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Raquel looked at Abbadon, he said that she had chosen the the more painful solution. Before she could say anything, he grabbed her by the left arm. She let out a gasp as she tried to push him off, his grip on her was strong and he was hurting her. She had no idea what he was doing and then she saw him move his right hand over her arm and he poked his demonic finger over her skin. She flinched at the pain and tried to pull away from him. "Release me!" She squeaked. When he finally released her, she took a few steps back and looked at her upper arm. There was a circle and a line through it. It was bleeding a little bit but she couldn't reach it at the moment, since her hands were still shackled.

She looked up to see Abbadon pulling out a key and removing the shackles from her wrists. He kissed her hand and she pulled it away from him as she rubbed her swore wrists, due to the shackles. She then looked at the mark again and wiped the almost dried blood off with her cloak as he explained that he had marked her with his mark and that if she tried anything she would experience excruciating pain. Abbadon then gave her a choice, she could either wear the cloak or walk around the town in her undergarments. "Very well, I will walk around in my undergarments, however, I wonder what King Eraen will think when he finds out that his whole kingdom has seen his future bride in what only he should see...?" She asked.

Abbadon then said that if she defied him then he would send a hawk back to her kingdom to order the remaining soldiers that belonged to Lord Eraen and have her brother brought to the King Eraen and have him burned on her wedding day. She frowned and almost choked on her words that flew out of her mouth. " swore....y-you gave me your word that he would be left alone if I came with you." She said, her voice cracking a bit. She had made him promise that he would leave her brother and the kingdom alone and spare them as long as she had agreed to go with him to be married off to the man she found repulsing. She couldn't lose her brother the same way they had lost their father. He had given his life to protect the kingdom and she wasn't going to allow her brother to give his life up so easily because she knew she could save him.

Raquel let out a sigh, she hated giving into him but he already knew that her brother would be her weakness. She unfastened her cloak and took his. She fastened it around herself. This would be something she would probably never have been caught wearing, due to her royal birth right, however, with Abbadon dangling her brothers life over her head, she was at his mercy. "I promise you, if you hurt my brother, I will make sure you never make it back to Paradise. Between the two of us we are your only hope, My Lord." She said as she turned away from him.

She heard him say that there was a proper inn and had good beds and food. She looked back behind and shook her head. "Don't toy with me, My Lord, just take me to King Eraen and be done with your duties to him....unless you are planning on staying under his command...." She said, slightly taunting him. He had humiliated her enough and even threatened to break his word and have her brother killed publicly.
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He furrowed his brow, blatantly unused to being disobeyed so...curtly. Yes, he had seen deception borne of fear's womb, but none other: for he was powerful and he was feared far and wide.
And yet he was in service to a fool who proclaimed himself ruler and put a circlet on his brow?
This woman was plaguing him--vexing him--and he would not see the end of it. Eraen had forbid him from spoiling her--Eraen did. What was that to Abbadon, who wore no one's chain?
He was a fool to think he was independent and subservient to no one and he knew it-but his mind would not let him chew and swallow the truth, and so it festered in his mind and on his tongue.
But still--something stopped him from strangling the breath out of her pretty throat, and he couldn't make a move to--his movements were jerky with indecision as he picked up the cloak before her, holding it out in front of him. Abbadon sighed and draped it over the saddle of the horse, knowing that she was right, that the shackles would be too noticeable.
"Very well, since you're practically begged me for the more painful option..." His features started to turn demonic, slightly, his nails biting into her skin as he encircled her left arm in a vice grip, and with his right hand began to carve a small symbol into her forearm, a pinched circle crossed by a line. It was crude and the wound was small, and surely when it scarred over it wouldn't be too obviously noticeable.
but it would definitely scar.
Admiring his handiwork, Abbadon searched for the key in his pocket and produced it, unlocking the shackles and made a move to gently kiss Raquel's hand.
"That, M'lady, is my mark. Make a move and I speak the trigger word and you will be crippled by pain." He smiled happily, and it seemed genuine--sourced by a sense of accomplishment.
"And now that you have your hands free, M'lady, you can either don the cloak or remove your dress and walk around in your undergarments. Your choice, really." He said, still in his sardonically light tone--feeling that finally, he might have her under his thumb.
He hated that she was so…defiant, and that he knew not what to do to deal with her.
He needed some sort of leverage--and searching his thoughts for a moment, came across some.
"And if you dare defy my, my dear lady, I will send a hawk to your dear home to my men still stationed there, and have them detain your brother and bring him to Eraen's keep, where he will be publicly burned on your wedding day."
He smiled again, pointed canines showing--he loved this, or at least he thought he did. He didn't know what he wanted--too many mixed symbols.
What was there to do?
He knew he needed to defy Eraen, and he also knew that to do so he would need Raquel under his thumb.
But no...perhaps, the right thing to do was to charm her, to get her to willingly comply without the aid of threat.
He called himself dense--why hadn't he come up with it sooner?
Because he was unable to think passed brutish means when it came to getting his way. He had learned from his time with mortals--his vast, vast time--that there were two, and only two, driving human emotions:
Love and fear.
His appeal always fell into the fear category--he hadn't even began to explore the other. Perhaps it would be nice to have servants who would submit to him out of love for his very being--those would be easily manipulated.
The happy demon wanted to giggle.
"Now come--there's a proper in with proper beds and proper food not too far up the main road. I could bet you need both." He tried to keep his vocal intonation light and even--half succeeding. It was near impossible to stray from a millennium's worth of ways.
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Raquel looked at the big gates before them. It was unguarded odd. She could see past the gates that the town was bustling, she recalled that her village once looking like this, busy and the people going about their lives as she watched them from the castle.

