before getting onto his feet. Grabbing his bag, he headed over to his car and threw his bag inside and then drove over to the address that Skye had given him.

Upon arrival, he just parked his car into a parking lot section of an apartment complex. When he looked around, he didnt think the nerd would be living in a place like this. He memorized the number and then began walking through the apartments until he stumbled upon her door. Knocking loudly, he stuffed his hands into his pockets and just ran his fingers through his hair. Why did he have to be here? He could be elsewhere helping other people.
  Luke Emerson / ellocalypse / 5y 219d 7h 3m 55s
Skye sighed as she finished off her snack and went about cleaning up her house. She knew she shouldn't care about what the jerk would think, but something made her want to have nothing for him to make fun of beyond the small size of the place. Sighing, she ran a hand through her hair as she set to work tidying the place up.

She finished and got herself some dinner before he'd show up. She finished around six and went to wait for him to get there. Yawning, she sat on the couch and flipped on the TV to watch for a bit. Why, of all people, did she have to work with Luke? His whole group were so cruel, but she didn't want to complain to the teacher and give them more to make fun of her for, and that would certainly draw more teasing.
  Skye Delacroix / HeadlessGummyBear / 5y 219d 7h 19m 42s
Luke kept his eyes down at the assignment sheet and he just rolled his eyes in irritation. That was just great. More work for him that he needed to do. He hated how he had to waste his efforts in school when he wasnt even good at academics anyways, just sports. But he did hear her crack about his friends. "You dont know nothing about my friends. So what if they helped you eat soup for lunch? What are you going to do about it you little....." he stopped and then remembered they were working as partners.

"Ill see you at your place later then. How's six sound?" he asked her before heading out into the halls. He was glad that Skye was his partner since she was such a smartie pants, but he was also hating the fact that he had to work with someone like her. It would ruin his image and she just seemed so dull in his eyes.

When school finished, he headed home in his truck and hurried to change out of his school uniform and just into some jeans and a tshirt. He then sat on the couch eating some snacks while he waited for the time to pass.
  Luke Emerson / ellocalypse / 5y 219d 7h 27m 51s
Skye frowned at his comment on the soup and sighed. "Fine, whatever. We'll go to mine. Maybe if your friends minded their own business, it wouldn't be a problem" She muttered as she got to her feet and wrote down her address before she walked off as the bell rang. She gathered her things and sighed softly as she headed out into the hallways, tired of being at school by this point.

The next class went by without anything interesting happening. Once school finished, she headed straight for home and jumped in the shower before getting herself dressed. Sighing, she went down the kitchen of her tiny apartment and started to get a snack for her to eat. She lived alone, her mother having died from childbirth and her father having abandoned her. She got help from the government, but that was about all
  Skye Delacroix / HeadlessGummyBear / 5y 219d 7h 48m 34s
Sorry had my graduation today

Luke just continued to twist his pencil in his hands while she spoke, not really caring about work right now. When his pen fell against the table, he cursed in his lack of skill before twirling it again in his hands. When she asked him a question, he just looked into her eyes and shrugged "I dont know. I guess I could help in making the powerpoint or something. Maybe we can split it in half? Ill do half of the work and you do the other half? I dont really like coming up with anything. Ill just give you what I got and then you can pick so it looks like I did some work" he suggested.

"So my or your place? Maybe we should just go to yours? I mean, you need to clean up first before coming to mine. YOu smell like dried up old soup"
  Luke Emerson / ellocalypse / 5y 219d 8h 7m 42s
Skye blinked curiously as he spoke about wanting to do work. She guessed her was right, the teacher would be able to tell the difference. "Okay... Well, what do you want to do for the visual part? I could always do some kind of slide show or something" She offered, biting her lip slightly and squirming in her seat.

"You could write out everything that you want me to put in, and then I'll put it in and work out graphic stuff" She said, wondering if that would be enough for him. She sighed softly and brushed a hand through her hair, just wanting to get the project done so that she didn't have to spend more time than needed with him, so she could try to mind her own business and only see him when he picked on her.
  Skye Delacroix / HeadlessGummyBear / 5y 220d 5h 15m 37s
WHen she approached him, he could smell the scent of dried soup all over her, her skin, her hair, and even her clothes. THat wasnt her fault, but he felt as if she needed to look and smell decent when in his presence, otherwise she was just going to get hurt from his irritation.

But when she said she'd do all the work, he released his hands from his face and then he smiled "Oh really. Well how nice of you. But Im actually going to help you on this one. I know you're smart and all, but Im not dumb. I can do work too you know. So I wont let you do everything on your own. The teacher is too smart to recognize that you did everything. So let's set up a meeting schedule? How about today you can come over to my place? Then Tomorrow Ill go to yours until we can get this done?"
  ellocalypse / 5y 220d 5h 38m 2s
~{Thankies ^^}~

Skye sighed when he didn't get up to come to her. Of course, she knew it was to be expected, why would he lift a finger? She knew that he likely just didn't care about this at all. Taking a deep breath, she got to her feet and moved over to him, sitting in a chair that she'd turned to face him on the other side of the desk. Hearing his words, she frowned and glanced down.

