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Ainsley sympathized with Jami, giving a concerned look when she said she had to put down a dog the other day. Ainsley herself could never do that much; she was pretty much harrmless unless she was put up against some kind of bug. But even then, if she was at home, she'd leave the room and get Zayne to kill it.

When she heard Felix's familiar 'persuasive' voice, the strawberry-haired girl laughed openly, saying to him, "You'll see when it gets here" even though her comment wasn't needed because Jami was already barking at him playfully for it.

It wasn't long before Zayne's voice was heard, swearing all the way up and down the map. Ainsley winced a little at the sound of the foul language, She didn't care for it herself, but apparently it seemed as if Zayne was all too familiar with it. It wasn't like it was anything new; it was just the girl would rather if her roommate didn't use that kind of stuff in front of their guests.

When her best friend came in limping and swearing, Ainsley was all set to be attentive, but it seemed as if Jami was already on the scene. She just kind of sat back and watched it happen, laughing along with Felix's joke and telling him he better give her the ten dollars.

Soon enough, Jami exited the kitchen and Zayne came not long after, sucking on a lollipop like normal.

"Nah, they weren't making out," she whispered loudly to Felix. "Zayne is never that fast."

When the older blonde choked and blushed red, Ainsley kept a bright smile on her face despite her roommate's awkward throat clearing once she sat down. Felix clapped and leaned forward to tell a story he claimed was true. The young female had her doubts, but she didn't interrupt him, and listened intently.

When the story was over, Ainsley could hear Zayne chuckle and say, "Yeah, I remember Hunter. I also recall how much of a freak you were in high school, Felix, ugh." But despite the insult she smiled a small little ghost of a smile at the wall.

Ainsley took a moment to catch her breath to try to determine whether or not the story was true. Felix's smile said it wasn't, but the substance of the story was starting to sway her otherwise. She bit her lip and her eyebrows knitted together.

"You scared, Ainsley?" Zayne asked with a purr. "Afraid ol' Slendy's out to getcha?"

Ainsley blushed madly. "What? No! Slender Man is just a myth. I'm not afraid of him at all. Felix's story is complete bull."

"Except it isn't. I remember where the scene happened at, don't you, Felix? Since our little A isn't scared and Jami thinks it's bullshit, let's go check it out, huh? I'll even put on shoes." With that, the older blonde female rose from her seat and limped back to her room, coming back out with a leather jacket, two helmets, and shoes. She'd put her socks on in the room.

"Why do you have two helmets?" Ainsley asked nervously, though she already knew the answer.

"You're riding with me. It makes no sense to take two cars and a motorcycle. So we'll be conservative."

"Oh, no, I'm not getting on that death trap." Zayne smiled at her as she sat on the chair and laced up her boots and put on her jacket. "You're not, are you? Stop being such a wuss and live for a second. I have my license and I guarantee one hundred percent I've never crashed. And I'm not leaving my baby here anyway."

Ainsley turned to Jami and Felix with pleading eyes. "Please don't make me go with that maniac. I'm not ready to die yet." She looked more at Jami than Felix, mouthing 'please?' over and over again.

"Get your shoes on and stop being pussies. We're going to put some spice into this party and go."

ugh block.
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Jami fixed her hair once she was released form Ainsley's hug. Undoing the braid and flipping her bangs to one side. The way she normally had it. As Ainsley spoke, she listened. Nodding at the appropriate parts. Her fingers playing with the lollie pop Zayne had given her. Reading the wrapper and finding out it was her favorite flavor. Grape. She was slightly zoning out when Zayne shouted about the mail. Suddenly looking up in time to see the short haired female run out of the room. "Well that was nice of you. Tho, I doubt he deserves it." She felt a quick glare fall on her from her brother. But it soon disappeared when Zayne ran out the door.