When they stopped, she turned her head slightly as he got off the horse. She accepted his help as she got off the horse as well. Odd, why had they stopped outside of the village, what was he planning? He had then told her that they were not far from their destination, she looked out past the village and in the far distance could see a castle. She knew who's castle that was, King Eraen's.

She turned to see Abaddon tying the horse up, he told her to wait and she frowned. He was really going to leave her alone? He turned and left, going through the gate to the village. She let out a sigh and knelt down to the ground and started to pray. She hadn't had the chance for her morning prays, she had to make up for missing them and she prayed for strength, she was going to need it.

When she opened her eyes, she saw Abaddon, he had returned. She stood up and looked at him. He started of telling her that she was not to act on whatever it was she was thinking or else he would give her terrors. She gave him a look as she raised her hands to show him the shackles. "I'm not sure how far I would make it with these heavy things on." She spat at him. "Not to mention, they are much too noticeable." She let out a sigh.

Abaddon then instructed her to grab a cloak from the saddlebag. She narrowed her eyes at him. What was he planning? She stepped back and opened the saddlebag, she pulled the cloak out. "This reeks." She said as her nose wrinkled in disgust. "I refuse to wear this." She said, dropping it.
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I knew that to truly mark deception and sever all ties of this falsely perceived loyalty to Erean I'd need to fuck her.
But I couldn't.
Why couldn't I?
Had I come to love the cage of servitude?
Turned into some dog hanging on his master's commands, carrying out his each and every whim without an ounce of zeal spared or wasted?
Had I lost each and every shred of self respect I owned?
But I didn't have the strength to deflower her.
The thoughts addled relentlessly at my mind and I squinted my eyes against the discomfort. And spiraling into unrelenting insanity I was only saved, dangling at the edge of the pit, by the bit of her voice that edged from her mouth. I'd only heard half her words--but it was enough.

The village gates stood before us--unguarded, it seemed--and the place bustled with life. Through the mud people trailed, as the cobbling was sparse, and carried out their daily duties in the market. Stalls upon stalls, all advertising the same wares, were lined before precariously leaning buildings of stone and wood. It seemed much unlike a town and more like a small city, which it in fact was. It's location relatively Close to Erean's Keep branded it a market town, and the place had steeply benefited from it's position. The economy was booming.

I dismounted and only then, offering to help Raquel off the horse, responded to her question.

"Not far from our destination. Wait here a moment."

And it was enough. She needn't know the name of this place--as I knew she was a conniving little cunt and trusted her not.
I tied the horse to its post and ascended the small hill leading into the town, which was slightly raised above the fields around it, the road old and pounded. I slipped by a man driving a cart through the gates and was welcomed by the much unpleasant smell of above ground sewers latticing the streets: small trenches carved in the alleyways and roadsides flowing steadily with waste, pooling eventually at a larger stream that ran off the nearby cliffside and into the sea.
I assumed that raquel had never been to a place such as this and took a moment to think of a disguise--she was clothed much too finely and would be singled out.

