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Whoever said be careful what you wish for knew exactly what they were talking about.
A young girl who loves reading manga and watching anime finds that real boys are, well, less cute than she would have liked, like many other girls. This girl makes the mistake of wishing that people in anime were real after catching sight of a shooting star.
Just like that, several anime characters find that they aren't where they were the day before and now are in a strange world where they are known as only drawings and cartoons in this world.
When anime lovers run into these characters, they're overly-joyed... until the fact that the missing characters will cause big problems for mangakas and anime cartoonists everywhere comes up and chaos arises. And one more thing... good anime characters aren't the only ones in the real world now.

You can be any anime or manga character you can think of and if you so choose you can be multiple characters.
You can be an anime/manga character or a person/an anime fan.
If anyone would like to be the girl, they can. If not, I'll probably do multiple characters and be her as well as an anime/manga character.
Villains are greatly accepted. We will need a couple to cause some drama.
Romance and violence allowed, but no cybering.
Be creative and know that the only plot is the one above so there's a lot of freedom with this.
No godmodding, no- Do I really have to say all of these? You should know by now what not to do.
Please, semi-literate to literate. Good grammar is required. I get that we sometimes make mistakes , but every word and no punctuation? There is no excuse.

To join: ask to join with the name and anime of the character /manga, or use this skelly for made up humans/anime fans:

Characters so far:
Edward Elric--Fullmetal Alchemist
Roy Mustang--Fullmetal Alchemist
Emil Castagnier--tales of symphonia
Tenebrea--tales of symphonia
Rin Okumura--blue exorcist
Yukio Okumura--blue exorcist
Spirit-Soul Eater
Tykki Mikk-D.Gray Man
Aang-The LAst Airbender

The girl:

Name: Kyleigh Peters
Age: 17
Personality: A girl with a lot of spunk, spirit and energy. She can be cold and blunt when she needs to be, or wants to be, but she can also be kind and understanding.

Other people:


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The last person Spirit expected to wake up to was Stein. He gave a jolt and skittered away from the man before looking frantically around.
"What did you do to me??? What kind of sick, experiment is this? Do I have all my fingers!?" He started to count them. "Nine!? There's- Wait, I counted wrong..."
Everything looked in working order. The only off thing was that they weren't in Death City.
Spirit got to his feet and brushed his clothes off.
"Where are we anyways?" he asked, giving their surroundings another look over.
  Spirit / AidoChild / 6y 256d 8h 51m 58s
When she was released from whatever pulled her into this new world she found a young boy screaming about something that sounded a bit strange even to her in the middle of what she assumed was a park. Pulling her coat closer to her, Yuuko stepped out looking closer at the young boy. She noticed the strange blue arrow that was tattooed to his shaved head, and that he appeared to be weaing swim trunks. "Are you all right" She called out stepping closer to the other, her heels clicking against the hard sidewalk, "Do you live around here?".
  Yuuko Ichihara / LyraK / 6y 256d 21h 48s
Millions Knives was in the middle of a showdown with Vash, which felt like it would be the final battle, when he felt a strange emotion coming over him. He shook his head and immediately attempted to return fire but failed to make any hits as another wave of the sensation hit him. He leaned his back against the tree, and snarled as he bean reloading his revolver, then collapsed to the ground as his body lost its balance. "No I can't loose now! I have to make him see! Make him understand that humans are nothing more than filthy monsters and we should rid the universe of their kind!" He growled trying to get to his feet, only to fall and loose consciousness as the red coat of his brother drew closer.
  Millions Knives / LyraK / 6y 258d 23h 14m 58s
Mustang had just gotten to his feet and had begun wandering around the area when he heard the familiar shriek, then crunch sound. He whipped around to see the younger alchemist standing in front of a car, well he guessed it was a car, and started to walk quickly to him before he could do anything else. He kept watch in case any others were going to approach them and sighed when it seemed they were alone, except for the driver, at the moment.
"Full metal are you all rig-" he started to ask then stopped when he noticed the dented hood of the car, "Destroying other's people property again?".
  Roy Mustang / LyraK / 6y 271d 6h 57m 43s

