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_____ not only gets picked on daily for being the biggest nerd in school, but in secret, she has a very dangerous illness. She would try and shut herself out from the world and gets picked on, but the popular kids dont stop their games. _____ is the most popular guy in school. He's on the swim team and is every girl's dream. What happens when his friends dare him to spend more time with _____? Or maybe even dare him to get her to fall for him?

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Luke really didnt mind not doing the mini golf today because he was honestly more worried about her health and if he was pushing her too much. He paid the bill and wrapped his jacket around her, making sure she didnt get even more sick when they returned to his house.

He walked her back to his truck, helping her into the passenger seat as he drove her back towards his house. Helping her out and then leading her inside. Luckily the house was warm enough and his mother still wasnt back from her business trip. Luke held her hand, leading her to the couch as he smiled [b "Finally. Safe and sound. Just tell me if you need anything okay Skye? Like a blanket or something to drink"] he put his jacket onto the coat rack and then he took a seat beside her, his arm weaving around her waist as he leaned in to kiss the side of her cheek gently [b "So any preference for a movie? We can be all romantic of just relax with something funny or even something scary...but not too scary"]
  Luke Emerson / ellocalypse / 4y 133d 23h 43m 13s
Skye smiled and nodded her head, liking the plan, even if she was nervous that she was holding him back from doing things that would be more fun. Tomorrow though... Tomorrow they'd have fun for sure. So, after they finished up their dessert, she got up and pushed the chair back under the table before seeing him offer his jacket to her. She wanted to refuse, to say he needed it more, but she had a feeling he wouldn't quite buy that.

"Thank you." She said, taking it from him and slipping it on. Reaching over to take his hand, she smiled softly and walked with him to the truck, eager to get back and watch a movie with him. Even if it was such a simple thing, she always enjoyed their time together, she just wished they wouldn't be subjected to working around her sickness when it came to it.
  Skye Delacroix / HeadlessGummyBear / 4y 134d 18h 56m 27s
When she mentioned being tired, Luke understood right away that they should probably get home soon. It was going to get dark and with the ocean breeze, she could easily get a cold and everything could be so much worse. He wouldnt let that happen. [b "Okay, how about this. We go back to my house for the night, cuddle up in bed and put on a movie. Then tomorrow when you're all rested, we can go mini golfing?"] he suggested, wanting to do the activities she was up for, but at the same time, he wanted her healthy enough to be able to do it.

He looked down at the cheesecake as it arrived, completely ignoring the napkin with the scribbles. The waitress watched him cast her aside and she just scowled to herself as she left to the kitchen. Luke smiled as she took her first bite [b "You like it? See it's great! Just tell me if you ever crave it again. Ill take you"] he leaned in, taking a bite and then smiling at the taste. [b "Oh ya this is delicious"] he grinned, letting her have as much as she wanted before eating up the rest of the cake. He set the money down for their order and then he took off his jacket and offered it to her. [b "I dont want you getting a cold Skye. Let's head back"]
  Luke Emerson / ellocalypse / 4y 139d 20h 55m 38s
Skye thought it over, trying to figure out if there really was anything else she wanted. "Well, I am getting a bit tired, but I could probably do something else. M-Maybe something like mini golf or a movie night?" She asked, tilting her head curiously and raising an eyebrow curiously. She hated that she got tired so quickly now, but it was a side effect from all of the medication, she just hoped that it would end soon.

When the waitress came by and set handed him the napkin, she saw the scribblings of what seemed like a series of numbers. Skye lowered her eyes, her smile faltering while her fingers played nervously in her lap. Taking a deep breath, she let out a soft sigh, always nervous about Luke leaving her. Even though he reassured her it wouldn't happen, she couldn't help but get nervous, especially when confronted with a threat... Like a girl ready to willingly offer a number.

Hearing his words brought her back to reality. It was almost comforting to see how easily he set aside the napkin and focused back on her, it made her smile a lot easier to replace. Taking her fork between her fingers, she took a portion and took the first bite. "Oh, this... This is really good!" She said, eagerly taking another small bite.
  Skye Delacroix / HeadlessGummyBear / 4y 140d 8h 53m 14s
Luke was glad they were able to decide on a dessert because he really wanted to show Skye something new and to try out different foods. Just because she didnt have money didnt mean she wasnt allowed to have something like cheesecake. He'd try to give her all she wanted.