Slipping back out of the gates a mere moment later I walked up to the woman, standing firmly before her, and conjured a blank expression, inhaling as if to begin tome monologue,
"Yes, you may think of trying something--and tis to be expected. But If you act upon these thoughts, mark my words, I will send to you some leering phantasm in the night that will give you such constant, sporadic terrors that it will make you wish you'd never seen the sun go down. There is a cloak in the saddlebag. Wear it."

I wondered why at the last second I had decided to threaten insanity over, say, physical mutilation or sexual defilement. The thought was elusive though, and soon forgotten.
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Raquel watched as he dismounted his horse and knelt down before her. His hand reached out and grabbed her her chin. She gasped a bit as her hands reached up and grabbed his wrist, as if she had the brute strength to remove his hand from her face. She continued to stare into his eyes, his grip on her chin becoming tighter as he spat her words right back at her, adding something else. She flinched under his grasp, he was hurting her face, as he brought her face higher. out of the corner of her eye, she could see him staring at her neck, she hoped he wasn't thinking of doing anything.

He then proceeded to give her a small threat of breaking her jaw. Her lips were tightening as she tried to keep herself from spitting at him. She wanted to, however, her father had raised her as a lady and a princess, it would show what kind of pride she showed for her family. She felt his thumb moving, his grip loosening on her chin. She felt the relief rush through her as she could move her mouth again. She allowed her hands to drop from where they were and then up to her mouth.

Abaddon continued on speaking, she looked at him when he spat about her being beautiful. That was odd, almost completely out of character for Abaddon. He was not known for his compliments, he was known for being brute. As she was allowing all of this run through her head, she missed what he had said.

It was a moment of silence before he suddenly reached out and grabbed her wrist and pulled her to her feet, his face only inches away from hers at that point. He had a wicked smile on his face, there was the great Abaddon she had grown to know, since before she could remember. He informed her that her wish was granted, that he would take her to King Eraen. She tried to keep her calm, however now she wished he would have not been as beautiful as Abaddon had described her, he would have killed her for the trouble she had caused him. The last place she wished to go was Eraen's kingdom, especially knowing she wouldn't have the chance of getting away from Abaddon any time soon.

Before she knew it, she was taken and put back on the horse, he obviously didn't trust her sitting behind him this time, she had already pushed herself off once, it would only detour the time by seconds, at most a moment or two. He was obviously now anxious to get rid of her. "A true servant it seems....I wonder what Gabrielle would think of you now....attacking one of her own." She muttered.

A while later, Raquel found herself growing tired, her stomach beginning to hurt. She had realized that she had not eaten anything since the night before. Abaddon and his army had come in the early morning. She was feeling even more tired as she ended up leaning back, closing her eyes, the sun warming her.

When she opened her eyes again she found they had entered a village. She found herself leaning against him and she quickly sat up, pushing her hair out of her face. "Where are we?" She asked him, the village much more alive than her own.
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At that, he turned.
Dismounted the animal with ease.
Knelt before her in the dirt,
Grabbed her chin lightly in his grasp--let his reddening eyes bore into the endless depths of hers.
"...My King?"
He laughed lightly,
"My King? If Eraen is my king, then you are but my fourcopper whore."
He let his grasp fall harder on her chin, lifting it upward to expose her pretty neck--watching the way her muscles worked the area for a moment. Thinking of the flesh and the lifelines that lay beneath that unmarred skin...
He hadn't meant to get angry.
"I'd have half a mind to snap your pretty jaw so you can't work your mouth, fool."
His thumb massaged the inside of her jaw mockingly,
"If you weren't so goddamn--beautiful," He spat, "You'd be dead by now, for all the trouble you've caused. I've rolled around in the mud and shit with plenty of women in my time here--but never a royal one--a royal virgin, If I must. How pure you are. It makes my skin crawl."
He growled lightly and stood, offering her a hand to rise--he would show her no mercy, he would take her to Eraen…
And then what?
Would he continue to be the king's dog?
He hated that prospect particularly--He was no one's dog. He was Abbaddon: patron of discord, banished to earth for his sins in the world above.