Ed started to move from his spot to find Al... if Al was ever here. And where was here anyways? All around, there were things he had never seen before in his life. He only assumed the strange rounded mechanisms moving around on four wheels were vehicles of some kind, because of a similarity to vehicles he knew. Everything else... was too bizarre.
He walked up to a crosswalk light and stared as the little walking person turned into a red hand.
"What kind of alchemy is this?" He pondered out loud before catching a familiar blue uniform across the street.
At first, he grinned at seeing someone familiar in this weird place. Of course, he remembered that this familiar person was the one he had been going to just to get yelled at and the smile faltered. Why couldn't it have been Al here? His mind jumped back to Al and he suddenly looked worried again. He stepped into the street without a second thought towards Mustang.
There was a screech and a loud honking noise as a car stopped just in front of Ed, very close from ramming into the Alchemist.
"Hey, shorty! Get the hell out of the road!"
Ed's eyes narrowed and he turned slowly towards the sleek red vehicle.
"Don't... call... me... SHORT!" He slammed his fist down onto the hood of the car and put a great big dent in it. To the man, this kid had just dented his car with his bare hand. In reality, the gloved hand was on his automail arm's side.
  Edward Elric / AidoChild / 6y 272d 5h 3m 39s
Seth had finally convinced her guards to finally leave her alone, and as she finished adjusting her tea shop dress, she turned and began running out of the palace, hoping no one would notice her disappearance. Normally no one would check on her till it was time to go to dinner with one of the Dukes, but today had been rather odd. She had quite a few meetings with nobles, and that to her just seemed fishy. She would probably have to start playing it safe more often now. Luckily she found someone to play Empress for her. She smiled softly at the thought, but the grin faded as she tripped over something. She managed to catch herself and shook her head, fighting off some strange feeling. She pulled off her hat and tried to focus herself, but failed as she fell again, this time staying down.
When she woke, she jumped to her feet and immediately tried to figure out where she was. When that failed she released a little of her Crusnik form to help aid, but even her heightened senses couldn't find anything. She cursed and returned herself to her more human appearance. She fell back to the ground crossing her legs and pouting. All she could see were alleyways, and a narrow street, but nothing to help her figure out where she was, "Well... guess I won't have any more meetings to go to today,".
  Seth "Augusta Vradica" Nightroad / LyraK / 6y 274d 22h 39m 6s
Stein had been wandering around Death City, looking for where Spirit was hiding. They had a mission from Death to complete but the weapon had apparently embarrassed himself to his daughter once again and didn't show up for work. Sighing he turned his bolt's head and began glancing around the block once again. He grinned when he noticed the bar, he knew Spirit would probably be in there.
As he stepped closer he grew dizzy, his steps growing sluggish, and he reached to turn the bolt again, hoping to fix whatever was causing this disorientation. Unfortunately he didn't reach it in time and fell to the ground, unconscious before he hit the pavement.
He awoke to the sound of a car honking and as he sat up, he noticed that he was definitely no longer in Death City. Standing, he turned the wheel once again then looked to vehicle, and the man who was driving it stared at Stein with shock. Popping his neck he stepped onto the sidewalk then tried to figure out where he was when he recognized a familiar mop of red hair, sleeping on a person's lawn.
Chuckling he began walking over and once he reached the body of his friend's, he quickly nudged him with his foot, "Hey Spirit. You should probably wake up,".
  Dr. Franken Stein / LyraK / 6y 274d 23h 15m 57s
Rin was in the kitchen cooking up a nice dinner for him and his brother after a long and frustrating day at school. Sure he didn't mind having his younger twin brother being his teacher and all, it was the fact that during class Yukio was pretty harsh. Not only that but there was also his classmates who also made everyday a challenge. Every since they found out that he and Yukio were sons of Satan things were a little hard at first but upon defeating their "father" things got better among them. Things went back to normal, and Yukio was still being a meany head by giving him homework that was to hard. "Damn Yukio...doesn't he know that im to good for homework? I helped defeat Satan and he still gives me homework! I will make sure to make his food extra salty." he fussed to his familiar ukobach the cooking spirit.
As he was cooking away furiously, he heard a thud and knew right away that it was his brother since they were the only ones living in their dorm. Quickly he stopped cooking and ran to go check on his brother. Unfortunately as he was making his way to the stairs he felt faint. He figured this was the work of a demon of some sort,which had him grab his sword in attack mode. However as soon as he grabbed his sword things went black.