"Be careful." Was all she said before the door closed. She doubted she had been heard though. Showing a small smile, she looked over at Ainsley. Finally answering her question. "Been, okay. I guess. School and work. Had to put down this Pittbull yesterday. No one would take him. I hate how the shelter isn't a 'No Kill Shelter.' Those poor babies." A sigh slipped out her lips. "Can't save them all sis." Her brother shot her a kind smile before he interjected suddenly. "So....what did you get me?" A laugh slipped as she tossed her shoe at his head. Watching him catch it and toss it back. "Don't be a troll."

Just as Felix was about to say something back, the shouts from Zayne could be heard. Confusion showed on her and Felix's face. But then their questions were answered when the pissed off female walked in limping. A piece of glass stuck in her foot. Jami's hand flashed to her side. Quickly remembering the last time she had glass in her. "Fuck. Who the hell leaves glass around outside." "People who don't care." She shook her head. Trying to stomach the sight of blood. After a moment, the nauseous feeling disappeared and she was fine. Slightly feeling lightheaded. Taking a breath, she stood up and walked over to the kitchen, grabbing a paper towel to help Zayne. "Are you going to be okay?" She spoke just to Zayne. Her voice low as she got down on her knees. Scrubbing at a spot of blood. Picking up a small fragment of glass that had fallen off the original piece.

"I bet you ten bucks they are making out." Felix's voice could be heard through the whole building. "Why are you, so you?" She sighed, tossing the bloody rag into the trashcan. Along with the glass. Felix's laughing still filling the air. "Don't be a hater." Running a hand through her hair, the small female took a seat in the same spot she had been sitting in. Finally unwrapping her lollie and putting it into her mouth. "Where is Slenderman when you need him?" She stuck her tongue out at Felix. A hand running through her long streaks.

"Don't be haten on the Slender. He's real. I've heard stories." Felix never stopped smiling as he spoke. Jami knew her brother thought of the old legends as a good prank. She could still remember the nightmare she had as a kid. He was the bogyman. The voices you heard in the darkness. The shadows in the background. In one swift move, Jami went from sitting Indian style to lying on her stomach. Pulling her hair to one side as she looked at Felix. "Go ahead. Story time." She watched as Felix grinned and leaned in closer to them from the couch. Clapping his hands.

"I used to go to school with this guy named Hunter. Maybe Zayne remembers him. But anyway, he went on a camping trip with his girlfriend. They were hiking and they found this Cabin. Well they thought it was for anyone. Not Slendermans home. Now you see, Slenderman was a human being at one point. But he was murdered. The same way he kills his victims. Well turns out the Cabin, was once his home. They stayed the night and in the middle of the night Hunter was woken up by his girlfriend. She said she had seen something. So he went out to see if he could find anything. He was gone all night. That morning, his girlfriend went looking for him. And she found him. Eaten alive. Turns out he had been there before. With a group of friends. They had called upon Slenderman. To see if he was real. Now they are all dead. All eaten alive. Cops say it was by an animal. I say it was by Slenderman."

Jami clapped as he finished. "Complete bull. But you told it well." She found herself laughing. The lollie pop in her mouth almost gone. She had always given her brother a hard time. She knew he had a big ego at times. She had to make sure she knocked it down a few notches. "What do ya'll think? You know I'm right." Felix spoke to Ainsley and Zayne. His smile never leaving.

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After she had opened the door for Felix and Jami, Zayne was actually trying to walk away, but she still couldn't escape Felix patting her head like a toddler. She frowned and fixed her hair back in place, mumbling about how long it took her to get it that way.

She followed them into the living room and, after seeing that Jami opted to sit on the floor, took a place upside down on the chair with her feet along the back of it. She brought her phone up to her face as she replied to Felix's question. It may have been a comment. She didn't know.

She sighed, setting her phone on her chest and noticing that Jami was watching her. She offered a lopsided smile in return and actually tried to put some emotion into it. A positive emotion, at least.

"Not much has been up, Skyscraper," she replied after she cleared her voice. "I broke up with Kas last month. I learned sixteen different new songs on my guitar. I tattooed a pretty cool coy fish on somebody at the shop Tuesday." She shrugged. "I think that's about as good as I've been getting. What about--" A honk sounding through the window reached Zayne's ears. There. That must have been Ainsley.