The man stood--slowly, pensively--giving himself a generous moment to think on whatever seen was growing in his mind. It was known--validly assumed--that those of the fallen were lacking in certain qualities…most generalized and summed to the point of sanity. Sanity, a fickle, fickle thing, was often lost after banishment to the mortal plane, to Earth. And though Abbadon was not sane he was not at all insane either, and often had the important ability of rational thought process.

He reached down and grabbed her wrist in attempt to pull her to her feet, bring his face close to hers. If she looked intently into his eyes she would be able to see his pupils darting around frantically, a sardonic smile growing across his lips, a snake like tongue lingering close to her own lips.

"So you have wished it, and so it shall be. We depart for Eraen's hold…now. It won't take us long--enjoy the fresh air."

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"I do not fear your judgement, My Lord. My path is chosen, yours is still undecided." She said confidently. She had to keep herself strong, she couldn't show him the fear she wanted to show him. "Judge me the way you see fit, I still know whom I am." She stated.

She saw him beginning to change a little bit and she looked away from him. She knew that he was demonic but she didn't expect him to actually allow his human form falter. He started taunting her and she looked back to him. He told her that she would soon know who he was, if it wasn't already obvious.

Raquel narrowed her eyes. She hated being taunted, her brother did that to her enough, she had also showed him a time or two before and put him in his place each time. She let out some air and she began to think. "Well, based on you destroying my home and my fathers army, you could only logically be Azrael or Abbadon, since Lucifer is locked away in hell. Since Azrael is a female and Abbadon's sister-in-arms, the only one left would be Abbadon, the destroyer of towns." She said. "How accurate am I, My Lord?" She asked him. She had a smug smile on her face as she asked him, knowing that she had probably guessed correctly. "A true Fallen Angel..." She added.

They made it to the village and as soon as she caught sight of it and her smug smile vanished completely from her face. She let out a slight gasp as she looked at the burning town and brought a shackled hand that threatened to be pulled back down to her mouth. The little town that she could see from her window with all of the villagers was now deserted, bodies in a few places and in the process of burning to the ground. She hoped the villagers had gone to find help in the neighboring village, the one that belonged to her betrothed.

Raquel could not get the image of the village out of her head, she couldn't believe someone could have that much hate that they would be able to do such a thing, however that was probably why Abbadon had been kicked out of Paradise to begin with, he allowed his hate to rule him. Continuing on the path, they came to the woods.

He the suddenly asked if she really wanted to become King Eraen's wife, even though he already knew the answer to that. He went on about King Eraen's wives and how they either became like him or they became nothing but his amusement. He paused for a moment and then asked if she would prefer to go with him instead. She frowned and then pushed against him and fell off the horse. The fall hurt more than she thought it would, she had hit her head and when she sat up, she felt a little dizzy. She looked up to see the horse stop and she stood up and brushed her dress off the best she could and pushed her hair back.

" think I would chose you? I'd rather die than marry either one of you!" She yelled at him. "Why would you disobey your King? He must be rewarding you with enough riches, above all of his other guards." She said, glaring at him. She didn't understand him at all. He didn't truly act like the Fallen as he was proclaimed to be and he obviously wasn't following his new King's orders either, what was he up to?
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"Speak not that way to the one you should fear."
I said, looking back at her briefly with a smirk.
"For you may not be the one to judge me, but all in all, I am the one to judge you."

I felt my face contorting some, showing a glimpse of my true, demonic form:
Canines sharpening, eyes reddening, a pair of straight horns beginning to appear beneath my hair. It was nothing close to a full transformation--just a bit of release from the strain of holding a human guise for such a prolonged amount of time.

The damned Princess asked me which of the fallen I was.
Did she think me inept?
without an ounce of foresight?

Clearly she was severely underestimating both my physical and mental capabilities. Though I would not indulge her.
not yet.

" M'Lady, You'll find out soon enough--a woman like you surely will be able to figure such out. Is it not obvious already?"

The town before us billowed thinning plumes of smoke:
As they had put up some resistance, though not enough to prove bothersome. Something of a vigilante group of a few hundred men had awaited our army in the earliest hours of dawn, when we had attacked originally.
The fight had only lasted a mere hour or so--as to my relatively large and well trained force the ragtag villagers without an ounce of training--or legitimate weaponry--were the tiniest of setbacks.
Still, it had angered me some, and I had ordered the place burned hours ago--leaving some men behind there, so that the soldiers of the nearby kingdom would not be alarmed, and our ambush foiled. They had later rejoined the forces at the castle.