When she mentioned the therapy, he felt bad because she was probably suffering and there wasnt really much he could do about it. He just wanted her to at least be happy when she was with him. [b "Okay, sounds good SKye. Is there anything else you wanted to try and do today? Or are you already tired?"] he asked, wanting to make sure she was alright. They had went swimming and walking around so much, maybe she wanted to rest.

Soon enough their cheesecake arrived as it was set in between them. The waitress also had a napkin beneath it with her number on it. She handed it to Luke without looking at Skye, not caring if she noticed. Luke looked down at the napkin and then he set it aside seeing how amazing the cheesecake looked. It was covered with whipped cream and a strawberry on top. [b "Oooh, okay you take the first bite Skye"]
  Luke Emerson / ellocalypse / 4y 153d 6h 10m 53s
Skye smiled softly and nodded her head. "Cheesecake it is!" She said, rather excited to try this as well. So far most of the things he'd shown her, she'd enjoyed, so you couldn't go wrong with trying out a dessert now could you? In truth she wouldn't mind if she didn't like it, she was content just spending the day with him after all.

He mentioned the chemo again and she slowly nodded. "I hope so." She said softly. She hated going through the chemo, the side effects were starting to be a pain. Tired, weak, chilly almost all the time. Sometimes it was hard to gather her thoughts, which made her homework a hell of a lot harder to finish on time. She hoped that she was almost done with all of this, that soon she could get off of all these medications.

"Next time I go in I'll ask him what's happening, for a little update." She said, hoping that she could come back to him with decent news. She didn't want to be a burden to him anymore either, she wanted to be able to get through and give him a less... Stressful relationship.
  Skye Delacroix / HeadlessGummyBear / 4y 153d 9h 41m 10s
Luke could only smile when she mentioned what she really liked. He understood that she didnt have that much money at all, but that wasnt the reason why he really liked her. She was cute, honest, and the sweetest girl he's ever met. She was nothing like the girls he's dated before and he really liked her.

[b "Okay, how about we go with the strawberry cheesecake then. Im sure you'll love it because I really do"] he looked up at the waitress and told her their order before listening to her explain what the doctor had said. Luke was really worried that she would end up becoming really thin again like last time and how she tried to hide it under all of her clothes. He really just wanted to be there for whatever the doctor had planned. [b "Okay. Well we've been going through this chemo for a while now. Maybe it's really working"] he smiled, trying to lighten up the mood more. He just wanted to be updated on her medical condition.
  Luke Emerson / ellocalypse / 4y 155d 22h 52m 58s
"Well, I like cherry and strawberry things." She said, shrugging and offering a small smile to him. "So anything with those maybe?" She suggested, not sure what there was in the world of desserts, she'd never really had the money to afford snacks and such for herself, so she could only go off of basic knowledge. "Whatever you like, I'll just try." She added with a shrug.

"The doctor didn't say much yet." She said, shrugging her shoulders and sighing softly. "He wants to wait until the end of this medication term, he wants to see how well my body reacts to it first and then we'll figure out the next steps from there." She explained with a soft sigh, shaking her head and pursing her lips a bit. "So, hopefully he'll know a bit more during the next meeting."
  Skye Delacroix / HeadlessGummyBear / 4y 156d 9h 42m 54s
It was nice to hear that she really wanted to have some dessert because LUke just loved seeing her smile and he wanted her happy when she was with him. He looked through the menu and couldnt decide. [b "Well have you tried cheesecake? Or maybe a pie? There's a lot of choices...I guess it's what you want really. I wouldnt mind either. Is there a flavor you want to try?"] he wondered, trying to narrow down the choices so it wouldnt be so hard.

Luke just really wanted to try and work hard so he could save up so they could travel. He was uncertain about Skye's condition since she was only beginning to go to her treatments, but he hoped she could get better so that they could do all she wanted. [b "Hey how's your condition, did the doctor say anything new?"]
  Luke Emerson / ellocalypse / 4y 160d 23h 53m 49s
Skye chuckled softly at the thought of dessert. "Oh, well, you caught me." She said, chuckling softly as she took the new menu and began to browse it. "It all sounds so great!" She exclaimed, finding it difficult to decide. "Is there a favorite of yours? I'll try anything really." She said, giggling softly as she looked up at him and propped her chin up on her hand. Today had been so perfect, and a perfect dessert to end it would be the cherry on top.