Zayne padded in bare feet over to the window overlooking the driveway to check and make sure. Once she knew it was Ainsley, she put her phone in her back pocket, checking by the couch and mumbling about socks before running into her room. The blonde came back out with three lollipops in her hands. She put on in Jami's lap and tossed the other to Felix, saying, "Cavities for the kiddies. Recovering from smoking is a bitch and I have six million of these in my drawer. It's nice to get some of them out, you know? To stop reminding me."

She opened hers and popped it into her mouth, seemingly suddenly remembering that she had Ainsley waiting for her downstairs. The blonde ran out of the house and down the stairs to find the strawberry-haired girl struggling to get the bags inside. She smiled a little at the funny sight and took some of the heavy bags wordlessly, lugging them back. The door was opened and Ainsley burst in, throwing the bags in the kitchen without a thought and greeting the guests warmly. Zayne felt awkward standing there because all she'd done was open the door and walk away. She was kind of worried that she had accidentally come off rude without meaning to.

Deciding they probably didn't care, she set about with putting newly bought things away. Milk, ICE drinks, water, and juice in the fridge. The snacks she kept on the counter to put into little bowls and on plates and stuff. Ground beef and fish and French fries in the freezer, noodles and seasonings in the cabinet. Ainsley hadn't gotten too much junk, but enough to make someone's heart stop.

Once all the bags were thrown away, Zayne threw her soap on her bed, got six more lollipops and put them in her pocket, and popped the one she had in her mouth out, observing the color before putting it back in. She continued to the kitchen where she put chips in a big bowl, gummy bears and worms on a plate, opened the pretzels, and took the napkins out. All by herself the blonde hauled the load into the living room. Of course Ainsley had taken her seat as she answered their questions. Zayne stood awkwardly by the window and looked out at the ground below.

In the back of her mind, she could hear Ainsley's voice. "Classes are fine, you know... they're classes." She gave them a short chuckle. "I'm slowly working my way through the medical dictionary. It's hard, you know? All these words are so sesquipedalian and hard to pronounce it's like I'm doing a tongue twister. How about you, Jami? Oh, and Felix, I have a surprise for you." An excited giggle. "It's coming in the mail."

"Mail!" Zayne exclaimed suddenly, jumping into action and running into her room. She rummaged for a second before coming back into the main room with a box in one hand and a stack of stuff in the other.

"Zayne? What are you doing?"

"Kas. She left some CDs and pictures over here she didn't have time to come get. I said I'd mail them." The blonde walked into the kitchen and set the box on the counter, stuffing the stack of stuff in it. She searched through the drawers until she found a black Sharpie. "So here I am, mailing them."

As soon as she finished that, she closed the box up and ran out the door, ignoring Ainsley's calls about socks or shoes. The maiil box was only around the corner - what could possible happen in that small amount of time?

A medical emergency, apparently.

Zayne came back moaning and cursing like a sailor. Every other word in her sentence was a word of profanity - she apologized about it for the sake of Jami and also for Ainsley's badgering for her to stop, but still. She limped back into the apartment slowly.

"Mother of holy fucking Christ! Gooooood, I've got glass in my foot." She dragged herself over to the kitchen. "Can't run down one fucking street anymore because shits out here don't know how to work a GODDAMN TRASH CAN!"


"Calm your tits, Ainsley, I'm not even in a bad mood yet." The blonde dug in her pocket until she got a lollipop out, sticking it into her mouth and gritting her teeth as she pulled the glass out of her foot. It was a thick piece of glass and went in maybe a little less than an inch - unhealthy, to say the least.

Once she'd sat for a second with her blood dripping on the floor, Zayne decided she'd had enough and went to the bathroom without putting any weight on her foot. She mumbled the whole way but tried to keep her voice low so she didn't seem rude and like a bad hostess. Probably a little too late for that.