It was another hour and a half or so until we reached a wooded section:
a louring wall of impassive evergreens, packed densely, looming, casting a great shadow across the earth before it with the sun being behind. The huge copse seemed to stretch for perhaps a couple of miles across, if one were to stand at its start and look down its length.
A large and daunting forest, it was.

At the entrance to the forest the path split.
There was no sign to distinguish between the destination they led to, and despite this, it seemed that the non-forrested path was significantly more trodden and therefor the 'right' one.

Though I was going to give this woman a choice.

"M'Lady, Do you wish to reside with his lordship Eraen? You will be his thirteenth mistress--sealing the pact of his reign? You will turn out like the others, as his lordship is a filthy Hedonist--not that I have a grudge against pleasure, as I rather enjoy it..."
I turned around, giving her a slight smirk, and continued,
"The others, they are miserable, overused wretches...they come in beautiful, young, spirited, and through the course of a year, likely, they either succumb to his wealth and pleasure, becoming like him, or lose their identity, becoming another one of his lavishly imprisoned sex toys."

I paused for a slight moment, looking out over the forest path, to the darkness that encompassed it..

"Or you can come with me."

There was evil in my eyes, then. I had given her a catch 22 and was just waiting to drink in her distress...and was rather proud of myself for coming up with such a plan on such short notice.
I had one side figured out--and it was perfect.

Now, it all came down to her choice....
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Raquel followed the man out of the throne room. She didn't like giving into this man and she probably could have caused him a lot of pain if she had wanted to, however there was too many innocence and she couldn't risk her brother being caught in the crossfire. As soon as she left the throne room, she regretted it immediately. There was bodies everywhere, her soldiers and King Eraen's soldiers. There was blood everywhere, her home was destroyed.

She stopped briefly, the shock of the multiple deaths sinking in and she was becoming numb. A soldier that had been behind her pushed her forward, which helped her move forward, something she probably wouldn't have been able to do without that. Feeling the fresh air helped her breath a little bit. The outside was not as gruesome as it was inside but there was still bodies and that turned her stomach a great deal.

There was smoke everywhere but it was beginning to clear up. She was lead through the large doors and then over the drawbridge. She had never been outside of the castle walls, her father had wanted her to stay protected, shield her from the world, allow Alec to handle the kingdom and their people.

Raquel came to a halt as she stepped off of the drawbridge. She looked up at the man as he told her that she would not be able to keep her dignity. She saw the shackles around his belt as he brought them to her wrists and slipped them on. They were heavy and cold around her small wrists. He told her they were to leave for King Eraen's castle and she gave him a dirty look as he told her that God should save her pretty mouth, for it was sharp.

"Do you fear me, my lord? Enough to shackle me? It is not I, you should be afraid of, my lord, I will not be the final one to judge you." She said as she stared at him. "Being of the fallen proves that much, I am only the vessel that stands between you and the world you once desired to be in." She said, utter disgust in her voice.

He put her on one of the horses, his she assumed. She scooted a bit on the saddle, making herself as comfortable as she could. She had only been on a horse when she was younger, her father thought it more important for her to keep to being a proper young lady and learning as much as she could on the fallen. Being taught about their families heritage was usually left to the mother to teach her children, however since hers had died when she was born, it was save her or her mother, her father had chosen his daughter, her mothers dying wish.

Another soldier approached them talking to the man. He was asking about the other soldiers, ones who had been injured. The man snapped, that made her flinched a little. He shouted at the soldier and started giving out orders. He told them to start marching back as he would go on ahead with her. It seemed he wanted to get away as fast as possible.