"Look, I know you don't like me, so here it is. I'll do all the work on the project, I know you don't want to do anything on it." She muttered, hugging her arms around herself and sighing a bit."I just want to get this over with" She added, her eyes staying on the ground beneath her as she waited for his reply.
  Skye Delacroix / HeadlessGummyBear / 5y 220d 6h 44m 12s
Btw I really like your picture ^_^

During class, Luke just stayed seated, twirling his pencil around in his hands as he looked over the papers that the teacher was handing out. He mentioned something about a book report and being paired off into partners, but he was paying no attention to him at all. All he cared about was getting out of here so he could go out with the guys and give a swirly to one of the nerds that was at the top of the class.

But all of a sudden when he heard his name, his eyes widened and then he realized he was being paired with that nerd girl at lunch. Luke knew she was a top student, so maybe this was a good thing? When they were asked to separate and go with their partners, he just waited for her to come to him. He didnt have any interest in this girl at all, but he needed to pass this class.

So when she came over, he just kept twirling his pencil. "Well hello there. Skye right? Oh god you smell gross" he covered his noise.
  Luke Emerson / ellocalypse / 5y 220d 6h 50m 1s
Upon finding the gum, Skye sighed and frowned, getting another napkin and eventually getting it off. Shaking her head, she finished lunch, luckily in peace and finally the bell rang. Taking a deep breath, she left and went to her next class for English. Sighing, she made her way over to her desk on the opposite side of the room and sat down.

Putting her arms up on her desk, she heard her teacher mention pairing people up before she began to name off people that she'd partnered. "Skye Delacroix and Luke Emerson" She heard, making her flinch slightly and lower her eyes to the desk.

Of course she'd have to be paired up with him, one of the school bullies. Sighing, he handed out the assignment, a book report that required some kind of visual aid for an oral presentation.
  Skye Delacroix / HeadlessGummyBear / 5y 220d 7h 9m 40s
The male watched her choke on the soup and he covered his mouth as he laughed and shook his head. The guys at the popular table were chuckling with him and waved him over for him to come back. They all left Skye alone after that, but Dean had left a chewed piece of gum on the thermos of her soup container. WHen he walked back to their table, the guys high fived him and the girls just looked at Skye in disgust. "I dont feel bad for her at all. Those freaks need to be treated a lesson. Why do they always have to act so weird with their rituals and gross clothing. They're teased for a reason" one girl said as the others continued their lunch.

When the bell rang, Dean looked over at Luke "Hey man. Ill see you in class" they all began to split and Luke walked into his english class. Taking a seat towards the back, he looked around the room, seeing no girls of interest. He just sighed and waited for class to start. The teacher began class with a group project. She was going to pair up everyone into partners and they would have to finish their assignment together.
  Luke Emerson / ellocalypse / 5y 220d 7h 16m 42s
Skye could feel him there before he spoke and she felt herself tense up. What were they going to do to her now? Taking a deep breath, she went to glance up when she felt him push her face into the soup, because of it she gasped and ended up choking slightly on the soup.

Frowning, she glared up at him and got to her feet, pushing passed him to get some napkins. Sighing, she began to clean off her face and tossed it in the garbage before going over to her table again and pulling her stuff away from him. She never really understood why they would bother with her, but she supposed it was just cause they had nothing else to do, that they were bored and she had no friends to fend for her and have her back
  Skye Delacroix / HeadlessGummyBear / 5y 220d 7h 27m 10s
It was just another day of boring old school and Luke was sitting in his first few classes. There was nothing exciting about today, or anyday really. Swimming wont start for another month and basketball season was over. The only thing he was looking forward to was junior Prom. That was when he was going to ask the most perfectest girl in school to go with him and hopefully get lucky. It was only two more months away and he was excited. Everyone was already talking about it and picking out their dresses.

At lunch, Luke sat with his friends at the largest table in the cafeteria. It contained all of the popular people, the jocks, cheerleaders, and dancers. They were all chatting about who to go to prom with, but majority of them wanted to know who he was taking out. Luke honestly had no idea. He had already dated the pretty girls at the table and he just wanted something new.

As he munched on a burger and some fries, a few of his friends would look around the cafeteria and they would make fun of people. "Look at the group of gamers over there. Maybe you should ask pimply Beth to the prom Luke. You'd win any girl's heart" they laughed and then their eyes landed on Skye sitting alone. "Or nerdy freak over there. Hey check this out" one of the guys headed over to her table and then sat down.

His hand rubbed up her back and then he smiled "Hey there Skye is it? I just wanted to ask you how your soup tasted?" he smirked and then his hand shoved her face into her bowl. The people at the popular table then started laughing and Luke just smirked. Poor little nerd
  Luke Emerson / ellocalypse / 5y 220d 12h 44m 33s
Today seemed like any normal day for Skye. She had gotten herself out of bed, made her way to school, went through the first half of classes, and everything had been the same. She'd been teased in class, as usual, and in the halls she'd been pushed around a bit as people moved passed her. By now she'd gotten pretty good at ignoring the smaller things like that, it was when people came up to her and said things right to her one on one that made it harder.

Sighing softly, she shook her head as she made her way towards the cafeteria, hoping that this day would just end soon. She was considered a nerd for getting pretty good grades and being into things like video games and anime, but she wasn't going to let that stop her from enjoying them. Soon, she was sitting at the table and pulled out her thermos that had some soup before she started to eat, her eyes remaining on her food and now wandering around the room.
  Skye Delacroix / HeadlessGummyBear / 5y 220d 13h 52m 40s

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