The First-Aid kit wasn't too hard to find. First Zayne swabbed down her wound, then poured peroxide all over it before adding some Neosporin and finally topping it off with a nice bandage. She sat in the bathroom for a moment just wallowing in her anger before cooling down. Even splashed some water on her face, glad to see no steam rose off her features.

Twisting a hair back into place, Zayne went back into the kitchen to clean her blood off the floor.

"Now that that drama episode is over..." Ainsley continued with an unsteady chuckle. "What were you saying, Jami?"

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Felix woke up to the sound of his ring-tone. The dirty blonde just wanted to go back to throw the his cell phone into a wall. He had just gone to sleep over two hours ago. When the ringing finally stopped, she smiled into his pillow. His sheets clinging to his nude body as he tried to go back to sleep. But as luck would have it, his phone started to raise hell once more. "Gotta be fucking kidding me." He found himself mumbling as he raised his head and grabbed his phone off the nightstand. Checking the time and the caller before answering it. "Yea boss man." He listened as his boss asked him to come in for an hour. Mostly to pick up his check and discuss next weeks schedule. With a yawn, the male agreed.

Once the phone call was over and done with, Felix pushed himself out of bed and got dressed. As he left his room, he could hear screaming coming from the living room. With a smile, he slowly made his way to wear his sister sat. Watching the movie to find his perfect moment. Finally making his move as he grabbed Jami's shoulders and shook her. The girl's screams filled their apartment. And as soon as she stopped, he started to laugh. Grinning from ear to ear as he hugged her from behind. Suddenly realizing that she was watching a movie when she had a paper that was due soon. "Don't you have a French paper that is due Monday?" As soon as he finished speaking, he regretted it. The fluent French just rolled off her tongue. The male just blinked as he tried to decipher it. Coming up with nothing.

"I'll take that as some form of a yes. Anyway, Ainsley called yesterday. We are chilling at their place tonight." Felix watched as Jami's face feel. "I'm good. I have....something to do tonight anyway." Her voice was soft. Almost angel like as she tried to get out of it. His eyes quickly got hard as he spoke once more. Authority in his voice s he dealt with his sister's stubborn side. "You are going. I'll be back in a few hours." With that said, he turned and walked away. Grabbing his car keys and leaving their apartment.

As he drove to his work, his mind kept going to his sister. Why did she not want to go? That bothered him. Ainsley and Zayne were pretty cool people to hang around with. He had gone to high school with Zayne. Hell, Jami had gone to high school and went to the same college as Ainsley. So what was the problem? The male just shook his head. Sometimes even he didn't know what was going through that girls head.

Felix parked his car basically at the door of TGI Fridays. Killing the engine and getting out. He got a few waves from the waitresses as he walked inside. Making his way towered the office. A yawn slipping his lips as the blonde walked inside. Once his boss spotted him, he was trapped. His green eyes watching his boss as he was spoken too. Nodding here and there to show he was listening. An hour later is was free. With his paycheck in his hand, the male left. Jumping into his car and pulling away from the restaurant. Blasting his music as he drove.

Dropping his check off at his bank, Felix made his way back to his apartment. Not even deciding to turn off the engine as he parked. His hand laying on the horn a few times as he waited for Jami. Five minutes later, he saw her. Sliding down the railing. He had to take in a breath to stop himself from yelling at her. He hated it when she did that. Over and over he had told her to be careful. To not do that. But she did it anyway. The male just rolled his eyes as his sister got into the car. "How many times have I told you not to do that?" "Lost count to be honest." With a groan he pulled off. Driving towered Ainsley and Zayne's place.

Once he pulled up, his smile got big. He loved hanging out with these two girls. Stepping out of his car, he made his way up to the door of their apartment. An arm wrapped around Jami. When he knocked and did his little wolf skit Jami just shook her head. After a minute, the door opened to show Zayne. "I'm not that tall. Damn." Patting the moody blondes head as he walked inside. Crashing on the couch as he looked around. "Been a while. What's up Zayne." His smile didn't fade as he watched Jami take a seat on the floor. Her green eyes looking around the room and then at Zayne. Showing a small smile as she kept quiet.