"Which of the fallen are you exactly?" She asked him, staring straight ahead, the town coming into view. She could only hope they had left the towns people alone.
  Raquel / AzraelSkylu / 5y 305d 21h 35m 28s

I froze when my pointed ears picked up the term:
What utter disdain dancing within her lighted pupils, for my actions, for my very being...I was used to that look, though from her I didn't enjoy it as much as I should.
It wasn't like I was planning to get rid of this woman any time soon...My plans extended far beyond exchanging her to Erean...
That man, I loathed him to his mortal core... Why make amnesty to the kingdom that had withheld something he believed was so rightfully his?
He had given me no order to salt the fields or slay the army...A drunk of a leader he was; a man basking in his father's name, a man five years dead. He had been a good king, things had picked up for his kingdom, who had fallen into a sort of dark age prior to his rule; an age of conquest and plunder and wealth.
And his son Eraen, A tyrant, could not have further dissented from his fathers good natured disposition as to befall a heavy tax upon his subjects...The economy was in a steep decline, money simply wasn't there like it had been in years past.

His misuse of power made me gag.

So of course I would take my chance to brighten up the dark he had created...I had been a personal...'friend' of Eraen's father, as I was the one that had escorted the poison to his old dry lips...
There was no order--rather, there was too much order--and the land had the fallen under the grasp of his eldest son who was now the ripe young age of 23.

He was a fucking hedonist.
How aggravating.
I would off him when the time suited me right.

But there were of course more pressing issues at hand...

She had said that she was protected by 'the light.' I didn't like the sound of such, though I stupidly regarded it as taboo and in leaving, let my canines fall into a delighted growl, eyes flashing with a smile.
The fun was beginning.

I lead her through the carnage of the front hall...there had been a number of men I needed to slay to get in here--and by me, I mean my guard--both sides had largely obliterated each other. I had slain the remaining myself--though two were of my own, I didn't care. It was for the idle pleasure of silence that did ensue, for the theatrical nature, for the fact that it was Erean's elite guard and picking them off myself now would save me a multitude of complications in the future.
The fight had been desperate, and the main entry hall of the castle had been desecrated, swathed in blood...Statues were broken, candelabras strewn about--one through the gut of a man--stained glass and mirrors shattered, brought down to the marble floor. A lamp had fallen, its oil spilling across the floor, fire taking to it...a tapestry was alight, burning slowly, flames licking up its length, devouring the ornate thing.
I smirked--
I liked this.

I lead her through the smoke--the way she had proclaimed me fallen had irked me some: brought weight to my brow and annoyance to my eye...who was she, to call me fallen?
I wouldn't let her be betrothed to such a man as Eraen....
No, she would be in the arms of a much worse man...
A man like me.
I hadn't yet decided what to do with her, actually.
I assumed it wouldn't be hard, to pit her kidnapping against another....Her father had put up quite the fight before I killed him, perhaps it was something in their bloodline...I cast the thought aside--it didn't matter.

The great castle doors were strewn wide, the drawbridge down, the portcullis breached yesterday morning, the bailey strewn with my own men. They frequently came to me for order as I stepped, princess in tow, off of the once mighty drawbridge now speckled with lichen, onto the grass. In hindsight the keep wasn't too large or extravagant, though the interior was immaculate in an ornate and homely sort of way.
I found a bit of respect within myself for this castle....
something that rarely surfaced.

"Avast, M'lady, I offer you no choice of dignity and request you don these shackles." I unfastened a pair of heavy, iron shackles from my belt and moved to slip them on her wrists.
"We depart for Eraen's domain hastily..." I flashed her a hint of a smile, before cautioning, "God save your pretty mouth, I can tell it's sharp..."
I would offer to help her atop my horse, as his lordship had requested. He was giddy at his new bride, a dress had been selected, a wedding planned, food prepared....there was no wonder his subjects had awarded his lordship the epithet: Eraen the Mad, as his actions dictated it so.
My army had regrouped--they were clearly sick of me...I had earlier requested we leave the wounded, and one ma now decided to complain, one of the higher-ups:
"Sir, We don't have enough carts for the casualties..."

"Are you deaf, man? You aren't to bother with them."

"What about the enemies forces, Sir....?"
He asked me. I looked thoughtfully downcast for a moment and replied,

"They can carry their own. They take their instructions from Alec....Tell him to order his men to lose their garb and report to the nearest town, seeking shelter there."
I smirked to myself, and decided to but in a bit more:
"Leave 100 of our cavalry here to salt the fields, and don't delay. Have Ulric begin to march the army back--I'l ride ahead with her highness, as His Lordship requested. Adieu."
I didn't let him slip in a word and spurred on my horse, wanting myself to depart.
That land stunk of holy blood....
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Raquel kept herself between the man and her brother, she couldn't have him attacking her only family left. In truth she was beyond afraid, she was afraid because this man had led the army that killed her father. He was obviously nothing but evil.