The sound of birds chirping woke the demon up. He rubbed his head and looked around only to see that he wasn't even close to the school. "where the hell am I?." he asked as his tail swayed. His flames weren't active at the moment since he was more confused than angry,but that quickly changed when he remembered about his brother. "Yukio!!!!." he shouted angrily as he found himself flaming up as usual. He didn't know where he was and figured he should try looking to see if Yukio was taken away to this strange place as well or if it was only him.
  rin okumura / lavired / 6y 276d 21h 21m 26s
Aang and his friends were out at the beach on kiyoshi island. Since the villagers seemed to love them so much they decided to visit the island one more time for fun and relaxation. However unlike last time Zuko was with them. Since prince hot head calmed down and became his fire bending teacher the fire bender joined them. Katara was out in the water surfing with her water bending while sokka was tending to his boomerang as usual. Toph was planning something awesome with Aang,and Zuko just sat on the sand like a grump. "are you ready twinkletoes?" Toph yelled out loudly. Aang was out pretty far in the water as he yelled back "yeah im ready!!." Whatever the two were planning it was going to be big. Toph got the signal that Aang was ready, she then used her earth bending and created a very very tall sky scrapper out of rock. Aang them used his air bending and made his way up to the very tip top before getting ready for the greatest thing ever. "okay! watch this everyone! ahem... Water bending bomb!!!." he shouted before launching himself up higher into the air and cannon balling from the rock sky scrapper. He was coming down so fast that the others didn't even get a chance to swim away. As soon as he hit the water, a wave as big as a 25 foot building towered over the ocean and soon made its way to shore, consuming everyone and everything in its path. Once the water cleared everyone was soaked and scattered. Sokka was up in a palm tree, Zuko was buried under a lot of wet sand, Toph was smart and protected herself, and Katara was also smart and used her water bending to keep herself from being tossed somewhere else. Everyone but Toph was pretty ticked off now,especially Zuko. "nice one twinkletoes!." she laughed expecting for the young avatar to respond. However he wasn't coming out from under the water and wasn't responding.
Aang Found himself waking up in a park. At first he thought he was dreaming cause everything looked different,but he soon relized that he wasn't cause he was still in his swimming briefs. "Where am I? this isn't the spirit world...I didn't do anything but an awesome cannon ball..." he said to himself as his face suddenly went pale "what if I traveled through the center of the earth and came out on the other side!?!"
  Aang / lavired / 6y 276d 21h 40m 57s
Emil was lost in his thoughts as he traveled along with Marta. The girl wouldn't stop talking and throwing herself at him. It was getting pretty annoying to the point where he would just tune the girl out and be in his own little world. They were still on their journey to find the centurions cores to awaken the demon lord ratatosk. sure the idea of awaking a demon lord did bother the timid boy a bit but he didn't care. He wanted to help Marta reach her goal and to get his revenge on that murderer Lloyd for killing his parents. It was all a matter of finding the centurion cores, however it wasn't going to be very easy without their little guide Tenebrae no where to be found. The cat was always vanishing and appearing whenever he wanted, and on top of that he left Marta alone with him! the girl was already crazy obsessed about him so things where already hard enough.
As the two ventured on, there was a rustling in a nearby bush that made Emil stop in his tracks. Of course Marta didn't pay any attention with all the talking she was doing, but it didn't bother the boy. He figured he could take on whatever monster is hiding. Without a second thought, he charged at the bush only to be surprised and fall face first on the ground by Tenebrae.
The large cat like creature watched in amusement as the boy fell flat on his face. "for a knight you sure are clumsy." he teased as he placed his large paw ontop of the blondes head. The boy however didn't respond. Being a supernatural being himself, Tenebrae could sense something was up.
Emil tried lifting his head to see if Marta or anyone else saw him fall flat on his face, but his vision was becoming blurry and everything was going black.
Almost like a punch in the face , the boy woke up only to find himself laying in something wet...and cold. His face hurt from falling flat on it and now he was sitting in what appeared to be some sort of fountain. His new surroundings were new and there were people just staring at him wondering what the heck was a kid doing sitting in a fountain. "w-where am I? ...w-where is Marta?" he asked himself frantically as he rubbed his face. A familiar voice replied "you need to calm down before you make a scene. we are clearly not in our world." the voice said calmly.
Emil listened to the voice and stayed quiet for a few seconds before realizing who it was. "T-Tenebrae!? what are you doing here!? and where are you!?" he asked in a fuss. "I am simply keeping myself hidden at the moment. I myself don't want to cause a scene with my appearance unlike you."
  emil castagnier / lavired / 6y 276d 22h 12m 46s