After a while Ainsley showed up with bags. His eyes got wide for a moment before he was basically tackled by the red head. Jami also being pulled into a hug. "I told you we would be here. And not much really. Been working." He spoke as he sat down again. "I saw you at school the other day. How are your classes going?" He watched as his sister spoke. Her voice soft. Almost like a mouse trying to speak. It was interesting to say the least.

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"I wonder, if I pour water on you, will your make-up run or will you melt?"

After that remark, Ainsley chuckled a little to herself as she put her phone back into her pocket. To get the nuts or to not get the nuts... that was the current crisis at hand.

However, deciding not to chance some horrible allergic reaction Ainsley put them back on the shelf and got gummy bears instead. Once she picked up Zayne's favorite soap, some Nutella, paper plates, and ICE drinks, she added them to her growing pile of crap in the cart and headed to the register. The old woman she rolled past remarked that she would either get diabetes or thighs to put the mountains to shame with all that.

Still, the girl with the dyed strawberry-colored hair was undeterred by the comments thrown at her. She rolled the cart to the line and waited, tapping her phone against her chin. To call Zayne or not to call Zayne.

In the end, Ainsley was on her phone, waiting for her roommate to pick up. It rang for several moments before she picked up with a simple, "And now?"

In the background, noise could be heard. It sounded like knocking and some words that Ainsley couldn't make out. "Who's at the door?"

"The big, bad wolf," Zayne replied. Ainsley could hear the door creaking open. "And his accomplice. Seems him and Little Red were in cahoots."

Ainsley was confused with the sudden fairy tale speak, but she let it slide that once. "All right, Zayne. I'll be down in twenty minutes, so come help me get the stuff, please?"

"You really got that much? We're four people, not two T-rexes, a Terminator, and a skyscraper with a mouth. Though that last one could pass as Felix."

The younger girl ended the call with a laugh at Zayne's remark, smiling and making small talk with the person behind the register. The poor girl looked so exhausted and hateful that Ainsley actually felt pretty bad for her. All she could do, though, was lend her a smile to help her get through the few minutes it took to scan everything and tell her the amount due. The strawberry-haired girl paid it with a small frown on her face.

Once she found herself in the car, she turned over her engine and set off for the apartment. She loved living with Zayne; she'd been doing it for a while. The only thing she didn't like and dreaded coming home to every day was the drastic mood change the older woman had gone through after her last spat with Kasey. Ainsley just couldn't wrap her head around why Z kept acting like she was mourning. She didn't act social and didn't look as if she was physically healthy. She hardly seemed to eat. Ainsley tried to cheer her up as best she could, but it was like trying to tell a brick it was a cloud. It just didn't mix.

The female sighed and turned the radio up, hoping to find solace in the music coming out of the speakers, All the songs sounded the same nowadays, so she was unsure where one song ended and another one started.

She'd never felt so strained. She cared more about Zayne than she did herself. It was crazy. They may as well have been married. It seemed as if the blonde didn't even appreciate her efforts - if she did, they sure could've fooled Ainsley. Zayne acted like she didn't care about anything anymore and it was driving the happy-go-lucky, everybody-loves-me Ainsley all the way up the wall and around the corner.

The girl pulled up a lot sooner than she would've liked. Zayne's motorcycle lay untouched, but a new car filled the drive. It wasn't hard to place it as Jami and Felix's.

Ainsley didn't know why, but she really liked them. They were a cool pair to hang around. Anything she wanted in a person, one of them had it. Felix was the happy goofy joker in the group that was hard to ignore. That was interesting about him. He was open and warm. But then again, Jami was, too, once you got past her fortress. She was nice and kind and giving behind that initial shy smile. Ainsley was worried about how she and Zayne would clash, but at the same time figured they'd kind of even each other out. Her main concern through all that was that no one would show up to lug these bags up the stairs.