Raquel flinched a bit when he extended his hand and grabbed her neck. She could feel his long nails scratching against her skin. She could feel the cold shivers running up her spine. He was looking at her, which felt like ages, she wasn't sure what he was thinking but she knew it couldn't be good. He suddenly pushed her aside, although she was pushed several feet away from where she had been standing only seconds before hand.

She was a bit disoriented for a moment and she turned to see her brother getting up from the ground. The man was taunting her brother, which Alec obviously didn't like. The man went on, saying that he was there to return her to her rightful master, King Eraen.

Now, this was something that Raquel already knew, however, it still gave her chills and made her stomach turn. That made Alec mad, he attacked the man with his sword but it didn't matter, the man was ready. "No!" She screamed, taking a step forward but stopping almost too quickly, seeing the spark of magic ripple through and then Alec's sword went flying. She could see the torn look on Alec's face, realizing his failure.

Before Raquel could move, Alec snapped out of it and positioned himself in front of her. She put her hand on his shoulder. "Alec, enough, you cannot win...not against him. He is of the fallen." She whispered to him. She looked at the man as he told her brother to give the remaining forces they have to him and as long as Raquel cooperated, her brother and people would be left alone and surely the King would leave them be as well.

"As long as they are left alone." She said as she stepped around her brother. Raquel had never really experienced true hate for a person until now, she clearly didn't like the man before her.

She turned to her brother and hugged him. "You and I are protected by the light, never forget that, my dear brother. I will be safe, I promise, look after our people, Father would want that." She whispered to him and then pulled away. She turned toward the man, who seemed to be mocking her by bowing and extending his arm for her. "Lady Eden, my cloak, please." She said as she stared at the man.

Her lady in waiting hurried up to her and draped her cloak on her shoulders and tied the front ties. After her lady in waiting bowed and stepped away. Raquel walked passed the man, her head held high doing her best to show no fear. She stopped at the doors and waited for him.
  Raquel / AzraelSkylu / 5y 313d 41m 42s
I always loved it when one would offer their breast to the mercy of my sword in exchange for the life of another.
Oh, her trembling woman flesh, waiting on my mark to be drawn of blood, impaled, disfigured? I could nearly feel the sensation of cutting through her sinew and muscle and tissue, the blade crackling against bone--purposely missing her heart.

A slow death was fitting for one who offered herself to the sword.

Nevertheless, my current employer's demands had belayed my judgement through the entirety of the siege, as this woman standing at the mercy of my blade was my purpose for being here.
Her kin I could care less about--though she would not willingly comply if I slaughtered him now. I needed to do this just right, to twist her, to have her under my thumb...

I latched a clawed hand around this woman's throat--letting my nails rake the skin beneath her jaw, at the sides of her face...A pleasing face indeed. I reminded myself to have my way with her later. I gnashed brandished fangs, wanting to consume her soma, but held myself back--she was to be returned unharmed, if distraught.
I flung her aside.

My eyes were then directed at the dreadful prince--Alec.
I playfully smiled.

"You lose your poise in the face of death, My Prince."

"W-Who are you, to challenge my name!?"

"Good Prince, I am but a faithful messenger of His lordship Eraen, here to return your dear sister to her rightful master."
I let a sheen sparkle over my tellingly red eyes--they would speak some truth of my nature, the truth that I was indeed inhuman.
I knew how to do this.
This Prince, Alec, was no different than the others I had seen in my days: brave on the surface, yes, but a coward of the soul. I could see his fear flashing in his eyes.

"Liar--DEMON!" He shouted at me.
I was not expecting him to come at my with a brandished sword.
Jumping backwards, his steel clashed cold against mine. I cold tell he was struggling against me. This man posed no threat to me. With a flick of my wrist, power rippled down my blade--a light shock burning his hands, sending his sword sprawling.
He positioned himself then before his sister, spreading his arms.