Spirit was at his usual bar, in a complete slump. His head was on the counter as he was lost in his own moping. His most recent fatherly attempts were rejected entirely by his own, sweet daughter! He had shown up at her door, ready to cheer her on for an upcoming test... and he gets the door slammed in his face. Maka wouldn't even look at him. Okay, maybe he did have on a ridiculous outfit, but it was a good luck outfit!

A shadow came over him and he slowly turned his head on the counter to look- and was greeted by two very large visitors.

"Awww. Does Spirit need some cheering up~<3?" The owner of the visitors, Blaire, looked down at Spirit with a small smile.

"Yes. Yes he does," answered Spirit, not looking up just yet. He started to lift his head when a sudden rush of vertigo hit him. The goofy smile that had jumped to his face when Blaire appeared was replaced instantly by a serious grimace. His whole body felt light and airy, and his head was starting to spin madly. Blaire reached out in alarm, to catch the wobbly weapon as he started to fall from the stool he was sitting in. Instead of falling into warm flesh and squishy cushions, he fell into darkness.

What seemed like a second later, he was waking up in someone's front lawn.
  Spirit / AidoChild / 6y 279d 6h 21m 58s
Akabane had been in between jobs, and enjoying a particular fun game of chase with Ginji, when the world started to spin around him. Shaking his head he continued his pursuit only to fall over, something he never really did. He slowly tried to gracefully rise to his feet, only to fall over again, hitting his head as he fell, and his mind receded into darkness.

When he awoke, he found himself lying in the middle of a particularly rank, and filthy alley. He managed to get himself to a seated position, and looked about for his hat, as well as any other clues as to where he was. He managed to find his hat lying a few feet in front of him but he was still very confused about his location. Once he managed to stand on his feet, he collected his hat, and continued to explore this strange place.
  Akabane Kurodo / LyraK / 6y 282d 7h 57m 32s
Yukio was sitting back in his chair after an... interesting day of class. A hand was over his eyes as he tried to settle the headache that his students, more so his own brother, had caused. I guess putting Rin in one room with such strong personalities as Suguro and Kamiki was bound to come with its collection of difficulties, but that didn't mean Yukio was used to it yet. In fact, there were such few things he was used to these days...
He let the control and suppression he finally had been able to accomplish months after the event with their "father" drop. His ears pointed and his tail swished out behind him. This he would never be used to. Yes, he had the ability to hide it, unlike Rin, but it was still there. This tail... these ears... they would always be there. The flames had long left him; apparently his body was still too weak for that kind of power. He was still weaker than Rin...
He shut his eyes tight as his headache suddenly grew worse. He sat up but had to slouch back down as a faint feeling filled his whole body. Before pulled up his wall and hid his tail and ears, but that only made him feel more faint. He tried to stand, to get help, to do something... but he only ended up collapsing as a darkness rushed over him.
He awoke to the sound of a car horn. He got up quickly, the faint feelings completely gone.
"Get out of the road, you psycho!" He stared at he driver for a bit before stepping out of the road and onto the sidewalk. The driver gave him a few curses and a rude hand gesture before driving away.
"How... did I get in the street?" pondered Yukio out loud. He looked around, realizing he wasn't anywhere near the school.
  Yukio Okumura / AidoChild / 6y 284d 5h 44m 28s
The Noah of Pleasure was with Road on one of her "wild Allen hunts". They hadn't heard any word from the Earl at the moment, so Road took it upon herself to do something entertaining; Tykki was coming along to kill time... and he didn't mind the idea of messing with the exorcists. Well, he didn't mind running into Allen, while he wasn't so sure he wanted to deal with the tall ponytail guy right now, which he would more than likely have to deal with. They hadn't run into them yet, but Road was sure they were very close.
Tykki stopped suddenly. Road kept going a little ways before noticing Tykki was no longer following behind. She eyed him curiously as lifted a hand to his head. His vision was starting to swim in front of his eyes. He closed them tight and opened them again a few times, but the bad vision persisted. Before he knew it, his vision became unbearably bright then suddenly crashed into darkness.

"What the hell..." he murmured as he came to. He was laying on cold ground and Road was nowhere around. "This didn't have anything to do with the boy and his group, did it?" he asked himself as he pushed himself into a sitting position. He didn't think any of them had an Innocence that did... well, whatever it was it did. From the looks of it, he wasn't where he was supposed to be. "Damn, what trouble did I get myself in now..."
He got to his feet, brushing lose strands of his dark hair away from his forehead. He got a better look around him. Nope, none of this was familiar.
  Tykki Mikk / AidoChild / 6y 284d 6h 3m 49s
Mustang had been sitting impatiently at his desk, his gloved hand drumming away as he stared angrily at the door. Full Metal was running late... AGAIN, and as if his continuous insubordination wasn't bad enough, the pipsqueak had caused a commotion outside. He nearly took out a city block due to his tantrum, and Mustang was starting to wonder if recruiting the boy had been worth the repair costs he brought. "If he doesn't get here soon, I might have to put him on paperwork duty for a while," He muttered darkly, then grinned as a different idea came to mind, "Or have him have to work with Armstrong again for a week,". He paused in his drumming to lean back when voices neared his door.

When the eldest Elric's voice could be heard he sighed and leaned back, trying to school his features into a more composed look. The footsteps reached his door, and just as he had a witty insu- comment for the younger alchemist, his vision swam. He fought to keep himself steady but when the cry from outside his door rang out, he saw only black as he fell.
He groaned as he slowly returned to his senses, his head throbbing from the fall he took. Opening his eyes he had to squint a little, as the light of day blinded him, but eventually he sat up, looking around to see where he was, only to not recognize any of his surroundings, "Great where the hell am I?".
  Roy Mustang / LyraK / 6y 274d 22h 31m 17s

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