In hope, she honked the horn twice before exiting the car and going around the bag to gather the bags. Nobody came. She wasn't surprised.

The small girl gathered the bags as best she could and made her way clumsily to the door, stumbling over her feet. She was fumbling with the doorknob just as it was opened and there Zayne was, a smirk on her face as she observed Ainsley's predicament.

In the end, both the girls hauled the bags back to the apartment. As soon as the door was opened and Ainsley spotted Felix and Jami, she threw the bags and hugged Felix, then grappled Jami in a ferocious hug.

"I'm so glad you guys came!" she exclaimed, letting go of the other blonde at last. She was beaming like she'd won the lottery. "I actually didn't think you would show. I'm happy I got Ms. I Hate the World over here to get dressed or she would've been really embarrassed. So what's up? Tell me everything."

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Jami stared at the screen. Her attention glued to her favorite movie. Even after seeing it over hundred times, it still scared the crap out of her. Probably because it was based off a true story. It could happen. Covering her eyes quickly as the killer jumped out with his chainsaw. Killing some random girl. "Poor thing." She made a face as blood splashed everywhere. Tilting her head to the side and leaning in as music starting to get louder. Just as someone was about to die, Felix shook her from behind.

The blond screamed until she realized it was her brother. His laughs filling the room. "Douche-bag! Don't ever do that!" Her heart was still pounding as she sat back into the couch. Covering her face with her hands. Feeling the males chin on the top of her head. His arms wrapping around her head softly. "Don't you have a French paper that is due Monday?" His voice was deep with concern. Making her roll her eyes before opening her mouth to speak. "Si je n'avais pas fini avec ce papier stupide, pensez-vous que je serais regardais un film?" The French came out fluently. Thanks to years of practice. Her smile showing as she saw Felix's look of confusion.

The small female slipped out of her brother grasp. Her hands grabbing the remote to stop the movie. "I'll take that as some form of a yes. Anyway, Ainsley called yesterday. We are chilling at their place tonight." Jami's face fell as she listened to her brother. "I'm good. I have....something to do tonight anyway." Biting her lower lip, she stood up and stretched. She could feel the hard stare of her brother on her. He always got the same look when she showed her rather stubborn side. "You are going. I'll be back in a few hours." With that said, her brother turned around and left her standing there. Dread on her face as she fell face first into the couch. Groaning into the leather material.

The blond turned onto her side, her fingers running through her messy blond hair. It wasn't like she hated the two girl. She loved Ainsley. How could you not love a girl like that? She was so cheerful and kind. It was Zayne who made her feel slightly uncomfortable with herself. The feeling just seemed to get worse the more she thought about it. It was like she was worried this one girl wouldn't approve of her or something. She wanted to pull her hair out with frustration. Taking a deep breath, she closed her eyes. Pushing the strange feeling away before standing up and making her way to her room.

For an hour, she finished up a picture she had to turn in on Monday. Art wasn't her strongest point. Her brother had more artistic ability then her. But she did alright. She could hold her own in the class. It was only Friday and all the assignments she had, were already done. The sound of her black cat Ma'am's purring filling her room. Smiling, the blond female stood up and went to love on her baby. Cuddling with the black fur ball and enjoying the little meows Ma'am would make when Jami kissed her head. After a while, she pushed herself away from her cat to get dressed. Pulling on black skinnies, a large gray sweater and black vans. The sweater was huge on her but that was how she liked it.

