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Storm is a up coming singer/dancer. She isnt very popular except for around her home town, which everyone thinks she can be great.

(guy1) was in town one day and had heard about a concert, so he decided to go and check it out. But what most didnt know is that he is a very well known singer. HE ends up likeing her voice and music. So he tells her that he can get her into a studio and a record deal. So she says yes and heads with him and his group to LA to get a record deal.

After she gets the record, her and (guy1) start to have a thing, they are 'together'. She isnt really happy in the relationships cause she knows that he goes out for nights at a time and its not for any music business.

After her song becomes a great hit, she is told that they want to do a music video. And thats how she meets (guy2) and Taylor. They are really good friends and are back up dancers/singers. They end up hitting it off with Storm. And once Storm introduces (guy1) to them, (guy1) and Taylor basically hit it off so good that, a few nights after the first shooting, Storm heads to (guy1)'s hous and finds that he is cheating on her with Taylor.

So Storm ends it with (guy1), mean while, (guy2) basically falls for Storm, but doesnt know how to say it. He seems to be the only one who can comfort her and she allows him too.

Will (guy2) tell Storm that he likes her, how will these relationships blossom, and what happens when Storm decides that she is going to try and out beat (guy1), will she be able to, or will she fail.

-romance- a must
-drama- a must
-violence- ok
ursing- I dont fucking care
yber- a must not, TS or PM
-oneliners- a must not, I want at least 6+ please
-real pics- and lets try to stay away from emo/scene pics please
-if you have read these rules please put 'back up' at the top of your skelly-

Storm- Taken
Age- 19
Role- Storm
Name- Taylor Zombie
Age- 18
Role- Girl1


Age- 18+

NOTE: that I didnt put bio or personality for a reason thanks

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<<Sorry but if no guys show up I am gone>>
  Taylor Zombie / fallynangel / 10y 119d 1h 44m 28s
yes thanks for joing, now we just need two guys, if you know anyone please ask them thanks.
  Lollipop / kikio26 / 10y 120d 9h 33m 20s
Back up

Name- Taylor Zombie
Age- 18
Role- Girl1

  Taylor Zombie / fallynangel / 10y 120d 9h 39m 1s

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