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“I see, Miss McKenna it is then.” He said, bringing himself up out of the bow. She urged him to make the bed, and that sort of irritated him, he didn’t like to make his own bed, let alone to have to make someone else’s. To be honest, he wasn’t sure why his uncle had sent him, he didn’t think that it seemed particularly obvious that he didn’t like cleaning, but then again, he didn’t think that it NEEDED to be.

He bit his tongue, knowing better than to start muttering things that could get him into trouble, and set to work, neatly replacing the sheets and pillows and folding the covers over so that it looked properly comfortable for a bed. He wondered for a moment if she’d like a mint on her pillow as well, but was, again, forced to keep that thought to himself alone.

Adriano was more than a little bitter about being stuck with the position, if that wasn’t obvious.

By the time that he’d finished making her bed, far from making record speed, mind you, she’d emerged from the shower and made her comment, which made him light up like a Christmas tree. He had to admit, he wasn’t a big fan of McKenna’s attitude thus far.

He rolled his eyes and went about picking up some of the strewn about clothes and folding them, feeling as if they would probably need washed—by him—and then folded—by him—and then hung up—by him—and so on and so forth. This job was already looking tedious. He took a note of her emerging, and her discarded towel, picking that up as well.

She seemed like a normal girl. Well, a normal girl with a servant.

“I owe your father a little money.” By that, he meant that his uncle had made him run up quite the gambling debt. “So I offered to work it off.” He said simply, choosing not to mention that if he didn’t work it off, he’d probably wind up getting shot.
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Mckenna looked the man up and down, pursing her lips out. He was cute but she clearly couldn't get involved with him. She would probably get some fun out of him but she had to be careful, there must be some reason why her father wanted him to stay alive. Mckenna held her head high as she watched him bow in front of her, bringing her arms up she folded them in front of her. He told her that Arthur had filled him in on her or most of it anyways. Knowing Arthur he had probably left out that she loved to toy with the men that were in service to her. He was much too modest when it came to her day and age.

He asked if how he could serve her. He also called her ma'am and she frowned. "First of all, Arthur failed to mention how much I despise being called ma'am. You may call me Princess, I certainly have no objection to that." She said jokingly and heard Arthur clear his throat and she sighed. "Miss Mckenna will do." She said as she looked back to glare at Arthur before turning back to Adriano. "Seems you have had some practiced with being a servant, usually I have to break them in." She said mockingly and turned and headed for her bathroom, stopping halfway there and turning back to him. "Well, come on, the bed isn't going to make itself now is it?" She snapped at him.

She turned back and headed for the bathroom and turned the shower on. She shed her robe, tank top, shorts and underwear and stepped into the large inviting shower. She pulled her long hair out of its sloppy bun and put her head underneath the running water.

After she was finished, she grabbed her towel and wrapped it around herself. She took another towel and started drying her hair as she walked out into her room. She noticed Adriano still there and raised her eyebrows, a small smile tugging at the corners of her lips. "Trying to sneak a peek?" She asked him as she dropped her hair towel on the floor and opened her closet doors and walked into the large walk in closet and walked to the back of it. She found her favorite black mini jean skirt and then she found a pink tank top. She was probably going to have to go through her amazing closet at some point to get rid of somethings but it was very hard for her to part with her clothing.

She put on her new clothing and came out of the closet and threw the other towel on the floor. She went over to her vanity and picked up her brush and began to untangle her hair as she turned back to him. "So, what did you do to my father that would put you in MY services?" She said with a little giggle. She was probably having a little more fun then she probably should have.
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Adriano gave her the once over, she didn't seem to be that much younger than him, contrary to what his uncle had tried to convince him of. His slightly shaggy dirty blonde hair was brushed neatly out of his face and behind his ears, and he had put on his best smile.

Adriano's Uncle was the head of another rather large rival group of the mafia that McKenna's father headed, and his uncle hadn't wanted to put his own child in the line of fire should they be found out. Adriano hadn't had much choice one way or the other, his own father and Uncle were quite close, and his father had chosen to turn a blind eye to the fact that he was risking Adriano's life.

"Yes Ma'am." he said, pulling himself back to attention. The remnants of an accent clung to his words, he'd only been in America for a few years, just long enough for his accent to begin to fade. Adriano was Sicilian through and through. He gave her a smile in return, it was just a little nervous. " I understand most of it, I think... Allow me to formally introduce myself, my name is Adriano Acerbi." he said with a bow, he thanked his lucky stars to not share a surname with his Uncle. "How may I be of service ma'am?"

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Mckenna Moretti was not like most females her age, she was for the most part much more mature then them and had probably been through more then them as well. She was an heiress, unlike the other girls her age, they may have been rich but it was nothing compared to her family and their legacy. She was the heiress to the Italian Mafia.

Mckenna had moved around a lot when she was a child, she never really stayed in one place, mostly because her mother was really paranoid after being with her father. Her mother had been all over her father when they were younger, they were truly in love, until after she became a mother, then things changed and her mother began to fall out of love with her father. Knowing the dangers of being in the mafia, her mother fled with Mckenna when she was two.

That sent Mckenna's father over the edge, being his only child and heir to his legacy. He had sent several of his resources to find them, even private detectives. He finally found them five years later. Her mother had finally run out of money, not able to keep running and was forced to settle down and get a job just to survive and take care of her daughter.

Mckenna's father then proceeded to take her mother to court and won his case and was granted custody of Mckenna, with the exception that her mother got visitation every other weekend, as long as she planned on staying and not taking off with her again. Her mother was good with keeping to her word of not taking off again and Mckenna going back and forth between her parents and always being the main argument between the two. Finally when she turned fifteen, she stopped seeing her mother, she could not stand her talking about her father every chance she got, she was sick of it.

Through the next few years of her life, she went through drama and got kicked out of a few schools and broke a few hearts but that was her life. She was very popular at her current prep school, she had a bunch of friends and she was preparing for her eighteenth birthday bash. Every year her father threw her the best parties and this year he was allowing her to run the whole thing, this she planned on making the best she could ever come up with. She began planning about a month after she had turned seventeen, everything had to be perfect.

Mckenna rolled over in her bed restlessly, she had had a long night of partying with some close friends for the ones birthday the night before. She did not want anything to do with the day that was creeping slowly up. She was hung over and all she wanted to do was stay in bed until she was ready to get up. Of course, that would never happen, not with her schedule on the weekends. She heard the door of her room open and her current butler walking in, knowing his footsteps all too well after the years of service he had given to her family.

"Miss Mckenna, it is time to get up, you cannot sleep this beautiful day away." She heard Arthur say, hearing him heading for her windows. Mckenna groaned as she turned over in her king sized bed and pulled the blankets over her head when the light touched her face. "Come on, Miss Mckenna, you knew the consequences when you went out last night." Arthur said as he came over and pulled the blanket from her. Mckenna groaned again before rubbing her eyes and sitting up. The first thing she saw was a guy standing in her room and she raised an eyebrow. "Who is this?" She asked curiously as she took the robe Arthur handed her and put it on.

"This is your new butler, your fathers decision, he just asks that you be more...careful this time." Arthur stumbled upon his words a bit. Mckenna gave Arthur a smile and shook her head. "That was a mistake, I didn't mean to kill the boy...he just kind of got in my way." She said with a shrug and got off her bed and looked at the guy. "I suppose you will do...Arthur has filled you in on me, hasn't he?" She asked, pulling her long dark hair back into a sloppy bun and a sly smile tugging at her lips.
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