Giving it a brush threw, the female pulled her hair into a side braid. Once she was done, she heard the soft honk of a horn coming from outside. "I'm comin'. Don't get your panties in a bunch. Shesh." Rolling her soft green eyes, she grabbed her phone, keys and wallet. Giving Ma'am a farewell kiss before running out of her room and the apartment. Making sure that the door was locked before sliding down the railing to the first floor. A smile on her face as she made her landing. Watching her brother role his eyes as she got into his car. "How many times have I told you to not do that?" Sticking her tongue out at her brother, Jami started to fiddle with the radio. "Lost count to be honest." She listen to her brothers groan as he pulled out of the parking spot and onto the road. Driving towered Zayne and Ainsley's house. The small female snag along with almost every song that came on. Laughing when Felix would sing too. She loved her brother to death, but his singing could make your ears bleed. They came to a stop in front of their apartment. Biting her lip, she got out. Pushing her brother off as he wrapped and arm around her shoulder. At her height of 5'1" her brother towered her. When he stood straight, he was 6'3". It annoyed her. Once they where at the door, Felix started to knock. "Open up little piggy's. Before I huff and puff and blow down your house." Jami rolled her eyes as she shook her head. Felix was suck a goofball at times.

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Zayne sat on her bed among the sheets and bedspread biting her thumb nail -- or what was left of it. She was thinking of how she should probably get new sheets. Every time she went to bed, she was reminded of... her. The last one.

A shiver came over the blonde and she shrugged it off, shuddering. Ainsley was out buying snacks. Later, Jami and Felix were supposedly coming over. Zayne didn't mind their being there; it was more like she was afraid of them seeing her place messy, which it was. She'd lost most will to do anything other than open her eyes, eat, shower, and get dressed.

Zayne sighed, taking up her laptop and switching it from hibernation to on. Her blog was on the open page, and once everything was loaded, she immediately began her last post:

Was I really so wrong to think maybe I deserved some kind of happy ending? Was it really too much to think maybe you held it and was just waiting to give it to me? Was it really so hard to love me? Why can't--

The pity-party was ended abruptly when her cell phone rang and she slammed the laptop shut out of paranoia. Catching her breath, Zayne picked up her device, recognized the caller ID, and put it to her ear. "What, Ainsley?"

The happy voice came out of the other end with a bright, "Is Jami allergic to peanuts?"

Zayne sighed and pulled a lollipop out of her bedside table and popped it into her mouth. "Excuse me for not keeping their allergy records on hand at all times."

Ainsley's sigh was clear. "Are you dressed? You need to be ready to get back out into public."

"Maybe I am, maybe I'm not. I don't really care--"

"I wonder, if I pour water on you, will your make-up run or will you melt?" The call ended right there. Zayne buried her face in her pillow as if it would help her snuff out all the things she didn't want to think about. Those same things plagued her anyway... Outside of work, Ainsley was the only companion she'd kept a constant connection with since her... break-up with Kas, so she wasn't too enthusiastic to get back into contact with Jami and Felix. No, she didn't hate them, and yeah they got along all right, but she felt as if she had some serious problems she had to deal with. She wasn't even comfortable with herself anymore.

...will you melt?


Zayne took ten minutes just to pull herself off that pillow, off that smell that she had lost. That smell she had literally swatted away.

The female half-heartedly kicked the stuff around her room. She put the stray clothes in the dirty laundry bin, set her guitar upright, cleaned up the CDs she'd scattered and the teddy bears she'd thrown. Her room was Martha Stewart ready, but she thought it was fine. After that, she put all the dishes in the dishpan to be done at a later time, straightened up the living room, and gave up after that. She had just enough energy to take a shower and thrown on a button-down, beany, and jeans before she quit and just went to go sulk. She picked up her laptop and settled back down on her bed.

OneNote popped up on her screen with a message she'd apparently written before:

You need to stop laying there. She's gone. She isn't coming back.

Zayne stared. Even when her eyes were begging her to blink, she didn't stop. She stared at that message.

Finally, she closed it, and returned to her blog entry, deleting the last sentence and adding in:

Sleeping Beauty had options. The princes before 'Charming' were just as good as him. It just wasn't the right time.

The blonde sighed, staring at the ceiling and willing herself not to remember. Please not now.

No, she had to be strong. For Ainsley. For Jami. For Felix. For her.


Writer's block I did not expect.
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