"I shan't harm either of you lot," I assured him, He was of course not assuaged, "If you go and command your army to cease, and allow me to handle instruction from then, not a soul will be harmed."
I sheathed my sword and outfaced my palms, something of a gesture of mutual amnesty,
"And since M'lady has agreed to come, I'm sure His lordship will be happy to cease further alarums against your cause. Arst thou prepared for our timely departure, Princes Raquel?"
I asked with a mock bow, offering the crook of my arm to escort her out.

The model of simplicity, this was.
Mortals were simple beings, of course. They always were much fun to manipulate, to reach inside of and quite literally control them with fury or love or hate.
T'was their emotions that made their wills so fragile and predictable and fun.
I was, as always, adorned in an array of black: simple garb, fixed with pockets and straps and other intricacies of the like...It was in stark comparison to my long white hair and pale skin.
My very appearance was demonic, even in this extent of my mortal form--I enjoyed the edge of it, the fear it brought on, the mystery.
So I didn't strive to blend in.

The man who had hired me had offered a great sum, and access his wives--he had a dozen at current, soon to have thirteen--whichever one I wanted for a night after this was done. When our contract was up he would owe me a sum of gold, which I could have cared less about...but money was power, and I was one for power.
Though discord was of course my true mistress.
Oh, and it was something I intended to spell--this place deserved discord, I needed it.

All in due time, of course.
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Raquel heard a strange noise that made her rush over to the far window in her room. Her dress trailing behind her as she moved the curtain to view the front of the castle. She stared down at the front gates, there were soldiers and they were not her fathers soldiers, they were the enemy. Her father had lost the battle and their freedom.

Raquel's father had left a few months ago to defend their kingdom and her. She had been promised to the King in the neighboring kingdom and at the last moment, her father had discarded their deal, finding out that the King already had several brides. This displeased the King and he severed the good peace between the kingdoms and vowed to take what was rightfully his, her.

Her father had left for war a few months ago, her father left with a large army to defend their kingdom, leaving her older brother Alec to run the kingdom in his absence. It looked like their efforts had failed, seeing the army make their way through the gates and making their way to the castle as they killed the remaining soldiers.

Raquel's heart was racing as she watched the brave soldiers fall to the ground, lifeless. She could hear her lady in waiting gasping beside her, while she heard another noise, something in the background and then she was yanked away from the window and turned around to see her brother, panicked.

"Raquel, what are you doing? You need to leave, get into the tunnels and get out of here! You need to stay safe, father risked his life to protect you and no-" Alec was going on a rampage, his grip getting tighter and tighter on her arms.

"Don't! Don't you dare tell me you are leaving me too, Alec! You can't, I need you!" She said, frantic with the way her brother was talking to her. He was all she had left, her mother had died giving birth to her and now her father had been lost to them by going off to war. The very thought of her losing her brother on top of it all was just to horrible for her to even to think about.

"I won't die, I promise! Now go!" Alec said as he pushed her closer to the fireplace in her chambers. There was a secret passage way there and it led to several tunnels beneath the castle, even to the outside.

Raquel nodded in silence and pulled away from his grip and hugged him. "Be safe." She said as she pulled away from him. Alec nodded and ushered to one of the guards that usually patrolled her wing of the castle. The guard went to the fire place and opened the door and stepped back, waiting for her. She backed away from her brother and headed for the fire place, her lady in waiting following close behind her with her cloak. She stepped into the secret passageway and moved aside so that the guard could go in front and lead the way.

They made it halfway to the passage that would lead outside when Raquel stopped, getting a sinking feeling in her stomach. She looked around and shook her head. "Something isn't right..." She mumbled and turned around and started running towards the throne room passageway.

Raquel kept stumbling as she tripped over her dress. She could hear the guard behind her, begging her to stop and her lady in waiting trying to keep up with the two of them. She grabbed a bulk of her dress and kept running until she reached the throne room. Pulling the door open, she came out behind the thrones and saw her brother fighting a man and her brother was losing. Alec was on his back and just barely hanging onto his sword.

Raquel's eyes widened and she started running again. She put out her hands and pushed the man that threatened her brothers life. "No!" She screamed, getting in front of her brother. "Please, I beg you, don't hurt him! I will go with you as long as you let him and the rest of our people live..." She said, breathing really hard from all the running, strands of her hair falling in her face from the updo that was now a sloppy mess. She made sure to stand between the man and her brother so that there wouldn't be any unexpected killings.
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