She only hoped that things would keep going well, that her sickness would eventually go away and she could be a normal girl with normal girl problems. She could get a job, she could travel more, actually worry about a future job and college... It was still going to be a while, but she hoped that it would happen.
  Skye Delacroix / HeadlessGummyBear / 4y 161d 20h 16m 54s
Luke knew that it was going to be tough deciding on where they wanted to go, but either place would be fun because he was going to be with Skye and no one was going to disturb them like when they were at school. [b "I guess we can flip a coin, but if there's one that you really prefer more, we should go there. As long as your dream is fulfilled too Skye"] he leaned in, taking another bite of seafood as he licked his lips. It really was good getting fresh seafood and he was glad he could share the experience with her.

[b "We'll both be able to save up and go. I know we can do it"] Luke was going to make sure that he didn't have his mother help him this time. It would be entirely on them. [b "Okay after this you can get any dessert you want! I know that's really what you're after"] he laughed softly, seeing the waited handing them the dessert menu.
  Luke Emerson / ellocalypse / 4y 164d 7h 19m 32s
"I'm not sure, I'd really love both. Perhaps we can flip a coin when the time comes." She suggested, smiling softly as she looked up at him and shrugged one shoulder. "And I'll try to help out as much as I can with it all." She said, knowing that she definitely didn't want him saving everything up on his own. She wanted to help, she didn't want him to spend so much money on her, even though he already was to help with her medications.

She snagged another piece of the food and popped it into her mouth, a happy sigh escaping her lips at the new and still rather delicious taste. "I can't believe I've never tried any of this stuff before, it's so good!" Well, in reality she understood why she'd never done it, it probably costed more than she had ever been able to afford.
  HeadlessGummyBear / 4y 164d 7h 56m 24s
Luke thought that since she had a dream that maybe she had an idea of where she wanted to go. If she really wanted to go to a specific country, Luke wouldnt mind because his mother had taken him to many different places before on their summer vacations. As she spoke, he thought about the places he wanted to visit and he nodded his head [b "That sounds great! I want to visit somewhere where the culture is much different too! Maybe we can narrow it down? I really want to visit Japan or Rome, is there one you prefer more?"] he wondered, liking the idea of planning to visit already.

[b "Im going to work more after schools so we can start saving up. If you feel to weak or if you get sick Skye, you dont have to find a part time job. I can handle it"] he wanted her to know that he could support her. Even though it was tough and tiring, making her dream happen was something he really wanted to do.
  Luke Emerson / ellocalypse / 4y 168d 24m 11s
"I was thinking about that and I'm honestly not sure." She said, sighing softly as she shook her head and shrugged her shoulders. "I've never really thought about it, I just want to see something... Different, you know?" She said, her mind trying to find a few options to at least make it a bit easier when trying to plan it all.

"Japan, Rome, Thailand, stuff like that always seemed kinda cool. Different kind of architecture and culture." She said, smiling over to him and tilting her head. "Was there anywhere you wanted to go? Surely there must be some place you've thought about taking a trip to as well." Especially since he had the means of doing it. She'd always known she wanted to travel, but it had always been so far out of reach that she'd hardly given it much thought beyond that.
  Skye Delacroix / HeadlessGummyBear / 4y 168d 6h 13m 39s
Luke was really excited at the thought of getting away with just her. He knew that Skye never had the chance to experience things like eating out, buying clothes, or living in luxury, so being able to fulfill her dream meant a lot to Luke. He thought that maybe somewhere exotic would be nice. They could go on a cruise or pick out her top favorites.

When Luke watched the food being set down on their table, he grinned, seeing that food was freshly cooked. He watched her choose some of the seafood and he just smiled brightly when she said she liked it. [b "Im glad you enjoyed it. Seafood is great right?"] he leaned in taking a bite of shrimp as he thought about where they could go. Maybe while on vacation he could even get Skye to open up more to him too. They've been together for a while now and he's seen so many different sides of her. She didnt need to feel ashamed of anything because he was still here.

[b "So what are your top three places to go to?"]
  Luke Emerson / ellocalypse / 4y 168d 23h 7m 9s

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